Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Jul 2005 Rachael a drog overdose, just take a few sleeping pills and vicodin, and youll be gone, my sister did that and now she's gone, so i no from experience!!!
16 Jul 2005 claire I have always wanted 2 die and b able 2 b by myself away from every1! i took an overdose on paracetomal, it didnt work i waz just sent to hospital over nite tols it culd hurt my liver and had a row 4 being so selfish and dull wen i got home!( i wuldnt even waste ur time on paracetomal) I will find a way to kill mself so i no longer ave to put up with the feeling of lonliness and the feeling of not being wanted by ur own parents! so if any1 culd help plz emali me
16 Jul 2005 N/A I've read some of these posts and I can't believe what Im saying, kids at the age of 12 trying to commit suicide..
The thought alone makes me sick inside my stomach, I know life isnt easy, I probally haven't experienced what you guys have but believe me suicide isnt the way, somethimes it is and you might think so but life can indeed get better..
I dont know what else to say but if you need someone to talk to, just an ordinary person.. Im 19 years old and still a teenager, I thaught of commiting suicide but I never did.
Im no helper or work for some kind of suicide helpline..
Im a good listener and might even help you out.
You can email me at
Try to live life to its fullest, please.
16 Jul 2005 in total darkness six feet under OK, im only 15, and yet iv tried to kill myself too many times to count, and with no availl. im tired of this world treating me the way it does, i was beaten and abused for 7 years by my own schoolmates, it got so bad that i changed schools and moved, ive also had serous depression since ii was about 8 years old. sometimes i cut myself to see just how much it bleeds, that pain helps to make me forget all my other problems. im tired of living, its really over rated, people only focus on the good things, and not on the bad thhings, which usually greatly outweigh the good. no one really relizes what true pain really is till they loose all that makes them happy, so that all they have to focus on is the bad. try never having anything good to block out the bad. the only thing that ever made me happe was my girlfriend, but we broke up. and now theres nothing, nothing to keep me sane. people dont ever really relize how they affect you with there hate, not till ur gone, and they have to think back on what they did to you, and how they affecte you, and visa-versa. ive become acostome to keeping my emotions all bottled up inside, and never letting them out till i finally just snap, which has happend on occasion. no one ever really takes me serously, or understands my problems, not till they get slapped in the face by the real truth. the truth is never pretty, but in any case people deserve to know.
16 Jul 2005 Tia do so much cocaine at one time that you die.
16 Jul 2005 Cody stick tweezers in an outlet and look at the pretty colors
15 Jul 2005 Sonita i dont know why.. i feel as though god is calling me early, ive tried many times, but i just fail. my BEST friend told me how to kill myself, i dnt want to tell anyone else, because im selfish, and i dnt want anyone else to try what i am trying. I HATE EVERYTHING in EXISTENCE, somebody? slap me!
15 Jul 2005 Lucy Cortina Chorus:
I'be got brains in my boobies
I've got brains in my boobies
I've got brains in my boobies
Mouchette put them there

He now controls my boobs,
after a little operation.
The can float, they can inflate;
they're the world heavyweights.
Everyone is jealous,
cos Mouchette's inside my boobs.
He now gets all his pleasure
living inside my boobs

*repeat chorus x 2*

The world cries "where is Mouchette?!" "where is Mouchette?!"
Nobody knows, nobody cares,
for his brains are in my boobies, my boobies boobies bobies.
Mouchette is here, there's nothing to fear,
for his brains are in my boobies;
and my boobs will go on..and on.....

*chorus x 2*

My boobs want to explode,
when Mouchette is having sex.
No one knows how he does it,
he has a lovely pair of brains!
They could destroy the world,
so must must stay inside my boobies
Mouchette's brains are too big
so they must stay inside my boobies

