Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 May 2005 lana dress us as a clown,dinosour,other stupid anil,ect and then get a rope and a knife go to a childs party and tie the rope around ur neck and on to there balcony,fan.doorway just befor u drop kut open all your tendants and then ring the door bell
23 May 2005 *someone Listen everyone who came on here for suicidal advice.theres a way out of this,please dont kill yourself.there are people out there who love and think about you everyday,even if they dont show it.theres always people out there who care.God cares for you,if u wanna know more then just reply to this message.
23 May 2005 nobody lies me i totally fucking agree with exactly everything [starved to deah says] now to hell with the fucking rest of ur god and christian shit, its totally fake so fuck off.
23 May 2005 Harry The Hippo Look, its this easy, pick up the computer that you are using now, and smash it over your head. If you are still not dead, keep the computer pllugged in and take a shower. If you do not die after this, cut out your intestines and try to rewire the computer.
23 May 2005 rocky hey well im back and not in the best of shape. i dont know wat has happened i have these bad thoughts. guess wat every body is plotting against me. i swear the most close people to me are plotting against me. they are not talking to me the way they used to and then i think that they will try the im so concerned about you joke. i dont understand wats going on in my head things just dont seem right any more. i know other friends who say stuff like this and i tell them that they have so many things to live for because they do. i dont i mean i have found god and thats all good but like we all have a purpose and once we have done our purpose for god we die. i believe that i am just a lession for everybody else. then i kill myself. like suicide must be in some way part of gods plan. one of the prophets did their work for god realised it was bad and prayed to god to take his life and that is a form of suicide. i pray that god takes my life. its not running away from life when god has taken it . if god has planned everything then he has planned all our death and how it happens. so to die is one awesome thing when you believe that you will be with god forever. im so sad but i try not to let it show. im a lession from which learn from and build their character and give them stenghth i wont to help people so much and everytime i try its like hitting a brick wall. pray that god takes my life so that no body else can get hurt from me. i dont wont to hurt people for some reason it just happens and i am sorry. death is my last adventure i live near the train station and well i think thats my way to go. god moved me there and thats where i will stay on the middle of the tracks so bye within the next two weeks i'll be gone. i hope and think.
22 May 2005 laura hague find yourself a piece of country side that no-one comes near, find the biggest tree u can grab sum ladders tie a rope around the tree then climb up tie it round ur neck and jump. but remember not to have any others branches on near to u so u cant chicken out x if u want to make the pain more intense slit ur wrist before you jump x
22 May 2005 kathryn hi i am 14 yeers old n mi life hav suked since i was 4 ok well emme start now wen i was 4 mi parents got divorced mi mom was reeli syco she wuud drag me n mi bro across the room n made us crii sooo ahrd mi dad use to hit me n he still threaens to n verballi abuses me mi mom was anorexic she over dosed in pills while cuttin herslef i wuud say she cut her self about 16 times on her arm n they r reeli deep n she wuud hav to kall the hospital n tell them that she cut herslef now shes an alcholic n in skool mi frends take advantage of me i get made fun of almost everdai n i got like sooo mani rumors gon around bout me n i kant see mi aunt animore n im glad i hate that stupid fuk i hope she fukin burns n hell everi thinks im a pretty happi person i started cuttin miself jus a few weeks ago n now its at tha piont wen i cut i bleed i gro more n more depressed each dai but i never thought bout killin miself n i dun want to thx for listenin
22 May 2005 Guillaume se mettre dans son bain et brancher(ralonge si besoin!) le seche cheveux....qui tombera dans l'eau!!!
22 May 2005 Tim I have no idea what the best way to kill your self would be, I believe the question is redundant. You know what will kill you, the objects surround us every day i.e. knives poisonous substances, water, rope, vehicles, trains etc etc. What you need to ask your self is can I go through with it?

