Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Jun 2005 Suicide? I'll make you all a deal. Learn how to spell complicated words such as 'suiside'(the correct spelling is written at the top of the page you dolt!) and I'll give you my address so that I can kill you myself.
15 Jun 2005   My name is Belle. i am 16. i have tried so many ways to kill myself. I havebeen hospitalised in both normal hospitals, mental hospitals and special child phyciatric units. I have , and this is no joke, suffered bulimia and anorexia, i broke my back and was in a wheelchair for 5 months after a trampoline accident, i have epilespy, i have od on panodol, valium, riddlin, prozac, sleeping pills, vitamin tablets... anything i could lay my hands on.
Did i mention that i am also a cutter and burner. oh yeah, and i have adhd and ocd.
YET dispite all of this i am still percieved as a happy child. My parents are great.. dont get me rong when i say this, but they have their faults just like everyone else. I recently ran away because my parents kept threating to get me moved to a mental institute permantly because they cant cope with me. I met a guy at a train station while i was in the city and he looked after me for a week. I thought he was genuinly looking out for me. He abused me. Emotionally and sexually. I hate him so much. But i left him and am now back at home.

Answering your question... i think the best way is good old paracetamol. you can od and no one will no until it is too late.. take 48 ( 2 pk) and u will die within 24 hours.
15 Jun 2005 Chiggz i posted before but i feel i should do it again. im 19 i've always been depreseed and siucidal/homicidal i've never sought help but one of my friends did and suggested i should to. i'd rather die and here is my method: first bend your hands towards u then slit nboth your writs as deep as u can if done properly u will paas out after losing 500ml of blood and u should die within 5 min(it pays to take pre-med)
14 Jun 2005 Mikey Hmmmm when your 13 best way would be to slit your rists, or over dose. but I think its wrong and I agree with alot of people, Im 16 and have alot of shit in my life but why kill my self? there is enough pain in this world already and I dont want to cause more
14 Jun 2005 UGLY FUCKER I hate myself because I am the most retarded looking dumbest piece of shit on this hellish ball of mud and water. How can life be so horrible for just one little person? Why did this "fate" thing choose me to live through this misery? Why can't I just start over with the things I want? I don't want to be perfect and I don't want to be at the top of the world I just want a normal life with normal fucking boundaries.

My parents could at least tell me what happened between the time of my conception and the 5 months it took for them to realize I was growing into a human being inside of my mother. You don't go through life as a 'fluke' just doesn't happen. There is a reason for everything and I'm damn sure there is a really nasty one for me. I don't have down's syndrome, or any other type of GENETIC disorder but I do have a strong suspicion that my mother was probably doing some heavy shit and no doubt drinking alot the first couple of months of her first trimester even though she continues to deny that to this day. How can she just do that? Is it just some people don't have a heart? How can you be this cruel to someone? That's like putting me on life support after half of my brain has been smashed out and obliterated into worm food after being hit by a fucking oncoming freight train putting me in an infinite state of conscious limbo, letting me to continue to suffer only because "I'm a living thing". They obviously didn't fucking care whether or not I was a living thing when they did this to me.

Now how the fuck am I supposed to accept that I'm a retard only for the "fact" that that's how this fucking imaginary prick in the sky wanted me to be? How the fuck do you come from a family that has no history or background of ANY genetic disorder relating to mental retardation or physical deformity and end up like me? It's impossible I tell you


