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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 May 2005 Kat I say you should run into a wall or poisen yourself or cut yourself a.k.a your throat.Pills are disgusting and guns are loud.Hold your breath underwater.And my personal favorite is to conjur up a dark spirit then make him/it/her murder you.

sorry.....that was a bit off topic
I like knives ^_^
20 May 2005 Jackson walk around a sinagog with your hand up shouting "HEIL HITLER!!!!"
20 May 2005 CJ i have tried to kill my self before but the plan sort of back fired so there you go. I wont be doing that again.
20 May 2005 molly i don't know what this site it. I came across it in a google search and I was wondering if anybody could help me? I used to self harm and I'm suicidal at the moment and I can't talk to anyone because no one will listen, email if you can help as I probably wont come on this site again. please.
20 May 2005 Hnk noyade ou surdose de somnifere
20 May 2005 Sanele heng yuor self using cortonwool
20 May 2005 sdfsdsfdsdf I guess we all hope for something. And I hope for you guys out there are thinking of commiting suicide, that you will change your thnkinga and change your bad situation into a good one.

You know there is always a turning point in life. There is always goung to be something good that is going to happen.

So yeah.
20 May 2005 m overdose on pills
20 May 2005 kris uhhhh well kris isnt my real name i am 13 and im a girl......i havent really ever tried to commit suicide but i have cut a few times but i barly bled uhh yes sometimes i feel like i would like to die and just be dead.. ha ha most people say im really pretty and they dont understand why i do the things i do i like to help ppl who want to die but i can't seem to help myself....i really think that no one should commit sucie but i guess it's the only solution when life sucks or run a way umm i have also almost taken an overdose on pills i had them in my hand and everything but i guess i just didn't theres this guy(yes your proabbaly thinking guy another heartbreaker, ut kenny's different)named kenny and i love him with all my heart and yes i would love to go out with him but im lucky to even be friends with him hes the one who made me stop cuz i love him so much i just can't do anything bad to myself cuz he told me to stop so i did i talk to kenny a lot and is ee him as much as possible which isnt a lot i try to make him as happy as possible i would do anything just to make kenny happy even if it means i have to be in hell but o well it's making his life better it's not like my lifes getting any better well im not really sure what else to say if you wanna talk to me my email is: or IM me on StuffHappens182 toodles<3
19 May 2005 hardy a) self imposed car crash, distract parent/ annoy / disrupt/ take control of wheel / await critical moment
b) medicine cabinet/ third time lucky
c) cuts/ sharp objects/ playful at first / seek blue sections/ veins
d) painfully/ seek trouble/ provoke
e) genocidal option/ fire/ whole family
17 May 2005 'Scors-b' "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad that they have to get better."

I think this has to be the most true thing I have ever read. Take another look. This pretty much sums up why I'm still alive, and maybe it also does for you. No matter how bad things are, there is always hope. Hope is the most important thing in the world. Without it we would all be doomed - hope is what makes you study at school, take a job interview, try out for a team. Hope can make you get up in the morning and I suppose it can also keep you living a life that you really wish you never had.

For me, it feels like just whenever I'm maybe about to find the one thing that would make it all worthwhile, it just fucks up. It fucks up so much that I wish i was more than dead... because right now i can't even explain the pain and frustration. It's maddening, like a beautiful summers day.. but then the thick black clouds come rushing in from all four corners of the sky and fill the chest with deadening pressure. Uncontrollable, like something eating away at you from the inside. I just don't fucking like it. Get it out, before it eats my soul.

I just wanna be me and feel like thats ok. I just wish I could get to know 'me' before I keep trying to get to know 'you'. I just wish god would stop fucking around and just let me out. I wanna be free. So stop the fear and the pain and unlock me so i can get out. Let me out, i wanna get out.

Maybe if there was one thing i have learnt, it is that you have to look after yourself. Because no-ones really there looking out for you.
"No-one except yourself that is,
No-one except you"
So be kind with yourself (but not unforgiving) and remember that there is always one thing that can keep you alive- hope. Pretty shit I guess but then if you can accept this and forget everything else that you are living for life should be a damn sight easier.

If you've read this far and can see any sense in this post, email me.
17 May 2005 Jaqui (From UK) First of all, I'm not using a real name, maybe under an alias, all i have to say will be easier. Maybe if i feel as though i am someone else, I will not feel the torment of being who i am.

I'm 20 years old and for around 14 years now wondered why people treat me different. First of all, I dont blame my parents. Maybe being an only child meant i didnt know the art of defence having not had the practice on siblings. So maybe I was an obvious target from day one. I found it near impossibly to make friends right up until the age of 15. I was alone until then. My first friends were so precious to me that i clung to them too tightly to the point of annoyance and they abandoned me. I've never learnt otherwise. My striving to embrace my own expressions and dress/act how i so choose often causes friction, and makes me feel more uncomfortable in my own skin. I accuse people close to me of betraying me, when all they are guilty of is caring. thus i drive them away. and they take with them stories of how bad a person i am, and how they are glad they left me behind.