I have wanted to kill myself on and off since I was 15 I am 21 now. I have tried various methods. These include slicing my wrists with craft knives. Putting a bag over my head, the bag was full of nitrous I then sellotaped it around my neck. I tried to drown myself in the local harbour. I tried lying on the railway tracks when a train was approaching. I thought about jumping out in front of a fast moving truck, at the point of no return. I’ve also thought of deliberately crashing my car at speed whilst not wearing a seatbelt. Every time I get in my car and drive somewhere I get to atleast 230 km/h – sometimes when I get up to those speeds I think about just letting go of the wheel and plunging down a cliff to find an end. The latter method is perfect as it would look like an accident. My family would not have to go through a terrible ordeal of coming to terms with the fact that their only son hated life so much he killed himself. All the suicide attempts I have made have been no more than attempts obviously. I am too gutless I always pull out at the last minute.

I hate life, I hate all the morons that are ruining our world and making it harder and harder to live a happy life full of truths. My parents expect far to much of me they expect me to attain A grades and an honours in Geography amongst many other things! They fight all the time they hate each other yet will not separate, maybe they want to make the family suffer! Nothing goes my way, if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all. The police have it in for me I have probably paid over $3000 in speeding fines. I have not had any real friends since I was about 17 probably when my depressed feelings became more pronounced, this just compounded things. Life if fucking shit, your born you urn for responsibility, you receive responsibility, your old responsibility is removed vegetation starts your back to infancy. An evil cycle, the only way out is death. Think about it when your dead, there’s nothing no feelings, no emotion, no money, nothing to do you do not exist, you able to fully escape society’s heavy handed hate. Eternal happiness is embedded in death, take it with love, embrace it till your last breath – it’s inevitable anyway!
22 May 2005 Sad But Not that sad Well, being 13 is a bit young. Perhaps the kit should actually be opened and reveal that they "should" wait until their 18, 21, or maybe even 30. In other words, give it a few years to reflect. It's certainly not something to be rushed into.

Sure, there are several people that have responded very negatively to this; however, it also reflects their unfamiliarity with the mental status of the person wanting to commit suicide. They should understand that there is certainly an underlying problem. Rather than bark out terrible comments, it would appear that a kind ear and attempt of understanding should be made to understand why. In understanding why, they could have helped that loved one who took their life, or a loved one in the future.

I'm no doctor but I think I have a heart. I've thought about suicide a couple times in my life (since a kid and occasionally still do), but also understand that the basis behind it could probably be fixed with a prozac. But the fact that I acknowledge the problem and realize that I'll get over it, eventually, just leads me to another road.

So, to answer your question, the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13, is to wait til you're 18 to see if things get better, then 21, then 30, and hopefully you'll see that life has it's ups and downs. Down today, up tomorrow.

It's ok to feel sad and want to end it all. Just, please, sleep on it, and give it some time to sink it. Don't be to rash with your decisions. Give it some time...
22 May 2005 Hurricane Harry Ok, first of all, peirce your nose. Maybe with a screwdriver i dont know. Then tie a rope around the hole in your nose, and tie the other end to a taxi. When somebody gets in the taxi and the taxi begins to drive away, try to keep up with it. Its a bit of a challenge and can sometimes result in getting your head ripped off!!!
22 May 2005 Starved of Death I am 14 and I have severe anxiety and depression. I am female and I want to meet others who also want to die. I'm not ready just yet to commit suicide, but I get closer each day. I am a cutter, I also burn myself occasionally and sometimes I bang my head on walls. I have been cutting for about four months. My worst cut was one that needed two stitches, but I never went to a hospital, I just kept it bandaged with antibiotic cream, and now it's fine.

I do NOT want any of you Christian fucks emailing me, telling me to go the way of God to make my life livable. There is no such thing as God, and if there is, then he must think he's one funny guy, making all of us suffer like this.

I am in a lot of emotional pain. Every day I wish to die, and the pain gets so great sometimes that I lose the ability to think straight and I feel like I don't understand anything.

I also smoke when I can get a hold of cigarrettes, I drink when I can get liquor or beer, and if I ever get weed or crystal meth, I will try it.

The human race disgusts me, and I hate all sports except hockey, which is something I'm actually good at. I like writing demented poetry that no one gets.

