Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jul 2005 Kelly When your under 13 you dont even know wht lifes all about, hey Ive been there u think it cant get any worse but your just a kid & your veiws will change, im onlu 19, n when ure 13 u hate ure mum u hate ure dad but ull learn to thank them for what theyve done for u!!!!
23 Jul 2005   Il existe une dose dote ^lethal^ pour tout medicament dit actif, surtout les psychothropes, somniferes et tous leurs copains.

- Bref 5 stilnox 10 mg.
- Un 6eme etage sans jardin ou bache de magasin, restaurant, bref un simple trotoire de beton fera trés bien l' affaire.
- Un couteau ou un gun.

Tu avales tes 5 pillules alors que tu te trouves en haut de l'imeuble choisis. Tu sautes le couteau placé entre la 7eme et 8eme cote guauche. Tout sera alors une question de synchronisation.
Alors que tu sautes tu enfonce la lame dans ton coeur.

Il faudra agire rqpidement: stilnox donne des hallucinations dans les 15 minutes alors saute vite.
22 Jul 2005 Religious Maggie God will never save you. Why? Because he is too busy playing with my poosy. At least my interpretation of God is. God is inside you all to do with what you please. Take a look and you will find him. Ask and he shall answer.
My God tells me that the Bible is fit to wipe your poosy with and I agree. God also ADORES lesbians so you don't have to worry there. Stop stressing so much, my darlings.
22 Jul 2005 Meg I think the best ways to kill yourself if you're under 13 is
1) over dose, it can be painful, but you should avoid throwing up, that will only save you, the chance of surving this is very likely so it's a waste of time really
2) find your dad's gun and blow your head off, quick, painless and messy
3) good old electricity, electricute yourself in the bathtub while no ones home, make sure you leave a note saying "I figured I'd cook myself for dinner"
4) If you live near a zoo, feed yourself to a bunch of hungry tigers, most likely someone will stop you, and this is painfuk, but so original, at least you're being nice to tigers right? :D
5) Drown yourself, I must admit this is very difficult to do, I've tried it. Just go have a nice relaxing bath, think about all your problems, then do it.
6) Put your head on train tracks and wait for a train. This is painless if you do it right, but there will be a long wait involved, so you may have time to change your mind.
7) common way, hang yourself. You may feel alot of discomfort and some pain at first but it'll only last about 30 seconds then you'll pass out before you have a chance to save yourself.

