Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jun 2005 186 i went to my therapist today. she said i was a psycopath. because i think when someone gets in my way i have to remove them.
i didnt tell her i am always in the way of others and planning on suicide myself. my method will be the classic jump off a building.
01 Jun 2005 anne This is website is a great cure. I came to it feeling very low and I now leave thinking : Wow..I can't beleive I was thinking about hurting myself.
01 Jun 2005 Jennifer How about not killing yourself and giving it all to Jesus Christ he loves you and doesn't want you to kill yourself that is the devil he hates you he wants you to think theirs no plan for you life but their really is Jesus loves you so much so much that he gave his life for you so you could live eternal with him John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only begotton son for who so ever believes in him shall not parish but have every lasting life Let me share my testimony with you Last year my grandmother had cancer in her neck and they put a plate in her neck that collapsed leaving her paralized the doctors said that she only had a 1% chance of ever walking again and guess what shes doing shes walking and Jesus can do wonderful things in your life if you are willing to let him Just hang in there it won't be too long until he comes back I promise just hang on God bless
01 Jun 2005 Rusty Shaklefurd To start let me tell you the reasons I don't want to commit suicide.

1.Loveing family,both parents together,1 brother,4 sisters.

2.I have great friends.

3.Great community.

Why I will commit suicide.

I am terminally ill from cancer and 14 now.Doctors don't expect me to live past 17.Kemo stopped working when I was 12,I am in pain every day and it's only going to get worst.

O Yeah! The best wat to kill your self if your under 13 is to go online,meet a pedophile,tell him your age and that your a girl even if your not,and go meet him in a public place,most likely he'll some how get you to go back home with him(to his mothers basement)rape you kill you and dump your body in a park.
01 Jun 2005 god's unwanted child I am now 15 and been in an out of the psychiatric ward since i was 5 my arms are covered with scares because i cut my self when i do it i am not trying to kill my self i have only tried to kill my self 3 times always by o.d.
31 May 2005 a person I have been suicidal for a few months now & I dont know what to do. The first time I looked at this page it made me feel loads better knowing that there were people with worse lives than me and so I dont really have a right to feel suicidal. I think the best solution is to jump out a window. I am 10 and I have 2 living hells: 1 at home where I sometimes feel no one likes me anymore and 1 at school where I get bullied. Sometimes I really want 2 kill myself and sometimes I dont. No clue what to do. I have told my brother but asked him not to tell my parents. Someone, HELP. Should I ask my brother to tell my parents? I have to go now. Someone, tell me what to do!
31 May 2005 RETARD Retards. If you suck so bad you want to not exist, go walk in front of a bus or jump off something tall enough to kill you. Stop crying so much and just go do it. Or you could just run away from home and realize that your life wasn't so bad after all, but now that you're sucking dick for heroin money, you're too embarrassed to go back home. Or maybe you could just WAKE UP and realize that YOUR PAIN IS NOT UNIQUE and just WAIT IT OUT and one day you'll realize what a RETARD you were for ever thinking that NOT EXISTING AT ALL was better than any inconvenience you may have experienced during your life.
31 May 2005   the best way to kill yourself when you are 13 years old is to eat some rat poison on friday the 13th at 1:23 in the morning
31 May 2005 Lacey Marie you can kill yourself at any fuckin age. you can be under 1 year old and all you have to do is throw yourself out of the fuckin bassenet! but if your really asking then why dont you just jump off something, and since your under 13 then your short and it wont be hard to find someplace high up.
31 May 2005 Jenny there r some weird n sick ppl on this n y can i ask has sum1 used my email address if u dont av 1 they dont use sum1 elses u sick bastards
31 May 2005 They call me Sir Jesus Tap Dancing Christ there's a lot of boring fuckers on this site..
There's only 2 real options in this world. Live or die. And since we ALL die eventually anyway, why the Hell are there so many people trying to prevent suicide?
I say blow your head off, and if yu can't get a gun, slit your throat from ear to ear.
Now this is the 4th time I've posted something and it still hasn't been shown on the site, so show this fucking post or it may just push me over the edge and I'll be forced to do the "unthinkable"...

Oh, and to whoever said this site persuaded their brother to sniff glue and he died - if your brother was stupid enough to sniff glue and expect NOT to die, then this world is better off without him.

Reb and VoDKa - forever.
31 May 2005 c-a-r-e-l-e-s-s killer 1.)Go to a black neighborhood and act wigger((your sure to get yourself shot))
2.)If you wanna go to heavan drive nails through your hands into a huge cross ((acctually i dont know if that would get you to heaven or hell ...hmmmm))
3.)Dispart a shaving razor and cut into your stomache therefore causing you to bleed to death.
4.)Jam you arm into an oven with it on at full heat! ((reminder*:dont take your hand out.))
5.)ask a doctor how to become light sensitive and do so then revealing yourself to the sun and burning/tortured/w/e ect. to death

(hope these 5 suicide attempt tips help ^_^))
31 May 2005 Laurel start smoking at 13.. by time your old enough to know better you will be bed ridden.. coughing through a hole in your neck and unable to take a piss withought the cathitor burning you alive.. don't think that im a hypocrite for smoking myself.. im just starting the rollercoaster ride of slow painful suicide.. Cheers!
30 May 2005 Ben Dear Mouchette,

I have received an email from you today concerning a post I have made a couple days ago on your site. I must say I didn’t know you emailed people so it was a surprise. Anyway, I do not think my post would encourage people to kill themselves at all. All of those who come to your site, mostly by accident, are there for many different reasons. Some are here to cry for help in hopes someone would hear them. Some come here to share their deepest pain and struggles they are experiencing or have experienced. Some come to talk others out of what fate they have already decided. Then there are some who get pissed off for a site like this one to even exist and they say things they normally would not because they have lost control of their own ignorance trying to prove someone elses.

