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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 May 2005 stan so n e way Im bored...and Im still alive,curse you Mr blody razor that was suposed to kill me but was found by my parents who stopped me.So kids the moral of da story is use a sharp razor if u r going to slit your wrists and if you chicken out dont let your parents find out u tried to kill yourself so that they dont think you are possessed because now my motha forces me to pray whith her every day so I can get the devil out of me(as if he really exists).and anotha thing getting really drunk doesnt make killing yourself easier it just makes your suicide letter incomprehensible.
10 May 2005 anonymous I really thought about it last night... i dont want to kill myself. my friend and i both are friends again and i have friends... i just say that when i am depressed.. what helped me alot was i read some of the psalms in the bible... it helped alot! pray! God will help you get through anything!!!--
09 May 2005 Paris I think you guys should wait until you are older to make a choice like that. I can't say if i a gree with the idea of killing youself but i do know you should at least wait.I don;t know how much pain you have so who am i to make a choice for you. email me
09 May 2005 Blue Devil I cut myself it felt so good and I prayed that I can so I wont wake on sunday moring I had a weird dream come to me I dont feel comfortable telling anyone about the dream.Blue Devil I dont have a email dont have computer
09 May 2005 Revelation I've dropped in depression before and i've been suicidal. I've cut my wrists, slashed my arms, smashed my head against walls and punched any object which could possibly draw blood. I have not only used knives but other objects which all seem to have a different effect of freedom and relief.

But i am proud to say i have overcome that feeling of nothing and how no one cares. Although my circumstances at home are not like everyone else i hold my head high and smile. I am a christian and i have found a meaning to live. I love life and i love God, it wasn't easy getting out of depression.

I turned against my friends, family and even myself. But despite everything i threw away i found myself not content with the fact that I was the one stopping myself from becoming the person i could be.

I've planned my death before, i even began the typical poem writing of death. You know... honestly... we are so YOUNG! There is a whole life out there that we are only just starting to see. I am 16 and if your younger than me i tell you now, don't throw your life away like no one cares. God loves you and so do i.

If anyone wants to talk them send me an email. I know what it's like and i never want to go down that road again because it's not worth it. Life is too good when you have God by your side.

Come on guys, my mum died when i was 9 years old. Everyone thought i didn't understand so they didn't pay me any attension. I knew everything, i saw years of pain and suffering. I endured hell and i still am till this day i am suffering from the effects of a loved one close to me.

I am a victim of someone who has died, it wasn't her choice either. But you have no idea what your actions do to other people.