I'm in a permanent state of paranoia. I wonder why people i acqauint with do not include me in gatherings. I wonder why lovers don't answer my calls, or cheat on me consistently. (it HAS happened..) It's a self torment, knowing that i need to change my attitude but i cant. help doesn't work. Everyone I try to turn to, who promises they are there for make it only on their terms... when they have time, or when they are not busy. I'm not selfish enough to believe that i come first in anyones book. But to be foremost in someones thoughts for even 5minutes... wow. that would be incredible. i love my parents. and i know deep down they love me. but they live in a world where communication with me is minimal. they keep their distance where possible thinking im an adult, i need the space. when i call out to them, i'm often tastefully rebuked, as though they cannot really be bothered with me. its always "in a minute" with everyone. and those minutes often turn into days, weeks and in many cases, months before anyone even bothers to say "how you doing?". even if its a "i want to die" i normally get a "ahh... shit happens you'll be ok.. anyway... me me me me me me... i have a headache BLAH BLAH".

So many times i've tried to counteract all this by adopting a positive mental attitude, trying to make new friends and seeking guidance help to see how i can better myself from the inside, because i know only if i conquer my inner demons will the visible ones dissipate.

But 14 years, and no visible conquest. i still drive people away, still, noone has time for me. is this the way i am destined to always be? if so, then my constant suicidal thoughts are likely to take on practical form.

maybe then, someone will realise that they can make time for me.

in answer to the question what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? physically... i've no idea. but mentally... hate yourself.

its what i've always done and i've done it for so long there is no way out anymore.
17 May 2005 InnocenceFaded Eat all the Crayola crayons in the nice new big box your mommy gave you for Christmas.
17 May 2005 mau i tried committing suicide when i was 13. i brought a knife, alcohol, cotton and towels to school. i hid it in a small bag of mine. i went to the girl's comfort room. i asked my fren to go with me to the toilet. when she found out that i had those stuff with me, she told me not to do it. but i really wanted to. but she didn't help me. in the end, i wasn't able to- duh! i'm still here. haha. anyways, i guess she's a true fren for telling me not to continue what i had planned. you might ask why? it's like this. a lot of things happenned to me. i experienced new things in my life. one reason was because of love. i was so heart-broken! this guy hurt me so much. he was my childhood sweetheart. ever since we were 10 years old! also this guy that became my boyfriend but eventually broke my heart. it really hurt me so i just wanted to end my life. another reason was because i kinda shattered my mom's heart because i wasn't able to pass this entrance exam to this exclusive school. it's a science high school so i really wanted to pass. but i did not. and it hurt me, likewise, my mom. sometimes, when i hurt my mom in such a way, i also get hurt and blame myself. that was one reason, too. and about my taekwondo career too. when that came into my mind, the more i thought i had a lot of reasons to end my life. i don't know! looking back it to it, it really makes me feel so goddamn stupid! damn, why'd i try to do it. i had some scars in my neck 'coz i tried slashing it. but then, it's done. i should really think. YOU should really think. your life is the most special masterpiece of God! you aint got any right takin' it away! got that?? this goes out to y'all tryin' to take away your own life. everythin' happens for a reason, ayt?! so, i guess this is it. y'all take care now! *peace*
17 May 2005 *eugena* lmost die but i dont then ppl will no and i will gvet the attention but after that if the same bullshit keeps cumin up im jst gonna jump out of my room head first JUST JUMP FROM ON TOP OF A BUILDING most people r 2 scared or just cant do it but if u want 2 die peacfully and bueatifully without suffering just choke urself or overdose like 100 of them ull die instantly without pain i should try that BUT a bag over your head doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 May 2005 Andreya I think the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is to.....ummmmm... to get really hi and drunk this things are really is to find where I live and steal a car and crash it in to a really big tree.
17 May 2005 Jess M Drink some bleach, and add something to it so it dont taste to bad going down. And take some stronge sleeping pills with it. Once u start to feel wozzy get a razor and just have at it at you're wrists. It's really easy.
17 May 2005 acapulco cough syrup overdose
16 May 2005 Sarah Why the fuk wud any1 wana kill themselves its so selfish i mean wat abou those who rly love u,u mite not respect n luv urself but whoeva u r there r always ppl who luv n care 4 u so jus fink b4 u kill urself n if u still decide that u wana die then i hope u burn in hell bitch!!!
from sarah
16 May 2005 macca plrobilly the easyest way to kill ur self is to put some bleach in a drink and drink it

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