Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 May 2005 nothins changed and i am still a selfish loser.
i am just gonna go dig a hole.
29 May 2005 pro bono i actually find this site thearaputic for my mental illness. i thought i was normal to want to live agood life. no wonder life was so hard. i am just plain old mentally ill.
i mean why wouldnt you want to kill yourself. how foolish can you get. i want to live. i want to enjoy life. you know the more i read this site i just want to slice me open and bleed out.
29 May 2005 lugie i went to my psyhcotherapist today for my usual weekly session to see if i need to go back to a mental ward. she told me i needed god. she said i needed salvation.
i told her telepathicly(stupid bitch couldnt hear me) my god is my pocket knife and my salvation is deep inside my wrists. i just need to carve it out.
29 May 2005 Timmie top of the morning to you dah-ling,
is it morning where you are?
if not it is here.
first id like to start off by saying everyone needs to have killed and mutilated at least one pet and/or family member before thier own death. cut open the stomach and pull out the intestines. do not kill the animal or human first. you MUST make themn suffer phisically as you do emotionally. however much you are tourmented do it to them with a knife. with a hot piece of metal. burn the skin until a raw open sore emerges. stick needles into them. under fingernails in eye balls genitalia the skull give them piercings all over thier face. burn them with fire. whip them with a leather strap. electocute them sew thier lips together choke them make them drink hot sauce straight pour rubbing alchohol down thier butt crack. also humiliate them. mentaly abuse them. make them beg you to harm them.
29 May 2005 shawntay briylee what can i say?

i dont want you to kill yourself.
need a friend. someone to talk to?
email me.
i have tried to commit suicide before. i may have not been in your shoes but i have felt similar feelings and emotions. please email me. when you do i will give you my phone number and you can call me collect if you want. please before you kill yourself contact me. its ok and it is NOT YOUR FAULT. let me help you. what do you have to lose?
29 May 2005 total loser has this site gotten a little off track? or what? i mean people post on topics of i am going to commit suicide, i will help, dont do it, exploding orgasams, jokes about those who want to commit suicide, and so on and so forth.
i mean i could whine about how i am gay and people make fun of me and beat me up and my parents hate me and i am too deppressed to do good in school and my family is poor and to top it off i am ugly. WTF?


for shes a jolly good girly
for shes a jolly good girly
which nobody can deny
which no body can deny
(and if they do so what. you soooooo oooo ooo oooooooo oooo oooooooooo ooooooo oooo oooooooo ooooooo oooooooooo oooo cool mouchette. i want to bear your children)
29 May 2005 my life is over my life is over. i want to die.

i cannot believe what my parents have done. at night i walk to my parents bedroom door and listen in and crack the door open and spy on them. ussually they are having sex which i like to watch cuz my mom is pretty but the other night i heard them talking about collecting the life insurance money after they kill my grandmother. i was so shocked i gasped for a breath. my dad heard me and swung open the door in a rage snatched me up by the arm and told me if i told anyone they wood take out a life insurance policy on me and kill me too. well, my grandmother was killed three days ago. they made it look like an accident. the cops even think it was an accident. my parents told me today, see we can make it look like an accident so dont tell anyone or we will kill you.

if there is anyone out there who can help me please email me. i am afraid they are going to kill me anyway.
i am only nine years old and am afraid i am going to be killed by my parents.
29 May 2005 Janet I really don't know. I've been trying since I was 11 and I'm 14 now. I just got out of the hospital for sucide and being a cutter. I still cut, I don't drink anymore and I hardly ever do drugs anymore. I still am depressed and my parents always wonder why I'm so mad. They kind of put me in the hospital by there actions, but not taking me to a srink, I ended up in the hospital. So I blame them for this. I am in a constant state of depression and if I'm not writting I'm cutting. so I really can't answer your question,but I really don't think it's something you can play with.
29 May 2005 Sgt ARMY DONT!!!!!!!!!!! wHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 May 2005 'Scors b' Dear - "Scorsb hater",

If you've got something to say to me, go ahead and say it.
Because pasting my own post as yours and dubbing yourself a hater doesn't mean anthing. Come on, you can do better than that. Think of something original.

