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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Jun 2005 Sarah I cant really say what the best way is. People are different. I have been contemplating suicide every now and again. Before this year of school I was completely different. My grades were good, I loved my friends and family and I was really happy. This year I am not sure what happened. I started to feel unwanted unloved and completely destroyed inside. I felt that all of my friends hated me. So in just 5 months, I began smoking, drinking heavily, stopped caring about school and cutting. Only a few of my friends know and my parents havent found out yet. I have tried to stop all of these things but just when I made progress another bad thing would fall in front of me. I always want to inflict bodily harm on myself, because I think everyones pain is my fault and everyone would be better off without me. I am just barely over 13 so I think that it should be done the most painful way possible, because when its over, you will feel the biggest relief of your life.
13 Jun 2005 flyin dyin u.s.a. kamikaze shove a stick of dynaite up your butthole, ignite the fuse and be carefull not to fart otherwise the dynamite will be pushed out and youll blow your legs off instead of your ass cheeks and your internal organs
13 Jun 2005 Chiggz im 19 i've been depressed and siucidal as a child no horrible truama no bad circumstance everything i need i have but my soul has been destroyed by time and truth and i've learned a lot in my short time and here are 2 pieces of advice 1: planit carefully you don't want to end up in the hospital still alive. 2: plastic bag vallium and booze now your set
12 Jun 2005 Flameroso Hello, everyone.

I would just like to draw attention to the dumbest quote I have ever read in my life. Guess where I found this quote..... RIGHT HERE!!!! On Mouchette's stupid web page. Here is the quote..

"in america it is said that one out of every 50 children in high school will commit suicide before they reach the age of twenty5. that just goes to show how spolied the children in america are."

This was written by some stupid bitch named Beverly. Congratulations, Beverly, you are a stupid bitch. What in the fuck happened in your dumb ass brain that made you associate high suicide rates with being spoiled? So next your going to say that high countries with high homeless rates are spoiled too?

