Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Apr 2005 enema wanting to kill yourself is apart of life. with out this life woodnt be complete. this is a part of the develpomental stages of adolencence. its ok if you want to kill yourself. i want to kill myself too. hey heres a great idea. write me an email and we can meet up some where and we can kill ourselves together!!! you pick our self demise. :)
30 Apr 2005 scion i am a sick sadistic suicidal kid. i found my daddys drugs and i am going to overdose on cocaine. i got a syringe too. i am going to make it up stronger than my dad does and shoot it in my juggular vein on the left side on my neck going straight to my brain frying it instantly, killing me. very painlessly. i feel bad for all you douche bags that must continue on living and dont have this wonderfull oppertunity like i have. i especially feel sorry for any of you who have to kill yourselves very painfully. if you email me before i kill myself and you want enough coke to o.d. on i will mail it to you. and as for mouchette, you are still cool in my book. that is cool for a teenage porn star and hooker. i know why you want to kill yourself mouchette. my daddy made me prostitute myself for him to make money too. your not alone.
30 Apr 2005 Lisa Why do you want to kill yourself? Do you realize you really have value in God's sight? Jesus loves you. He understands the pain in your heart. Turn to Him and He will heal you and give you a true purpose for living.
30 Apr 2005 Rachael the best way i think is sliting your wrists it herts and there is alot of blood and all so the people scream around u trying to help
30 Apr 2005 Marla I don't have any advice on how you should kill yourself but I've tried it a couple of times. Some of them just jokingly, like cutting myself just for the sensation of it. I think I was amuzed but at the same time scared. As I said earlier some are jokes but some are not. I've been rushed in the hospital at least 4 times for cutting myself or painkiller overdose. Believe me it was not fun.
Of course I have a sad life too. Abusive parents, lost innocence, molested child, few friends, low self esteem, horrible self confidence and just basically no contentment in ife. I mean almost every human being has a problem right? And EVERY problem has a solution. TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS, WE MUST FACE EACH OBSTACLES IN LIFE NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL IT IS. Basically, by being able to face problems, you'll be stronger. Just think about it though, IF you end your life now, what would happen to those people that you love or loves you?
Killing yourself is not the answer to every problem that you'll face. Its running away from your problems.
Imagine this, what if you killed yourself? You wouldn't find that second chance in your life to make things better. You wouldn't finish your education/get promoted in your job. You wouldn't find your soulmate and have a family that will show you what life is. You wouldn't have friends that will care for you and help you no matter what. You wouldn't grow...
What if you killed yourself now? You would be worthless...nothing...empty and uncontent with everything for eternity, even after-life.
Depression is just a small phase in life. In my opinion everybody gets depressed but in different ways and severity.

The last time I was at the hospital for attempted suicide was about 2 years ago...Now, I'm here in the US, I only have a year left in HS, a 4.0 student, my parents are treating me a bit well now, few but true friends, a loving boyfriend and a bit content life. I know I don't have all that I want and probably I would never have all of them, but I'm content with what I have now.
Life is the most precious possesion we have. Cherish it.
30 Apr 2005 David Ok you need to break into a krispy kream turn the maching on and put your mouth under the palce where the sugar falls you will ahve diabetes and die in no time and it will be sweet. Wont hurt much either you would pass out then die.
29 Apr 2005 Lishure ~hanging yourself (about 10 minutes of struggling depending on weight)
~shoot yourself in the head with a gun. just pull the trigger and you cant turn back.
~run in the middle of a busy street

29 Apr 2005 zara hang urself from sumthin!!..i really dont have no idea..but i do think of killin myself sumtimes..or even self injuries ones likes family hates me im like a loner...a looser...i dont have a purpose to live..but still alive...i wish i was dead but i dont wanna die...i feel like all the ppl who have posted here from core of their heart ..guys im here for ya'll..i really wish i can make u all happy...hey aint we r here for each other???..i dont even knw wat im sayin..whoever is probly readin is probly makin fun n all..besides y do i even care wat ppl fink??im a psycho case...but i dont have no money to c any physiatrist haha how funny..o well im jus lettin my shit come anyone who didnt like me wat i said..plz jus a piece of mess..wonder how long ill be around..*hmhp*...
29 Apr 2005 me DO:
- Throw yourself under a bullet train.
- Throw yourself under a TCV train.
- Throw yourself under a Pendolino train.
- Throw yourself under an ICE train.
- Throw yourself under an express train.
- Throw yourself under a commuter train.
- Throw yourself under a coach.
- Throw yourself under a bus.
- Jump off the balcony.
- Jump off the roof.