You wanna take a shot at me, give me your best. Lets not fuck around, lets get down to business. You ready? Punk?
Bring it on, if you're man enough.
28 May 2005 'Scors-b' I'm not here because i'm depressed, although i am.

I'm not here because i wish i was dead, although i do.

I'm not here to find out how to die because i already know;

I'm here because i can see the truth in everything people write. I'm here, because here, there are no secrets, no lies, no forgotten promises, just me, you, and a computer screen.
28 May 2005 Nicia At first I thought this was a sight that I could come to with comfort and hope, but as I see (and no disrespect) Whether these stories are real or false...this site is disturbing. I truly believe there are people that need help with suicidle thoughts. I am one. Just a second ago I was going to kill myself. I've been contemplating it many of times. Then as I browsed to get other people feelings because I had no one to talk to, I went to It's a wonderful place, and as I cried wondering if I would go to hell I realized something deeper. God (whether or not you believe...HE IS REAL!!!!!) Put us all on this Earth for a reason. The reason may not be known now and the struggle may feel like Hell, but we are apart of him. He sacrificed himself for us, and we would be killing his life if we took our own. So before you think about suicide...pray Please pray...Prayer and repentance heals all...pray..for he is out there watching you, holding your hand, every step of the way...No matter if you think you are alone you truly are's a prayer from it, mean it, God knows everything:
Prayer to God

"Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before You, confessing my need for You, and crying out to you from the bottom of my heart. Lord, You've said that you are near to those whose hearts are breaking and that you give grace to the humble. I humble myself before you now...I cast down any pride or self-justification that I would hide behind, and I present myself to you as I truly am--weak and helpless and despairing of my very life. I know there is no other Rock but You, and I turn to You with all of my heart. Father, please forgive my sin! I open myself up to receive Your cleansing, Your healing, Your forgiveness, and Your faith, hope and love into my being. I receive your love as a river, washing over the dry wasteland of my emotions. I see that in Your river there is life, and that every place your river touches in me is revived. I cast all my cares, my sorrows, my disappointments into that river and I let the current of Your spirit carry them far away. I believe You, when You say that You think good thoughts about me, and that Your plans are to give me a future and a hope. I believe You when You say that You knew who I was even before my mother conceived me--and that You wanted me to be alive on the earth right now. Thank you for giving me life! Thank you for working all things in my life for good! Thank you that I can call on your Name and You will be near me. Thank you for bearing all my weaknesses and diseases on the cross, and healing me, spirit, soul and body."
28 May 2005 nobody likes me im pissed off how com u never fucking post up any of my letters anymore fuck u bitch
28 May 2005 Ben if anyone has any good ideas for a successful and painless suicide please email me. i've tried all the pills and they don't work. just woke up with a bad stomach ache and couldn't stop vomiting. i also tried the whole bathtub thing and cutting my wrists, i saw two drops of blood and freaked out. lol anyway, i don't own a gun so yeah if you guys have any good suggestions that are practical, email me. thanks.
27 May 2005 Kayla Brooks Well I am 13 and I have had problems since forever because my parents always say no to everything and I never get to do anything and I got arrested 2 times for running away to be with some guy who said that he would help me kill myself. I have been to 7 mental hostipitals and they never helped at all. So I decided since no one cares what is the point in living so I have tryed cutting my wrist and I tryed to shoot myself and I have also tryed hanging myself and the shooting thing I still have a scare so it didnt do much and the wrist thing nothing happened and the hanging thing I got cought so now I am going to try sliting my throat so I will have someone up date you.
27 May 2005 amanda -making chocolate chip cookies with all of mom and dad's meds or razor blades
-play parshout soldier off the balcony of your apartement
-get stolen and eventually killed by a petifile
-play cops and robbers with real guns
-play operation with all the kitchen knives(besides all you want to know is what it look like inside)
-stick crayons up your nose until they reach the brain, then pull them out
-drink all of the poision signed cleaners in the house
27 May 2005 Kayla Brooks Hi I am 13 and well I have parents who care about only one of there kids and well they decided to like my brother and give him everything he wanted and well I never got anything so I was really mad and well so I cut my wrist and cut my throat and I tryed to hang myself and well I also tryed to jump off a cliff but none of it worked and well I will have my sister update yall on how I did it cause I am about to write her a note telling her how I did it and as soon as I write the letter then I will be dead and I think I am going to cut my throat really deep until I bleed to death.
27 May 2005 Dan Hi Id love to talk to you all, my email is please write to me and add me to your msn messenger.

