Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Aug 2005 fruitcake I don't understand this site is it help teens or have them kill themselves
03 Aug 2005 toureniquet ok recently i've been feeling worse then normal, and i've taken a few tests and on 90 % of them it says that i have serious depression... and i know that i should see a docter but i cant do that without telling my mom and even if i did tell my mom she wouldn't believe me. and i really don't have many friends that would even believe.
02 Aug 2005 Unknown This morning I came here . Put on a dress to lok nice for everyone here , got some flowers for the tables ,then put out some cold cuts and drinks for all of you .................. My gf says the guys from the hospital will be arriving shortly and to just go peacefully so they don't have to use a stun gun on me .See you all after deprogramming or electro-shock therapy , whichever the doc's decide to use on me .Look !, it's buddy , lex , and vera coming in the front door .!!!...............or is it the guys from the ambulance ?
They're coming to take me away ha ha
They're coming to take me away
To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white suits
And they're coming to take me away ha ha
They're coming to take me away
To the happy home where basket weavers sit all day
and twiddle their thumbs and their toes
And they're coming to take me away ha ha
They're coming to take me away....
(Chains clinking.....)
The guys in the white coats are pulling to the ambulance . I'm desperate , babbling about checking my pm's , seeing lex's latest post , and what is going on in the cr .....We stop for a second as one of the guys runs back to get one of my Dr. Scholls that came off when we were fighting . I keep talking at 100 miles a minute , "have to make a post , have to read posts , what is up with vlada ? where is Topic Of Gossip .... you can't take me , sachili will be mad !!!!?' I want to call murray , this isn't legal !!!!! As we get in the ambulance I see a computer on the dash board and ask the guys if they can get to FEMALEFIRST on it .They look at each other and laugh . I keep asking if at the hospital they will have a pc I can use . " Sure sweetie " says the driver . His partnner laffs and says " Yeah honey , a pc , a airplane , and a rocket ship , anything you want " . I'm happy now , I'll be able to get on . Maybe I can go for a ride on the rocket ship and log in here too......................
02 Aug 2005 Brian Marsh I just had a good look in the mirror and am now contemplating suicide. My life is such a freakin joke. one of my friends who helped me out tremendously in life by taking me out to find a job and then buying me things like ciggerettes and coffee and meals at resturaunts when i was staying at a homeless shelter after i got out of prision and my mom wouldnt let me stay at her house because i am a total freakin loser and everything i touch turns to a heaping pile of fresh steamy dung(like a computer full of viruses or a phone). any way back to my friend. i started going out with his younger sister who is way younger than me too. well to make a long story short i betrayed his trust by stealing from him and going thru his belongings while he wasnt in the house and when i was caught i coulnt even be a man about it and admit i was wrong so i lied and lied some more to cover up my lies. and his sister lied for me and now i divided my friend and his sister probably for a long time if not for life. i am so deppressed over this matter. i am seriously contemplating suicide.
02 Aug 2005 madeliane im ten and my life is grate. (sortof)i want to know... is killing yourself in a freezer freezing your ass of a relaxing way to die?
01 Aug 2005 Sen Sit down... try not to think about past or future... think only about how your body move as you breath in and out... if any thing else comes to your mind... remind yourself that you steped out of path and move your focus again to those body moves... do it as long as you are alive... you'd die soon enough
01 Aug 2005 Damn fools. Janie got a gun
Janie got a gun
whole world's come undone
lookin' straight at the sun
what did her daddy do
what did he put you through
they say when Janie was arrested
they found him underneath a train
but man he had it comin'
now that Janie's got a gun
she ain't never gonna be the same
Janie got a gun
Janie got a gun
dog days just begun
now everybody is on the run
tell me now it's untrue
what did her daddy do
he jacked a little bitty baby
the man has got to be insane
they say the spell that he was under
the lightning and the thunder
knew that someone had to stop the rain
run away, run away from the pain
run away, run away from the pain
run away, run away
run, run away
what did her daddy do
it's Janie's last I-O-U
she had to take him down easy
and put a bullet in his brain [alt: she left him in the pouring rain]
she said 'cause nobody believes me
the man was such a sleaze
he ain't never gonna be the same
honey honey, what's the problem
tell me it ain't right
was it your daddy's cradle-robbin' that
made you scream at night
01 Aug 2005 Titue je pense que la meilleur forme de suicide, c encor de pleurer juska en cravé, mais dit moi Mouchette que se passe t il dans ta vie, pour que tu soit si triste? j'aimerais savoir. Moi ma mère est morte a 10ans.. mon père ont en parle pas! S.T.p ré^pond moi
01 Aug 2005 shattered and distressed, I feel extremely unwell.
I get tired, nauseous, and giddy, and then I become unwell. ...
out of all the shattered.
AM: lonely I WAS NEVER: good at understanding people????
Most of the time I'm depressed and shattered....
I have no idea as to why I am feeling so much rage when things are good, why letting go of the struggle is so hard for me. I am beginning to feel like and out of work warrior, worthless.
When I am unwell I find the effort hard but it definitely keeps me going..
i am a ex self harmer becasue of my look's. and it SUCKS.
i hate myself and i hate me all over.
I'm nervous and I'm just full of hatred. I just want to tear myself apart. Loads of rumors and gossip have been going around about me.
I hate myself and want to die.
01 Aug 2005 meredith the best way to kill yourself would be to OD on sleeping pills. that way, its painless. and all you have to do is wait to fall asleep.

