Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jun 2005 Burnt Out Damn last time I was here this site used to be somethin, now, it's turned out to be a piece of shit. Looks more like a poetry site to me, like that's gonna help end your sorrowless pain. Why don't you all go and drown in your own spit!
22 Jun 2005 lisa stick a needle up ur fanny! nd a knife up ur bum ayt the same time!! write 2 me please, i also find shuvving a cucumber up dere helps!
22 Jun 2005 Sara Hi My Fake name on here is sara, I didnt use my real name, cause I dont want any1 I know to find out, THAT I WAS SUISIDAL, the once and last time I posted on here uptill now, was a nice post telling me people that they could make it through the hard times,but thats cause I dont want young people to hurt them selves, but in reality I dint really beleive my own words, cause I was hurting too, and \when I found this site, I have so happy to find A very nice girl, her name is anna, we are BEST FRIENDS NOW, we have been friends since Feb, And its now June, so 5months, We tell each other everything, every last sad thing that happened in are lives. We have been through so much these past 5months, And I went through a hard time with her, cause recentlly she tryed to kill her self, and I thought she was dead, But thankgod she didnt die!!~Shes alright now, she had to spend some time in the hospital, But Im soo happy shes okay now!!~And I have some other good news thanks to her friendship, and just everything going on in my life now, Im proud to say IM NO LONGER SUISIDAL ANYMORE, and shes getting over it too. If I can do it , then so can all of you, I know , how hard it is, beleive me, but once some good things start happening, it just gets better. Yeah sure every1 will have some hard times, But all you really need Is good people around you. I found ONE GOOD FRIEND< ANNA!! THROUGH THIS WEBSITE< and everything has changed in these last 5months, I love her soooo much, and I know were gonna be true friends to the END, I wanna say ANNA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE!!YOUR THE BEST XOXOO
22 Jun 2005 spanky_the_duck hey im back again, well some people who were on the site have added me, i havnt cut in 6 days so fucking proud of myself! w00t! hope this feeling stays. im getting help for the cutting and when i feel low. ive started smoking and alot of friendsd arnt talkigbn to me cos of that but i dont care. aslong as im happy i dont care, ive been going out with my boyfrind for 5 months now. im so happy. its my 15th birthday comming up soon im hoping it will give me and even better perspective on life. thanks to everyone who has helped me. they are the best, so thank you tracy and fallen you've helped even if you dont reaslise it.
spanky x
22 Jun 2005 Lord Jhon Crapper HEEEELLLLOOO my favourite bunch of freaks!! Now let's take a quizz, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Tonight, our quizz will be about the people who come to this sight! Okay now! I'd like everyone to raise there hand if they are a pedophile who arrived at this sight because of the words "under thirteen" that they put in the search engine! Great! That's great! Now, keep you're hands up if you're a pedophile who came here because of that, but who has since developed a fetish for suicide?! Oh golly gee, that's wonderful! No, keep you're hands up people, you're doing just great! Now I want you to raise you hand if, when you consider it deeply enough, there seems to be a strange correlation between your period and your "suicide" attempts? Is there? Wowowow! It's looks like there is!!
Man, this sight is fucking raw!! IT IS SO FUCKING WRONG TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS ON THE NET!! I feel sorry as hell for anyone who is depressed, but the only way you are going to change shit is by helping yourself, which there are friggin' plenty of ways to do. Jesus, I bet there are hundreds of sick freaks who get off on this sight; who actually become horny from reading about your misfortunes and you being abused and beaten and all that. Fucking think about that before you write it down. Some sick fuck is beating off to that shit. THAT IS FUCKING RANCID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, anyway, I'm sorry to say that in human nature there is nothing that is going to rescue you. You have to rescue yourself.............................................
To put it in the words of Muse:
damnit... i can't remember what those words are... lol.
22 Jun 2005 vicky i think this website is disgusting you need to optain some help do u realise how sad an stupid you sound.please get some help
21 Jun 2005 choco bunny What kind of a sick website is this? lol the best way to kill yourself, which would be so much fun is to over dose on laughing gas, it is painful, funny and ultimately makes you feel damn good.
21 Jun 2005 jeroen my mother has a depression and me myself to although my mother has tryed it about it 10 times she still hasnt died because I think she really wants to die and me I have tried it a couple of times but Im scared but sometimes I just dont care I just want to die without pain luckily Im getting help now Im in a mental hospital btw Im 15 not under the 13 Im still not doing well but for now Im hanging in there.
21 Jun 2005 Anonamous Hi, rite k im not gna put any of your suggestions and problems down, I just want you to know.. that u mite not fink it but there will be atleast 1 person who cares and loves for u...
k well here's how my story goes..
I started being bullied when I was about 12 Iam now 15 nearli 16...
Anyway it wern't that bad to start of wid really...
but then it got a lot worse.. nd then my grandad died who had been like a dad to me.. nd i got seriously depressed nd started writing suicide letters nd stuff.. nd den i kinda got bk on track after about a yr.. nd then within this last yr i have become very depressed according to my doc!!
I have tried to kill myself quite a few times.. i have taken overdoses... walked in front of cars.. tried to strangle my self and have been a serious cutter for about 3 yrs...
When I was about3 up till about 7 I was abused by my dads ex girlfriend.. nd she wud hit me nd burn me... nd fings...
I got abused by a guy who Was one of my good mates.. nd he wud make me do fings i didnt want to....
I have now not been to skl or out of the house for over 5 months due to depression and the fact my bullies have threatened to smash my face in....
So through not goin to skl i have lost all of my mates... as they dnt understand depression properli they fink i shud just get ova it...
nyway if nyone needs to tlk to me or just wants a chat just add my msn adi it'
Plz tell me how u r feelin nd wat ur feelin lv to u all x x
21 Jun 2005 Really nuts Are you fucking serious? Obviously not!! It is a damn shame you don't use the brains you were born with. While you idiot children play "suicide games" some of us adults are forced to attempt to live with them in the real world on a daily basis.]

