Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Mar 2005 THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND iam the GIRL FROM ENGLAND i would just like to say again that i read more life stories between the last few hours and i had a chance to look at the other sections in this website. ill like to say that mouchette you are really young and i dont know what pushed you to build a site like this but anyway just know that I LOVE YOU ALL as a friend and you could always wright back to me if you want to iam always here ill find you just wright THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND and leave your email address.
22 Mar 2005 Anne du Roy Vous n'avez pas le droit d'inciter les autres au suicide, et surment pas des enfants. Votre site est en infraction avec la loi et je ne manquerai pas de le signaler. Avez-vous déjà pensé aux parents, aux frères et soeurs, aux amis des suicidés. Le pire c'est qu'ils n'ont plus l'occasion de revenir sur leurs pas, alors, aidez plutôt les jeunes et les enfants á vivre.
22 Mar 2005   i read some of your life stories and was shocked infront of my computer. how could there be such lives, i thought lifes like this could only be in films but unfortunately thanks to the site builder that ive learnt that films are in reality. well sometimes it happens to me as well, i sometimes think of killing myself but then again im not strong enough. after reading some of the life stories in this site ive decided that my problems arent anything compared to yours. if you new what my problems were you would call me an idiot which wouldnt be so wrong. anyway i would just like to say that i love you all and, dont forget nothing is impossible so never give up and never give the ones that put you in those conditions the satisfaction of your death show them what you really are. we are all the worlds next generation and the world needs us. LOVE YOU ALL.
21 Mar 2005 G12DO i donno what do i think abt myself nowadays life has started sucking. i m loosing my frds one by one i m loosing faith in myself i m no more good in watever i was . it started frm someone whom i loved to death but now i have been thrown out like a deadly fly ..i cried for 2 nights was unbearable now i dont find ne reason to live i mean i cant concentrate on whatever i do . i have become rude to everyone i have stoped expecting frm everyone i have stoped caring for neone i cant plead to neone to make him say .i m getting tired of the way the life is goin .i want an easy death .i wnat to commit sucide i want to run away frm the life .
i dont know what will happen of my parents of family members but i dont want to live like a looser
21 Mar 2005 Shattered feelings at the simple age of five, i jumped off my roof to try and kill myself, though i was unsucessful, i am now 14, and still attempting suicide, since i am to proud to ask for help, from any one, even my dad, who cares so much about me, knows of only one cutting, though i have cut myself once a week, and every week since i was ten, the scars run so deep, they will never go away, i am turning 15 shortly, my mum is pretending like she actually cares, i have always been close with my dad,and never close with my mother, dad=best friend/ mum= worst nightmare... i have tried numerous times, to try and have a familial relationship with my mum, but she doesnt allow me to, she favors my other siblings, and doesnt seem to care about me, i wouldnt call it neclect,but i wouldnt call it loving either, me and her fight every day, over the stupidest things, i dont think she would even miss me if i did in fact succed with my suicidal attempts, i do yes suffer from manic- depression, and she knows it, but still wont care, my dad will morn for me, but he has a life, and wont be able to cry for long, my friends can also make new freinds, my dear sweet love, Merrill, the only guy i have ever been happy with, who respects and loves me so much, will find another, though i am sure he will morn, for a few days, as will my friends, but they will all move on, my siblings, wont notice i am no longer there, since i mainly stay in my room, plaining my next suicidal attempt, one of my best friends Alicia, killed herself when she was 13, she cut herself, drank some clorox, and pushed herself infront of a car, all in one hour, of one day, making me go further into depression, still i cannot seem to stop trying to kill myself, and will never, ever seek help, but only look for a way to help myself, but if it be gods will, i succed in removing myself from this world, first, then let it be......
21 Mar 2005 Nylphada Hi I'm Nylphada from the SYS (suicidal Youth Services) We like to talk with anyone or give out advice... we have a website

