Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Apr 2005 Bri Wow yall are fuckers...who does that. Im 14 nd i was so depressed i cut nd stuff nd i always thought about suicide nd i would always look at stuff like this...i found this one thing that said SUICIDE READ THIS FIRST...ide sugest you all look at it...heres the link... Please just look at it....
08 Apr 2005 man heather well it got to contan pills that look like candy so u can play doctor,a fake squrit "gun" cops and robers,a chan saw to recreate texes chan saw masacure,a bome to play bome squid,a rope to see who can hang the longest
08 Apr 2005 Nathalie Bonjour,
Je suis Nathalie, voici mon histoire: Quand j'avais 5 ans, ma mère m'a laissé sur le trotoire au centre-ville. Une adolescente qui avait 17 ans, m'a pris comme enfant à ses côtés. On habitait dans la rue, cela n'a pas été facile tout les jours... Un jour son chum ( il aussi était dans la rue je le considérait comme mon père) s'est fait battre à mort par des gangs de rues. J'avais 12 ans, cela faisais près de 5 ans que lui et ma mère (adoptive) se fréquentait. Ils était pour se marier, quand ils auraient de l'argent.
Mais un soir d'hiver deux jours après la mort de mon ''père''. Ma mère m'a pris la main et m'a dis d'être forte... Qu'elle était pour partir longtemp. Elle est parti partiquement nue, m'avais donné tout ce qu'elle possédait sauf une corde. Le matin de très bonheure, Je l'ai retrouvé morte, pendue et gelée... Je l'est décrocher, je l'est déposé sur le sol... Je me suis couché sur elle malgré qu'elle était froide... J'ai pris la paire de ciseaux que j'avais et je me suis coupé... J'ai telment perdu de sang que lorsque ce camelot m'a trouvé j'était inconsciente. Il a prit soin de moi.
Aujourd'hui j'ai 27 ans, Je suis mariée au camelot, J'ai deux belles filles Tania et Maryse. J'attend présentement un garçons... J'ai encorre la chaîne en argent que ma mère adoptive portait lorsqu'elle est morte... J'aurais aimé partagé ce boneure avec elle, j'aurais aimé qu'elle soit grand-mère... Je pleure à sa tombe à tous les ans... Si tu as perdu ta mère ou si elle ne t'aime pas... Moi je t'adopterai...Moi je serai l'épaule sur laquelle tu pouras pleurer... Je serai là pour te serrer dans mes bras...
08 Apr 2005 harry hello guys i m not a kid, i am 26 years old married man having 11 months old boy and i want to run away from my present problems, inspite of my hardwork i am not able to do one thing, just leave my parental home.
every time i have to heard the foul speak from my father, and threats for throwing me out of home.
08 Apr 2005 lucas go to a mall with your mother, sister and two aunts. spend four hours with them. Your will discover the faster way to die,I promisse. If you have a small little hope, you´ll lose it.
07 Apr 2005 jessica i dont know what the best way is to kill yourself but i do have an idea you can take a needle and put a ton of insilin in your blood and then you will die and noone will be able to trace your death but most of all its not painfull at all its just a little needle prick oh and by the way this only works if your not diabetic
07 Apr 2005 ... I am lost for words. Why the fuck are you creating a suicidal box?
It'll encourage people to commit suicide more, and suicide isn't a game that you fucking act out.

Keep your sick invention to yourself only.

Anyway, wat.. u wanna kill urself? Is that y u r asking that ridiculous question:What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 ?

