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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Apr 2005 why do u want to know? Iv also wanted to commit suicide but i dont because i mean those who want to kill them self r weak people. I have made poisons which will kill me in 10 min with with just one drop on my tounge, but dont want to be a weak person therefore im always trying to find a reason 2 live which often can be realy hard but dont kill urself it only shows how weak u r.
27 Apr 2005 Carolyn I don't know what the best way to kill yourself...I think about killing myself sometimes but I never made any attempts. You may think that life is never going to get any better...but it just have to work at it. Nobody ever says that life was going to be easy...and it won't. But you can make it better by fixing your mistakes and keeping yourself occupied by doing the things you like to do. Write a journal, do art & crafts, find a friend, play some music, read your favorite book, anything that you like to do. Killing yourself will not help at all. It won't stop the will end your life for good. Only you can stop the pain yourself. Ending your life will only make things worse. Your family will feel worse and miserable...and they will feel that way because they love you and care about you. They may not show it..but if you feel that they don't care about to them about it...or talk to a counselor...anyone that you can trust will be able to help you out. You have to find the sources to your problems. Ending your life is not a helpful's a source of QUITTING your own life. If you don't want to be a quitter, you have to take some action and solve your problems (whatever problems that bothers you). Life is all about working hard and doing your best. Life is never goign to be easy and you have to make things work. If you have parents that are abusing you or not treating you right at all...GET SOME HELP! GET HELP UNTIL YOUR PARENTS GET THE PUNISHMENT THEY DESERVE! Keep trying! Killing yourself will cause you to miss out on all the good things in life. Your life may not be perfect now...but it can get better in the near future. Good Luck! AND STAY HAPPY!
27 Apr 2005 CherehWindWalker What a way to put it?! man if i'da thought of that one! well I don't know what to tell you but i cut alot... and if anyone decides to talk to me cool, but there needs to be a password... like if you email me or something or im me, just put omega as the first word or title. cause my family gets into my shit and looks at it and i'll get caught, if it's ME then i'll say something like three hundred... but yeah me and my friend had eachother alot to cut ourselves up together and go on diets together... man what a pair we made... I miss her alot I haven't seen her since she graduated, I put on weight got married like an idiot at 18 and now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place... I want out but you think you love him but you prolly don't but you wanna try but you want your OWN TIME... don't let no body screw with YOUR TIME you know what I mean when you're alone gettin that real good cut to calm you down, if it's the only damn thing that works screw them just take your moment and be happy... I drag those cut up memories like a two year old with a security blanket... I learned one fun thing in a book once, that you can take a soda can and slice up your fingers in the opening and no one would ever know cause the can holds the blood and don't let no one see. thats gross huh? but yeah I know it is I just think I want to talk to someone about my baggage, but its so hard to ask for help you know? and it's even harder to feel better after knowing one little cut can make your day.....
27 Apr 2005 spanky the duck hi again, well that wonderful boyfriend dumped me a few days ago the cutting has come back to me fast. my arm is ver bloody now, fun. i think i'm going to do it soon, kill myself and say goodbye to all this sadness. i'm not killing myself just cos of him i'm going to do it cos of all the relationships to come and all the pain about to come. and i dont know if i can go through all that pain again. its just to hard. one of my friends the person i trust the most has told me that this will only make me stronger when it's all over and the rest of the pain to come will hurt less and i will be able to get over it, i dont see it. i cant. i cant do this anymore. grrrr. my fucking arm wont stop bleeding the cuts keep reopning and bleeding more, this is shit. i hope he knows what hes done to me. stupid bastard. takes my fucking virginity and then just dumps me and doesnt care how bad it hurts me. i feel so used again all the pain from before has got to be now. i need someone to talk to some one who isnt going to judge me :'(
add me on msn if you like, i dont care, i'll like the company instead of the continuos judgment from my friends. bye x
27 Apr 2005 Dzo Moi jdis s'ouvrir les veines ya pas mieux... mais fo penser a etre seul(e) assez longtps... paske sinon c l'hopital! et ça c pas bieeen... chui bien placée pour le dire
27 Apr 2005 It doesn't matter. Hi, Im not telling you my name because I know someone on this..and well. My life is shit. I slit my wrists so I can feel the pain. I like to see my blood. It makes me feel happy...Ive tried to commite suicide but only by slitting my wrists. The fact of the matter is my dad left when I was young. All he left me was a necklace and memories. My mom hates me and my sister is the only one who cares for me and this year she'll be off for college.. So what will be the point of living? I would leave my email but no one can help me. Im writing this because now I know that there are people like me and that relieves me. Thanks.
26 Apr 2005 andrea The best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is to throw yourself under the school bus.
26 Apr 2005 irenchy it`s not hard to kill yourself. you all just talk that you want it but all you looking for is attenton. if you realy want to kill yourself.. JUST DO IT. i cut myself too... so what?!! that doesn` t mean that i vant to die. i` m just too angry. thats all. and all of you who wana kill yourself... do it.. right now, you don`t deserve to live, like i don`t, but i`m a chicken, i`m to scared!
26 Apr 2005 Debo I don't know about under 13, but wait until your 18, join the Army, and get an infantry job.... 50/50 chance of comming home, and your doing something that matters. If you live, you might think about things diffrently. I have not tried to kill myself, nor do I want to...I didn't have a "childhood"... but I dont cry about it.... I went Marine Corps when I was 17, and joined the infantry... I live for this shit, killing others who want to do you and your friends and family harm is better than killing your self. Grow up, and remember, depression goes away...
26 Apr 2005 Fabian Take an entire bottle of Tylenol and drink a bottle of Nyquil.
26 Apr 2005 Fabian suck on a tail pipe.
26 Apr 2005 ?????????? well at least someone on this site has some fucking sense thankyou caz. I'm going to bugger off and kill myself at some point, just not yet i intend to kill a real evildoer first and bush seems to be the best choice. unfortunately being british makes it hard. see ya all in the next life
25 Apr 2005 Fallen (im actually 15.. Sorry if ive broke a rule)

