Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jun 2005 CJ i feel so angry all the time at the world,
I just don't understand why??
It's all the bullying it's got to me.
Maybe it's about time i went on pill's from the doctor's.... And become happy agian.
I am soooo scared of the out side world also. ( people scare me alot )
i am also a social phobic now:
It has made my SP worse because when I'm down it's easy to believe the shit people have called me. "Why should I go out, no one will want to know me anyway" that shit. Negative self talk etc. "a million a**holes can't all be wrong" etc. I would rather stay home where no one can be cruel to me. Used to take beligerent route but that's not productive either.
27 Jun 2005 Elle pluge in a decent size fan, take the cover off while it is still on and stick your head inside.
27 Jun 2005 JO tie a heavy ass weight to ur feet and throw it over the mississippi bridge and hope u tied it tight enough
27 Jun 2005 gaylord i hate my life because i been child aboused and molested and my paents have been taken away. i have o.d 5 times and still did not die. i have hiv and i have tied swalling gas and i will not died yet plz some 1 tell me how the fuck do i kill myself!!!!!
27 Jun 2005 Maranda Weaver kill everyone who has ever hurt you first, then call 911 and laugh while the house burns down with you in it!!1
27 Jun 2005 Call me James.... James Clarke man reading this sight.... it's like a crazy wake up call... it's like being slapped in the face.... it's like... I don't even fucking now... now, I'm going to go away and take a hand full of dexis and get trashed on them, partially because this shit is getting me down like fuck. lol. BUT THATS LIFE RIGHT!!! man, i just read a post about a girl whose brother would rape her every night.... what kind of sick FUCK would do that to his sis???!!!! What a SICK FUCK CUNT ARSEHOLE FUCK DICK BITCH CUNT FUCKER!! I fucking hate him and I dont' even know him. people should get away with shit like this. man, I swear I'm going to make the most out of the oppurtunities my life holds, which are a whole fucking shit load of oppurtunities, and you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to build a massive shelter for people who are deperessed or come from fucked up situtations and I'm going to give every single one of them.... I dunno, like an X-box or something or whatever the fuck they want. and I'm going to build a shelter in every city and I'm put Ads on the TV specifically designed to make the people who do that shit feel GUILTY AS FUCK!! THOUGH I GUESS THEY ARE SUCH CUNTS THAT THEY WOULDN"T FELL FUCKING GUILTY BECAUSE THEY BE CUNTS AN' ALL!!!!!
anyway.... I'm serious about this shit. I'm going to enter an upwards spirl in my life, but i'm going to the absolute fucking best that I possibly can for everyone who isn't. i dunno....
man.... man, holy sweet fuck, I physically can't hack some of the shit on this sight! I cannot.... I don't know... I can believe it, but... only as a conjecture. It's FUCKED UP AND NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE THROUGH THAT SHIT!
27 Jun 2005 alexico beckhoumi ever heard of the quote SHIT HAPPENS so what if it happens 2 much we just have 2 deal with it,im sure evry1 goes thru shit but aslong as u can say ur a SURVIVOR then thats what counts even when u have no hope or nothing in your body 2 keep telling u 2 live there is always sum1 or sumthing that drives u 2 keep alive
26 Jun 2005 SpookyPenguin Okay i'm under 13 and i've learned that there is no BEST way to kill yourself. Killing yourself is really hard to do even if you got all them fellings telling you you to do it and you really really want to. Taking pills doesn't work half the time because normal pills like Advil, tumbs, and others don't kill you. Dey just almost kill you or make ya feel real sick. Cuting your self or using a knife or blade is hard too. I remember times were i just have tooken anything sharp near me and started cutting at my skin over and over again. I never broke da skin though... Laying on rail rode tracks fucking hurts to... also, you gotta have to be able to live with the fact that you killing your self killed all the people riding that train to. I never have got my hands on a gun I don't know what it feels like to get shot so i can't explain that to you. I sometimes get fucking pissed at myself and the world over the stupidist things... Suicides imposible to describe it's like an emotion with in an emotion. Also when you kill yourself over emotion only you can feel people call you stupid or a "Posuer" or a chiken who can't deal wiht reality ...This really fucking pisses me off some times. There is alot of shit that runs throuhg your mind when you try to kill yourself... I fucking hate it i wish you could just press a button and start a new life and forget about everything...


I found this site by looking up Easy ways to kill yourself on google caus i got really mad and went insane i was like havin a Identidy Chrisis/depression/boredum/low blood sugar. And then looking to google for the fucking answer...