cant wait to chat take care
27 May 2005 P.D hey everybody... most people will never get a chance to read this ever... expecially the people who matter. ive been scuicidal since my first sexual experience... it was christmas holidays and i never thought of doing anything with a girl, it didnt even cross my mind (i was a 16 yr old virgin). Next thing u kno we were partying with these girls.. and everybody was making out and havin a good time... cept me... eventually a girl noticed that i was kinda down... and without reason started to kiss me... the night dragged on and i found her in my bed... i didnt have sex with her or anything.. we just made out... i was hella afraid of what shed think of my 5.5 inch (thingie). The next day i asked her out.... and she told me she didnt want a boyfriend.... two days later she was dating my friend... i asked her about it and all she was said was "FUCK, I just wanted to get laid man".... i literally flipped out and wrecked everything in our house.. my brother had to hold me down so i wouldnt hurt myself... my parents made me see these docters who gave me pills.. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE... there like uhhh ya... here are sum pills that will make u uhhhh dizzy and ull just want to fucking kill yurself wearing a goddamn smile... thus the walking in on other people haveing intercourse just fucked me right up... what bad luck, 5 occasions of witnessing your friends fuck since they were 16 and your now 18 drives u insane!!!! WHY CANT I BE IN LOVE?! WHY CANT I MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN!? AM I JUST TOO THIN AND SCRAWNY?!......
than i met a girl.. she asked me to graduation... she had a boyfriend already and i was SOOO in love with her.. we got along like a perfect match! she told me that if her and her boyfriend werent going out or ever broke up that itd b me shed start to date... hahahahaa wow... i fell for it too. She ditched me 4 days b4 my grad... she broke up with her boyfriend the day b4 grad too.... and she instantly started dating another guy... well... ive tryed to kill myself once... i tell myself every other minuit of every day that i will do it... im now currently in love with the most beautiful girl in the world!!! inside and out!! she flirts with me so much and uses me just like any other girl!! she has a boyfriend tho... she just fuckin taunts me... she knows she can have me at anytime but she just toys me around!!! IM SO FUCKING ANGRY AT HER!!! but im so in love..... i dont want to die i really dont.... but i feel like its the only way to releive an unseen tension... i should knock on her door and shoot myself in the face when she opens the door.... PLEASE HELP ME ANYBODY!!! IM FROM ALBERTA CANADA AND I REALLY NEED HELP!! THIS IS A DESPERATION CALL!! I MIGHT HURT MYSELF!!!!!!

Please i need real help from someone with experience's similar to mine or dealking with the same mental issues.

27 May 2005 Angel I would say No Way is a good way, but then i'd be sounding hypacritical. I've been through all that great stuff like everyone easle. I was raped, I sold my body for drugs. I've been to two mental hospitals, got kicked outta rehab, and two school. Abuse by parents. hit by step-dad. My best friend/ ex boyfriend committed suicide in febuary, so right m=now I don't know how im managing to stay alive. I've tried to kill myself two times and both times I got cought. I ended up in a regular hospital once for overdocing to kill myself in school. I still cut myself and I have gotten better at hiding it. I've stopped selling myself, and laid off the drugs a lot. But my depression is killing me,a nd the prozac isn't working, and my mom doesn't give a fuck. She thinks its teenage shit and its all in my head. God. I can't take this hsit anymore. Whats the point in living?

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