Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 May 2005 Justin 19 Mn You guys are fucked up. Suicide is stupid and you all are crazy for even talking about it. Noones life is perfect. Hell mine sux major donkey dick too. Stay away from the people that cause you hate and enjoy yourself. How do you know the best way to kill urself????? I dunno I reckon all the people who found the good way to do it ARENT HERE TO TELL THERE STORY! THERE DEAD! God bless ya all!
15 May 2005 Jennie well i have tried a million times to kill myself, I am 15 now but i have been ltrying since i was 7 and i will tell you all my reasons when i was 3 my dad started to rape me and tell me i was worthless which i am, then no one belived me and i started having night mares and when my mom and step dad got together he did what my dad did and the at 11 i gave birth to my son Khristopher and at 13 i was raped in my bedroom with one f my best friends and he is only serving seven yrs for it. i cut myself to release my pain and i have tried to drowned myself and hang my self, if you name it i have prbably tried it and every time i was stopped, i have been to over 50 institutsions for it and every time they tell my family she is just depressed and has ptsd (post trumatic stress diorder), border line persomnality disorder and some other personality disorders, and schizophenia but it is nothing to worry about for most it is the only choose i write poetry and here is one that i have wrote that i want to share

Hanging From the Ceiling
One night I couldn't take it anymore
I was sick of everything
I finallly took a rope and
made a knot around my neck
tied it to the ceiling
and then i jumped, it didn't hurt
I couldn't feel a thing
I knew what i was doing
I never meant for it to be this way
no one ever came
they just left me to hang
I hung for days and when someone
would knock I wanted to scream
"I am dead can't you see,
dead as a doornail"
when the finally took me down
I guess it was cause I smelled
I finally knew no one ever really cared
I'm glad I knew

Copyright ©2005 Jennie P George

i only wrote it about a week ago and i tried but it didin't happen they stopped me and so toay i sit in Heartland when i have free time they let on the computer thinking that i am talking to my family the only path i have to the outside, cause they won't let me have visitors!
14 May 2005 aaron well i like to think of trying to get into a fight with the bully and let him beat the shoit out of u how couldnt u think of this im like really stupid but funny but remember the best way is to vist a person in jail get him pissed off and let him kill u
14 May 2005 aaron Ok im a really funny person and come up with lots of stuff to kill urself but never use them so enjoy. Well dont eat for a year or drink.Another thing is to put your finger down your trought untill u puke so much u die take a gun a say enjoy. Another thing is to jump of Mt.Everest (if u can get there)One way you guys nevr said was go to the drug store and steal some meth or cokane or tobacco. I wonder tho if i will accully ever try theses since im only 11. But the last one is to get someone to put a hit on u (a hit is where a mob tries to kill you) But before u die say thank you other wise your just rude.
14 May 2005 aaron Well when your dads not looking take the gun out of his pants and put it in ur mouth and say goodbye. Another one is to watch t.v till u die because u might die from to many commericails
14 May 2005 SpriteZ hiaaa....
u want to commit suicide????
now b4 u take things THAT deep u rele have 2 life rele gna b bad 4 ever?
u have like 70-80% of life remainig i mean whats this 10% of life mean so much 2 u anyway.......u have a whole life ahead of u u have years 2 come of joy and pride ull find ure perfect partener some day and enjoy money with a good carrer
now i also do feel suicidal i mean yes LIFE SUX but ah wat the fuck who gives a shit with a lil bit of pain 4 a few years anywy i mus b off now and please dont do anything silly there r still those that love u and care 4 u
Thanks 4 reading
please add me 2 msn if u have it
Bye Bye!
14 May 2005 ti-G leur desinformations sur la vie
14 May 2005 Mahy My friend killed himself and asked me to watch, I did. It looked painful he shot himself. You know before he died he asked me not to cry when he went so I sat there in the backyard with him in the grass around 6am and we just stared at each other saying nothing. The shoutgun between him and I. " Mah, You know when I die I believe there is no 'other' place.. no god.. I'll just stop being." I told him I believed so also he asked me when I would join him and I told him After I finish (2 weeks from now, he died January)He gave me a jiss on the cheek and said "I guess I wont see you again?" and pulled it.. You'd think someone would go run and call for help? Or just sit there stunned until someone comes find us? No.. not I, I laughed as if it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Here was my only friend dead on the floor. I thought he wasn't going to do it. I just looked at him and went to get ready for school, laughing the whole day. I don't believe a person like me should be on this earth much longer, I've done too much harm to people I don't want to go into detail about but in 2 weeks time I will do the best suicide there is and drown myself. I already have a pretty blue dress to go with handing on my wall ^^ Funny...
