Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Jun 2005 IM RIGHT TRUST ME Y'ALL MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! u fink you got problems? wait til u leave skool gotta getta job, pay bills, find sumwhere 2 live!! stop bein depressed an liv a lil bit!!! the only reason you wanna kill urself iz coz u probly borin people who dont av much of a life an want attention! GET OVER IT!!!! i know wot iz like! i waz like it 4 awhile wen i waz bout 13. but den i jst gt on wiv fings cuz i knew everything seemed much worse dan wot it woz! FUCK OFF AN GETTA LIFE YOU FUCKIN PUSSY'S just dont turn out to be murderers or rapists or drug addicts cuz dey a bunch of arseholes aswell!! if you turn out like dat THEN KILL URSELF!!
07 Jun 2005 Andrea the best way to kill yourself when your under 13, hmmmm, probly overdose. Its simple to do, easy, you can use any drugs, aslong as you have lots of them and its practicaly painless. But it didnt work the 6 times i tried it.
07 Jun 2005 Caspar Hi people.
life can be very hard at times.
sure my familys not the worst.
they are definantly not the best.
ive had my shares of hard times.
i have thought about suicide, heck who hasnt.
dont you think live is strange.
in one year you can be high on life.
and then your whole world chrashes around you, and the one thing you can do is tisten to a song over and over which can make you feel slightly better or make you want to tear out your spine even more. i manage to get by. i have the confort of one good friend. no matter how far away from him i am as soon as i spend time with him i feel normal, much more normal then i usually feel.

im sixteen and im a guy. if anyone lives in adelaide Australia and wants to talk email me, mabey talking to each other will make this hellhold a little bit barable.

if i was going to commit suicide i would drink voda with some pills make you drowsy. you would at least pass out. at the same time go in your dads car and connect a tube to the exuast. if the vodka wont kill you the carbon monoxide will.

my email is
07 Jun 2005 poser i dont know about suicide but in my will it says when i do finnaly go i am to be made in to hot dog weiners and used in hot dogs to be sold at baseball games accross america.
07 Jun 2005   i just commited suicide and it was one of the most backwards and confusing things i have ever done.
once i plunged the wine bottle opener into my ear loab i fell over dead. the next thing i knew was i was in a safari like expidetion with that austrailian guy that hunt crocidiles and says things like "crikey, thats a big crock mate" you know the guy. and you know you watch him on the discovery channel. ok any way, back to my story. we were in this long boat zipping down the river looking for this croc. this guy kept telling me "hes a whoppah"
next thing i know is i got a lasso around my mouth and i am being pulled to shore with some austrailian dude sayin "watch his tail mate"
now i hear them talking about me saying this is the croc that ate the tourists. they cut my belly open and then my body fell out with a corkscrew sticking in my ear loab.
i had a total out of body experience and thats when i heard the voice tell me that i needed to comeback to earth and save the whales.
07 Jun 2005 josh obviously if you havent killed yourself yet there is still something inside you saying i want to live i just need a reason.
heres your reason.
BIGPAPAJOSHY@AOL.COM email me. tell me what your problem is rather than post it on this site and get 50 emails that are condeming you for the way you feel inside. i will talk to you and try to sort thru some of the mess in your life and try to come up with a real solution to your problems rather than just saying you need medication and counselling.
07 Jun 2005 dru dru well i finnaly figured it out. its not anyone who has problems but me. everyone else is just hunky dory. its ok if you are rude to me and ignore the fact that i am a person.
well when i kill myself i wonder if any one who knows me know will remember my name. i will send a letter in the mail to everyone who has wronged me and say to them in the letter that thank you very much for all the crap you dished out to me over the years and to show you my appreciation to you for it i have killed myself so you wont be inconvienienced by my prescence anymore ever again. i hope you feel good about the way you have treated me. its all your damn fault.
07 Jun 2005 ryan i have this female friend who is totaly smothering me. she suffers from deppression. lets just say her name is uh.... elizabeth. thats not her real name.
she suffers from chronic deppression. she takes medication, she sees a counselor, a therapist and on and on...
i have told her countless times i dont like her and want nothing to do with her. however i know she is deppressed and i cant just completly leave her alone. afterall she has attempted suicide 4 times in the past 5 or 6 months. whats wierd is when i talk to her i start to become deppressed. has anyone out there ever been in a similar situation or have any advice for me?
07 Jun 2005   suicide is for selfritcheous whores. we've all got pain. suck it up, or shoot up heroin. I mean, lets bitch and complain for the attention that we crave. This is so CLICHE! Where the fuck do you pussies get off? in fact, commit suicide so no one has to hear your whiny asses. pull the trigger or not, man, but for humanity stop talking about it and either commit or don't
07 Jun 2005 gloria galloway i am not sure where to start.