i hate that adults dont understand. they think that kids 13 or under dont have depression or they dont understand life.

im 13 ive attempted once before. i took 75 asprins. and i puked all night. so i know that doesnt work

i sometimes wish i had somebody that i could tell. i cant tell my parents for obviouse reasons. and my best friend doesnt take me seriously. ive tried confiding in her, but she just says im retarted. and when she saw that i had been cutting she just told me i wasnt a cutter, i was just being stupid and wanted some attention. that just hurts me even more. so if u havnt already tried suicide, dont, give life a chance.

01 Aug 2005 danielle everyperson out there you have a body inside your body is your soul and within your soul is your spirit! what is your body? nothing more than a comination of looks and genes from your mother and father
nothing more than a shell that holds your soul and spirit and that is a combination from GOD. more like a blessing, a peice of love, a child, a being human- a peice of flesh (our speices) being-A SOUL
i can tell from reading all of this bull
yall writtin, that the devil is successfully bizzy! he wants you to think that your shell comes first and that your porky ugly loser ass has no way out,dont belong ,or there is no GOD
so that when you do decide to set your soul free from this cruel my shit dont stink world you can go sraight 2 ITERNAL DAMNATION . and hell dont last for 10 years then you can go to heavin or be reincarnated! no HELL NO! its iternal burning,torchering,demons,crying mournin,pain, and shit way worse than what you see on the scifi channel!
but i wont get in to all of that half of you dont beilieve any way.
i hope no body aint tryin to kill there self 4real. what ever it is face up to it like a man or a woman. nothing lasts forever exept heavin and hell and thats not of this world so u dont have to worry about that right now. i love you all so much you just dont know. iv been through it all being forced to eat dog shit being starved raped dumped in a feild left to DIE having knives peices of wood and lots of other foreign objects shoved in me having to drink windex iv been drowned beatin so bad shot twice and thrown in the dirtest ditch in jacksonville. you have NO IDEA
NO REALLY. and through out it all im stll here 150 pound black female still can have kids and perfectly healthy exept for a root-canal i have to get
next 2morrow. jesus loves all of you so much all of this just may be a test to make you stronger. mabe this is why the lord kept me alive so that i can touch you or another person 2day. i love you all soooo much. dont let the devil trick you into thinking you can end it all by killing your self or another. DONT FALL FOR HIS TRICK hes very bizzy u see what he's done with the internet.
theres going to be a war between good and evil. trust in the lord and do good love your soul (refraim from anger and turn from hate for hate leads to regret and great sin.)just call on him when your feelin down or ugly or humiliated. ask him to comfort you and listen with your heart NOT YOUR EARS.
cmon get up GET UP you can do it
nothings gonna change unless you do somthing killing ur self is not the way
you can do better you can be better r u afraid to make a change ur not a nobody,ur not fat, ur not dumb, ur not a nobody i love you if any one else dont
i love you get up -danielle
01 Aug 2005 cathrina fernandez im exactly 13 going on 14 in september! i hate living i lost my sister and my father i fell in love with a guy named noel which i think is dead right now beacuse i have talked to him in two days i try thinking of ways to kill my self but i dont want to make it painfull !! give me some ideas !!
01 Aug 2005 blondes suck for blondes only:

