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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Jul 2005 Elvis Rhino Go on a threadworm eggs diet
10 Jul 2005 najat moi j ai une idée..tu atten le passage d un gros camion..pouet tu te jette en dessous..
This is the last time i am going to reply now anymore.

take care everyone.
get a better life soon.
10 Jul 2005 sharn everyone is always talking about how depressed they are because they are ugly or dont have money. You do not needmoney 2 be happy. you say you hate beautiful people with powerful families. well they probubly hate you just as much ebcasuee you seem happy. It is hard 2 be in a family were so much is expected from you. to be blessed with good looks but always feel ugly. Life is not easy for EVERYONE ok soall you people who are like dont judge ra ra ra beautiful people i hate them> ReaLISE THAT WE ARE JUST AS MISERABLE AS YOU!!!
10 Jul 2005 ...... i want to get my hands on a gun..
im not here 2 tell u a long story all i want 2kno is how 2 get myeslf a gun. secretly thanx
10 Jul 2005 sharn ok everyone, im going 2 make this short isntead of telling a huge story. What everyone should realise is that you are not alone in feelings this jus teading this websight should show you that there are so many people out tehre wishing 2 die.
Why is it that we should suffer.
If anyone wants to talk i have msn please dont hesitate 2 talk i will listen.
10 Jul 2005 candice i dun no but i just learned how to cut my wrists n it doesnt kill you but the pain feels ausome its didnt bleed that much it was small and light like a scrape ut it stung and it feels ausome trie it
10 Jul 2005 CORPSE Once I tried to do it when I was 14, unluckily dad took me to the hospital. Now HIV is doing it. The funny fact is that now I don't want to die.
09 Jul 2005 Michael do not do you home work and your mom or dad will kill you!!!!
09 Jul 2005 lil killa gal listen i have been bullied mah whole lyf n now mah perants are doing it n it is reli ou coz i jst started mah new skol n the bullying stopped coz i was away 4rom da bullly but now mah mom n dad n sis r doin it i have tried takin ova doses but it dnt work this is reli pissin me off plz help me wt is da bst way to kill ma self ?
09 Jul 2005 Pauline la meilleur forme de suicide pr els moind e 13ans serait de sentir du gaz, ou alors une bougie sa prend du temps mais bon. Sinon tu allume la voiture de tes parents et tu reste devant t sur de tombé ds les vapes avec l'odeur et de crevé. Sinon tu peut te coupé les veines oua lors meme te pendre nan nan le mieux c de prendre des médoc's somnifères. voila je né pas encor asseyé tout sa mé bientot...
ecrivez moi pr em fair par de vos remarques
09 Jul 2005 -x- Laura -x- Hullo..
I'm not trying to get anyone to actually kill themselves right now..but I just wanna say if you ARE gonna go off and do it..don't try taking and OD!
The reasons why..
It very rare that it kills you..
I took an overdose the other week on various stuff which was in the bathroom cupboard and see, I'm still here.
I still actually feel like shit from what I did. At times I can't breathe properly, I get stomach and chest pains and everything. So taking and OD sucks.
You might not have wanted to actually read this and you may have been quite bored reading this..but like hey!

