Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 May 2005 lisa i know how it feels to be depress over the years i have been depressed and still am. many times tried to committ suicide but i never did succeed and my parents never found out about it i would always cut my arms with a razer. You know what everybody goes through shit some through worse thinking you dont have a reason to live but thats the stupidest thing to think. Life is beautiful and you LIVE to to make your own life if you dont like whats going on in your life SWEETIE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! trust me i learn the hard way and its not easy. you need to help yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself or wanting others to feel sorry for you... im going to be twenty i have been depressed since i was 13 and right now im great i dont cut myself like i used to when i was thirteen till i was fifteen. Its stupid the pain wont go away. now im studying pshycology to help depressed teenagers. what do i think about this site its very stupid and immature.. you need to seek help not got to this stupid site. the only reason i came in here was cause i searching for some other stuff and it took me here. this site is just to vogur....
07 May 2005 Melissa Hello, I am 23 years old,am married and have 1 baby boy. My relationship is near to ending. My husband is Russian and I have faught for him to stay in this country, had to go througha deportaition order and spent 4 months without him while I was pregnant,without a job or anything,had to use all my credit cards to pay 10's of thousands of dollars for him to stay here.Now he's been released to me for over a year now. Our marriage is over but we're still married. We live together with our son. I love my son more than anything and everything. But the problem is that my whole life I've felt used,abused and disresepted.With my immediate family as well as my new family. My husband doesn't understand me or respect me in any way. All he wants from me is to suck his dick every single day,sorry for my language.I am a virgo by horoscope,I don't really beleive in horoscopes,but virgo's are not very sexual beings,it's true with me. I hate doing this,I've tried to be a good wife,it doesn't make any sense anyway. All we do is fight, and when I cry in front of him which is not very often,he tells me I make myself stressed out from nothing. I have no one close to me to talk to or anyone who will care and listen. With my baby,he cried 22 hours a day and I am completely at the end of the rest of my nerves. I live in Canada, a very money stressful country. I owe $20,000 in bills and nothing to show for it.I feel stuck and rejected by my family. I feel suicide,but don't know how to go about it. I have had more than enough bad things to happen to me in my life, and am depressed. I can't tak to anyone about it,just hide it. Hide the cries and pain I so much feel. If you have listened and read all this letter,I respect you for doing so. You are the first that listened. I have so many problems in my life,I can't even try to tell you what I really feel,I can;t explain in words.I'm tired of canada, I'm tired of my son crying for nothing and I'm tired of feeling helpless and invisible. I know I'm not the only one. But why can't people listen or care,especially the ones who are supposed to love you the most. I'm friendless and loveless. I wish death on myself. But that's not doing anything for me. At this point, nothing is repairable.Thanks for listening folks!
07 May 2005 jimmy altstatt stabing hanging over dose of pills drinking cleaning stuff clean out the inside of a fire work and stuff it in a drink or a food and drink it. and a lot more
07 May 2005   everyone on this site please seek help now.its not the end you dont k=need to do it. its not the answer. ive lived through it i have gone through it all and im here now and im glad i am. i tried over dosing slitting my wrist piosoning and even set myself on fire. im here now though and im happy i am. ive been through alot i know how the world works and im here for anyone who needs me
06 May 2005 loanne Hello, i accidently stumbled on to this website on google and i was so disturbed by this name that i had to click on to read. I know many people would disagree with suicide let alone THIS website but what i want to know is why have you started this website? Do you not think you should talk to somebody before you even consider contemplating suicide? I don't know what else to write but i just thought that you should think about that before anybody thinks of doing any thing drastic anyway goodbye
06 May 2005 amanda hey.... im still feeling kinda suicidal.... i thought it would all be over since i met cody ( the one i love ) but i guess not... hes always talking about how much he loves me but then again hes always talking about how much he wants 2 die.... or go 2 sleep and never wake up... he said he mite hang himself... i really wish he didnt talk like this bcuz i love him sooo much and i would die if he died... i tried telling him this but nothing can change him... i thought he loved me... i thought he meant it... we both promised not 2 cut enymore but all i hear is that hes cutting.... i really dont want him 2 cut.. or die!!! i wish he would listen 2 wat i have 2 say!!! i believe that he loves me but i just wish he would show it!!! if he loved me then he wouldnt just take his life... but he makes me feel worthless... like im not good enuf 2 live 4!!! i love him and i no he loves me but y would he just take his life!?!?!? i no i cant just go stop him since he lives 3,000 miles away but i wish i could and i would if i could!!! i no that if he dies i no ill die from a broken heart... (thats how my grandpa died)... i realy want him 2 stop talking about taking his life!!! ill never love again... i love him!!!! I LOVE YOU CODY!!!
06 May 2005 emma take one look at me and you're done!!!
06 May 2005 Senor kills alot Break dance on railroad tracks
06 May 2005 poup intoxication
06 May 2005 shawn-tay my life is such a wreck. i just want to die.
my x wife, misty, has custody of our daughter, lauren. after we split it all went down hill. i started doing drugs and drinking. i started sleeping with hookers and now I have H.I.V. the doctors given me 2-3 years to live. who wants to die like that? i am tring to fight for custody of my daughter but when i was a small child my father molested me and i am afraid if i am alone with her i will molest her as well.

