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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jul 2005   was bullied, mostly verbally, from between the ages of 11 and 16, I was forced to leave school early (aged about 15 1/2) because of this and forsake my education which was going nowhere anyway due to constant disruptions from these "ignorant sadistic scum". That's right 12 years later and I haven't forgiven or forgotten this and I expect I'll carry this "baggage of hate" around with me for as long as I live, When I was around 17 and 18 I used to plot killing these people but I'm not that type of person to actually carry something like that out. A few years back I registered with friends reunited (in my case enemies reunited) and was depressed to see my tormentors posting things like:-

"I'm now with xxx the love of my life and our little boy xxx living in xxx and I work as a <really good job> hope to get into contact with all my good friends" etc.

I can only advise people in my position: Do not register with this site! why register? what do you want to know?!

I know these success stories can be a load of bull but it still makes me angry to read it. And I just think that knowing my luck they're true. As you've guessed I don't wish these people well in their lives.

I know what it is to be bullied and I sympathise with others that experience the same. All I can say is don't stand for it, retaliate and don't let them destroy your life. Don't do what I did and let everyone cr@p all over you, it's not worth it. Changing school/college/workplace is better if you really don't want to face the problem.

My bullying was mostly verbal and during my schooldays, I was called "gay" (which was false) and isolated from other people. I was tormented and picked on constantly, my mother and my family were insulted and so was I. I cried but they had no pity for me. It continued until I could take no more. I'd fake illness in order to avoid school and in the end I used to bunk off because my parents, not understanding the situation, forced me to go.

I'd hate for anyone else to go through what I went through, it has affected my entire life and I know I can never live like a normal person again... god I have tried.

If anyone wants to contact me about this feel free I am a good listener and I will try to help you out of this seemingly inescapable situation, through conversation, if I am able. Post and ask for my email address if you need help. If you are being bullied out there take heart you're not alone and people can advise you and help you
04 Jul 2005 Oh god help me I had depression in my teeange years and it turned me out for the worse,
Oh god help me
04 Jul 2005 GOD if you are being bullied for being your self move away.
04 Jul 2005 Roksan McKoolasspurtan ive often thought of suicide my self, i read of why you are wanting to die and i think you sould live a little first, i got mad at school so i say to this kid "i dont give a fuck" and the teacher sends me to the office and they suspend me... so do something bad enough to get the suspension but not a ticket or a.e.p. (a.e.p.=really strict alternetive school)

blessed be
04 Jul 2005 school sucks i can't beileve i let bullies ruin my life.
it was this.
ME: Sir i am being bullied"
teacher: nobody bullies in my school.
ME: But sir i am being bullied
Teacher: don't beileve you
there must be something else wrong.
04 Jul 2005 Dias Take a chainsaw and let it do the magic
04 Jul 2005 Kat Step one write down all your hopes and dreams no matter how silly or freaky

Step two write a list of disapointments

Step three lie down where you can desolve into air (i your room or at the beach where every you feel at peace)

Step four close your eyes and Just BE. Do not think about the sounds or smells around you. Do not feel the air or wind but Be. Exsist second by second. This will most likely take many attempts but it is worth it.

Step five when you have reached the point of BEING and when you are ready to return slowly get up.

Step six and very importantly dust yourself off not only of any dirt but also the old shell your were

Step seven burn the disapointment and hopes list

Step eight RELEASE your old self let it die in the ashes of your hopes and fears

Step nine emerge again anew

I realize this is most likely not the type of suicide that you are referring to. But imagien the type of strength you could have if You could just Be

ps It is transending
04 Jul 2005 _B_ Umm, I know you probley don't want to hear from me because you all would consider me a prep/bitch and stuff like that, but ya know what just because some people dress like a so called "prep" I hang out with everyone and I have tried to kill myself plenty of times, i've been in the hospital more then once for attempt. suicide..Look, yeah I have to admit i've bullied people but its not like we get bullied ourselves..i used to think so highly of myself..untill I got bullied by one of my so called "bestfriend" hurts I know...but I hear by using X helps..but idk sorry I just wanted all you guys to know that a lot of the people you judge as preps might look like them, they just sometimes dont treat people like shit....just wanted to say that...
04 Jul 2005 Y Just before attempting any suicide you must try to rob a bank. If you're successful you might change your plan. But if you want me to be honest The best way to commit suicide is to blow your brains out with a firearm. It won't give you a chance of being under any pain or stress for even a single moment. And the next moment is probably like floating away in the wind having an excellent feeling. I will try it soon I'm sure. I just can't wait
04 Jul 2005 The Widowmaker Walk up to the local rudeboys and shouf "You dirty mud-skinned jigaboo scum. F**k off back to your own country" or words to that effect. Then play either jump the knife blade or run away from the bullets
03 Jul 2005 evelyn kill someone you hate to get death sentence
03 Jul 2005 Grace Hey Iv been depressed since I was 11 and im now 16 nearly 17. I have been suicidal since I was 13. I wana do it alot I've overdosed twice and been a bad cutter for 2 yrs. I dont know if I wana die or not I just want this torment in my mind to end. I got bullied from the age of 5 and didnt tell anyone till I was 12 I was scared and it has afected me very badly. But I wana be a psychologist now when im older to help pple like myself. If anyone wants a chat email me ok xxx
Love Grace xoxoxox
03 Jul 2005 goth i see dead people all the time too.
- i am a gothic too.
03 Jul 2005 madz bak again, after spendin da past 2 hrs readin responses from diff ppl, it makes me wonder y so many young ppl r unhappy....sum1 fuked our lives up sumwhere...sumfin's wrong wit this fukin judgemental society...and wit ppl in general (the ones who think life is gr8 coz they get everything they want wen eva they want)

y is it we let ppl hurt us n effect our live...n fuk up our lives so badly...4 sum ppl its our family members, or "friends", or sumtimes bullies or even random ppl we don't really know...its not fair...the way they voilate us n hurt us wen they feel like it...leavin us wit da scars

I cant believe i actually let my fukin father effect my life...he did it again n i couldnt take it last nite i made my 1st suicide attempt...i tried to hang myself but i got made me feel even more hopeless that i couldnt even kill myself - all i want 2 do is end my life...simple...but it didnt fukin work

y cant ppl just leave me alone 2 die...i was happy wen i was dyin...i think it was the best i've felt in ages..but no...that was ruined n now i just want 2 know a way 2 die that will b quick n ensure that no1 will catch me (b4 its done)

so...plez...if u hav n answer plez plez plez plez plez plez plez e-mail ( me or talk 2 me on msn coz i need ur help so bad.
03 Jul 2005 m0laria Refuse to have sex with Michael Jackson. Upon refusing his advances, he will rape and slaughter you with his small, yet deadly sharp penis.

PS. This only works for males.
03 Jul 2005 Polly When i was 11 i tried to kill myself by strangling myself with a wire.
03 Jul 2005 brittany when you r under 13 or 13 the best way to kill your self is to cut ur rists although its not the easiest!
03 Jul 2005 Kristofski A message to all the kids on here who feel suicidal:

You know all that stuff people say about your school years being the best years of your life?

It's bollocks.

School sucks. School kids suck. Don't worry, life gets better.
02 Jul 2005 no seal your self inside a cask of rum and replace the rum with the infumigating odur of vinegar

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