Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Mar 2017 Prefer to stay anonymous Aspirin and slit wrists, you will prob regret it tho
30 Mar 2017 Gabriel It is best to kill yourself by cutting your arms
29 Mar 2017 spicymemes yo anyone alive rn herkesi nedere
29 Mar 2017 Paschal Im 20, i want to die without anyone i love feeling bad for me. I was born a christian on a farm. I helped to kill animals for food and worked the land. Now im an atheist in college. If good and evil was a thing id say i was better as i got older. The only thing keeping me from stealing whatever i felt like or killing whatever i felt like was fear of god. I rarely had short dreams and often unescepable nihtmares that filled me with fear and adrenaline and now i have some nostalgia for those nightmares because now i see nothing. Once i grew up i knew what was "bad" and what was "good". I have a conscience, but i would still like to know how it feels like to kill someone whose name i dont know. I am an egocentric selfish manipulator in denial that is so good at his jig that everyone thinks im a good samaritan, and i feel like a total sht yet i dont know how or want to get through life without telling twisted truths and lies. I find life boring and monotone, i find people repeating their mistakes, rituals and words and acting as if they were born yesterday. I think too much, i dont know how to turn my brain off unless i sleep. I crave sleep not because i dont have to do anything but because i dont have to open my eyes or hear or smell or feel or think, and its the best feeling in the world. That short 1 frame of blackness. I can go on and on, all of these unsolvable concepts going on in my head with no one to answer them, and probably without an answer. I dont have time for that right now, i wish i did i want to tell you everything. I spent most of my life thinking less of myself for to feel better about myself, thinking more of myself to actually be better is as selfish, but im practicing it these days to balance it out. I want to die because i dont want to live, as simple as that. I have a good life, but it will never be good enough for me, and we will never be good enough for this world, i want the world to change, i want people to change, or i want for me to change, in one way or another. I think i wrote this long enough for my rage and sadness to forget itself, or whatever it is, the primitive side, spiritual side, intelectual side, karma, chi, energy, there are many ways of explaining it, many things to believe, many choices, maybe im wrong, because im not well informed, im not really smart just think fast. But one thing is sure, when im dead itll be something else
and not thins boring smelly piece of life. Doesnt mean itll be better i guess. So gonna live with my debts and college while i can, because why not, if i dont care im gonna care so little that i wont even kill myself, gonna leave it to the fates, whats the chance that im gonna get tortured, haha. Well thank you suicide kit you were a learing experience. And all you out there, many people you dont know love you, even if you cant know for sure. Because we feel ya, we all do, its an unfair life.Peace out.
29 Mar 2017 Brian Bleach
28 Mar 2017 inhalememes wow this website is a mess, how is it still going since 2002?
28 Mar 2017 Brian A gun
28 Mar 2017 cassie from cleveland hide up in a tree waiting for ur family to notice ur missing and then youll end up starving up there cus no ones gonna miss ur fucking ass u fuck
28 Mar 2017 bailey jumping in front of a train
25 Mar 2017 ya boyyy skinny penis my nibba you shouldnt do the death issa N O G O O D
25 Mar 2017 Ryan jakobe Watching leafyishere
25 Mar 2017 Sophie Dilute some poisonous dishwashing liquid and drink a lot. So go to the gym first so your thirsty. You will go through a stage were your throat will swell up so much it will block your airways and hopefully you miserable biatches will die. I f not you will be left with a lot of itchy scars on ya face, so its a reminder that your the only one in control of your life.
23 Mar 2017 Sunshiine Idk I would personally suggest pills.

Like Vitamin D tablets.

Die from a sun overdose. Yum yum.
22 Mar 2017 memes play pokemon go
22 Mar 2017 vadim Fork in the eye or in the ass again?
18 Mar 2017 elle dont kill yourself. you have to live. i know it seems hard rght now but ...
17 Mar 2017 Tebrie Self destruction guide- fall in love.

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17 Mar 2017 miguel hi, i have been soper depressed for some time now and i dont know how to deal with it all i wont to dye! i am 10 and my girlfriend i had been dating for 3 dyas just brok up wit me and she said i was ogly and stupid sence i got a 9/10 on my speeling test. sow mi girl frind and i had stex on the playset and she says i have a smap peenis like tf
16 Mar 2017 rae i want to kill myself i dont want to kill myself

everyone has moved on but me everyone has lived their life but me

im stuck in the past and professionals tell me its my decision

but im fucking trapped is the thing there is no escaping

and i feel fingers pushing down my throat that tell me to shut up

that other people have it worse and get over it

but thats them and im me

and i want to fucking die
16 Mar 2017 Isaac jump in front of a car

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