I'm okay now...
26 Jun 2005 jay im 15 actually im severley depressed & no one has noticed for 3yrs. ihave a boi friend & he knos hes tryin to get me to get help but i dont want to and to top it off im idont kno i just kno i want it to end
26 Jun 2005 anex serovea I dont know what to do my whole life is a failuire.i hate the very existance of me.Everything i do or have possesion turns out to be bogus.Even itried to kill myself it failed.Itried poison myself with poison that come in electric appliance (in my case itried with ac)to ward off mouse the night before my birthday. Ihad planned for amonth before icould turn 14.Ihad dreamt they were going to find me in the bed also failed as you can see this.again itried topoison my self with lpg gas italso failed .why does everyone hate me even god dosent want me to come heaven or the devil dose let me in hell .i am fed up.really i am becoming mad help ifancy dying like greek soider which again not easy.i want tell so much but icant
NAME \Anex serovea
26 Jun 2005 Rare-Me in indonesian language..S.o.r.r.y..

dari umur 11 tahun saya ingin bunuh diri karena merasa terasing dan tersiksa secara fisik oleh orangtua sy. Penderitaan saya bertambah ketika seseorang yang saya sayangi meninggal. Saya tidak mengenal arti cinta kasih dari manusia di dunia ini. Ketakutan menghadapi dunia luar setiap hari dan kebencian bila bertemu orang tua saya membuat rasa sakit di hati dan pikiran saya semakin besar dan meradang hingga sekarang. Setiap hari,bila rasa sakit itu datang,dengan membayangkan menembak tepat ke kepala, saya merasa lebih baik. saya ingin punya pistol sesungguhnya,karena dengan memiliki itu saya merasa kuat karena bisa benar-benar mengontrol sakit saya. Saya tinggalkan teman-teman terdekat saya karena mereka tidak bisa memahami saya. Saya sendiri dan hidup menyendiri di dunia ini.Saya tidak memiliki suatu hubungan yang berarti dengan semua orang yag ada di sekitar saya sekarang ini. Saya sungguh ingin mati. Mati dengan menembak kepala saya. semakain lama sakit yang saya alami semakin menjadi. i need a gun..
26 Jun 2005 Jackass Joe Get a group of friends. Eat about 50 cans of beans between you and have a fart party in a tent!
Note: Your friends will die too
26 Jun 2005 nicola The best way to kill yourself wen your under 13 is to eat a tub of vaseline then put a flame in your mouth it will pop ure brains
26 Jun 2005 CJ People say i'm ugly all the time.
So if people say "i'm ugly" then fine i am ugly, I am to tried to fight and care any more..
i get bullied for being ugly all the time as well.
If i try and talk to people i get told that i'm ugly and to "fuck off."
people are not my friends there just being nosey in my life.
I am sooooo ugly man i'm a freak.
fucking freak.
26 Jun 2005 CJ my doctor say's i'm depressed!
i don't know my self any more.
26 Jun 2005 Jackass Joe Roll yourself up in guitar string. Attach the string to the top of a bridge and put the string around your waist. Roll off the bridge and when you reach the bottom your body will split in half! and maybe even cause a car pile up!
26 Jun 2005 Meh. Go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn out the light, peer into the mirror and recite the following; Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. If this didn't work, try reciting this; Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man. If this didn't work, smash the mirror with your fist then swallow a shard of broken glass. If this didn't work then you musn't have wanted to die afterall, silly socks:P.

Suicide isn't funny kiddies, life is a whore, deal with it. I was your age not so long ago and I know how most of you feel as I have been through similar experiences to people who've posted their stories on this site. THERE IS HELP. You just need to start looking harder.

Just one other thing, in response to Tala's post about there being nothing after death, I'm not trying to tell you that you are wrong, however, I had an Aunt who recently died of an asthma attack. After the doctors revived her, she claimed that she was literally floating above herself, watching the doctors bring her back to life. This may or may not have been a dream that my aunt was having, but I do know she doesn't lie and she seemed so damn sure. Also she's spoken to other people who have been through a very similar I guess we just can't be sure...

Don't kill yourselves.

note: this will not kill you and its not supposed to.

also note: there is no question mark after the sentence. this means it is a command. NOW GET YOUR ASS UP FROM THE COMPUTER SCREEN AND GO SMEAR GRAPE JELLY ALL OVER YOUR BODY.

If no grape jelly can be obtained please use german chocolate cake.
26 Jun 2005 AJ Move to any Iraqi city and wait for the Americans to bomb your ass off
26 Jun 2005 Sean Briley (Bo-Bo) I dont want it to seem as though I am wine-ing. I am just stating the facts.

First of all I am a 32 year old man going on 33. I have just recently moved out of my mothers house into my apartment. She is paying all of my bills and I have a two hundred plus dollar phone bill I cant pay. I can't get a decent job due to my past criminal history with drugs. I was in prison and now I somehow got caught again and am on probation. I still do drugs. I have been to re-hab but I don't really want to quit. My wife left me. I never get see my daughter. Most of my family won't even talk to me anymore. I can't get a girlfriend. And did I mention...

I will probably go back to prison very soon. This time my mother will probably not be able to pay to get me off the charges.

Now the whole time you were reading this I bet you were thinking that i am all depressed and going to kill myself, right?


I do have serious problems. However I do not want to kill myself. I want to slaughter myself.

All my life i have been a loser. A total screw up. Even though I am 32 I never grew up.

Listen to me.
Dont be like me. Always being so selfish. Never maturing into an adult yet living in an adults body. If you do problems will encompass you and finaly consume you. This next time i go to prison I will be gone for a long while.
And the worst part is I do want to kill myself but am to afraid to do it. I am worthless as a human being and to socioty. Jail is the best palce for me. Or a graveyard. And now i realize this it is to late.

Dont let your life pass you by as I did mine. Only to find that there isn't much of a life I can live.

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