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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Aug 2005 eugine with a gun...there's no pain!!
it's easy!!**
10 Aug 2005 Rachel I am just turning 13 I live in hatred of all humans. for years i have attempted suicide, cutting my wrists and throat, drinking iodine (some kind of brownish liquid that is fatal if one drinks to much, jumping off cliffs, sufficating, starving, etc. Every day I go to school, try to tear the throats out of about anyone I see. They don't think I would. Why haven't I? They're faster than me. stronger faster, but not more beautiful, no human can ever be that. They are scared to death of me, I can tell. Those who claim to love me might, but what the hell does that do? I dream night after night, and during the day too of killing them all, then being shot dead but someone trying to stop me. And it's not only them. Call me lazy, I hate all assignments and work. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best existence or non esistance ever, this life is about a .00000000000001. It just plain sucks. Death aka nothing would be about a 5, not good nessecarily, but definatly not bad. anything higher is impossible. No one seems to think I'll do it, they ignore the slashing everyone can see on my wrists, but and of couse, I can't legally buy firearms... yet. I know existance sux and it wont get any better. One thing has stopped me. Survival instints. God damn survival instints. Everyone is born with them. They are what has kept me body from being found crushed at the bottom of a building. Don't ever think that suicide is "the easy way out." It's not. Oh, sure I've got my share of therepists, who doesn't. But if I ever told them this, they would stop me. I like nature, maybe I would starve, be killed by a mountain lion or finds somepoisonous plants. but every part of it that still exists is owned but someone. I could never go there. One thing is for sure though. The only thing that can stop me from killing myself is something or someone else doing so. I probably screwed this up, put it in the wrong section or something. woop de doo i dont care. As for that post about the dark room, well isnt that amazing. You seem to forget all the other crap of life. I would definatly prefer the dark room with no sound, sight, heat cold etc. I'm suicidal and YOU'E not going to change it.

PS. No I do not want to be "freinds" with you, If you're On this site you probably don't want that either. They dont exist anyway. ANYONE with a boyfreind/girlfreind/husband/wife/whatever is deluding themselves. I would say the best way is to convince your body you're not getting rid of it. If theres nothing after death, wich chances extremely highly are there isn't, I can live with that. Or maybe "live" isn't the right word.
10 Aug 2005 julia first of all, everyone has to relax.
you know.. when you think of suicide.. doesnt it make you think that you are weak.
weak because you say you 'cant take the shit anymore' and you 'give up'
makes you weak doesnt it?
why do you want to show others & feel like a pussy by killing yourself. why dont you put on an evil attitude and go round town with an evil grin thinking I can rip you up into pieces so you better fucking stay away form me. have the attitute that you are a fighter. the evil grin is an awesome confidence boost.
with this attitude people usually get what they want out of others. and then they become HAPPY that they are fighters.. after that life gets easier , you feel enourmous & proud. try it. i did. and i love it ahah.
try this or suffer the pain of my fist, bitch.
09 Aug 2005 whoremoans It's terrible that I found myself rather amused by what most people have to say here. I was getting a bit of a sick kick out of it.

When i was 15/16 (Im 18 now) I was a hardcore cutter. You'll never see scars like mine. I couldn't count them - and they're deep. I'd literally use shards of glass or exacto knives or whatever. I even almost killed myself when i was *on* the psych ward right under the nose of about 20 nurses and 4 shrinks.

The interesting thing is- My suicidal thought worstened as they upped the dosage of the medication. I was taking Effexor XR. It's a big maroon tablet, looks like a horse pill. After I nearly OD'd, they took me (and anyone else on the ward under 18) off the meds as they saw it was clearly unfit for the maturing brain.

For the last year and half, I haven't been on medication at all. Most people couldn't possibly believe i was suicidal, minus the physical evidence. I had even slit my throat.

I'm alive, and well, and couldn't be happier.

Furthermore, there should be absolutely no circumstance to kill yourself (especially if you're under 13). If you are 70 years old and dying from some terrible cancer and you're becomming a vegetable, by all means, get it over with quick. If you've lost the ability to communicate and you're trapped inside your own head, I can imagine that it's not really worth it at that point either.

Anything short of that however, is unacceptable.