Dead isn't the answer.
09 May 2005 mr corrigan i plan to kill myself with a spoon
09 May 2005 Alive And Well well i couldnt kill myself last night. just wanted to let every one know that my deppression has subsided and i may be alive for another month.
09 May 2005 Brandy It absolutely breaks my heart to even see this website. I was troubled as a teen also, had an abusive homelife for several years, my mom split when I was 14, I'd been attacked and raped by a burglar when I was 12, my parents split when I was 9 and all of my mom's subsequent loser boyfriends/husbands were cruel, violent, abusive idiots. I had tons of emotional baggage from those things, and became seriously depressed for several years, seriously contemplated suicide a couple of times. Actually had it planned out once, pills in my hand, but the phone rang and my friend talked me out of it. So, it's not that I don't somewhat understand the feelings, I actually really do. And reading these posts, it brings back a lot of those awful memories of feeling that way. I just wanted to post and say please, please try your hardest to give yourself time for your life to start. I'm 32 now, have a 13 year old of my own, who in my eyes, is of course, just a baby. It makes me want to reach out and be able to hug all of you 'babies' out there, tell you it will get better. I'm so sorry some of you have parents that treat you cruelly, you KNOW you don't deserve it. The problems lie with them, although unfortunately you suffer for it. I know, I've been there. You are all worthwhile, significant, and worthy of love. We all have gifts and are making differences in the lives of others every day, even when we don't realize we are. I'm so sorry you hurt, I know your pain is real. But if you take your life, you're robbing yourself. Try to keep this in mind: (I can say this now that I've made it through those horrible adolescent years-and believe me, NOBODY has fond memories of their adolescence, not even the people you go to school with now who you think have the perfect lives...20 years from now they'll look back and be so glad they never have to do THAT again, that's the same for everyone) from the time you are 11 until you are about 19, your body and brain are going through so many changes, it really does freak your whole system out. So even for those who aren't being abused, etc., even small things that go wrong feel very exaggerrated and the feelings of pain are inflated. That's not your fault, you are not crazy, a lot of teens suffer from real depression. It's a very real, very medical problem in a lot of cases, and can be treated. I understand that some of you are suffering horrible abuses at home, and that will obviously compound your depression or even cause it, and if that's the case, you need to get out of that environment. I understand some of you are not in the states, do you have the equivalent of Family Services, or Social Services where you are? If you are being hurt by someone in your home, CALL THEM for help. You can tell a teacher, tell the parent of a friend, tell a family friend that you trust, or a relative, or a coach, or you can even call the police. You don't deserve to be in that environment, you are a precious, important life who is on this Earth for many reasons! And even for those who are not suffering abuses, but still find themselves depressed, feeling hopeless, try to gather the strength and courage to ask for help. It's not your fault, you are not crazy, you have an illness. Like any other illness, it needs treatment. If you had cancer, you'd take treatment for yourself, right? Well depression is an illness, you have no control over whether or not you are afflicted with it, and there are medicications that can help. Also peer support groups, church youth groups, etc. There are people who care about you, and who will help you. For many, things get better after you get to be around 19 or 20, because your body stops flipping out hormonally quite so much, and things balance out. For some, depression will be something you have to manage your whole life (I have an older brother who has suffered since early, early childhood and who is now 39 and struggles a great deal to get through suicidal feelings), but you can manage it through support and medications, lifestyle changes, learning to manage stress and working to develop your coping mechanisms. That brother I mentioned, is 39 and at this very moment in the psychiatric unit of a hospital due to another suicidal episode. He hadn't been taking his meds for a week because he has a fear of driving and didn't go pick them up. But as soon as the meds began to kick in, he began feeling less and less desperate, he's beginning to balance out again. Please seek help for yourselves, and if you don't know how, email me at and tell me where you are and I will find help for you. Please don't hurt yourselves, please know that you are significant, worthy of love, that you DO have purpose in this life, and that you CAN find joy in this life. You're just babies, you have so much time ahead of you to be whoever you want, do whatever you want, accomplish whatever you want. My thoughts and prayers and sincere wishes for your healing and happiness are with you.
09 May 2005 Matt Best way to kill yourself? I'd say meds. I read a bunch of these posts, and I can honestly say that I feel sorry for you. You know what though. Things always get better. I was chronically depressed for three years and hostpitalized. I thought about committing suicide all the time and the only reason I didn't do it is because I didn't want to do that to my family. Guys and Gals, i know that trauma can be hard, and it will probably stay with you the rest of your life, but as you get older, it will start to matter to you less and less. In short, don't commit suicide cause you'll devastate those around you. Oh, and if you commit suicide, there is nothing afterwards. Well, that's just my opinion but it's probably the truth. That whole thing about you going to hell if you commit suicide is utter bullshit. Well guys, try to keep happy! Oh, and by the way, medication (lithum in particular) turned my life around. So if you're depressed, give them a try.
09 May 2005 Cai Iris,
That was the most awesome piece of writing that I have ever read in my life.
You know something though... you mentioned metaphsyical existance... the basis of metaphsyics is that the expression of the universe works on the same principle as a holograms (a mass of wave lengths inconecting in a manner that is recieved by the human brain literally as a constant stream of wavelength; arbiterory reality is non existance as the human brain has as been clincially proven to work on the same basis; therefore we are the equivelent of holograms (that is, we precieve information in the same manner) and the world is holographic (that is, it exists are a mass of wavelengths, not as a contruct reality)
Have you heard of quantum entanglement? This is when two particles will move in exactly the same manner, mirroring each other, no matter what distance is between them. This contracticts Einstein's theory that nothing (including information) can travel faster than the speed of light, because speed and time are proportional. It is literally impossible. The only way entanglement can exist is if the two atoms are connected as some level that is more fundermental than we realize; thus the basis of the theory of metaphysics.

