Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jun 2005 Suicide Survivor "Suicide only makes sense to the suicidal." Specht
"Pain is only bearable if we know it will end...not if we deny it exists." Frankl
We grieve for our loss and for our inability to spare each other a pain so deep and so wide that words fail to express its true size.
~~Robert Smith
When sorrow has no words it expresses itself in the body.
Memories are bitter treasures, when each one is clue.
~~Christine Smith
Who knows the battles they won before they lost the war?
So I find words I never thought to speak ~ T.S. Eliot
"My brother shot himself.
He is dead.
I am a survivor of suicide."
~ Me. (Marna)
Pain so deep and buried within that we don't find out until we bury them. ~ Nancy Hodges
How Many Suicides Does It Take to Change the World?
~~Christine Smith
Oysters accept pain and make of it a pearl.
We should all be wealthy beyond our dreams.
~~Christine Smith

So these are the words of Suicide Survivors. Please take some time nd visit Each person who takes their life die one death, but those lest behind die a thousand deaths trying to put the pieces back together. We must learn to understand why so many turn to suicide as a last resort...we will never understand if we condemn them for making such a decision and we will never understand if we haven't walked in their shoes. In the words of a dear friend of mine: "You don't know hell until you've walked a mile in my shoes on a good day." Calling them selfish, cowards, and weak makes no difference in this world at all. It only proves that there are much weaker people out there who think it is okay to kick people when they are already down.

After all, it is the strong who don't survive. They are lead to believe that they should just 'grin and bear it.' Try treating cancer by grinning and bearing it!

With that said, think twice before you call someone a coward. Who is the real coward? Help someone out of the hole they are in instead of covering them with dirt.

To those of you in pain.....if you have no one to talk to, email me. I will not condemn you for even thinking of suicide. I know how it feels to die alone and to live in pain....alon. Since my son too his life, I am left to keep his legacy alive. So email me if you need any support at all. Every life is a treasure. Don't forget to visit www:// Thanks for reading this. Happiness will come tomorrow if you let it.
24 Jun 2005 aaron Watch t.v and the t.v commeritals will probably kill you.Put 5 killer bees in ur mouth and have some fun.Put some knifes down ur throat and have some nachos while ur at it.Drink acid.Play find the hay in the needle stack.Take your dads car out for a ride and do some donuts. Play video games without eating untill i say stop. Think to hard so your head explodes.Smash your head into your computer and step right up to deadvile.
24 Jun 2005 pierre Tous les suicides sont bons, mais il faut que cela n'entraine pas la mort d'autres personnes que soi-même ! La mort que je trouve la mieux est une mort de l'extrême ! Par exemple se jeter du haut d'un très grand building ou alors faire de la chute libre mais sans parachute... du moins une mort dont un parlerait pour avoir été une des plus folles !
24 Jun 2005 lola na plus manger et ensuite prendre 1 importante quantité de medicaments
24 Jun 2005 C.J I think the best way to kill your self at any age is to um:
day in day out cut all your arm's and leg's and day by day you will lose all your blood.
Then one day you will drop dead.
(yeah cool huh)?, :).
Just Do IT..... :-)
24 Jun 2005 Religious Maggie Hi darlings. Sorry I havent been on for a while but God accidentally made a tree levitate and it fell right into my open poosy. It was fun until I realised that he intdended to trap me there. He left me there for a month! He said that he had to do it so that I would'nt tempt him with my glorious poosy anymore, and he could attend to important world matters like helping the starving, stopping tornados and letting Michael Jackson win his trial.
24 Jun 2005 It's all up to you... To all you people out there who are making cruel and sick jokes about the depressed people on this site, grow the hell up. Depression is a serious mental illness, not something to joke about. However, to all you kids out there who use such a serious illness as a way of getting attention or sympathy just to add some excitement to your boring lives, I have this to say: STOP! Thanks to pathetic little attention whores like you, depression has now become even more of a laughing stock. To all you people out there who are suffering real depression or who are seriously considering putting an end to your lives, please, get help. It's not your fault that you feel this way. It all comes down to a chemical inbalance in your brain, possibly triggered by previous traumatic events. There IS a cure. It all depends on how motivated you are to approach someone to get help. Do not be ashamed of this illness, it's up to you to make things better. So please talk to someone, there are people out there who would love to listen to your pain! It's all up to you.
24 Jun 2005 Tala *Clears throat* I'm 15, not 13. I've had thoughts of killing myself since I was nine or ten something like that. I've actually done it and died two times, the doctors brought me back. Let me tell you some shit, cause I've died. I know. Believe me or not I dont care I'm giving hard facts. When you die there is nothing. NOTHING and sometimes you may think nothing is better than something, but it isn't. Really, it isn't. When you die it's like your closeing your eyes.. Only forever. You see nothing feel nothing hear, and see nothing. Since I was 6 I've been beaten, raped and done different drugs givin to me by family or friends. My brother would rape me everynight untill he moved away. I'm still beaten by my parents. I still do think about suicide. It's something that enters my mind everyday. Everynight. Just a large cut across the neck I think to myself about that. I don't have many friends, but you need to learn to stop listening to the world, honestly... Who cares what others think? Who cares what others do to you to make you feel this way? Stop careing, and let go. If your parents beat you, pick up the phone foster homes aren't that nice no, but it's normaly slightly better or way better then home life. If you are raped once again, call the cops get them in jail. Do not turn to drugs, it doesn't do much but make you forget for a while, feel good for a while, then come down and feel like a total piece of shit, probably something you felt worse then off the drugs. Sucide, I'm sure you've heard this line many times, and I shall repeat it to you, suicide is not the only answer. I've had friends around me die people who you thought never cared do infact care. They're just scared to ask you whats wrong or anything. Call someone, suicide hotline is always open and you can always talk to them there, and they'll help you. Honestly, you ask for an answer out of it, your life, your emotions things like that. But thats not going to make you a stronger person, you need to talk to someone, get help get back on the right road. It's better trust me. I still get beaten I still get raped. But I don't sit and just let it happen anymore, no I do something about it. An officer may not like you but when it comes to something like this, they must do it and if they refuse, you can get them fired.Officers may be a pain in the fucking ass (Trust me I know) But they fucking do care it's they're job. It's what they want to do for a living is help people and make lives easier and better and happier and safer.I hope you read this, I hope you read it well. I'm a councler for kids at my school. I'm not going to lecture you anymore, I'm not going to tell you not to do it, it's your life... But trust me it does indeed get better if you try to make it better. But if you want a friend yes friend. I'll be your friend no matter what if you want to talk with you can IM me at angelofdeath3789 for AIM or bloodandwar400 on YIM my email is and I'm normaly on a lot. I'll always get back to you if I'm not though. Stick with it kids, it all gets better and turns out it's not that bad on the other side when you 18.

