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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Jun 2005 dissipation dont bother worrying about one survives it anyways....
28 Jun 2005 Meaghan Okay... I'm going to say OD'ing. Thats what I would do, what I try to do. Its kind of the chicken shit way of killing yourself I have to admitt. The way I look at it, if you slice your wrists, you have to keep slicing, ow thats a lot of pain. Hanging is really hard to do, plus you'll probably end up falling on your ass, or dying from lack of oxygen which takes a while. Shooting yourself takes a lot of guts, pulling that trigger would be scary as hell, same with jumping off something. Those would be easy tho... So this is the part where I tell you not to kill yourself. Don't kill yourself. Blah blah blah its not worth it, people love you... Bullshit right. Thats what I think when I read this crap. Most of us don't have people that give a damn. Do you think it really makes a difference to me if you go and off yourself? Not really. Sure your family and friends will be sad for a bit, but they'll get over it. The way I look at it, they still won't suffer as much as I would if I stayed alive. It doesn't matter how much they cry because I'm dead, they still wouldn't know half the feelings that I felt even in an hour of my shitty life. I read some eentry thing here... About how her mother was the only one who really loved her. I have to say, must be nice. My mothers the one who does this to me. Have any of you ever had somebody that just made you feel like shit jsut because they looked at you? Who brought you up just to bring you down?? Well I have her, thats my wonderful mother. Sure she makes me smile, but I'd give that up just so she wouldn't tell me that I'm a piece of shit. That no one likes me, no wonder I have no friends. That I just sit around and feel sorry for myself and whine. That I'm irresponsible. Okay, I get it, I'll never be good enough. What I don't get is how that is? I get hig 80's in every subject in school, I don't come home after school because I do so much extra curricular stuff. I got first place in the school oritory(speech writing contest), I was student directer for my schools drama club. So why do I believe her when she tells me that? Its not even so much that she doesn't see it that bothers me, its that when she does this, I dont' see it. She just makes me want to die so I dont' have to feel like I want to all the time... So let me introduce myself, I'm Meaghan, I'm 16 going on 17. I havn't technically "tried" to kill myself, but I sit there with my razors and pills about one a week. I've done it so many time I've stoped writing letters because evetually they'll find one of the old ones. And if I do write one, its not sugar coated shit about how its not their fault. It is their fault, its my moms fault and when I finally do it, I hope she finds this. But I'm hoping that I'll grow out of this, that this really is just a teenager thing. That I'll stop hurting myself, I already have enough fucking ugly scars. I'll have to make that point now, if your going to cut, do it on your legs or somewhere that won't be seen often, scars are really ugly. So I don't know if people reply on this thing, but if you do, please tell me if I should be on anti-depressents?? Does it really make things better? Because that would be great.
28 Jun 2005 LIFE IS SO FUCKED UP Your life sounds identical to mine too i have had bullying for ages i mean ages, i will not let people put me down for my lack of friends, and ugly ways.
I HATE PEOPLE i have my reasons,
i will tell you why,
i have had problems with people for years, i has affected me but,
i was werid looking for a couple of years ( maybe 3 years max) anyway in that time i was really really hated becasue i was different, i hate my self now what a pain huh?
you dont want to know me when i was 13 years old.
Nobody ever stood up for me i have no friends becasue of my ugly teenage ways i hate it when people know ya past i hate the way people gossip behind my back i hate them they dont know me why are they doing it, they dont know me.
anyway thats all for now.............
28 Jun 2005 LIFE IS SO FUCKED UP I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly man.I wish i was dead.
My past is ugly my future is ugly.
Why am i underdeveloped.
why don't i have any friends man.
i am so ugly.
I keep pills awake.
I wish i was dead some one shoot me please.
god people won't leave anyone alone.
your not the only one man. i'm 23 and i you have no idea how horrible my life is. i also used to be picked on a lot when i was 11- today in high school. i've had horrible anxieties since i was a freshman in h.s., and i still have it 8 years later. as a result of this i've not only hurt my life but i've destroyed other ppl's lives as well. i really really wish i could shoot myself, but i don't because of religious reasons. i can't get a job because of unbearable panic when talking to employers. i'm afraid of going out in public because i've earned a horrible reputation about myself as a result of s.a. most people consider me a loser in this world.