NOTE: these are all pretty easy ways, I've only tried 3 of them, bought me 3 months in a mental hospital but whatever
22 Jul 2005 claire i thought about killing myself before and then afterwards a mate said 2 me its selfish and to be honest it is!there are pepps out there fighting for there life and you just wanna chuck urs away its selfish and i cant believe i wanted 2 do it
22 Jul 2005 dfadfa this sight is filled with freaks... why do people come here? introspection... reveals that we are fucked and the reasons that we come to this sight are fucking morbid.... fuck... I feel sorry as shit for all such people, especially those... ah FUCK IT! What the fuck is the point of trying to say anything???
22 Jul 2005 erica im going crazy because of my brother, he always gets his way.. and im out to get revinge. hopefully they will be sorry.
21 Jul 2005 Mary This is such a coincidence I was searching for some other site and i stumbled onto this one. Must be God wanted me to tell my story. The best way to kill yourself is no way read my story and understand. This is what happened to me at 13 when I tried to kill myself. So if you thinks that suicide will end your misery I say Hah!Think again. I tried committing suicide when i was 13. Lucky for me that it did not work. When I woke up I was in total darkness. I did not remember that I had killed myself. I could not imagine what had happened to me. I thought it was another mean thing that was happening to me and somebody had locked me in a box while I was sleeping. It felt like a box or a room but i could not touch any walls or floor. I was numb or felt weird. It was like i was stoned but could not see or hear anything. I was really frightned. I was totally alone in the darkness no sound no light no heat no cold. Nothing. I shouted and cried but it's as if nothing came out.The darkness absorved everything. I don't know how long I was there I started to babble and I think i started to pray. Not that I knew anything about praying or believed in God but I was desperate. "God some say you exist if you do please help me." I kept shouthing and then just mumbling over and over and over "God please help me, please hear me, someone please...God ...somebody help...what happening let me out." Well anyways I kept repeating something like that over and over it seemed to me like years. Eventually I noticed a very faint light. I ran towards it but I kept loosing sight of it and I would cry and pray over and over God help me.. god help me." and the light seemed getting brighter. I finaly got to the light and to my amazement it was a glass window looking out onto a beautiful land. Something like the countryside. Green grass and forest. The sun was shinning I saw colorful birds fly by. There was a little pool and I saw deers go up to drink. Far in the distance I saw people picking flowers i even saw kids running by. There was like a stone road leading through the fields into the forest. I could not find a way to get through. I tried breaking the glass. Knocking on it but nothing. I was stuck in the dark while on the other sside was a beautiful world. I kept beating my fist and kicking the window but nothing until this tall person appeared. I could not really tell if it was a man or a woman and I could not really see it's features he was very bright and I think was dressed in long flowing robes. The glass dissapeared and I could now smell and hear the sounds on the other side. Beautiful musical sounds like wind chimes and the rustle of leaves sweet smell of roses or floweres. "What are you doing here asked the being. This is not the way in." he said. "I am lost and in a dark room and I don't know why or where. Please let me in." "Sorry but I cant. Even if I let you you wouldn't be ablwe to step in no matter how you hard you tied. Tthis is the Law - You can only come in by the proper entrance." "But where am I and how did I get here?" "You are in transision, neither alive or dead. You tried to end your life before it's time. You should thank the Lord otherwise you would still be in the dark." "But I was in pain and could not take it anymore I just wanted to end it all." "Hear me well I Micheal Lord of the Way tell you this There is no death and no ending. Life is just a school. If you flunk this lesson you will just have to go back and relearn. Next time it may be harder lesson. You chose this life now you have to live it." No no I did not and I refuse to live it anymore." Then I felft such love and comfort from him. "I know you are suffering but you are a beautiful and stong soul and you decided on this life to help others. Be comforted in knowing that you have the ability to make your life get better. Look" He said and pointed ahead. Then I saw myself a little older laughing and I could see that I was happy and enjoying life. There were other people around me I think I was talking to them or councelling them and then very quickly I saw lots of scnenes. I think it was about my futur and of all the people that were helped because of my being alive. I can't remember most of my futur but I think I had a loving family anf kids. Then he showed me the souls of the people that where hurting me and deep within them I could see darkness, I understood that they were lost and afraid that's why they were cruel. I realized that for some of them it would take more than this life to heal. "Please let me come in here now I don't want to deal with life and the pain anymore. I changed my mind" "No its either through the darkness till you find the entrance." He ponted back in the dark or back to life until your proper time." And I knew I wanted to come back and experience what I saw. Then I opened my eyes in a hospital. Let me tell you it wasn't easy to be back but it was better than alone in the dark and my life has gotten better. I have worked on it. I even learned to pray and pray everyday and I feel better. I have done researched ( ) and found out that Micheal Lord of the way is the Head of Angels and figths to keep evil away and show the way to God. Every once in awhile I say thank you Micheal Lord of Way and I thank God for a second chance at this life."
21 Jul 2005 Donnie hey everyone i just turned 11 last week, wow life sucks its so horrible i wish someone would only understnd, my grandpa raped me when i was 8 while my mom was washing the dishes and she dindt even bother getting his hairy gut off my ass, i was devistated, last year i tried commititng suiside but it didnt turn out that well, i guess putitng ur hand in the lawnmower isnt the greatest idea i have to write with my left hand or my numb its kinda cool tho, but nevertheless that shoult stop you from trying...EXPLORE! umm but yea life is getting worse since my granpa died.. i kinda miss him actually. i think this isnt pathetique at all since we live such horrible lives in such horrible countries we have a right to be depressed because wer so god damn ugly! and fat and disgusting but anyway i have to go kill myself now so c ya in hte next life under the divane radiance of eternal glory...
20 Jul 2005 Anabella If You are allergic to Peanuts,Like DEADLY allergic than go to your local supermarket and buy as many peanuts as you possibly can afford.Than Go home and eat a lot of them, but not all of them..Directly after you eat them spinn around three times.(idn Y)Then After your done spinning,run into your bathroom and fill the tub with the remaining nuts,and lay down in them.Shortly after,the reaction will start,and your throat will swell up, causing you to not be able to breath and then you will most likley die,because you cant breathe,and r surrounded by nuts!

1)DONT attempt while people r home
(This is So they cannot save you)

2)If you r poor,simply buy pnut butter,and empty the contents onto one of those REALLY BIG spoons.Then place spoon in mouth.

3)If you cannot find a REALLY BIG spoon,than proceed in microwaving the peanut butter,untill fully melted and liquidy,and proceed to drinking it.

4)As i Said before,ONLY attempt if you have VERY VERY sever Peanut allergies!
20 Jul 2005 Le mort rencontrer thierry thomson
20 Jul 2005 brittany schultz well i think the best way to kill your self is to take a lot a pills and let them do the rest, so after that u will have a o.d and die before yourparents know and take you to the hospital.
20 Jul 2005 Chantelle there is no need to kill yourself because we already live in a place that is both hell and heavan. Only people who think of suicide are those who are the strongest, they are given the most difficult times in life. Who do you really want to kill? its not yourself.....
20 Jul 2005 mimi cut your wrist or hang your self either way you die
20 Jul 2005 tarin u could pour gas on urself then burn some trash and do a cannenball into tha fire! or just reck ur bike in front of a car!
20 Jul 2005 Dreg_02 look, some people me included joke about this kind of stuff, but taken seriously suicide unless some form of euthanasia for a dying person who needs is it just wrong. I'm not going to make any more jokes about stuff like this here or anywhere else.