i guess it would have to be my early childhood. my father raped me until i was nine years old. finnaly my mom found out and called the cops. my dad went to prison and now my mom blames me for breaking up her wonderful marrige. so she sent me to live with her parents. she kinda went crazy. now my grandmother makes me take baths and she says i still stink after i get out of the bathtub so she washes me and actually all she does is molest me. i feel so dirty and unwanted. why cant i just have a normal life? why is all this happening to me?
i dont know what to do. i thought about just commiting suicide but that is not the right thing to do. i am scared to tell another grown up whats happening to me because they will laugh at me. or maybe they will molest me to. i am thinking about running away but i dont have anywhere to go. does anyone know what i can do? is there any body that will help me?
07 Jun 2005 phil Hello !

Pour ma part, je pense que celà réside dans le fait de ne plus poser ni se poser de questions ! tu es sauvée !
07 Jun 2005 Nylphada (SYS/AS) When your heart would have explosed...
When tears will run done your cheeks...
When suicide will leave a sour taste in your mouth...
I'll be there... we will be there we are the the suicidal youth services team... we would love love to hear your story... and of course help you make the best decison

07 Jun 2005 Rose Go get a razor blade and make sevral slashes all over your body, up and down your arms and legs, long ones on your mid body. And you'll bleed to death.
07 Jun 2005 Rebecca slit your rist vertically and put your hand down the toilet and flush you will die instantly
07 Jun 2005 Deacon This is the oddest site i've ever seen! I thought my life was twisted. I mean lossing 3 best friends, my job, my sweet car and my girlfriend of 4 yrs all in one year was bad. Maybe i won't do a shit load of drugs, boose and what ever else i could put in my body. And what's scary is that i bet some of you girls are beautiful. Inside and out.
That's all i got to say. IT real interesting to hear some of the shitty things you've been put through. As long as your over 18 please email me with how you have coped with everything!
07 Jun 2005 Azalia what the hell is this? are you seriously even thinking about 13 year old kids killing them selves? I have a little sister whose 13 and I cant event hink about it. I thought about suicide, I had a pretty rough life, you know the usual, born to a teen mom, lived in a motel til 13, step dads a crack head, real dads a dead beat alcoholic, never raped...but i was continually molested from age 6 to 11 by a bunch of teenage boys who lived down stairs. Dont ever give up. Ever. It will get better if you want it to. Go to high school. Get into college. Make bank. Live your life to the fullest and have kids and make their lives wonderful. Suicide? How do you know whats on the other side? you dont. be a good kid. you dont know if there is a heaven or hell. your to young to die. you all mean something to someone. so if you dont want to live for you. live for someone else. your kids. life hasnt started. I thought I knew it all when I was in high school. I didnt. College came in a flash. Life gets better if you want it to. I promise. Get good grades in school. go to college. It makes the world of a difference. Dont ever give up on life.
06 Jun 2005 Deacon How can a 13 year old build such a web site?
06 Jun 2005 Salty Vienna - That it the worst scenerio of events that i've ever heard of. Your sis really needs you. Even though after the rape things seemed to really force you over the edge your still hear. Why, because if your sister was all alone the stress would probally be to much for her. I know it would be for me. I'm at my end right now. I lost three extremely close friends, my job, my beautiful car, and the girls of my dreams. I pray to GOD it gets better. To the point it's good to hear your a trooper!
06 Jun 2005 Megan well 2 years ago i attempted suicide...

this is why: 5 months earlier my father and grandpa died. my friends and sister abandoned may not sound like much but i was so depressed. i failed but i wanna try again. everyday i think about how i can do it and where. everyday tho i think my mom and sis wont recover but rite now im in such a dark place..... so im thinking about commiting suicide.
06 Jun 2005 life is a cruel joke. you could either pretend to be superman and jump off a building...


you could skin your self alive...


you could post some gay thread on this site and tell people where you live and that if anyone wants to start some mess just come on over...


you could try eating little bitty pieces of broken glass...


you could drink rubbing alcohol(91 percent works best)...


hang yourself upside down and drill a hole in the top of your head. the blood will run out quicker than sliting your wrists.

if none of this works just pretend to be dead and when someone walks in the room hold your breath. if you can no longer hold this pose awake suddenly and still act like you were dead. tell them you saw hell and heaven. tell them you saw the person in the room with you in hell. make up something like your gonna die in a car crash and your head will be crushed.

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