Anyway, that might seem a little irrevlent but it's not. It means that we exist in world where arbitory reality doesn't actually exist. Moreover, we are all interconnected at a level that is impossible to get away; just like quatum entanglement every atom of your body is connected at this level to every atom on the surface of the sun, one every atom on my body. We are all infinately connected; it has been proven by modern science.
In practical terms it means that you should get upset about people dieing, people having shit lives. It is literally impossible for them not be born again; by this model it is consciousness that creates the phsyical manifestion of the human brain, not the other way around.
There is nothing that you can't do, can't believe. There is nothing stopping you, even death doesn't matter because your consciouness will be rediributed at you will be born again.
You don't need to feel bad, you don't need to even care. Reality is just completely fucking arbitarory, and it basically doesn't matter. So create your own, that's what I say.
09 May 2005 Seb hey, im 14 and im having a tough time in my life. My father hates friends are starting to turn on mom just called me an asshole. I cant take this anymore. The past 5 years have been hell. I could make u cry with some of the shit i could tell you.. i could even make you sick to your stomach. I try to be understod my people. But nobody listens to me. Nobody understands me. im on edge. i have no1 to talk to...i just feel like my life is falling apart around me. i feel like i cant do anything about it. i have no1 to turn to. i dont know weather to laugh or cry. i fail to see the point in puttin sum1 through pain...i also fail to see the point in this website and the sick fuck that created it. but in a twisted way i can understand it. i almost got myself killed on friday night. I do motorsport and i built my own car..capeable of almost 200MPH...i was going down the road and the throttle got stuck and i almost hit a fucking wall. this was a huge wake up call. im so lost...i dont know what to afraid of myself even...i try to avoid hurting myself and others around me...its amaxing how much people suddenly care when u try and kil yourself...its also amazing how fast they begin to terrorize you about it..taunting you into trying to do it again! SOUND FAMILIAR LEE MARTIN YOU CUNT! I hope you die a painfull death you asshole! you have caused me nothing but pain and i wish you nothing but the same. i hope sum1 i know reads this and realises what i am going through...and dosent geve me shit for my mistakes...and insted trys to pretend to be your friend. dont you ever fucking pretend....pretending to be sum1s friend just so the dont take there life is just as bad as hating them and causing it..for those of you that think this is a joke. i need help before i fucking lose controll
09 May 2005 DEEZ NUTS i was just pondering a thing or two when i thought i would make a post on my lovely mouchette's web site.
the first thing i was pondering is why do people look at suicide as a negitive thing? many of my family members and friends have commited suicide and we are all very open and understanding about it. we didnt even call the cops. we just dug a whole in the back yard and put them in it. no biggie. i guess there is a lot of people out there who are extremeists and want to push thier pouint of view on others. posting on this site call 1800 suicide. we can help. help with what? pain killers so the razors edge dosent cause as much pain? why cant you tight asses just keep your damn noses out off others asses? and now just to make it fair....
the second thing i was pondering was are these extremists point of view on target? and i thought about all the people who may be "a little slow" or suffering from depression or psycotic or whatever. and i still come to the same conclusion. what business is it of yours, and who died and made them god to say this is wrong and i have the right to lock you in a room with soft walls and a straght jacket and feed you dope that will, in time, make your mental condition worse. what a bunch of power tripping i am holier than thou in my suit and tie with my education. you fuckers think you can take advantage of us. the we. at the bottom of the totom pole while you sit back and get fat of of the not so fortunate as you. you sorry bitches. walk in my shoes for a week and see if your not suicidal.
08 May 2005 Sam Is there anybody out there who dus the same as me? they cut their arms but they dnt do it to die, they d it because the trickle of blood ebbs their pain them release and takes them away to a much nicer place? i do not want to die but i do not want the pain tht this life throws me, so i cut my arms without wanting to die, although i have attempted suicide 2ce through overdoses, but have woken up both times. if there is anyone else out there who dus the same as me please can they email me on . thanx.
08 May 2005 Margaret Warmington what happends when u dont have anyfriends... u used to be really popular. you friend isnt your freind anymore. i want to commit suicide.. but i want to live. i am 12 years old. i dont want to miss out.. but i want to be with god.. what do i do???
08 May 2005 anonomous Is suicide the only way you can see forward? no it isnt, there are other paths. Im 16 and i live in a house were favouritism is a major problem. my mom prefers my brother more than me, and he gets worshipped, not his fault tho. in the meanwhile, mum finds things to start on me with, which usually ends up with her tellin me how bad i am, how im a disgrace, how shes ashamed, how im a mistake, picking up on any little thing i do wrong and exploting it to seem 10 times worse. this has been happenein since i was about 13, and i have no confidence, and i do hate myself because of what my mom says. She hasnt been speaking to me for a week and two days, because she went to far with the insults, and it hurts like hell. it may not be physicall, but after time it starts to get u down and shes convinced me im an awful person. I have, many a time, considered suicide, once i drank 2 bottles of paracetamol but infortunatly i didnt suceed, as i am writing now. i may be physically alive, but emotionally she has destroyed me totally. i cant think of another thing i can do, i do everything in my power ti please her, do the shopping cleaning up, serve her hand and foot, my bro just plays video games in his room all day, yet it is me who is awful. i have bad dyslexia, and thats a shame on the family, im gunna be nothing wen i grow up, im pathetic, im stupid im no use, she even critises when i help, she goes "oooh so u helped big fucking deal" and i dont no what to do.But i have 6 close friends who care for me, and these are the only people who i have in this life as the rest of the family just copy mum and call me names, dad sometimes goes as far as calling me a dirty whoare/dog/bitch, and it has severly depressed me. i cant concentrate on anything because i jus sleep all day crying because i cant stand life. but theres nothing i can do about them, so i try and concentrate on the life i have away from them because of the heartache they have caused me to suffer. so dont commit suicide, there is always another way, seriously. try ure best and think positive if possible, i no its hard because i know because i have serious depression. but there is always another way, please font take ure life, we only get one life, this is ure only chance dont waste it please. xxxxxxxxx
08 May 2005 Laura It's the same as killing yourself when you're 17 so.....I can't help you sweetie...
08 May 2005 charlotte i'm 14 n just lost my mum 7 weeks ago n i can't take it. my friends keep saying its ok 2 cry when i cant i have slit mi wrists ever since she died n keep it covered. no one nos what goes on inside my head its just so confussing. i have been raped by my brother and been kicked out of my house i try to keep smiling but things like that just dont happen i am always depressed and no one can help me if anyone can relate plz e-mail me at
08 May 2005 Artimas Ok whoever used my email and is named aruther can count himself as good as dead now.