24 Jun 2005 ill say my name is joe hey im umm 14 and lookin for a way to die this life is fuckin pointless and full of shit . everything i love or get close to goes bad so im fryin to get a way to go if you could help me that would be the only good thing that ever will happen to me
23 Jun 2005 some lim-girl yeah well i dont blame ya for wanting to commit suicide but there isnt really a way. some die of an overdose the first time, when others try it there whole life's and then die bie an accident. me?

i was an happy kid, at the age of 14 i had seen allot of reality but i didnt really cared as long as i ha d friends and money, wich i still have, even more then i did back then. two weeks before my 15th birthday i had an accident, i got hit by a car and i was serieusly hurt in my head (im from belgium so i some words i wanna say, i cant translate in english so i try to explain). when i go back home, after being in the hospital, i felt strange. apperently i had a depression, wich is normal for the injury i had in my head. it would take years to heal.

thats 5 years ago. i have everything i wanted, cool friends, nice friends, lots of friends, family, good schoolresults and nice teachers. i seem pretty normal, im even popular and people seem to think of me as a strong person with allot life experience, they admire me, and if i need someone i dont even have to search for someone. so i cant complain. i tryed giving life a second, third, 50th chance but my head wont work with me. i cant enjoy anything no more. so i told my doctor, the same one who told me about that depression, and now he tells me that some people that had mey headinjury, just never get over that depression. ist something in the brain that doesnt seem to fix and cannot be operated or treated with pills. and even how mutch u want to fight to get over it, it wont help. and its not my fault, its the injury. so i know life cant be good for me no more, as for some others. all my dreams have come true and i did liike it, but i cant enjoy it no more.

now in my country u can ask for an injection thats makes u die within a few minutes and with a minimum of pain, its legal here, but not anyone can have it. u have to prove youre life sucks and untill u can do that, well, u died from old age if u know what i mean, or u gotta have a lot of money to bie three doctors that say u can but thats almost impossible here.

witch means i have to stand the pain, knowing it wont get better. now THATs bad! cause who confirmd that youre life wont get better?! know im waiting, counting every day till its my last.

cause suicide, common, the only wau u can make sure its gonna work, is with a gun. and i dont think i have to punish the people thats surround me for my pain, cause that just wouldnt be fair. but i u turn it arround, its easy for them to say, cause they dont have to stand trough the pain every day, and knowing that youre aqtually living for others and not for yourself cause it wont get better.

god this is hard! and where is the real GOD now? common if he would know that half of the population would be like this, then wy did he make us? if there really is a god the he is OR a bad person OR hes just something people made up to blame someone for all the bad things.

commiting suicide= a chicken, selfich person?

yeah right, after all, the only one who really understands u is yourself.
in hard times it all comes down to yourself, so fuck the rest!!
u can only judge when u had gone trough it yourself cause then u unsderstand.