ask a friend to put a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a 20ft pool and sniff it 100 times.
01 Aug 2005 Nathan I'm sick of reading about whiny little twelve-year-olds who want to die. Why is it they think it's they who have the biggest problems in life. Remind me someone what it is twelve-year-olds do...Oh yeah, FUCK ALL.
If you annoying shits actually wanted to kill yourself, and you weren't just saying it on a website because you're a bunch of pretentious oiks, then it wouldn't be hard to do. Here's my advice to the wannabe-martyrs of the youth of today: JUMP OFF A FUCKING HIGH BRIDGE ONTO THE MOTORWAY, AND WAIT FOR A SIXTY-TON TRUCK TO SPREAD YOU OVER THE TARMAC. Stop whining like you're worse-off than anyone else ever who ever existed, you're not. Someone actually listed the fact that they missed a pony they were lending as a reason they wanted to die. People like you deserve to die, and I'm sure everyone else would approve if you got your snivelly little arse mutilated.
31 Jul 2005 zechariah well, i dont know about all this 13 shit but i do kno depression is a major obstical for everyone... sumthing i have learned is that no matter who you are your problems are worse than anyones... so its kind of ironic when people talk about their problems and expect someonw to fix them and make them go away. how can anyone fix your problems when their too worried about their own? yet we all expect to get sympathy from others when your getting enough from your self. the best thing to deo in the situation is not to physically kill yourself but kill the part of you that gives a shit about what others think and start foucusin on what your gonna do next for yourself. LEARN TO BE SELFISH many ppl who are suicidal are also selfless they care more for others than themselves and when they feel that no care is being returned its depressing.
31 Jul 2005 Scors-b It was dark outside, and the hospital room felt small, hot. Wind gusted through the small gap in the window, rustleing the blinds. There was a distant light from through the glass panel on the door, where the night staff must have been.
I woke with shock, although I was sure I hadden't slept for a month. I felt like death, hardly able to move.
Checked the time in anticipation. It was 06:16, and my drip had run out, as the doctor said. My bed sheets were soaking with sweat. There was no sound apart from the static in my ears. Then I knew what was coming. Thick black fluid and stomach acid rushed up through my gullet, spewing out of my mouth desparatly. It didn't stop. Unable to breathe I pulled towards the basin in the corner of the room. It kept coming, blocking air from my lungs. Gasping for air and trying so hard to stay still, I turned my head. The bed sheets had been stained, a stream of black mixture flowing accross them. I think I could hear the night nurse on my left, but another gut wrentching dose of vomit blocked out anything she said. I stood, for a while, praying there was no more to come, and yet still embracing the horrific pain that pumped through my veins and muscles. I made a guided collapse to a chair, and the nurse declared she was going to get clean sheets. I sat in shock. It would be several days before I could walk again.

Suicide is not a game. If anyone wants the benefit of my experiance, please email me.
31 Jul 2005 Jonnee Davis You can cut your head off with your moms favorite kitchen knife.
31 Jul 2005 shaleen lucinsloven eat your own head,
sleep with oj simpson
eat a bowl of broken glass for breakfast
stick a nail through your temple nice and slow
piss on an electrical fence
try to hump a jaguar
stick your head in a crocks mouth
hang yourself with your hair
fart in a ventilated area
stick two pickels in your nose

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