Any way Maggie sounds like 'God' has
been keeping you buisy baby. I hope to have more inciteful talks with you.
08 May 2005 shannon k hey people i will tell u what my pastyear has been like for me! its not as bad as what people are sayin on the site! any ways i had this best friend since about grade 3 or 4 but when we started middle school she changed but i still hung in there for her and now im in grade 8 and she has made my life a living hell ok she started hanging around with druggies and wrote shit about me on the internet and one night she came over for a sleepover and stole my diary!!! i mean come on! and she started rumers about me to other people! so one day at school i got really pissed off at her and beat the living shit out of her! (she is really skinny and sucks at fighting) and i became really depressed and starting cutting really bad! and no one knew! and then she started more shit about me and this guy made an msn accunt pretending to be me over winter break and got a whole shit load of people mad at me so i went back to school and i got jumped and it was pretty bad i had a black eye and almost a broken nose! i hated it so i started cutting more and more and it almost became addictive kind of and i tryed to commit sucide cuz i thought this shit would never end also i dont have friends in school im the loner who sits in the back of the room and listens to my disman. that is what people say about me! i get made fun of cuz of my looks(i have short hair and im a girl so they cal me a boy)i hate it! then during spring break this guy wrote shit on this girls website predending to be me and got shit load of people mad at me and so when i got back to school 2 people beat me up really badly! so i said fuck it theres nothing left to live y bother so again i tryed to commit sucide with a razor blade and a knife! see my home life was alright even thou my brother is a big stoner and doesnt stop yelling at my dad and my dad is a pot head and a drunk and my mom she is the sweetest person never i love her!!!!!!!!!!! then school got a little bit better but i still had no friends and still got picked on for my looks! i go to this church called bethel mennoite church it is a really good church (im the only one that goes from my family) theres a thing called youth there and i go there with some really cool people that dont judge u by ur looks or any thing like that and i felt a whole lot better! so please before sucide try goin to a church or a community thing with kids that arnt mean or something like that! now im 14 in grade 8 my name is shannon and im still cutting im workin to stop! free feel to e-mail me or add me on msn my e-mail is (i know i made it up in grade 4) or i hope things go better for u people mine is kind of
love u all,
08 May 2005 confused Im 13 and my life has been reli horrible ive tried to commit suiside but everytime i try there is always somthing stopping me i have a younger sister who always gets the attention from my mom and dad and my parents are always on her side my mom tells me she loves me i dont believe her because when she says she does i feel she doesn't she doesnt treat me like she loves me im totally invisible to her my friends hate me and im all alone ive thought of running away but i just feel that maybe one day if i killed myself i would not have to go thhrough all the bad things and i can start my life all over again but there's always a dicision u either keep ur life and have all those memery's or start all over again i dunt know what to do :(

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