Life is beautiful, you just have to change your perspective if you don't see it that way. Go lie in a bed of flowers, or pet your cat or your dog... or make funny faces at a little baby and watch them smile with the purest glee.
09 Aug 2005 Lisa In my opinion, there are two reasons why you might want to kill yourself:
1) You hate life in the sense that you don't like the situation you're being put through
2) You hate life just because it's life, no relation to your situation

If you're killing yourself because of #1, then I don't think you don't really want to kill yourself. Why should you be drived to do something that you don't want to do? Consider it a conspiracy, if you must, and believe in yourself. It's easier said than done, but your world is your world, it's the best you can make out of the worst.

If you're suicidal because of your philosophy on life, then I believe that your reason is justified. You REALLY want to kill yourself because of the nature of your own world. You might be labeled as a psychopath or just mentally ill, but if it's your world, and if it's REALLY what you want to do, I don't think anyone should stop you.

At age 13, the second reason would be extremely rare. Please ask yourself though, do you REALLY want to die becasue you want to die? If the situation gets better, would you still want to die? If and only if you answer "yes" to these questions would (in my opinion) your desire be justified.

It's quite ironic, how people whose life is worse than ours want to live SO badly in their poor conditions, while we sit around here, destroying the earth and playing with death.

Humanity. What can you do about it?
09 Aug 2005 please dont kill yourself. i will give you three wishes. i am a genie. email me and you will get three wishes. only one rule. you cannot use any wish to wish for more wishes.
08 Aug 2005 Dying to be Dead why would you say life gets easier when I get closer to dying each day that passes?
08 Aug 2005 Sad Sad Sad Guy Reflections on Suicide: version II

The end
No more pain * 100
No more joy * 1

No pressure to achieve * 100
No more achievements * (negative) 500000000

No more hatred * 281493
No more (rejected) love * 10

No more dark nights * 364
No more splendid sunrises *1 (the only time I see the sunrise is if I stayed up all night crying and thinking about death, pain, and crushing lonliness, after which time I will go to sleep, dream horrific nightmares as the day, and my life passes. By the time I wake up, it is sunset and the day is gone, leaving me with nothing but another night alone with all my pain. Pain is my life, it's all I have.)

I'm not saying suicide is a good option.... I'm just sayin'..... this is how I feel.......... really bad. Peace to you all.

I'm REALLY sorry to post three times, but I wrote the wrong email last time!!! SORRY!!
08 Aug 2005 crimson red ok this is for everyone, ok background info on me, molested when i was three to about 8 by father and grandfather, mom was a lesbian, have a guys name tattooed on my ass who i am not with, and i am jaded, which means "damaged goods", suffered depression and social phobia since i was about 8, began attmepting suicide at nine,in sixth grade people would find it funny to watch me choke myself, and became a self mutilator at 13, and then my best friend killed herself two weeks ago, broke up with only person that ever made me feel like a real person on monday! so i know a little bit about suicide, and i do not recommend it for anyone, just some people realize early in life that they cant see anything in the future for them, not even life. like me, the only thought that my mind entertains these days is life after death. But before you decide thats what you want without a doubt, you have to research it, you have to figure out the best way for you, you cant listen to what works for other people because obvisously it hasnt worked for them! and tourniquet girl, your friend may feel depressed but is not clinacly depressed, there is a difference, she wants attnetion, she wants sympathy, empathy, pity, and for someone to, i am sorry, kiss her ass, and stop taking test to see if you are depressed, those tests are designed to get you on medication and so people think they have a problem when they dont! and i dont know your story so i am not saying you arent, but you have to decide for yourself, everyone knows their own body well enough to determine that on their own. and huh wat name?????? no one needs a smart ass, maybe you should be a motivational speaker ya know really boost everyones spirits, actually you would probably make me want to jump off the damn golden gate bridge! and ya mam, evidentally slitting your wrist is not sufficient enough, dont give advice that hasnt worked for you, and especially if you havent tried it!( but if anyone does ever OD, try getting high and drunk first, weed supresses your bodies instinct to throw up when it takes in toxins, and the alcohol will make you even more depressed to go ahead and do it) but just so everyone knows if you do commit suicide you arent going to go to heaven, and if you do it because you want someone to see how they hurt you remember you wont be here to see them suffer or for them to apologize or to want you back and wish they hadnt fucked you over
08 Aug 2005 The Grim Reaper Ben, it'll take a ton of apple seeds for you to get cyanide poisoning from them. And unless you're looking for an excruciating death, I don't think I'd go for that. Slitting your wrists is the sissy way out and rarely is the major artery cut. I've tried it once before and in my innocence, I figure if I cut the vein, I'd be good to go. WRONG! The artery is in fact, under the vein and is a lot tougher to cut through. It takes will power to do the deal and it can get quite messy but if you have the guts, go for it. It's not painless at all but I think if you stick your wrists in a bowl of ice for about an hour, you shouldn't feel a thing. The most important thing you need to know about wrist cutting is to cut horizontal, and not diagonal that way more of the vein is cut which would increase blood loss. (Note: doing it while in a tub with warm water or a running shower could relax your body and help your blood flow faster. It could also keep you from going into shock. Read up on your med texts and go crazy!)
07 Aug 2005 sheila by hanging yourself
07 Aug 2005 claire jump off a bridge
07 Aug 2005 A tribute. Mouchette, Mouchette, flying through the sky...
Searching, waiting for answers
Wondering, wondering, wondering why...
Not everyone hates you, Mouchette... just the majority of us.
07 Aug 2005 Ovidio A creative way to kill yourself:

(warning: if you attempt this... you may die)

First of all... if you can't handle pain... then this isn't for you.

Now... what to do?

Well, first you can tell yourself that you are a very bad person and you do not deserve to live... you deserve to die (if that's what you truly believe)...

If you are a minor this plan may work best for you:

You can find a very sharp knife and begin to cut into your stomach. You will then begin to bleed... but don't worry... the worst that can happen is that you will bleed to death. Secondly, begin to find where your internal organs are. You can poke them and slice them if you would like... whatever makes you happy. Or you can began to do surgery on yourself and began to cut out some organs (such as your liver which is next to your stomach, or you can go down below the stomach and take out your kidneys... etc, etc) If you are an organ donor, i'm sure the doctors would be happy if you put the organs in a nice bucket of ice... when you are done playing around with your organs (and if you aren't dead yet) you can begin to find some arteries. Now, what you do... is cut a hole in one of them. Then stick a long tube in it (like the one on the pump to a fish tank) and run the tube underneath the door in the room(so when your blood rushes through it the people on the other side of the door can see it) You will began to die... actually when you bleed to death... it's just like cutting your wrist (because when you cut your wrist... you useally bleed to death if all works well). Well.. If you aren't dead by now, then i don't know. You should try injecting bleach or something into your arteries.

For Adults: (also go into a locked room or something... you don't want someone to walk in on you... thats the worst thing that could happen...)

What you can do is cut into the area right above your "Private Drive". Once in there you can then began to mess with your reproduction organs. Slice, dice... whatever you think is nice. Then began to cut out everything you see. Also, put the organs in a thing of ice... there may be someone that needs those organs :) If you can continue and you aren't in tremendous pain then you can begin to rip stuff out from above in your stomach area. Hopefully you would have bled to death or something before you would have to take more stuff out... well i'm tired... and i have to go to bed. so if you are reading this... i hope you enjoy and find this information useful. if you have any questions you can contact me... . Thanks
07 Aug 2005 Ainslie Reflections on Suicide.

The end
No more pain
No more joy
No more tears
No more smiles
No more anxieties
No more satisfactions
No pressure to achieve
No more achievements
No more hatred
No more love
No more dark nights
No more splendid sunrises
No more frustrations
No more accomplishments
No more angry words
No more terms of endearment
and amputation
that you imagined as a clean surgical cut
but instead
is a bloody, jagged me that won't heal
and soils everyone you ever cared about
and cared about you.

We are left, puzzled, bloodied, wounded
No longer vibrant , whole confident
Now we go forth handicapped, missing an essential limb,
that will never be replaced
and always longed for.
Your legacy,
sorrow, betrayal, anger, guilt.
An ignoble reciprocation
of so much love
You should have chosen
to stay,
disappoint me
and keep streching the narrow confines
of my perimeter.

Instead you are gone
I am stagnant, in stupor
I view my world and fear to face
the agonizing beauty and pain of life
I think of joining you
and realize you took the best part of me
with you.

In this zombie state,
I wander
in the shadow world
The atrium of death
where I must decide which exit
left or right,
left into cold night
right into the endless struggle
and bloody battles of life.