its obvious. i am a pathetic loser who is a sneak and a habitual liar. i lie to con people to bend to my will. i am ashamed to even think about how i have lived previously and treated people. i have decided that it will be best for myself and socioty to just commit suicide.

good bye world.
06 May 2005 CODY well this weekend is the 1 i am going to finaly do it! i have treid several times to kill myself and last weekend i got sooo close! i hung myself but the belts broke! damm well this time i am going to rope instead! god i hope it works! well best wishes to you all! i hope you all get what you came to this websight for and i hope you all rot in hell especialy you mouchette!

well by the time you get this it will be the weekend since it takes 3 days to go thro...

wish me luck!
06 May 2005 Keith Hey I just had the best day ever. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I also made an A on my Philosophy term paper. Then me and my girlfriend had the best sex of our lives. My band played a killer show earlier today too. We each made about $650 each for our performance. Life is so good. :) I'm gonna go blow my head off with a shotgun at my family reunion today. :) Have a nice day to everyone else. I know I did :)
06 May 2005 Meeshy its like 100% impossible for us to kill ourselves if ur younger than 14.....
06 May 2005 Tracie Hi, My name is Tracie im 13 At skool i dont seem so sad im the lil happy chick with every thing but if u look back in my past u can see its not all that good. My moms bf fucked it up for me i wish my mom would have never meet him.they dont tell me any thing. I've been dippressied for about 7 years. I've tried every thing to cutting my wrists and over dossing and shoting my self but it seems nothing works i dont have any friends i DID tell a year ago when my mom started seeing this guy and my dad died so my mom has had 2 other kids so why bother she never has any time for me. so why bother bein he she dont care and nobody likes me but also i regret trying to kill my self b/c it gets worse every time but u kno its all good right now im in really deep depressoin so any way tnxs for letting me write i feel a lil better tonight!!!!!
I just dont feel i need to live
06 May 2005 shey i wish i had the courage to die, i kind of think it wont matter, like ill still suffer after death. aint that a bitch
06 May 2005 Religious Maggie OOOOOOhh Artimas. If you want an update here it is: God has given me a job making bras. I have made fruity bras and eggy bras so far. The pictures are on my facepic page which is linked in my profile. Ive been amusing myself lately by eating 3 course meals off of my boobs and feeding my poosy porridge.
I have also bought some underwear with special zips in so that God can have easy access to my holy hole.

See you later darling!
06 May 2005 Normah Jones Planing a suicide

Planing a suicide is hard and there is so much to think about... That's why I'm telling the basics...

1) find a place where no one goes. Not at home, not at school, not at mall or any public places. The best place are under bridges, near waterfalls, trees (not in forest because it's not fun getting eat by the bugs and not being able to stop them)

2) Find a good time... I'd say at night time, less people awake less people can stop you... or see you sinceit's dark.

3) Find a day that actully means something exemple... on the 31 because your friend killed herself on the 13...

4) Think about all that you could end up being if it doesn't work... I recommand having a safety plan or exit in case ( like don't just try one way to kill yourself at same time...) and you want to be able to stop the process of the plan if you just change your mind at the last minute or to show that you could've to the people that will find you... (like to have a sisors to cut the cord in your pocket)

5) Overdoses are the worse thing to do... they work 1/30 and they are painful death specialy on tylenol or pain killers...

6) what to choose according to seasons
- drowning under ice --> erly spring
- hanging yourself on top of a water fall --> all year
- sliting your wrist --> never!!!
- overdosing --> never!!!
- carbone dioxyde poisoning --> never!!!

7) why not sliting my wrist?
Because it's easy to save or to find someone slit their wrist and you end up having brain damage if you survive... don't slit your wrist...

Why not overdosing?
Because it just doesn't work most people only have brain damage... it's really hard to know exactly how much pills to take... it's usally hasard... You need to have the exact dose because if you don't have enough ytou end up having bad ass side effects, sick for days and if you take to much your body rejects it and end up with brain damage...

Why not carbone dioxyde poisoning?
Because it takes time and if you are found in time it leaves horrible brain damage...

8)make sure no one knows about what you are planing to do they will feel guilty all their lives and that's just not cool...

Anyways killing your self is not the easist thing to do but who is going to stop you but yourself?
05 May 2005   ya know.. to all you people who have "tried" to commit suicide.. if you really wanted to be dead, you would be. you wouldn't fail at your attempt. if you fail, you just want some attention, and that is a really pathetic way to get it. grow up. quit whining! if you want to kill yourself, go for it! next time, i hope you're not around to tell about how you "attempted suicide".
05 May 2005 n/a don't even try it will hurt to many other people and don't be self concieded with your life it will get better i promise i tried and it didn't work know i have 3 wonderful kids and a great husband so please don't do it it will get bettern
05 May 2005 n/a ok i know everyone is probly telling u guys this but don't try to kill ur self. suicide is a perment way to solve a small problem.

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