an a email
21 Mar 2005 deadman strangulation
20 Mar 2005 .::Nikki::. I'm not 13 myself, i'm actually but i've been wanting 2 kill myself a few times. I've cut my wrists, drank lots of alcohol and other stuff. The reason i wanna kill myself is either cos my life just sucks or cos of my love life. I hate my love life at the mo, my bf broke up with me a couple of days ago and i dnt know what i did wrong though. I love him so much and without him, i just feel like killing myself cos he means so much 2 me. People are telling me 2 get over him cos he's treating me like shit and tht he's no gd 4 me but i dnt care, i just think he's perfect. AT the moment, i've cut my arm so badly, i used a razor and i kept losing a lot of blood from those cuts and it still wnt stop bleeding. Sometimes when i think about him, i just feel like doing a cut on my arm but tht's gonna help. I know cutting yourself doesn't help u but i just needed the pain, i'm so heartbroken!
Also i feel like killing myself cos of abuse, i think people dnt like me and i always get picked on and bullied. I've been picked on and bullied all my life and i just hate it so much. I talk 2 teachers about it, they tell me what 2 do but it dnt work so i dnt talk 2 any teachers anymore cos i know they dnt help tht much.
But i dnt think u should kill yourself if your under 13 really, it's not tht gd, trust me. Pain really hurts and u probably have a gd life ahead of ya but i dnt think i have at the moment so there ya go. Tht's about all i can say really, but just dnt do it if your under 13!
20 Mar 2005 Ethan If u r the most fucked up deppressed person in the world with no friends, become a comedian that way u can laugh at yourself
20 Mar 2005 Habit Forming Robot In video/computer games. Over and over again.
20 Mar 2005 Ethan Flint DONT DO IT! read this first! And 4 all those twats that encourage suicide, if i eva meet 1 of ya (which is very unlikley) i will kill u myself. Sum people r really ill, hurt, demoralised, angry, outcast an emotionally fucked!* they dont need people 2 tel them 2 get it ova wiv. Cuz ive got loadz of fuckin problems, ive bin down that avenue! an killin yourself aint an option! every 1 goes through this on sum scale at sum point. JUST LIVE! (unless you do actually have a genuine reason 4 dying, then fair enuf!) (like terminal illness or body disorders*) (*list is not exhaustive!) oh an the best way 2 kill yourself depends on what you like doin! e.g extreme sportist.........very tall building! i know that goes against everything i just said....and im a hypocrit (who isnt?) but thats kinda the point in this site neway! just my opinion! dont listen if you dont want 2!
19 Mar 2005 Ducky To anyone who thinks that the people on here are just joking: i have been shot at in drivebys, jumped 17 times, my father walked out on us when i was 8, later he blames me for anything that goes wrong with his new wife. I have been beaten by cops, in a mental instutute 4 times, and have had people break into our house. If you hyad a life this bad, wouldn't you try suicide?
19 Mar 2005 Katie if your thinking about killing yourselves dont be selfish, please think about the people you will leave behind. it doesn't matter who the people are, if they love and care for you, thats all that matters.
think, please just think before you take any action, there is ALWAYS hope...
19 Mar 2005   I've been depressed and confused all my life and think about committing suicide all the time. I even tried it a few times. But then I thought of the people I love and all the good things in life and I can't. If you're planning on committing suicide, don't, no matter how bad things get.
19 Mar 2005   Whoever created this website is a sick demented asshole who should be locked up for the rest of your life. This subject is not funny and it should not be used as some sick joke. You are an idiot.
19 Mar 2005 ewwwww see i am crazy. if you want to die...

1.get a person who will do surgery on you
2.ask him to get a box of sewing needles and put them in your stomach
3. die of stomach ache
19 Mar 2005 hated freak see all im 11 and i hate my life. i think i have mental problems to... i realy want to die,:( and this is how i will end it. i will get a dockters needle fill it with air and put the air in a vain
19 Mar 2005 ....merinda... Not a day has passed when I havent' thought of killing myself, in the past three years, at least. It's a thought that has never left my mind, and I can't talk to anyone about it because they are all judgemental and patronise me if I were to say anything of the sort. A guy i knew killed himself a week back... and his funeral's tomorrow. I'm not sure how that's going to go but i really wish his death was not part of reality. However, this made me realise, these things DO actually happen.
19 Mar 2005 Ducky I'm 12. I am way more mature than most people my age. At least, that's what all these docters, theripists, etc. have told me. I have tried hanging since I was 9. I think that hanging/suffication are the best way to off yourself. They're pretty much painless and if you do decide to back out, some 'styles' are rigged so you can.

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