No longer equipped for the fight,
I curl up in this atrium
and lick my wounds that will not heal
and look inside
to find purpose
to reinvent my life
to reinvest my energies
to find my courage
that will allow me to foolishly
continue with this life.

No longer whole,
No longer young
a shadowy remnant
of my old self

I set out
to continue alone.

sucide is never a joke its real just never ever believe its the only option left dont be weak dont take the easy way out, dont be like me!!
07 Aug 2005 Ainslie under 13 shouldnt try and kill them selfs. im 16 and i hav tryed many times the most recent was about 2 weeks ago and im still suffering the afects now i tryed to overdose now i know to take more next time, yes next time i gave up on life am just waiting to end it, its not ok to do that but as i see it, its my last option. DONT ANYONE ELSE DO IT you have you life a head of you you just hav to ride these feelings out it will pass life gets better if u let it, if you are thinking of sucide force your self to talk it works trust me, im trying to get over sucide but its hard when the thought stays in your head as it has been in my head for 2 years and it has slowly taken over all i think about is suicide, its hard to handle and its only a matter of time before i try again. the best thing to do is find out what sets you off what makes you think this is the last option, all you need is time and space to clear you head space to breath, im just lucky my boy friend stayed alive after he tryed to hang him self it was so hard i cryed so hard it was hard to breath and i thought if he dies im going with him and the next day thats what i planned to do but i had second thoughts i wana die but i dont want to hurt anyone mostly the people i love and care about i dont want them to feel as bad as i did that night.
keep your friends close and talk about it get it out of you you can hold so much but nothing more tell some one u feel this way.
this is a reason my boy friend gave me to try and change my mind:
At least 5 people in this world love u so much they would die for you, at least 15 other people love you in some way, think how much thoses people would hurt if you left them.

just think of the people who would cry and miss you,

every action has a reaction!!

Shooting: Assuming minimal knowledge of anatomy, sufficient caliber, and a steady hand, it's quick and certain alright, and probably painless too, though it's hard to be sure. Discreet? Well, once you have the weapon in hand, no one can stop you, so the question is moot. Accessibility varies widely: obviously in the USA it's more accessible than we'd like, but in the UK for example it could be nearly impossible. Safety depends heavily on the choice of location. All in all, it wouldn't be such a bad method, if it didn't make such a terrible mess.

Hanging: Not very quick or certain, with a decent chance of mere injury. High marks for accessibility, but unfortunately the risk of detection is also high, because hanging takes a while, unless you manage to break your neck, which is relatively hard to do. Most people probably wouldn't consider hanging painless, but obviously there's a minority who enjoy this type of thing (see the classic British film "The Ruling Class" for example). No one who has ever seen a choking victim would describe this method as "tidy".

Driving: A fine example of an unsafe method. What did all those totalstrangers ever do to you? Cars are accessible enough, but collisions have surprisingly low fatality rates, and usually aren't quick, painless, or tidy.

Jumping: Fairly quick, depending on the height, but not all that certain. You'd be astonished at how many people have survived outrageous jumps. San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge draws jumpers from all over the world, but the locals are hip, and many people are stopped in the act. This method has a high probability of a making a truly disgusting mess.

Slashing: Unless you're a Marine, you probably don't have what it takes to slice yourself deeply enough to do the job. There's a fine line between self-mutilation and an actual suicide attempt. In most cases this method is just a cry for help. Straight razors are accessible enough, but this method is definitely not painless, certain or quick. It might look glamorous in the movies, but don't be fooled: a bathtub full of blood is not a pretty sight.

Drowning: Not particularly discreet except very isolated areas, and even then it's advisable to do it at night. If you're a good enough swimmer to get far enough out, it's fairly certain, especially in frigid water, but it's not quick by any means. By some accounts it's moderately painless, but where your bloated corpse will wind up, and to what extent it will be chewed, is another matter.

Freezing: If you can manage to get above the timber line in winter andget naked, this method has a good chance of success, but be careful to take public transportation. People have been rescued by over-zealous park rangers who were tipped off by an extra car in the parking lot. Unless you're in the Arctic circle, it takes a while, but it's relatively painless once you get past a certain point. Accessibility varies widely, but freezing gets high marks for safety and tidiness, and is ideal for nature-lovers.