-x- Laura -x-
09 Jul 2005 I'm at the end of my rope I Want to Kill Myself, but I can't. Can someone please help me? ... I've been attempting to kill myself all day and to no avail.
I'm at the end of my rope. I hate life and would rather be dead. but it's obvious that nobody likes it
and that I'm a worthless idiot. I've been attempting to kill myself all day and to no avail.
all you people on here.
thank you for leaving good comments for aloser like me and others.
i think i need a life too.
but i can't seem to have one where i live.
That is not our fault.
if you don't have a life you dont need one.
if people don't want to know you that there problem not yours people.
well this site is like a Diary to some people here. ( thats cool to get it out)
it's nice because some people can help others at least this site can help others.
i have tryed to kill myself twice and got treated like shit becasue of it..
too all you people i know what it is like to feel like shit.
Only working and shopping.
my life seems ponitless.
what will happen to me in 10 years time will i still be a sad lonely loser living at home.
hey i feel like i should kill myself...cause i don't feel like i'm wanted on this earth...everything in my life is going wrong right now...and i don't know how to fix it.
I want to die, I'm bored with life, this world has nothing for me, and eternal life is like hell for me, I've been told that I suffer from clinical depression
I just can't stop feeling isolated. I've lost all motovation in life. I just don't care about things no more.
I just can't be bothered to make an effort, so my life isn't quite fair.
well i am ugly i am ( yuck )
I just want to laugh again, but then why bother, who cares.
live in a nice area, but people just don't like me.
Rerely do I ever go out. I was forced to find work because I was becoming too isolated and suicidal.
just can't see a way out from this pain. I've had advice to seek medical advice but I just can't face going to the doctor and being told I'm crazy. I relise that suicide will have a real bad effect on my family but I'm getting more and more depressed as the days go on. I userd to say "that will never happen to me" but now I relise, it is happening to me.,if someone tried to kill me would I stop them? probably not, I'm quite paranoid now. I feel I'm going insane. I tried talking to someone about how I felt with the aid of my website but now everyone thinks I'm a syco. One day I feel ok and even happy but more oftern I just want to kill myself. Would anyone miss me if I died?
09 Jul 2005 chris r well u could go up to to a pissed off black man and talk bout his mom or call him a nigger(unless ur white it wont work)and if that doesnt work eat a hole pound of salt and then wash it down with some salt water
09 Jul 2005 shawn aldrich find the tallest building you can find and jump off the top and dont prey cause your dead
08 Jul 2005 Kyle Hmm...the best I guess. All of us, no matter what we do, where we go, or who we are, we are all going to die. Why not milk as much out of this fucking world as you possibly can. Screw it all and live for yourself. If there is no one around who loves you, love yourself and forget the assholes that are digging their own grave with their hatred and stupidity. God bless you all. Remember, no one else has to live your life. Take what you can, don't beat yourself up over what you can't. Hope whatever I said made sense at all.
08 Jul 2005 cj will get a life now i have been banned from alot of boards on line for posting to much.
i only have a job and shopping this is the only place i can chat on line i have no friends or nothing. in real life.
i get ignored on line and off line i get told to get alife.
God no wonder i am like " i wish i was dead"
i know i have to admite i have posted way to much. over the internet but i am not the only one.
I need a life.
anyone want to be my friend or boyfriend.
I AM NOT VERY PRETTY. - i am ugly.
I am so thin.
I have no life.
i am a freak,
sorry to post to much,
If no body wants to know i will just go and i am sorry to post way to much.
If you tell me to get a life i under stand.
Sorry about posting to much.
i will go and work now and shop and listen to music and i swear i will not post here no more.
i AM SO SORRY TO PEOPLE IF I HAVE POSTED TO MUCH. ( sorry people out there on other boards i need a life.
I need to get a life.
i will be glad if i get a kick up the arse.
anyway i wil stop posting now,
take care everyone.
CJ - i gues there is always dieing.
oh well at least i have me myself and i.
08 Jul 2005 fallen angel all these people are telling you to slit your wrists. DONT. if you dont cut deep enough your head is left fucked up and you have terrible scars. i am speaking from personal experience. i have been adviesed by plenty of people to hang myself but i havent got round to it yet. if you are only depressed for a little while then please dont kill yourselfs you have your whole lives ahead of you. BUT if you feel the only realese you have is suicide then that is your chocie. i have tried to kill myself 4 times before and if you are the same then you need to think, mabye the reason you arnt dieing is because you arnt ment to die yet. the only way out, is the way through
08 Jul 2005 freako a boy starts dating the most unpopular girl in school on a bet. Have you seen the woman (Rachael Leigh Cook ) playing the unpopular girl? She's a teen supermodel for crying out loud. She can't look bad, I don't care how ugly her glasses and clothes are. I don't know about you, but the most unpopular girl in my school didn't bathe, didn't comb her hair, had pretty bad acne, a weight problem, and had trouble saying more than three words to anyone.

I realize that these sayins are supposed to be crap, but couldn't they even try to find someone that could look and act even a little unpopular?
08 Jul 2005 i hate my friends another good way to die is to chop someone's dick off maybe your own. then put it in a bowl and wait for some weeks observing it how it is every now and then until it gets rotten and smells of decay and maggots and worms come out of it then eat it now you will take a rope and a small dish then eat the dish (no just put it whole in your mouth) then tie the rope around your head and mouth really hard now because you ate the dick you will want to vomit but because you blocked your mouth you can't so the vomit will go back and forth until the pressure will rise so high and you want to vomit so much that your head will explode and you will die. you must also film the whole thing because the explosion of blood vomit and your brains will be spectacular.

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