I'm just happy i can take it out on this forum. why does life have to be so fu**ed up for?
28 Jun 2005 another good way to kill your self the other good way to kill your self is to STRESS your self out.
then you will die becasue of stress.
stress kill's people.
28 Jun 2005 joeri jos verheyden go bungeejumping with some friends and cut the rope right after you have jumped

of go skydiving anc chen the parachute is open, take it off
28 Jun 2005 madz hey everyone...things just got worse dad took me to my guitar lesson tonite n we were at the traffic lights n he put his hand on my knee...I WANTED TO HIT HIM...TO KILL HIM...i just moved ova...HE HAS NO RIGHT TO TOUCH ME...i have made my decision on how to handle time he touchs me im goin to kill him...then b4 i get goin 2 kill myself...n i do this by hangin myself...seems like tha best way to do it coz i know where to find a rope...
but i dont want anyone to ever concider doin this...
word of warning...when u slit ur takes up 2 4 hours be4 u plz dont leave like that...its not worth tha pain
28 Jun 2005 look's do matter i hate my life i'm 23 and i don't think it will get any better!!!!!!!!!

Please shoot me.
28 Jun 2005 DYING EVERY DAY every day i want to go, but i can't decide how, i come here for an answer and what? nothing! just tell me how so i can go, drug addiction is the worse i'm tired of sucking the devils dick let me go let me go let me go
28 Jun 2005 Anna Wrecksia well starvation dosent work real well. i am down to 7 ana half pounds and still havent died yet.

ok ok i am really 15 pounds. but my goal is 7.5
28 Jun 2005 i spank ducks go online.

print a bunch of porn pictures.

cover your mothers bedroom with the pictures.

wait until she kills you.
28 Jun 2005 imposter pains existance allows us to know we are alive. so if you are going to kill yourself because of pain that is a bad idea. kill yourself because it will be something you have never done before. because you want to be the first kid on your block to kill yourself. because it seems like a good idea. because its a growing trend to kill yourself. but dont kill yourself because you are depressed or have a miserable life. thats stupid.
28 Jun 2005 stuck on myself chip paint off the wall and eat it.

it has to be a lead based paint or it wont kill you.
28 Jun 2005 kevy frum da levy I FREAKIN HATE MY LIFE.

27 Jun 2005 john this is pathetic coaxing young children to kill themlselves and having this forum , if any child who is depressed reads this , ul get over it, no matter how shit life seems at the minute in a year it will be better, suicide if for the weak your all survivers.. dont kill youself an poeple who arnt depressed but are telling how to kill hope to fucking god i dont meet u or i will put ur teeth in..
27 Jun 2005 SpookyPenguin Ohhh Yeah Thuhgt Of Another ONe...
Puts your palms out forward on a table,
Have to people sit on your arms only makin it go you can see your palms (One person on each arm,Oh yeah they have to be at leasts 200 pounds) Then stay like that for a real long time till And make sure it's cutting of you blood circulation then have some one make cuts all along your palms in circle shapes. THen Have the two people get up and blood will shot out your hands!


If anyone acualy trys this tell me if it works..

Also Got another one i just thouhgt of...

Play follow the leader on the grand cannon... with birds


Play with a toy gun at the white house while standing next to the presedent dressed up as a muzlem.


Walk in to a group of mexican and black girls that you don't know and go "What up Shinkiwa!!!"


Cut the skin from your arm and play violin on your musle tissue
(P.S.) That one Was Made Up By an artist named l0cke not me... His Site

Okay i'll think of some more ways once i get the paper i wrote them down on.
27 Jun 2005 SpookyPenguin Walk In To Da Hood Blasting Vinilla Ice!!!!!!! ^_^
27 Jun 2005 sezzy i was sexuaaly assaulted im now 15 an the court case is soon. i feel like a slut and think its my fault. Ive tried to cut myself an burn myself but havent got very far. teachers are anoying me by tryin 2 b helpful but i wish they wud leave me alone. i wann take an overdose but cant bring myself 2 do it. i dont no weather i wanna live or die? HELP! this pain is just 2 real.
27 Jun 2005 emily o.d on chocolate!
27 Jun 2005 Whise_guy Man Fuck That,I know A lot Of people Think there life sucks and shit,okay my life isnt in fact a dream or some dumb shit like that,but when somebody is 13 and wants to kill himself?,uh dude wait untill your first date,or the first time (maybe the 2nd)you have sex, dousnt have to be love,just sex,and aftewards,tell us if you still want to kill yourself,i was like that to,man i have scars all across my arms,real big motherfuckers to,but i got at a point i didn't felt it any more,and began to cut deeper and deeper,untill i met this girl,and now i am with her more than a yeah,and she keeps me straigt,so even if you life is bad enough you want to kill your self (excluding for people who get raped by family and stuff and it is regular that they are beeing raped,they have only 2 options,kill the ones who rape you,or commit suiecide)there are allways things on the otherside,even if its hard work..
i hope this could help even 1 person..

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