Overdosing: This is a huge topic, and beyond the scope of this text. Suffice it to say that the lethal dosage for a given substance depends enormously on the individual. In many cases the odds of organ damage are much higher than the odds of death. Many attempts fail due to the human body's annoying tendency to vomit when poisoned. Most experts recommend combining drugs with alcohol and a garbage bag over the head, secured with an elastic.

Nitrous Oxide (NO2): When properly applied (using a mask or a garbage bag), it's astoundingly quick and certain, and downright pleasurable (after all, dentists use it). The hard part is getting the stuff. It takes a lot of whippets to fill up a garbage bag, and it's difficult to get a tank without posing as a legitimate business.

Oven Gas: This method is totally unacceptable, due to the obvious danger of blowing up total strangers.

Car Exhaust: This is a fine example of a method that's reasonable in theory but rarely works out in practice, because it's so hard to do discreetly. A tube from your tailpipe to your car window is bound to attract attention. Run your engine in your garage long enough, and you'll be visited by a nosy neighbor. Sure it's painless, but failure means brain damage. The active ingredient (Carbon Monoxide) is terrific; it's only the delivery method that's a problem.

Carbon Monoxide: This gas binds to your hemoglobin better than oxygen. In practice, this means you can breathe it as easily as oxygen, except that you die. It's not as much fun as Nitrous Oxide but it's much easier to obtain. The best way is with a tank from an industrial supply house (see Jerry Hunt's video), but acceptable concentrations can be obtained with indoor use of a charcoal grill. The main problem is how to avoid killing whoever discovers you.
06 Aug 2005 Ovidio You can just OD on various types of your mentally impaired parents medications.
05 Aug 2005 Holly M'kay... I don't have any personal expirences with suicide. I live a healthy, happy life with my caring mother and father. But just last year I met someone. Her name is Tanzie*. I met her online in a chat room. I had absolutly NO clue what she was going through in her life. She always seemed to cover it up so well. We've known each other for about a year now. About 4 months ago she gave me the link to her LiveJournal. So I would read it occasionally. But one day, her entry shocked me. On Livejournals, the give you little quizzes to fill out and what not. One of the questions on this perticular quiz, it said "Do/Did you cut?" And She answered yes. I just kept saying she USED to do it. She USED to do it, not anymore. Well after awhile, she met this guy named Jake*. And I talked to him too and he seemed really nice (Keep this in mind, we're all online buddies). So they went out for a while. But eventually, EVERY SINGLE ONE Of Tanzie's LiveJournal posts was about Jake. How he loved her, how she loved him. Then there were the days where she thought "oh he's cheating on me" or "he deserves better than me" etc. One day, apparently they talked on MSN and he called her some really mean things. She was heart broken. So...I guess she went back to her "old" habbit. She cut. I don't know how many strikes she did, but a lot. Then she posted it on her LJ. So Jake would see what he did to her I guess. I recently read a book about cutting. It's extremely bad for you. So I made her promise me she'd never do that again. Well... bout 4 months later, Jake ticked her off again. And she broke our promise. She cut FIFTEEN TIMES on each leg, and NINE times on each arm. This broke my heart. I couldn't believe she did that. She swore she would never do that again. And not just to me, to everyone else. But she did... And I yelled at her, trying to knock some sence into her head. She immediatly shot back at me with her life story. "My dad beats me when he's drunk, my mom only cares about my brother, my friends push me around and tell me I'm crud, the only one who understood me was my grandpa. And He died. And I watched him....etc". This saddened me horribly. I just couldn't imagine a life like that. I had a great life. I thought everyone else did too. We talked and she swore on her death bed she'd never break our promise again. And as far as I know, she hasn't. So for ANYONE with this horrible hurting yourself though, it's not worth it. Life is a snowball. You roll it uphill for all the good things, but then it will reverse and timble downhill and your life will seem horrible. But that snowball will eventually hit the ground and break, unleashing a brand new you. Life will snowball uphill all over again. I's a cycle.

* Not real names were used.
05 Aug 2005 zineb ben, moi aussi j'ai 13ans et je cherche la plus belle façon pour me suicider. mais celle que je veux faire c'est la noyade, car je trouve que mourir dans l'eau est mieux que sur terre l'endroit que je déteste le plus au monde.

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