14 May 2005 badasschick Dude What is up wit u seriously. First your giving like ways to kill youself then telling peopl its wrong. I dont get it do u belive in suicide or r u another wannabe. I have 3 friends who commited siucide and well it aint pretty no matter how u do it. No matter how you kill yourself your still hurting people. There is no way to die without someone caring. So get your fuckin facts straight before you preach to other people. Dont think you know anything till youv'e gone through it.
14 May 2005 Vienna Okay, so I'm 18 years old...I had a pretty good life my parents were both wonderful people, until about three years ago my dad slit my mothers throat in front of me and my brother and sister, then he shot himself. Just last year my brother was in a car accident and died. Now, it's just me and my little sister. They tried to take her away from me, but luckily I turned 18 recently, so now she's mine. All I'm trying to do is raise her right, finish high school and go to college next year. I'm a good person, I don't do drugs, or drink, and I never had sex. I want my first time to be with someone special. Of course that couldn't happen. Last month I was on my way to my car when all of a sudden a man came out of nowhere. I tried to fight him, but he was too strong. You can guess what happend next...he raped me, over and over again. This really put me over the edge. Now, I honestly don't know what the point of living is anymore. If it wasn't for my sister I would have killed myself already, but I can't do that to her.
13 May 2005 Marty get cyanide.. itle kill u in less than an hour
or get some anti freeze mix it with some alcohol drink it.. ull pass out in a minit or less.. n die shortly after.. roughly half an hour later if done rightly..
13 May 2005 Levi life's a bitch then you die !!!!
so get a life. Find someone who cares because I DON'T.Get laid!!!
13 May 2005 simone Hi im 15, i havnt been diagnosed with depression but im sure that i am, why else would i think about dying everyday? I've been in love with my best friend for a year, i told her how i feel a month ago... she made it pretty clear she doesnt feel the same. About 3 hours ago i took 26 tablets.. i dont know what they were, just hoped that i would die from them, and obviously i havnt! I hate my life, im doing shit at school ive got my exams in a week and im shittin myself, ent got a clue wat i wanna do wen i leave school either. I drink regularly.. and everytime im drunk i tend to cut myself. My mom doesnt care about me she thinks im useless.. i wish i was fuckin dead! My best mate dont care that im in love wiv er.. she thinks i should speak to someone, 'oh i'll come with you if you want'. NO fuck off and leave me alone. If i cant be with her i might as well not live cuz she means everything to me, she's the only thing i care about in this shite world. By the way im a girl lol.. and yes i love another girl.
13 May 2005   i have read most of these storys and yea i feel bad onyl because i havent got that sad of story im jsut fucked up i ahve no excuse y i am and i dnt mean by ne way to offened ne one plzz dnt be offened all i ahe to say is that my mum was taken away from me wen i was abotu 6 and i was told i wud neva see her agen and i cud not keep in touch with her in ne way. after that i became very very depressed becuase i was 6 i didnt no how o hurt my self soo i jsut started to steal things as i became older becuae i no im not preety i wdu get t4ease for being an guly dog every day as a i go to skool every one is the eand popular pretty girl and i....i am jsut me...theres nethign special or interesting...jsut me...its like if i did go thro with suicide no one wud miss one.....y i am very dumb ugly and has no self assteem so that leves me with nething.....i dnt execpt u to reayd this coz im fuckin ungrateful because fuk yea do people have it worst then me and i wish that even the slittest good thin g in my life cud be taken away from me and given to thsoe people...i am writing this after a gy that yea was preeety gud looking started to talk to me like relly talk to me....we were close and then after he started to those eggs t me agged my house and spreaded rurs called me names...coz yea i dnt hav e ne frends wen i was alone he wud bashed me up and take my money and my fne then after he sed he had a dare the dare ....was talk to my ''frend'' make me think he even thought we cud be mroe then frends he sed he got paid quite a bit dnd it was alll worth it coz he could take thigns out on me coz yea i wa slike nething no one relly love me and even knew me sooo ther u ahve it i ahve enthign else to say execpt for.....i hope u ahve a gr8 life an d follow ur dreams.....even tho im a apthetic loser u dnt it for that i may jsut pretend that was me....and that atleast some one is having a gud time...if i cud do enting in this world i wdunt become popular or preetty but i wdu widsh that everyone cud jsut fuckin get anlong and not be so crule wen u hear abotu the momment i jsut mentioned that happened to me u mite feel sad wen u readd it but wen ur in the situation words cant explain how much pain ur in....ur gonan read this anfd think pffft look at her she thinks shes got it bad look at that gy hes taken drugs....coz yea i no i ahvent got it that much worst off but i still got it preety bad and i hope that those peopel otu ther that are hurt soo hurt i hope that u do ahve a gud life and get thoguh the hard times and that ur alrite.....well u dnt have to read this but u have read msot of it now...all i can say is dnt die wondering...if u wanna be a star dnt die wondering wat it wud of been like become a star and find out...and before its ur time to go.....make sure that u ahve made the word a betta place some how doesnt matter wat as long u have done someting....