TO those of you who do have problems and are thinking about stuff like this, look to your friends and family for help.
20 Jul 2005 Suicidal Gay I think that if your in a dire situation, then you could probly snap your neck. But if you dont really do pain then just take a lot of your parents' pills. (overdosing rocks):D
19 Jul 2005 corinne Im only 15 and iv been thinking about killing myself. Im one of those people that alot of people look up to, and want to be like. Im not cocky about it, i just wonder, why on earth me? I dont know how to deal with my problems or situatons, all i do is do a line im a done. Im ruining my body, i run to drugs, and alcohol. My closest friends that know why i have all this depression and self doubt think i should go back to my shrink, but perosnally that really dosent work for me.. In a way the only thing that is keeping me from killing myself is my two very best friends matt and gabby. My mom is deffiently not why, she continues to say, "corinne why are you so sad, your in htis club, your in this, your captain of this, your popular." Becuase thats what her highschool was about, being popular, and envolved and incharge of as many things as possible. She is very materialistic, and everyone can be at times, but thats all she is. I have seriously debated just killing myself and he having to find me, and then think about what was worth it.. being a good mother, or me going to an ivy league school..My dad dosent help either.. he got married a week after my parents got divorced last summer, to the girl he had an affair with in the first place. Three months aftet that i tired coke, and thought hey.. it gets me away, its not like weed it dosent makeyou lazy, so i cang et away and get all my shit done. .iv been doing it on and off since. None of my friends even know. Alot of them are fuckups.. but none of them want me to do any "bad" drugs so that ill be something, what are they talking about? We go to the best private school in the city and even if you do make shitty grades and dont do anything, you still pass and your parents either hire you for thier company or send you to and ivy league school and pay off the school. Thats how it works, yea, not fair for those who really try to get into those schools? All we have to do is show our parents lastname.. But afte i write this, im going to go do it, my mom is at work, and she can come home and find me, im tired of it all, all the bullshit.Im done. So thanks for listening.. and if your wondering how im going to do it, sleeping pills.. i dont have a ery large threshhold for pain.
thankd for listening it means alot, no one else really will
19 Jul 2005 Amber cutting your rist
19 Jul 2005 I NEED HELP First of all, I'd like to thank you for creating and maintaining this site. I spent years being told that I should be able to 'just ignore' what was happening to me in school and out of it and when I finally got away from it, I was told to forget about it. I'm glad to see that there is some place where people who are currently going through what I went through, can talk without being given such useless and detrimental advice.
I also figured I'd tell my story because it has helped me to read the posts from other people.
The way I was treated in school was complicated. I seem to have many of the characteristics of high functioning autism although I have never been diagnosed. I grew up in a fairly small village in the United kingdom. My parents were a little bit odd themselves and my brothers had a tendency toward bullying too (not always aimed at me).
Small villages can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how much of an outcast you are to begin with. You can never blend into the background. Sometimes being invisible is the greatest luxury in the world.
If you grow up in a small village and you are 'the outcast', that makes it okay for the entire village full of people to harass you. Seriously. We aren't talking about one or two bullies here. These are the normal kids. The nice kids. The kids every parent imagines they want...following you around and throwing rocks.
And it isn't just the kids either. Sometimes it's the adults. Teachers in small towns can be especially vile.
I'm not saying this always happens...or that it inevitably happens. Small villages can be wonderful places where the community pulls together to support their own. I would love to have grown up in a place like that...but I didn't.
I was subjected to verbal and physical attacks from kindergarten (which I started when I was four and a half) through ninth grade (I was fifteen). My mother finally got me into an alternative high school for tenth grade.
Things didn't get really bad until middle school. (That was fourth through eighth grade). Kids used to mob me. Crowds of them would follow me to and from school, jeering and throwing small rocks or bits of dirt. Other times people would attack me for (as far as I could tell) no reason at all. They'd kick me or run up behind me and hit me or walk right up and slam me in the face with a basketball.

Nobody ever caused me any serious physical harm, but I still get flashbacks. I'm twenty-seven now. Writing about it also makes me want to cry.

School was absolute torture for me. My parents didn't do anything until after ninth grade. The teachers didn't do anything
And what did I do?
I defended myself from individual bullies by laughing at them. You'd be amazed at how well that works. I had no defense against the groups, though. So, mostly, I just lived through it.
I will probably continue to live through it, in my mind, until I die. Still, when I see places like this on the internet, I feel almost optimistic. At last somebody is listening. I didn't think that would ever happen.

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