23 Jun 2005 metall s'ouvrir les veines
23 Jun 2005 lara thom cut your hair with a chain saw make sure you cut it down to the skalp
23 Jun 2005 elenyil It's no wonder some people consider suicide to be a capital sin.

Suicide is the EPITOME of stupidity, and the expression of cowardice.

Stop thinking you're so high and mighty on your pedestal of pain.

Don't even think about hurting those around you, if you're selfish enough to think about suicide.

Learn to suck it up like the rest of us.
23 Jun 2005 madz Well, I want everyone to know that I have had a hard life...but after reading the other responses I know that I’m not alone in the way I feel about life. When I was 14 my father took me to England and while in a hotel he raped and beat me...this is where my life went downhill. I was scared emotionally and physically. I began to cut myself and cry myself to sleep every night. I wanted someone to help me "snap-out-of-it" (as my mother puts it). Now, I am 16 and nothing has father hasn’t touched me but it is as if he's forgotten what he did to me. I haven’t cut myself in a couple of weeks but every time something happens that I can’t handle...I begin to hurt my self.

At the boyfriend talks to me about things that help me keep positive and he allows me to talk for hours about what I hate about life and he never tells me to shut-up. I feel the best way to commit suicide it to kill your old self (as crazy as that sounds)...the way I was before, I was well on the way to slitting my wrists. But now I have changed, I have a steady life with help from the only person I strange as it sounds...but discarding your past you can help shape your future

Anyone who is 13 or under and wants to kill themselves...maybe all you crave is a companion...I am always available to chat if that’s what will help you consider you best option. Please write to me ( anytime you feel like and tell me what’s on your mind. I’m not qualified or anything but I am experienced in getting through the pain. Please do not do anything to to me or someone you trust’ll see how much you really are needed.
23 Jun 2005 boo poke your eyeballs out with a fork
23 Jun 2005 Burnt Out Damn last time I was here this site used to be somethin, now, it's turned out to be a piece of shit. Looks more like a poetry site to me, like that's gonna help end your sorrowless pain. Why don't you all go and drown in your own spit!
22 Jun 2005 lisa stick a needle up ur fanny! nd a knife up ur bum ayt the same time!! write 2 me please, i also find shuvving a cucumber up dere helps!
22 Jun 2005 Sara Hi My Fake name on here is sara, I didnt use my real name, cause I dont want any1 I know to find out, THAT I WAS SUISIDAL, the once and last time I posted on here uptill now, was a nice post telling me people that they could make it through the hard times,but thats cause I dont want young people to hurt them selves, but in reality I dint really beleive my own words, cause I was hurting too, and \when I found this site, I have so happy to find A very nice girl, her name is anna, we are BEST FRIENDS NOW, we have been friends since Feb, And its now June, so 5months, We tell each other everything, every last sad thing that happened in are lives. We have been through so much these past 5months, And I went through a hard time with her, cause recentlly she tryed to kill her self, and I thought she was dead, But thankgod she didnt die!!~Shes alright now, she had to spend some time in the hospital, But Im soo happy shes okay now!!~And I have some other good news thanks to her friendship, and just everything going on in my life now, Im proud to say IM NO LONGER SUISIDAL ANYMORE, and shes getting over it too. If I can do it , then so can all of you, I know , how hard it is, beleive me, but once some good things start happening, it just gets better. Yeah sure every1 will have some hard times, But all you really need Is good people around you. I found ONE GOOD FRIEND< ANNA!! THROUGH THIS WEBSITE< and everything has changed in these last 5months, I love her soooo much, and I know were gonna be true friends to the END, I wanna say ANNA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE!!YOUR THE BEST XOXOO
22 Jun 2005 spanky_the_duck hey im back again, well some people who were on the site have added me, i havnt cut in 6 days so fucking proud of myself! w00t! hope this feeling stays. im getting help for the cutting and when i feel low. ive started smoking and alot of friendsd arnt talkigbn to me cos of that but i dont care. aslong as im happy i dont care, ive been going out with my boyfrind for 5 months now. im so happy. its my 15th birthday comming up soon im hoping it will give me and even better perspective on life. thanks to everyone who has helped me. they are the best, so thank you tracy and fallen you've helped even if you dont reaslise it.
spanky x

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