13 May 2005 Jessy Im 15 and have tryed to commit suicide but people found out both times.First ill give you backround.Two years ago I realized my dad was cheating on my wonderful mother and she does nothing about it. This past December my best friend commited suicide she ahd 4 children who were also like family to me.That broke me down.I was cutting my wrist before that though i found that wasnt very effective.My mom kept catching me so she sent me to a therapist well that didnt do much cuz right after the session I took pills round the house i really thought this was it wrote a suicide not and everything but yet again I failed at my attempt and then my father cussed me and my mom out for no reason ill prolly try a few more times just need better ideas
13 May 2005 Ben Just go up to a bunch of cops and take a fake gun out and pretend you about to shoot them, then they were would force themself to take there guns out and shoot you.
12 May 2005 Ayesha Hi I am Ayesha, originally I am pakistani but my parents were in the UK so now i am here and in my first year of university. since my early childhood, I have considered several countless times to commit suiside but every time I tried commiting I thought about people who really love me though there are only few but when some one really loves you, you can not think of hurting them in anyway so it always stopped me from killing my self. things have never been good for me. as I am the eldest daughter no brother ,I have all these worries of taking responsibilities, I am a full time student but I have two jobs on the top, I work my ass off and have not a single day off when I come home before 9pm , I feel fed up of everything, I do not want all this financial and cultural stress, sometimes I wish I was never born. and some times I feel like I am a strong person and these are minor things because people go through alot more than i would have in my life time. But then everyday it's a same story. same people who pretend to be friends and that they care but they do not, and it really hurts specially when you yourself is a genuine down to earth person, on top of everything when your own boy friend does not trust you and you end up in fight every other day. this all sometimes gets to much for me its not physical but emotionally . So I still several times tried to commit suiside but then I realised its not worth it just see we get this gift of life once only once then why throw it away, why not fight back ... fight back everything. things which happened to me while I was a child as I can not see from one of my eyes (lazy eye) and I used to feel very inferior about it also when I was 3 I broke my leg because some guy pushed me off the slide, I was in the hospital for a whole year and I still have that metal which sticks the fracture together in my leg I cant run it hurts later on and I dont swim cause I feel anxious about my scars from stitches. but then now when I read this web site I realised there is so much more happens in your life which leaves you shattered into pieces like glass, which cant be put together but still they dont loose their shine so instead of thinking about committing suiside , why not Fight Back , work hard because you lot are only 13 and one of you could be a doctor , an artist, an engineer lawyer or much more so be some one and make a difference when you are matured, to the lives of those kids who will be of same age you are today so be independent , do not be some body Be what you are who you are!!!! help those who are in a worse condition than you are, Pray to God , Pray for your peace of mind do voluntary work , help people who are very old just get busy see other peoples pain and forget yours in theirs cause there is much more we have not gone through.....which others have I have so much to say but I have my final exams now so I need to revise you all take care and remember that everyone of you is beautiful inside and precious to me....
12 May 2005 mike jump off a brige
11 May 2005 Jane Well, this is a nifty page if I've ever seen one. Like many people here, I have depression and for various reasons.
I was raped when I was thirteen, I'm now sixteen, and can barely remember what happened. Though, sometimes I'll have flashbacks or nightmares, which make feel really sick, both physically and emotionally.
Ever since it happened my parents have turned against me. They call me horrible things and I've gone through some abuse.
I no longer can find myself in a relationship, which girls younger than I am have had plenty that have been long lasting. My relationships only last for so long. I think my longest this year has been two weeks, which is astonishing. Though I have friends, I don't have very many good friends. In fact, most think that I am whore. I'm not sure how I was handed that title....I've only had sex once and that was rape, so it doesn't really make sense. At least, it doesn't make sense to me. There's even more bad things I could point out, but I rather not make this to long of an entry.
Anyways, as most on the site, I have flaunted with suicide more than once.
I've tried pills three times....the most it ever did was cause me to be really sick for a few days. I've tried shooting myself, but I found myself too chicken shit and to weak to pull the trigger, and I've tried hanging. Though a "friend" found me and pulled me down.
These failed attempts just caused me more pain and troble. I've been institutionalized more than once, and that sucks!
So, now, what I do to get over it is anorexia. It's the best, really!
You have control over yourself and people are always complementing me on how skinny and small I am. It makes me happy.
I'll die eventually and this is a sure way to speed up the process.
11 May 2005 diablo i dont have a way to kill ur self but to start u could be the fagget who made my little bro attempt and if i ever find u that will be an easy suicide. another thing that little bastard who made my little bro try should stay the fuck off this website cuz if i find were u wrote it ill hunt u down and beat u into a bloody pulp!

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