I am an old, 44 years, and have been fighting this battle for 8 years now. Trying like hell to raise a child, maintain a marriage (too late for that one), keep my professional job (that is gone too), and to just stay alive some days. I have tried so many medications I couldn't begin to name them all.

Have anyone out there really ever thought what it is like to go day to day for years on end, not caring if you lived or died? Didn't think so...
20 Jun 2005 alec I hate my life. I've been wanting to die for so long but all my suicide attepmts hads never worked so if you have any easy ways to die e-mail me.
20 Jun 2005 mononcle barouette2 eat a banana
20 Jun 2005 Hannah iv read the emails here and never before has my heart broken like it did today whilst reading your emails. Believe me i have been through it all having one of my best mates murdered, being abused by lads, having friends that didnt give a damn about anyone but themselves plus loads of other things if i told you them all this would go on forever. but however much the pain its not worth killing yourself. Most of the letters here are from young people around the same age as me some younger some older and it honestly breaks my heart that you feel this way, there is another way though if you cry out in your hour of need to the creator of the world the God that created you in the perfect way that you are even though you dont think that you are perfect believe me i know im not but with God's help he's got me through the worst place that iv ever been hes got a plan for your life and it isnt that it ends now just give it all to him and believe that hell take it away. Hey its worth a try at least isnt it? and if he doesn't answer then try again wot are you gonna loose? Please im begging you even though i dont know you, you are a beautiful person with an amazing heart just think of the possabilities that could happen with your life if you just let God take control. He loves you and doesn't want you to be hurting this much tell him how you feel and why. Do you really want to hurt you friends and families. Even if you think that they dont care they do they care and love you more than you could ever imagine and if you killed youselves they wud never be able to tell and show you just how much they do love you. Please just give God a try he's waiting to help you but you have to be the one that calls on him but as soon as you call on him he'll be there. Believe it and give it a go why not?
20 Jun 2005 hh take cokane
20 Jun 2005 Germán Domaica maybe with a gun i don't think that a kid can use a rope because they are smaller at that age,
*Note: Dear Mouchette: people who try to suicide him or herself cannot do it again(if they coudn't the first time) studies comprobate it.
Thats All
20 Jun 2005 FUCK I'M UGLY..... I'm a fucking dog man.
no one likes me.
My life is messed up.

it has been for year's/
i cry all the time.
20 Jun 2005 jesus cry a river and drownd in it
20 Jun 2005 Ryan Ruben that was a really touching poem. Did you really write that? Ever read anything from Julie Mirkitani> She's the author of the poem "Suicide Note". We had to do a term paper about that poem for english class and it really materialized the stress and thoughts a college student usually struggles with. I think you'd enjoy it. Do a google search and type in Suicide Note-Mirkitani. You may have to sort through some junk but once you'll eventually find it. I attend the Univ. of Central Florida and college is so stressful especially with my parents hovering around my ass bugging me day and night so I keep my grades up. Anyway, I really liked your poem. Email me if you'd like to read any of mine.


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