Did my post encourage anyone to attempt suicide? Maybe and maybe not. I cannot know how every person is feeling in their heart, and in their soul. We, as people, have never learned to look inside someone struggling with emotions, depression, or any other problem that becomes an endless battle. A battle that is far too incessant to be fought alone but it always is. We always search for physical pain inside someone in need of help. Tears maybe. Scars and bruises of course. But the problem is never found on the outside. The tears, the scars, the pain that can be seen, does not matter. What matters lies beneath that bruised skin. Those bruises are only a manifestation of the aching force underneath that frowning face. When tears cry themselves to sleep, when they rest upon your dampened pillow, when they leave trails of diamond streams flowing weightlessly towards your chin, when you are alone in the midst of the echoes of your very own cries, when you know the pain that floods your heart and drowns your soul, in the end, it is a pain no one will understand but you. It is a pain you know too well. It is a storm that crushes the wings that lifted you up. Suicide becomes the only way to fix the wings that have been fractured by that violent storm. Why? Suicide brings you the answers no one else will bring. I cannot speak for everyone, every ounce of sorrow flowing against our hearts is diverse and unique in its own way. But It has the same agonizing effect to every human being.

So I guess what I have been trying to explain is there are many things that influence a person in his/her decision to commit suicide. It is not a decision that happens over night. It happens when pain becomes unbearable, and our eyes become blinded by the empty happiness and comfort suicide brings. It takes the pain away when nothing on this earth will. It takes years of anguish and heartache away in one jump, one cut, one pill. It is a way out we find when the roads we travel lead to nowhere. Hope whatever I wrote shed some light on whoever out there is struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. It is not the tear we should see, it is the drops of sorrow inside that tear. Please post this mouchette. Ben. If anyone needs advice or anything….I’m here. Ben.
30 May 2005 Jen um...ok. well im 15 n wana know if you can OD on paracetamol?? if you know then please mail me. im planning to commit suicide in a few days(on thursday) n im not quite sure on how to do it yet. im kinda leaning towards jumping out infront of a train but if the paracetamol will work ill do that. please email me people! asap!
30 May 2005 the asshole that steps up Most people in the seciety would put you in a syke word for even thinking of something like that now look all you little sick freaks you fucks are stupid since december 2005 both my parents where killed my uncle died i was put in 4 syke words and jailed so many times it ain't funny and you people think you are ging to kill your selfs look dumbasses just cause something goes wrong in life there is always something better that will come your way and when you are at the top of the world be careful because its a long way down i should know and when you feel the rocks at the bottom you better pick you punk ass back up and go for it again because there is always something new waiting up there and i kept living because i want to find out what it is
30 May 2005 Leeanna Oh my God, are you fucking kidding me? This website is no where near right. Okay listen here folks. I'm 15 and I've been depressed for almost 8 years. I've tried to kill myself once and once was enough to put the fear of death into me. You know wanting to die is not some joke like this seems to make it. Its not fun. Its something that is FOREVER. If you are successful at killing yourself then thats it you are dead. Now why in the HELL would someone come to this site to talk about the best way to die. I mean, come on, if you stupid fucks were actually going to kill yourselves you would have done it already. As far as I see it you all are full of shit. YOu all talk about this like its something good. SUICIDE is BAD. Its something that not only kills people it kills the loved ones of that person. If you are thinking of suicide GET HELP. No matter what has happened to you DEATH IS NOT THE WAY. Believe me, I'm not saying I'm perfectly fine cuz I'm not, I cut myself, yes I am a cutter. I'm not happy about it and it makes me feel so shitty but thats how I get my pain out. I've had friends kill themselves and I still think of them EVERY SINGLE DAY. DONT kill yourself, your family and friends will NEVER get over the pain of losing you. YOU ARE LOVED. If you want to die....GET HELP.
30 May 2005 nadia i dont want to answer that question but i do think that everyone who is on this website was looking for an easy way out there is never an easy way out i want to tell you guys something i tried to commit suicide by an od on pills apparently i lived but i was so close to dying and it hurt so bad before you try to kill yourself try i still think about everyday i cant say i will never commit suicide but i will diffently try i dont know exactly what i am trying to say i guess just try and think about this all the time people goto the golden gate bridge to comitt suicide and out of the few who actually live through it said they changed their mind before they were half way down so just try first if not working do what you please but if you have siblings dont it hurts them and affects them more than the parents
29 May 2005 Discerned Don't kill yourself.
Kill others.
Kill insects, animals, weak people.
Laugh at their pain, ejaculate.
Do it properly and nobody will notice it.
Visit a mental hospital.
Look around and you'll see they're more miserable than you'll ever be.
Hurt yourself.
Make scars, wounds, bleed.
Scream loud, the loudest you can.
Hate everyone.
Hate your friends, family, just everyone.
Love yourself.
Only yourself and your lookalikes.
Tell people what you think about them.
Make them hate you.
Friends are evil, satanic, ego-destructive energy-lowering shits.

Live live, or die now.

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