To all those suicidal ppl out there, who want to commit suicide caz they feel ugly, you guys are the most self centered people in the world.
07 Apr 2005   There is a lot that I could share with you on the subject, a professor of it myself. It isn't a joke or game and it shouldn't be done without much thought. Thoughts concerning what will happen next, what come after this life if you believe in that. Or possibly, what happens to your stuff. . . who ends up reading your journal when you go. There are quick ways, painful ways, gory ways to go. For someone so young, it is hard to give the best answer. The WWW isn't going to give you the answers because of the obvious reason that more attempts will be made if the solution was out there. Many people attempting don't think about what will happen when they go. I am not saying you should consider all who love you and such, because you should never live your life because someone else wants you to. I'm just saying that taking your life so quickly might not be what you ultimately want. But, if you must do this, then the best answer is already mentioned on your site. Surefire, easyily accessible, but. . . painful.
07 Apr 2005 Dan Wow, i cannot believe i found this bullshit site while looking for song lyrics. First off, all of you people on this site that say you want to kill your self are a bunch of fucking pussies seeking attention. If your life is sooo fucking bad, then kill yourself. why do you need to post cries for sympathy on a website. do you honestly think that random people that you dont know give 2 shits about you? well.. i can tell you that chances are that i dont give a shit about you.... and plus, what is accomplished in suicide?? absolutely fucking nothing. You only live ones. EXPERIENCE LIFE WHILE YOU HAVE IT! half of you attention crazy selfish fucks have it a million times better than other people in the world, who would give any thing to have your so called shitty life. Why dont you fucking think before saying all of the stupid shit that you people say? "my uncle raped me when i was little, i want to kill myself" what the fuck is that going to do??! if you have it so bad seek help, guarenteed you wont find the type of help you need here.

My absolute favorite thing about this forum has to be the people that at complaining and saying they want to kill themselves over a boy/girl. Believe me, i am 18 i have been there before, and when i look back, i think it is the funniest shit in the world. there are billions of people out there, so wut, your girlfriend broke up with you??? Cry about it and move on you fucking pussy! or.. do the cool thing and slit your wrists... then wear sleeveless shirts so that everyone sees your cuts, then you get the attention that you want.

I am sorry if some of this dont make much sense, but i think this site is a fucking joke, and all of you pussies wanting to kill your selves are just the punchline.......... wont do it........ i dare you..... (just think of how bad that the ones that love you will feel)
07 Apr 2005 April Hi Im april and I have been trying to commit suicide since i was about 11... I am no 15 turning 16 in a month and Im not really sure what to do...I mean I dont like getting help thats just not for me and Im fine with the way I am....I have a good life and all...I mean I got great parents, a big family, plenty of pets, a huge house and everythin....I mean yea sure I love my life but only parts of it...since I was thirteen so many things have happend to me...Ive lost one of my best friends b/c she thinks i need help and that im taken her downa bad path b/c of all the wrong choices i make, My grandmother has died and she was like a best friend to me, Ive been in an out of a relation ship with my boyfriend, my father almost died, my one sister drinks to much, my other sister is mental and trys to overdose on pills all the time, and the fact that i have a diseas that might not affect me now but soon will and I dont want that to the only thing i could think of that could stop all these pains is suicide...It hasnt helped though b/c i have never succeeded yet...I will soon though b/c I just can't take it anymore....from what I told you before isnt even half of my problems....I kno theres alot of people out there like me and are much worse but I don't kno....And now b/c i have reminded myself of all this I feel like i should attempts again....Please someone tell me what I should do...?!?!?!
07 Apr 2005 Bebe The best way to kill yourself is by running away...walking down a bad area of town...getting kidnapped...raped...then they kill you...and dump you in front of a church...
06 Apr 2005 I will find That Place There is no best way to kill yourself. Killing yourself not only will destroy your life, but those who've known and loved you as well. I'm a 19 yr old college student and I've been battling thoughts of suicide every hour of my life. I came onto this site by accident. ( I was finding simple ways to hang myself) After reading some of these stories, I realized how bad some people have it. I've always been an outcast. Very little friends in school and a VERY small family. My sister ran away when she was 13, my mom, left my dad when I was 2. My dad is my family and he's all I have and I'm all he has. The one thing that has made me Not Kill myself was knowing it would leave my dad to struggle with the pain I'd leave behind..
I continue looking in the mirror at this young man staring straight at me. What is his future? Why is he here? I know I have a reason but I'm still searching...Even last year, when I tied myself to a pole in my closet... so ready to leave...something in my head stopped me but why?