- Slit your wrists.
- Take excessive amounts of pills.
- Try to suffocate yourself.
29 Apr 2005 Religious Maggie Darlings, my poosy has exploded.
29 Apr 2005 mickey this will be relatively long, but please read it if you want.

hey. i have left a message here before. like ages ago but that doesn't really matter. i'll just sort of introduce myself again.

i left my bit on the 22nd of march 2004. short sharp and shiny. but i didnt go.

look, when i wrote what i did i was really down and really about to go. but i made the mistake of leaving my email address here so some lovely people with nothing better to do emailed me and have kept me here so far. surely, they have better things to do!!

all i can say is that i do not condone, but i do not encourage, suicide now. i stil have 'attacks' of depression and suicidal feelings, and even when i am happy i still wish i was dead. even now, right now, i want out but i wont....yet.

if you believe you have a tortured life, are beyond any help and 'fixing', have absolutely no-one who will care for you or miss you, know that it will be better for you AND others here...then i would say go for it...but only as a last resort. i say that because there is ALMOST always someone in thw world who loves you.

life deals its harsh cards. and there are some very harsh ones. there are very limited happy cards, so it is easy to see the dark side of life. but thats how it always is. there has to be something, at least ONE, that you are happy with in life...the small windows of happiness. they are not numerous, but focus on them.

however if you are beyond 'repair', a gun is a pain the the ass to acquire so i guess a kitchen knife is best. or jumping infront of a semi truck on a highway at night. what i want to do is go to the local reserviour and jump off and hit the hard ground over 100 meters below.

but please, if you go, call the best friend you had to come to the place and retrieve the letter you left. a letter will tell them your last thoughts, and anything you want them to do. but please, just call them, say everything then hang up before they can answer and turn it off and go...but leave a note for him/her or many people for the friend to distribute. at least do that much.

people ridicule us for being like this. but death is a path in life, and one we will all take eventually. dont you see!? no matter what we achieve in life; whether we are rich, poor, thin, big, french or hungarian....we will all die one day and all that we have achieved will have been for nothing!! so what is the point? is there one?

so please people who riducule us, TRY to put yourselves in our shoes.

i love my friends. but they would all be so much better off without me in their lfie holding them down. they say they care, but theres been too many occasions where ive managed to easilly slip away at parties etc. next time maybe i will have a knife and go and do it for good. they dont really care about us, just how they will feel when we go.

look at these lyrics:

I made this bed
I choose to lie in it
And live with my regrets
I sleep with what I said
Could this be the end
Am I standing on the edge
Of everything I wanted now

I was afraid
I was afraid

And maybe I'm just scared
To face the things I feel
It's easier to walk away from everything

Separate my soul
With all the things we shared
I'm fallin' to pieces now
Say a prayer for me
When you go to bed
I'm in need of your faith now

I was afraid

And maybe I'm just scared
To face the things I feel
Its easier to walk away from everything

If we could just reset
And live in happiness
Instead of our regrets
We set a mile away
Set me free a mile away

Pray for me now
I'm in need of faith
Pray for me now
I'm in need

And maybe I'm just scared
To face the things I feel
Its easier to walk away from everything

If we could just reset
And live in happiness
Instead of our regrets
We set a mile away.

