Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 May 2005 anais les m├ędicaments
26 May 2005 weknow Gemz : Anna : Sab : Nyl
When worlds hit you,
You dont have nowhere else to go
You cant cope
You feel like "Oh fuck it i waanna die"
Theres always us, we'll help you
no matter what
Please visit
26 May 2005 nobody lies me hey dont post this letter but ,dont write responses on e-mail back too galdor_22@hotmial, cause that's my freinds adam. dont let him know im writing on his e-mail. oh ya and by the way i take it your mature enough to be nice and not post this one and listen to my requests. regardless to say i have give up suicide, i got help and i find suicide very stupid know. i have had very sad times on this site but now it's over all my fucking pain, thanks have a good life sorry this is the last time im using adam's e-mail. and about that other letter about that shahid afridi thing, i dont know why but i just copied and posted that off a site. its my favourite sport cricket im from pakistan k well good by mouchhete, have a good life.
26 May 2005 jago One day i became a little girl. I loved my life as her, i would play and play with my freinds making funny jokes and seriouse games too.

It makes me sad to feel this is all gone.
I am sad for my friends old and new, i am sad for me. but mostly i am sad for her.

Why was my Little fly taken from me.
will i be her again
can anybody help me?
25 May 2005 Kriss Well, my pregnant fiancee left me this weekend and slept with another man while I was asleep in the same room. I was already seriously depressed, but I've attempted suicide twice this weekend alone. I'm 20 years old and I've now attemped suicide 20 times. As if I wasn't depressed enough, it turns out I'm even a failure at suicide. I have no hope left, no family left and nobody who cares. I just need a way out that definitely can't fail. If I had a gun, I'd use it. I have no life, no fiancee and I'll never get to see my child grow up.

Does anybody have ANY suggestions of how to end it all? I'll do anything.

And before anyone tries suggesting the religion thing, I'm a minister. I've tried it, it hasn't helped.
25 May 2005 livingcorpse If ur gonig 2 kyll urself mak shur u do it kwyk so thet u dun chang ur mynd. lyf=shit most ppl thynk iss ez 2 kyll urself but iv treyed 56 tymes an i kant do it i now hav only 2 fingers no legs and one arm, only 1 lung, i have no i's, no penis, and my tongue is forever numb and a blackish colour, before i thought i wanted to kyll myself because my lyf suked, now...i just don't want to be like this
25 May 2005 Breyanna Marie I heard about this website from my friend Amanda. Anyways I've cut my arms before until they were numb, O'D on pills, Tried to starve myself, Which starving myself really didn't work because you just get dizzy and my parents took me to the hospital. Yeah, I have to admit, sometimes I really want to die because I feel like there is no purpose for me here in this world. I'm just scared of Hell. I always ask my parents if there is such thing as God or Jesus or Satin. They always tell me yes. But I always wonder if those people exist then why do we go through so much pain? I always tell everyone that if it wasn't for being scared of hell I would have killed myself allready. Last year my parents made me see a counsler because I would always threaten to kill myself. I want to sooo bad but then when I think about it, I would miss the whole rest of my life ahead of me. Which I care about way to much! I mean c'mon I'm only 13 years old. But yea. Anyone want to talk? Just add me @ L8er!
25 May 2005 Hello this is another message
Okay well obviously most of u r here because u dont feel happy with ur life and well depressed...but please remember suicide is never the last answer
For more information and to contact "S.A" please go to
we'vwe had so many success storeis and will have a guestbook soon, its free and we have many available services for all teenage problems...
25 May 2005 josh ttake two #2 pencils and put them up your nose. when your friends start asking questions and the bell for 3rd period rings. Wait, wait for your teacher to make a big fuss......have u waited long enough? is he yell? Ok perfect now without saying a word smack your face into the desk. when u break your nose and the pencils are JAMMED (sp?) upward they should kill you. if not.. then u have a damn good story.
25 May 2005 rocky hey well *someone
here is a reply i wanna know more. so wat do you have to say huh? send me an email and we can talk about getting some help of course if you think it will help.
25 May 2005 taylor i am 13 and i am a cutter and i have also hung my self as u can hear i faied so if any of u ppl need some help add me at an di will help u but not for long cuz my time will be near
25 May 2005 luigi Hi my name is Luigi, i am 37 years old, I was pointed to this website by a friend, i have been reading some of the stories here, and honestly some of the stories have really touched my heart and some even bought tears to my eyes. Please i beg all of yo that is considering suicide , that no matter how bad your situation is, tomorrow will be better. I am no professional but please believe me, i know what i am talking about. Now you might think, who the hell am i to say these things, but please believe me, i have been to hell and back. In my moments most weak, i kept believing that things can only get better, and so they did. Today i love life and whatever i went through in the past, only made me stronger to handle the world today. I wish to make a promise, even though you may never know who i am, you will always have someone and a friend to talk to, and if you like i will tell you of my past if you are interested, not to make you feel better, but to make yo understand what i am saying, I will leave my email address so that you can have someone to talk to always. My email address is