I don't want my dad to find my lifeless body but....I am tired of feeling lifeless.. I feel like such a stranger in my own skin...not knowing who I am. I often cry before I fall asleep at night begging God to take me.

If I didn't find this site, I dunno what I would've done. Its good to know that somewhere on this cold, silent earth, there's people that share my pain. Maybe we Will all meet again someday face to face...happy...the way we should be.

no one told me life would be this hard.
If I can survive this night, I will fight another... maybe tomorrow will come...
Everyone needs support: email me @
06 Apr 2005 Allen hazen is have a girl friend you really like and be in a room that is two storys high and make you self smash the window with you head and fall head fist in to pave ment I tryed once and my dad siad you are not that hated to kill oyu self you have more frind then you think I siad what do you know and smashed through the window and fell i to a bunch of people and police officer that cot me from killing my self so think of all the good thing that has happend in life fisrt and diced is it warth kill ing my self.
06 Apr 2005   Best advice I can give! Just stop talking about it and do it. I wanted this to be the last place I visit before I "accidentally" overdose on tylenol b/c you all remind of how shitty life is and it really isn't worth living. You all really gave me alot of comedy on the other hand over the last year and that was really kewl. I hope some of you will finally get the guts to do this one day and feel free like I will be in a few hours. I don't plan on leaving a suicide note because they're too cliche and I hope the third time really is a charm.
Yours truly,
06 Apr 2005 Once In Love Sometime I jus sit in my bath and slit my wrists as deep as I can go... It hurts, and at the same time, It feels so good knowing I can take my mind off everything. Off my parents always yelling at me, when I have a 4.0, my b/f cheating on my w me Best friend, my X tryin to make things right. I wont stop until it kills me.
06 Apr 2005 Leanora hi, look i want this to be posted. i dont want to be really cliched and annoying but suicide is never the way. it sounds like most of the people here are having an awful time in life, and i know exactly what it feels like. long story short, was hit by my mum since i was 6 for 6 years and watched her try to kill my dad. thats still with me and im really depressed, but no-one really knows that. i'm moving out in 4 months when im old enough (Im 16). so for me, thats my light at the end of the tunnel. u are all so young and do you not realise how much time you have to change ur life? you can move out soon, u can go far away and live a new life and get help and try to help yourself. don't give up, please. You can be anything you wanna be, I actually only one tried to commit suicide but it didn't work and afterward i was too scared. we all have issues here but when u beat them it will be the happiest day of ur life!! xx
05 Apr 2005 Im still here To all you people out there thinking about suicide PLEASE dont go through with it. It isnt worth it no matter how much you go through. I was cutting for a while (about 7 months 4 days a week) Until one of my friends found out and told the counsolor at school. He kept on telling my friend that he was going to tell my mom but he never did. Then my friend told me either you tell your mom or I will. I know my mom would rather find out from me. I told her and she freaked she didnt know what to do all she could do was hold me and cry. That right there is the worst feeling in the world to my mom and me. I didnt know what to say. Then March rolled around and it was going to be 2 years that my dad died so i took vicadin that day so i wouldnt have to actually deal with what was going on. My friend got blamed for giving me it but it wasnt her. My friend just resently thought that well since you cut I think Ill give it a try. I found out not from her but from another friend and once again I didnt know what to do all I could do was hold her and cry. I couldnt tell her what she did was wrong because I made that same exact mistake. I wish so much that I could take what i did back and I wish I could just talk to her and tell her to not make those same mistakes but she is bull headed and she wont listen to me. I tell her every day that I love her and I would never want to lose her. But I guess she doesnt understand. So I hope all of you out there that read this dont make the mistakes I made it isnt worth it!! There is no way to kill yourself when your under 13 tough it out it will get better I promise!!
05 Apr 2005 Mehdi S'électrocuter ou se pendre
05 Apr 2005 frogscookie a diagonal cout acros the wrists

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