It's not fair either. No matter how hard I try I will never get a job that pays well enough to fix my appearance. I can't win no matter which way I go or how dedicated I am to looking at the 'bright' side of things. There is no fucking bright side to this life. I didn't ask for this life. I didn't ask to be a tower for people's pity and mockery. I don't want this life anymore. I want out of it. Why don't I just shoot myself? I want to start over but I know I can't. When I die, that is it for me. I have never able to see what a real life is like, nor will I ever. Fuck Me.
14 Jun 2005 lucie mutilation ou somnifères!
14 Jun 2005 Bernard Suivre l'exemple de son père, et écouter samère
14 Jun 2005 certain death Can you please give me advice on different ways of commiting suicide. . If you tell me not to do it then I will not read your email. I have already made my decision to die, the right decision.
13 Jun 2005 Cindy Well, I don't want you guys too kill yourself. But hey why not. Well, I'm 14, and I tried suicide every snice I was 8 years old. Here are a list that I did and all most died. Hope you enjoyed.
1. drink and hang urself
2. shoot urself
3. cut on ur wrist
4. get in front of a fast moving car (try the freeway )
5. starve to death
13 Jun 2005 thinking about it. thats all i ever do. i think about it. i will never have the guts to do it. so i post on this site and write you people emails that show how deppressed iwantyou to think i am.
i am a complete loser. and now...
even more suicidal
13 Jun 2005 invalad the impaled here is "the thing"

"the thing" is one of the newest fads and its catching on at an astounding rate. alarming even.

"the thing" is global. worldwide even.

"the thing" is suicide. dont be left behind while your friends hang out and comit suicide. you dont wanna be an uncool kid do you. you gotta follow the crowd man.

the age old question:
if your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it to?

now how many kiddies out there have been around thier friends and one of them said hey lets go jump off a bridge?

exactly. none of you kids who should have never made it passed the stage in development most commonly known as leg drizzle have ever seen such. this is because your mental capabilities are far below infantile and in some cases fetal development. thus i have once again jabbered on and on and have jabbered for so long that my jabbering has out lived the foul aroma of multiple flatulations that vibrated my wooden chair i sit upon.
13 Jun 2005 Dr Shipman i think euthanasia should be legal in all countries and people who feel depressed should be able to die. A lethal injenction would be a good way to kill them.
13 Jun 2005 Dead Dude its great being dead. There is no pain or suffering once you die its just all nothing. There is no hell or heaven its only in the bible.
I hated my life so much, i,m so glad i killed myself. Eternal peace forever its a dream true
13 Jun 2005 God Hi my name is God and i am a number one loser .I,m very sorry I,ve brought so much pain and suffering to millions of people all over the world . All I can say to all you suicidal people is go kill yourselves for I have failed you.
13 Jun 2005 Saint I wish i could kill all you people who feel suicidal and end your pain forever. Doing this would make me feel so happy.
13 Jun 2005 suicidal Suicide will solve all your problems forever. i,m gonna kill myself very soon. I shall not miss life one bit
13 Jun 2005 Andrew Tu prend un Fujis et un D-Tune, tu les met a coté de toi, t'attend 24 heures et en principe tes morts...
13 Jun 2005 annonomous the most pain free way to kill your self is to have a car in a garage. Take the keys close off all doors of the garage, get in the car and start the engine. Eventualy the garage will fill with the fumes. You will fall asleep and die in your sleep.
13 Jun 2005 mason A lot of visitors to this site think its a laugh to slag and criticise the youngsters on this site about committing suicide, but these people have never been truly depressed like the kidson this site have for what ever the reasons.
I am not 13 infact im more than twice that age yet i still feel a teenager.
I just want to tell my story and try and put yourself in my posistion and you might understand how suicide is the only thing on your mind under some circumstances.After reading on this site the cases of fathers raping their daughters and other terrible cases i feel i am not as unfortunate as them.
One day i came home from be told my best friend had visited at my house to show me his new motorcycle,but as i was at work and only my girlfriend was in.So as my mate was very exited about his new motorcycle my girlfriend agreed to jump on the back for a little run up the road, a mile up the road a tractor pulled out into their path killing them both instantly, i later found out my girlfriend was 2 months pregnant.This accident happened over 3 years ago and i am still finding it as hard to cope now as i did the day i was told of the accident.So kids after reading my story, do you really beleive your problems are worth killing yourself over and hurting all who love you?
life is VERY short...make the most of it
theres NO second chance
13 Jun 2005 nuk I don’t see anything good about life. Nothing is going right for me, nobody respects me and my life is totally messed up ... so now, I'm just looking for a way out

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