God bless you always
25 May 2005 Siren The Best way to kill yourself when your thirteen? hmmm I tried killing myself from as early as 7 and havent really stopped trying. Now I'm 17. So thats 10 years. Nothing to be happy about. I was molested when I was 7. My father was never around. My grandmother passed away 5 years ago, she was like my mother. I have all these men telling me I'm beautiful and they touch me and feel me, and you know what else. I'm still a virgin thank god. I've been heart-broken of cousre. By many guys. I call it a curse. Love's curse. I always seem to love them before they love me. It's a terrible system. Then about a couple of years ago, I "turned- goth" Some people think just becuz im goth has to deal with my suicidal attempts. No such thing. For awhile it actually helped me stop. It was liek a comfort zone cuz i knew who I was, and where i belonged. I've been teased for many years becuz I'm naturally skinny, Jealousy of cousre. Thats how I look at that now. After all they're not the ones that are gonna model. My "thing" as some of my friends call it is cutting. Most of my scars look like cat scrathes. my mom found my scars and automaticlly thought it was the cat, so I let her think that. I don't want to break her heart. She expects to much from me anyway. I guess you become so pressured and hurt and just confused with life and the meaning of living all together that you want to end it all. SOmetimes I still wish I could, but I don't. Becuase I want to live for tomorrow, and be there to see what happens. Life suxx, everyone knows this, but...everyone has to live it, even if it's for a second. You have to face the harsh world. I'm not going to act like a saint becuz most people are tryign to do that, and it's jsut a big lie to. I still cut, but I'm trying to stop. It's become some what of an addiction. I just cut to ease the pain. it's better to ease it even just for a little while. It's like getting pierced, you get this euphoric feeling. And it helps. But I don't suggest for people to do it. BEcause you probably won't be able to stop.
24 May 2005 Nylphada (SYS) Your life is hell?
The only thing you want is to die and never see daylight again?
But some part of you wants to brake down, cry and beg for help...
The other part says ''No'' you can't you have to be strong and not look like an idiot...

Well you wont look like an idiot to us... no matter what you are going threw we will listen as best we can.
email us
24 May 2005 creative Starvation. It the most practical and painless way to finish yourself. First you need guts and if you are seriously thinking about killing yourself that will be easy. When you starve to death your body releases painkillers which make you feel comfortable and all together relaxed. This is because your body is eating away at your fat reserves and your muscles. There is also a bonus because you get to see your family suffer which you would'nt be able to enjoy by other methods.
24 May 2005 damien i dont know wahat exacyly im sposed to write here , but i expect that the whole idea of havin this sight is so that ppl write their emotions instead of killing themselves.i just want to die ive failed 27 times im 27 and te thought of not even being able to killmyself makes me want do it even more. i dont want attention , i dont want anything except to sleep. and sleep alwys. im border line misanthropic, , but still need the warmth from another human.but i have no human skills .ive had a fucked life but that is not the reason y i want to die.its cos of "my projected future", and by the way i had a really fucked life. drugs dont seem to be the answer, and the fact that i got kids makes it hardere , but i have to ask myself wat is better a mad dad or a dead one?please send me a suicide kit.i dont even know who i am anymore,ive prevente other ppl from killingthemselves, but now i wonder wat did i really do? i view death as a release from anxiety, fear and presssure but most of all i c it as peace. i cannot find connection with other ppl cos im TOO open minded. too many ppl!to my kids ilove u all. and know ill will always b watching over you. to my bro and sisters i love u adn will b watching over u to.
24 May 2005 Meg There is no way to kill yourself when you're thirteen. At thirteen your life has hardly begun, and I'm sorry to disappoint you children, but it's definately not a time to end your life. Think about death and suicide all you wish, fantisize, dream, but don't act. Not until you're mature enough to realize the consequences and results for you family, friends and loved ones.

I would take this advice seriously. I'm eighteen, and I have been dealing with major depression for six years myself. I have tried support groups, cognitive therapy and drug therapy (antidepressants). Unfortunately, years ago I was young, juvenille, and ignorant just like you, and I was a serious victim of self injury, alcoholsm, drug abuse and suicide attempts. Luckily, I grew, matured and came to my senses. I'm now top of my class, on my way to Canada's top university, with a loving boyfriend, supportive family and incredible friends. How? I'm not a quitter!

Suicide and any form of self injury is not the answer. Sorry kids, it's slightly more difficult than that.
24 May 2005 justdoit i think you guys should stop talking about it and kill yourself its not hard stop craving for attention jump off a building shot yourself in the head you pussys
24 May 2005 nomis I try all the time to commit my life to a state of mind where i am dead(suicide)for the last 7 years i have tried, i started when i was 9, i hanged my self, but was bustarted by my parents. They say i'm to weak to do it, but i say wait till ur 16. it ait as easy as it may seem, Suicides tricky stuff. Stuff like this puts u off it, don't let anything influence u. i try to do it quietly, i am not a very out going type of pearson. But if u are then go for the more blood macarbe style of things, scream out to the world fuck you. Make ur death bleed in the tears of many. I don't realy understand the mottives of being suicidal but i bealive it to b an art. Art with the value of human life.
if u do it simple before ur 13 it will seem`more accedental. i say get out ur scappales and cut cut cut a million shapes into ur body till u bleed to death, this may become painfull but can be quite fun drawing diffrent shaped in urself. Note words hurt more mentally. suicide can kill ur family so i reakon wait till 16 18. then you can go real crazy, i allwyas dream ofmy death being like this. hanged from a bridge with a blue rope inside out, giant knife cut crosses in my skin. then after a Vinking funerial. RIP
24 May 2005 paul hanging yourself with Guitar strings (preferably high E, extrathin) this way when you jump from the tree branch the E-strings will tighten and probably decapitate you...sweet

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