And maybe I'm just scared
To face the things I feel
Its easier to walk away from everything
Walk away from everything
Walk away from everything

-- walk away by good charlotte

me again. it is easier to walk away. and many of us are indeed on the edge of it.

people dont care, no-one does. i'll tell you about how exactly my school fucked my life right up.

i was really down then. cuttin in class with compass etc. one of my 'friends' told the school counsellor about me and the school said that if i didnt see the counsellor they would call my parents. blackmail, but i agreed. and it fucked me up even more so i told the guy to effectivly go away. my friend/s took away trust (i hardly trust anyone anymore). that was the biggest blow. the school tried to mess where they have no right. so f*** them. (i dunno if swearin is allowed on this forum).

theres an example. the friend/s thought they were doing 'what was best for me', when in fact they chucked me further into the Pit of Depression. i was climbing out, and they chucked me so deep that i just cannot get out.

i will always be in there. depression is now forever a part of me. i get upset for no apparent reason.

depression destroys you. its always there, eating away. and it wont stop until its destroyed you...until you destroy yourself. -- excerpt from 'Life' by Michael Brown (me)

and these people call us selfish for wanting out!! all they care about is themselves. i'll leave it here.

please feel free to contact me if you want to.
29 Apr 2005 stef suicide is the only way to cure my pain. i hate my fucking life i have nothing going for me. my perants hate me, i have no freinds and my sister abandoned me. im going to kill my self goodbye... c u all in HELL
29 Apr 2005 michaela kick your self in the ass untill it goes purple. then eat a turnip. this actually works.
29 Apr 2005 Ace Best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is by NOT KILLING YOURSELF. When you're under 13 and wanting to end your life the thought of it is pretty much stupid. Yeah things go bad for you and all but you have a lot to live for. Kill yourself and think of how many people you WILL hurt doing it. If you have a lot of problems talk 'em out. If not, find the courage to. You know what they say, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I've thought about suicide myself but the thought of death doesn't suit me. All you have to do is get up, dust yourself off, and keep going forward. God will help you through the ups and downs of your life. Don't take your life away because of a simple problem. Small problems can lead to big problems if they're not solved.

So for all those suicidal people out there...

Suicide is never the way and never will be the way. Suicide will get you nowhere. Don't waste the gift that God gave you, Life. We only got one life to live. Live it out and enjoy it.
BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Apr 2005 cheesebo this thread really from 1999??

Anyway..I have tried commiting suicide once. It was a big mistake (the way i did it). Read this...

I have a 1998 Cadillac STS. It is one of the safest cars in the US. I decided that i would commit suicide by flooring the gas up to 100mph and driving into a brick wall down the freeway that one person has already taken their life doing, intentionally. I did it. I stayed about 6 miles back at the 21st Mile Marker on shoulder and thought about it for a while. Then i started the V8, put it in drive and floored it.

It accelerated to 60mph very fast. I decided that since i was going to kill myself i would ram a few people. I was going about 90mph, driving very aggresively weaving in and out of other motorists. One person cut me off so i rammed him hard. Not enough to kill my car, but i did a "PIT" maneuver as the cops call it. I nailed him from the side and spun him out into the guardrail.

Anyway, as i approached 100 mph...then came 110mph and 115mph. A police officer started pursuing me in a Camaro SS police cruiser. Caught up to me in nearly a minute. I could see other units joining and i immediately hopped into the shoulder lane, heading straight toward the brick wall. It is the entrance to a Parking Lot, the "County Square", just right off the freeway. I aimed straight towards it, put on cruise control and closed my eyes and said goodbye to the world. I was going about 95mph when i crashed, as i forgot to push the "Set" button on Cruise Control. I survived the damn thing. My car was in so many pieces i dont know how i lived. I was torn up but i am completely fine. UNBELIEVABLE!

I had to pay $30,000 in damages for hte car and $80,000 lawsuit to the motorist's Mercedez C240 Kompressor that i rammed. What a moron I am, I should have rented a Honda Civic and did that. I would have definetley not have been here.

I plan to commit suicide one day. I have no life, I sit at home all day. I have almost $50,000 in debt and never had a girlfriend, ever. Never had a date. I do not eat anything (just a cracker each day). I purposely starve myself and freeze myself. This whole winter i did not turn on the heater once. I do not have any bed covers. I do not care. My family doesnt want me anymore.

I was going to shoot myself and kill a few people while i am it, but i will not ever kill anyone else. Why should a lucky, normal person have to suffer from my abnormalities and disadvantages. I wish i was normal. I would do anything to become normal.