You are a stupid piece of shit.
11 Jun 2005 jeroen Wel my name is jeroen Im 15 now I have allot of problems at home my mother is depressed to and tries to kill herself often. Im trying to get the strength to kill myself because there are still people that love me but for people for under the 13 think good about it it's a hard decision dont do it if you have any doubts whatsoever Im thinking alot about suicide but Im also waiting to be taken in a specail hospital but it takes to long I will give it a week and if then nothing has happened. I will rip open my vains
11 Jun 2005 your_scapegoat I am 41. My mother stopped being a good mom when I became a mom, 21 years ago, now she is a good grandmother. I could go on about my x husband and his abuse or my current husbands past affairs and current lack of love, but that is just indulging in self-pitty. Everyone in my life is thinks they are above me and critical of me. I am not aloud to have an opinion on anything because my opion is ridiculous and stupid. I am treated like this by my husband, father, mother, daughter, son and brother....I NOW BELIEVE THEM!! the only person I still feel I have left is my 14 yr old daughter whom, eventually, will look at me like my mother has convinced the rest of them to look at me. How does an overdose of tylenol feel? I am 200 pounds. How much do I need? I also need to take my 90 pound pup with me because no one will take proper care of him after I am gone. How much do I need to give him? this will be the final ridiculous thing that I give my mother to talk about!!!! screw them all
11 Jun 2005 sheena smoke and mirrors, failing that- im not sure.
11 Jun 2005 Amanda poring acid on your head and letting it burn off your flesh until you die.
10 Jun 2005 ... i think a good (painful but fast) way to kill yourself would be poison. i don´t know which one, cuz i don´t have any recipies of poisons, but if someone has one, plz send it. i would relly apreciated.
10 Jun 2005 alone When you are sorrowful,
look deep into your heart
and you shall see
that you are weeping
for that which has been your delight...
The deeper that sorrow
carves into your being,
the more joy you can contain...
Your joy is your sorrow unmasked...
Together they come.
When one sits alone with you at your board,
remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.
10 Jun 2005 Someone_somewhere I can't beileve people still beileve in a god, A fantsay waiting to be torn up.( the idea of a god is stupid - makes you wonder what people think of humans when they look at them humans are so stupid.) * sigh *
I wish i could die but i don't want to hurt people left behind. If anybody does really care.
Nothing changes does it. despite my failings too in life.
Never expect to achieve success,
well done to those people who got a relationship, friendship and love in there life.
take care all of you people who have found what your looking for in life well done.
Take care.
10 Jun 2005 Amanda cut yourself in many diffrent places and or shot your self in the head on your parents bed
10 Jun 2005 victoria cutting your wriest but i am no longer under 13 im about to turn 15,but if you really want to not feel pain just take overdose of anything you find in the house.i fell in love thats why im all stupid and depressed,well goodbye always victoria
10 Jun 2005   You don't need to be telling people under 13 how to kill themselves, you freaking need to be shot!!!
10 Jun 2005 BEVERLY it is astounding to hear staistics about teen suicide. i did my own little reseach on the topic myself.
in america it is said that one out of every 50 children in high school will commit suicide before they reach the age of twenty5. that just goes to show how spolied the children in america are.
this alone is why i am making my post. suicide is serious. you mayeven know someone right this moment who is suicidal.
i am very concerned about this statistic. it said 2/3 of these were only a cry for help. that means 32 or 33 of the children were only trying to cry out for help and they didnt actualy want to commit suicide.
so please do not do something that you will no longer be able to regret because your gonna be dead oppossed to dealing with your problems in the correct way that many childern have already done so many times.
now here is the most scary part of the statistics:
73% of high school kids have at least once thought about seriously commiting suicide.
therefore if you are thinking about it you may be amoung the 73% and amoung the 33 or 32 out of the 50 who didnt want to commit suicide but only a cry for help unanswered.
well they are probably better off anyway. i amn now going to be amoung the 18thpercent left over form the first and second statistic. if you dont remember read this again.
09 Jun 2005 H.B la meilleure forme est soit:
le saut par la fenetre
ou les medicaments a prendre x fois
ou le cutter tres pratique mais morte lente...
voila tout ceci s'apelle
des TS ( tentation ou tentative de suicide )
For 2014 AD.
You were made to Suffer.
You Learn through Suffering.
You were put here to Learn
that doing wrong causes Suffering.
You will be Changed by Suffering.
You will Remember the Suffering.
You will STOP causing Suffering.
You will become Honourable.
You will do what is Right.
You will be trained by God.
You will be changed into Gods.
You will Rule the Universe.
09 Jun 2005 suicidal Suicide will solve all your problems forever
08 Jun 2005 ashley ive been threw depression i got really bad tried to kill myself twice but it didnt work i was hospitalized both times and you might think geting help doesnt work but it does i have came along way its scary to be in the hospital but its scary to wanna kill your self to i used to be a cuter i did it ever time someone pissed me off or made me dad treated me like shit hit me sister wanted me to kill myself and my mom well she was te only person that loved me but i thought what was the point of living if theres only one thing to live for.....but i pulled threw im doing great my dad and sister both care about me now my mom still does and im not even on meds and im really happy i still have my friends you just gotta hang in there and give it time! if anyone wants to talk to me about there problems or anything you can IM me on xxcrazedchic69xx its aim and aol my yahoo is spiderman_ap2003
08 Jun 2005 Names are relative. First of, GOD doesn't exist, if "H"e existed, why the fuck would people be in this much pain right now?
You exist because your parents got together, had sex, and the egg and sperm cell started to devide into... you.

The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? Don't, i've been thinking about it for a long time, cutting myself and stuff, but if i look back, and look between all the fucked things that happened, i also find a couple of nice memories, like my first ever girlfriend (that broke up with me, but thats not the point).

If you're under 13 and want to die, wait 'till you're a bit older, so you can just experience a bit more stuff, get more experience, then, later, if you still think life sucks and you want to die, then go ahead.
But for a lot of 13 or younger people, there are still solutions.

- About 80% of the worlds population suffers from depression, but somehow, when you "claim" that you are depressed, all you get is "yeah sure, whatever, you'll be fine".

What fucking ever people, don't believe in god making your life better, the only one that can do that is YOU, with some help offcourse.

The point of this? i dont believe there is one except for not killing yourself at that age..

On the bright(er) side, you can become a serial-killer and when taken in by the police (damn i hate police) you can see a psychiatrist that will say you didnt know what you were doing :-)

Everything is relative (ask Einstein) life, pain, suffering, friends, fun, its all relative.

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