I want to meet other people like me, people who actually know what I am talking about. I am NOT looking for help. Only understanding. Do not email me if you want to try and talk me out of my misery. It won't work.
22 May 2005 com la dewane it dosh glot laveic measho ne wane i love her and she loves me. i dream but never get .... so i try to kill ...and they know .............. why thew fuck dose this happen to me ??????????????? some one shoot me PLEASE
22 May 2005 Aimee hi, my name is aimee and i'm 16 today.
i've done some research when i was in the psych ward (for attempting suicide) and looked around on the net. Now your only 13, but i remember being depressed at 13 and after all i'm only 3 years older so i can't really get up you. alright heres my plan, overdose on over 100 sleeping pills and slit your wrists. some ppl think er slitting my wrists that will hurt, well i've slit my wrist needed 12 stiches altogether, but i shouldn't done it harder, although there was a lot of blood i don't know if i hit a vein. but cut down the road and not across. i don't know why u wanna kill urself, but i don't kno why i want to kill myself. they call it deppression. i was on anti-depressants untill i ODed on them twice. but one thing that did help me was this wikid self help book. (maybe i should borrow it from the libary?)well i'm babling and my sugguestions for you are overdosing on 100 tablets (make sure its over 100!) perferable sleeping pills. DON"T DO PANADOL nellie said its really painful. or if ur chicken shit to slit your wrists, get into a hot/real warm bath and cut your self all over your body lil scaches. the warm water will encourage it to bleed more and then ur'll bleed to death. or jump off a really high buiolding. MAKE SURE ITS THE HIGHEST BUILDING U CAN GET IN! bacause u don't wanna end up impeded. i hope this has made a bit of sence or scared u off into being a normal person.
22 May 2005 scors b hater "When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad that they have to get better."

I think this has to be the most true thing I have ever read. Take another look. This pretty much sums up why I'm still alive, and maybe it also does for you. No matter how bad things are, there is always hope. Hope is the most important thing in the world. Without it we would all be doomed - hope is what makes you study at school, take a job interview, try out for a team. Hope can make you get up in the morning and I suppose it can also keep you living a life that you really wish you never had.

For me, it feels like just whenever I'm maybe about to find the one thing that would make it all worthwhile, it just fucks up. It fucks up so much that I wish i was more than dead... because right now i can't even explain the pain and frustration. It's maddening, like a beautiful summers day.. but then the thick black clouds come rushing in from all four corners of the sky and fill the chest with deadening pressure. Uncontrollable, like something eating away at you from the inside. I just don't fucking like it. Get it out, before it eats my soul.

I just wanna be me and feel like thats ok. I just wish I could get to know 'me' before I keep trying to get to know 'you'. I just wish god would stop fucking around and just let me out. I wanna be free. So stop the fear and the pain and unlock me so i can get out. Let me out, i wanna get out.

Maybe if there was one thing i have learnt, it is that you have to look after yourself. Because no-ones really there looking out for you.
"No-one except yourself that is,
No-one except you"
So be kind with yourself (but not unforgiving) and remember that there is always one thing that can keep you alive- hope. Pretty shit I guess but then if you can accept this and forget everything else that you are living for life should be a damn sight easier.

If you've read this far and can see any sense in this post, email me


21 May 2005 dominique you change nothing when you die. but by living, you can change things. dying is not an easy thing to do. it takes great courage to live. besides, that life you're taking was never yours to begin with. we just borrowed it from God. there's more to life than just shit and misery. open your eyes. trust that God will help you.
21 May 2005 vlad the impaler well you could simply consume yourself with a knife or fork.
21 May 2005 Harry Lewis The best way to kill yourself is to get a very long sturdy amount of fishing wire with a hook attached to one end. Eat the end with the hook but leave some spare line coming out of your mouth. Now shit out the hook and attach it to a piano. Now tie the other end to a bridge and jump off. You will slide down the fishing line at a rapid rate and inevitably swallow the piano through your ass and shit it out your mouth before you hit the ground. This is an effective method of suicide.
21 May 2005 dimitri Invent a time machine then travel back to WW2. Approach Hitler and inform him that you are a gay/lesbian jew and you wish to invite him to join your annual jewish gangbag bash.

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