BTW, Why does anyone here even try taking pills? ALL OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS ARE 100% SUICIDE PROOF, MORONS. This will be the last message from me. I will be commiting suicide next week with the help of a carbon monoxide canister i have acquired. Goodbye everyone. This is cheesebo, signing off.
29 Apr 2005 viciously tempered the best way to kill yourself ? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... well i wouldn't know ,but if i had to choose out of all the ways you can go out is to OD. perferible heroin. now Iv'e never in my life did drugs and i probably never will. But I im suffering though a depression of my own. and I am only 14. but life is cruel then and some kid is always going to be an asshole ( aspecially if your different) but you have to think of it this way do you really care that much about some spoiled snotnose bastard that barely knows you? or if you really want to go through with this and u are a christian think about where u would end up. IN Hell! now how smart is that. your coming from a hell on earth going to the real one. but after all it's your life to end and if all else fails go to your local drug dealer and buy a kilo of the H and go fucking crazy!
29 Apr 2005 coco Hi All,

I know how your'e all feeling & it's a bad point to be at. I am not as young as you guys (i'm 22)and I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but I feel really really angry. I have always been a good person trying to make everyone around me as happy as I can, but I forgot to make myself happy and am at a point in my life where I dont want to live anymore. I have lost myself I dont know what I enjoy, what I want from the future, basically I'm really lost and confused as to what I'm still doing here. I have so many problems I wouldn't no where to start, I got married a few weeks before my 16th birthday, mainly to get away from my parents, but that was even worse than staying with them. I got married to this jealous guy who made my life hell and still is, but I have no bad feelings towards him, only hate towards myself, I always think I must be a bad person to be in this situation. I cant leave him because I dont have anywhere to go, we are also in a lot of debt due to his drug addiction, amongst many other problems Im having, basically I have no option but to kill myself, I dont see any other way out. I have planned it and will attempt my 3rd suicide this month, if it goes acording to plan I will not be here to write to you guys.
Although you might think my problems dont sound to big, I dont want to mention anything more as its a waste of time, I have been talking to friends and family for 6 years about it and no one has taken my words seriously, so I will show them with my actions. Maybe its true actions are louder than words.
But please please seek help first, you are all very young and problems seem very big when you are young, patience is a virtue.
28 Apr 2005 emma hi am feeling so sad iside a have no friemds in school and no one ever wants to talk to me and now a few years back my mum had another wee baby then another and that was me out of the picture it was like a dont matter anymore because no matter what her 8 year old done i always got the blame so i was really really jealous because a was the first born and now they fuckin boys have took my mum away from me completly so a told my mum i either get pregnant or commit suicide but she never listens she to busy with her other two boys so can u suggest what i can do because a really need help a cut my arms so please help me
28 Apr 2005 Elizabeth im 13 and i cant stand life anymore when i was really little my dad abused my mom and would bring a different girl home everynight. after a while he started hitting me too then he got a drinking and drug problem. Later when i was 8 my dads best friends son molested me then when things couldnt get wourse my dad got drunk and raped me. finally my mom my brother and i moved out of california and in with my grandma. my dad found us and my mom let him move back.BIG MISTAKE. my brother and i would have to help my mom move dressers so my dad wouldnt kill all of us. my mom finally kicked him out with the help of the police. i used to go and see him everyother weekend. i was scared at first then i realized my dad didnt remember that night when i was 8. on the easter of 2002 is the last time i saw my dad. every now and then he calls and i just pick up the phone and hang it up again. but thats not all. just recently all of my friends decided to hate me. and my family is getting more fucked up by the minute. i cut my self all the time on my leg i would cut my wrist but my mom would notice. ive tried to kill myself 5 times. ive tried to drown myself,sufficate myself,over dose 2 times and i almost shot myself w/ my brothers hunting gun. a bunch of messages on this website tell you to hold on life will get better well for me its not and probably never will i dont care who will miss me which is probably no one. the only reason i found this website is becasue i was looking up good ways to kill myself on google. my doctor predicted i wont live pass the age of 16. hopefully shes right.everyday i put on a happy face but im dying inside.

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