Ill be honest, ive never felt like commiting suicide (well, maby when i was relly pissed at somthing, but never got any near doing it)
I have been reading these posts all day now (Btw to laura your poem was brilliant, if you are still alive)

I think that suicide should relly be a compleate last resort. If you are being abused at home, you could run away, tell the police, there is alot of things you can do.

Although i really think that you shouldnt commit suicide where other people will see wour body, it can ruin there lives, anyone that is close to suicide will probably know how this feels.

I think that suicide is only selfish if your parents/family/friends love or care for you.. But other wise i think, ultimatly, its your life, you have the right to do what ever you wish.

But, think hard before you act..

E-mail me if u feel like talking :)
25 Apr 2005 helper find a psychiatrist, you need help.
25 Apr 2005 Been there before... Under 13 or over 13 - it doesn't really matter... The best way is to find someone else that feels the same way,and then play Russian Roulette. Hey the odds are 50/50. The adrenalin rush is better than any drug out there,and you really can't lose. Why? Because if you get the bullet then you've accomplished what you set out to do-DIE. But,if the other person gets the bullet, and you see their brains splattered everwhere,on the wall,the ceiling,even on you...Just maybe you'll realize LIFE IS WORTH LIVING...
25 Apr 2005 bill ok well i dont have very good resons but hey sometimes i do wanna die.....put it like this i lost my friends my girlfriend and half of my family hates me ..... so what else is there u kno? most people say there scared of dieing but look at it this way ... we all die so it would just be a few years sooner wouldnt it?o well it just kills me to think that i have no one there for me
25 Apr 2005 Amy Moran The Reason u all want to kill urselfs is because uve seen me i want to kill my self for that sum1 i no just died because his parents devord he hung himself in his bedroom he was rushed to hospital left on life suport for 3 days and his mother decided to let him go there was no way he was gonna survive the day befor his perants told him he had an argument with his gurl friend and she thinks its her fualt she,s now diognosed with depresion she has to take all these calming remadies and everything she might evan *acsadently* take and over does of the stuff and that would be selfish if she left me out
25 Apr 2005 Amy Moran I Dont no the best way to kill my self thats y i came on here every day i look at myself in the mirror and burst out crying im so ugly that 8,0000000 of triple glacing would shater if it saw the back of my head im sick of it I WOULD PAY ANY OF U A LOAD OF MONEY TO MURDER ME IN FACT HERES MY ADRESS............................................... SUFACAIT ME SHOOT ME STB ME AND EAT MY LIVER I JUST WANNA DIE
25 Apr 2005 orbie go to the hospital and find out where someone is quarrientined, rush inside the room and rape them. make sure to lick and swallow some of thiere bodily fluids. do this about five times and then nail a gay doode on the AIDS wing.

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