*chorus x 2*

His brains must stay incide my boobies.
15 Jul 2005 Its just me The best way to kill yourself if you are under by living...its kills you internally..i know...i am being eaten away at this very moment...i feel so empty and alone..and the horrid thing is that i cant and wont do a damn thing to help myself..ive decided that..i dunno i have to live this life out and understand what shit is instore for me...i already know im destined to have horrid mates, no life, a shit family, dumb ass grades, no love life and even the places such as childline tell me to go away and to stop wasting their time with stupid calls...yes..they did say that...And the reason i cant do anything about it is because even though i know they dont like me..the people i used to call my friends are on bloody suicide watch and i bet the only reason they are doing this is because they want to see me suffer and have my heart ripped out everytime a bad piece of news comes my way...they "sympathise" with me....but i know they are laughing really...i know the slag me off and call em names..i heard them...and it hurts me..i try and push it all into a big ball and shove it into the back of my mind....but sometimes bits pop out and im left again crying my heart out to the only person who will family dont care though...i reckon i was their little mistake as i have been called so many times before by them now ill wait this one out..not doing anything..sat crying to myself watching this life get more shit by the minute...i have had councilling..didnt help..they all patronised me saying.."And how does that make you feel?"...i just sit there with a bemused look on my face and say..."erm depressed...isnt that usually the answer"...i didnt even want to go a teacher sent me because i was 'full of doom and gloom..' in other words "get outta here you depressed fool"....Im 15 now..and its been like this for..oh i dunno...4-5 isnt a good fact its shite...but this is the best way i can think of, of killing yourself on the inside..and isnt that what we want to go feelings..just...peace?
15 Jul 2005 Lo i am 17 years old. for 6 years i have been severly depressed. Believe me evrey suicide path there is i have considered it. However the only way i have tried is stabbing myself with a knife and didnt even get to do it. My mum saw me and wrestled the knife off of me. Next comes doctors then comes councilling and then comes shrinks. Presently i am waiting to see one however i dont know if i will even be here when the time comes. the only reason that i have not continued in trying to end my pittiless life is because i cannot think of a way that would hurt me enough. I need to feel the pain and yet i cannot describe to anyone why i have this need. Am i scared i am petrified and yet i am unable to exit from this cycle of misery. I fear going on anti-depressants in case i am never to live without them again. i understand it when peopple think they only have one answer to their predicament and do not feel strong enough to carry on. I hate myself there is not one aspect of my life why i feel i should carry on. I hate with all my might my job, a-level work, homelife but for me their is no solution.
15 Jul 2005 self terminator im jst so fed up wid life. if a bb air gun piercs da skin dus ne1 fink dat wud also pierce a skull nd den ave enof power 2 kil u in 1 shot??? plz tel me
15 Jul 2005 Andy i have been suffering depression since i was about 12 now i've just turned 14. i've tried to many ways to kill my self.....none have worked.... i've found that the best way to deal with all that shit is to just keep trying to commit keeps ur mind off other things. this probably wont work 4 most people but ,hey, i'm weird! recently i've rediscovered the razor blade, drowning and my personal favourite: personal mutilation!! the fun never ceases!:P ok, i'm probably anoyin the crap out of every1 but i find that the best and easiest way 4 me to cope wid this shit is to joke bout it, i don't meen anythin by it and i'm sorry......
15 Jul 2005 CHINaDOll i always wondered why people would want to take something as precious as their life.. i guess they figure their life sucks and then would rather die then to continue on living. but that is not the onlee reason why some people kill themselves. some people kill themselves for love and some people kill themselves to protect certain people. i strongly encourage people not to do that to themselves their lives can be as crappy as the want to make them. you have the choice to decide whether or not you want to live a crappy life. some people don't. but for people feelig the pain they should find one thing that they love and hold on to it with all their might because that is the reason they live for, to give you hope for your future.
15 Jul 2005 mal well i think ur all sick and anyone who would think of killing themself is fucking selfish! whoever made this site is sick..and sites like this shouldnt be here..ur only making ur so called"horrible world" worse...nice going!
15 Jul 2005 Ris There is no good way to kill yourself...killing is not has more to offer...hang in there because you won't be 13 forever, or whatever age you are....hang in there...things can only get better....try some art therapy...use your creativity to find the things you do like!!!!
15 Jul 2005 tamara to break a glass and put it in ceral and eat it u will be dead
15 Jul 2005 William Suicide is not the any question. Life is short, you'll be dead long enough and if you mess this life up then you'll spend eternity regretting it. Live Strong...LIve
14 Jul 2005 Thanks a lot. You didn't even include my last post...thanks a lot. I've been waiting for three days now. Thanks a lot. This site has taken over my life...thanks a lot.
14 Jul 2005 lindsay parent im so depressed and i cant get out of it and i think im at the end of my rope dont know where to go or who to turn to oh well i dont care anymore

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