Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Aug 2005 cathrina fernandez im exactly 13 going on 14 in september! i hate living i lost my sister and my father i fell in love with a guy named noel which i think is dead right now beacuse i have talked to him in two days i try thinking of ways to kill my self but i dont want to make it painfull !! give me some ideas !!
01 Aug 2005 blondes suck for blondes only:

ask a friend to put a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a 20ft pool and sniff it 100 times.
01 Aug 2005 Nathan I'm sick of reading about whiny little twelve-year-olds who want to die. Why is it they think it's they who have the biggest problems in life. Remind me someone what it is twelve-year-olds do...Oh yeah, FUCK ALL.
If you annoying shits actually wanted to kill yourself, and you weren't just saying it on a website because you're a bunch of pretentious oiks, then it wouldn't be hard to do. Here's my advice to the wannabe-martyrs of the youth of today: JUMP OFF A FUCKING HIGH BRIDGE ONTO THE MOTORWAY, AND WAIT FOR A SIXTY-TON TRUCK TO SPREAD YOU OVER THE TARMAC. Stop whining like you're worse-off than anyone else ever who ever existed, you're not. Someone actually listed the fact that they missed a pony they were lending as a reason they wanted to die. People like you deserve to die, and I'm sure everyone else would approve if you got your snivelly little arse mutilated.
31 Jul 2005 zechariah well, i dont know about all this 13 shit but i do kno depression is a major obstical for everyone... sumthing i have learned is that no matter who you are your problems are worse than anyones... so its kind of ironic when people talk about their problems and expect someonw to fix them and make them go away. how can anyone fix your problems when their too worried about their own? yet we all expect to get sympathy from others when your getting enough from your self. the best thing to deo in the situation is not to physically kill yourself but kill the part of you that gives a shit about what others think and start foucusin on what your gonna do next for yourself. LEARN TO BE SELFISH many ppl who are suicidal are also selfless they care more for others than themselves and when they feel that no care is being returned its depressing.
31 Jul 2005 Scors-b It was dark outside, and the hospital room felt small, hot. Wind gusted through the small gap in the window, rustleing the blinds. There was a distant light from through the glass panel on the door, where the night staff must have been.
I woke with shock, although I was sure I hadden't slept for a month. I felt like death, hardly able to move.
Checked the time in anticipation. It was 06:16, and my drip had run out, as the doctor said. My bed sheets were soaking with sweat. There was no sound apart from the static in my ears. Then I knew what was coming. Thick black fluid and stomach acid rushed up through my gullet, spewing out of my mouth desparatly. It didn't stop. Unable to breathe I pulled towards the basin in the corner of the room. It kept coming, blocking air from my lungs. Gasping for air and trying so hard to stay still, I turned my head. The bed sheets had been stained, a stream of black mixture flowing accross them. I think I could hear the night nurse on my left, but another gut wrentching dose of vomit blocked out anything she said. I stood, for a while, praying there was no more to come, and yet still embracing the horrific pain that pumped through my veins and muscles. I made a guided collapse to a chair, and the nurse declared she was going to get clean sheets. I sat in shock. It would be several days before I could walk again.

Suicide is not a game. If anyone wants the benefit of my experiance, please email me.
31 Jul 2005 Jonnee Davis You can cut your head off with your moms favorite kitchen knife.
31 Jul 2005 shaleen lucinsloven eat your own head,
sleep with oj simpson
eat a bowl of broken glass for breakfast
stick a nail through your temple nice and slow
piss on an electrical fence
try to hump a jaguar
stick your head in a crocks mouth
hang yourself with your hair
fart in a ventilated area
stick two pickels in your nose
30 Jul 2005 why is Mouchette ugly or pretty or slone or what?

why has she made this site.?
30 Jul 2005 Killer Bisquet Has anyone ever even met Mouchette?
30 Jul 2005 graeme I am 43 and planning suicide as i HAVE NO FRIENDS OR anybody to talk to please help I just want to die
30 Jul 2005 Cobain's pet fish, Gossam. I Present to everyone: The Real Reason Kurt Cobain Killed Himself.

It's simple really. One day Kurt decided to do a shot of heroine, 2 lines of coke, 5 joints, and six shots of vodka. Being very hungry afterwards, he decided to search for food. Unfortunately, his loving wife was always to stoned to get food. So being unbearably hungry and afraid of arrest if he strayed into town, he was left to find something else. After chewing on his shoe for an hour to no avail, it occured to him that he could bite the bullet and swallow one down. Then he realized he had no ammunition lying around. Suddenly a thought occured to him, "Maybe I can barely pull the trigger of my shotgun while holding it up to my mouth and the pellets will just fall out." He sat on floor and held the shotgun up to his mouth and lightly pulled the trigger. BOOM!!! No more Cobain.

Or I could just say for every good Nirvana song Kurt wrote, God cursed him with a shotgun round to the head.
30 Jul 2005 The Dungeon Dave advice Column HAVE SEX WITH ME!!! I have HIV! So you'll die after a while. Unless, they find a cure. Then your aspirations of ending your life will be utterly futile!!! Okay it won't but whatever.
30 Jul 2005 My smile is a lie Hi, I'm not telling you my name but, I'm a suicide addict. Oo that hurt...I've been trying to commit suicide since I was like 6. I'm 21 now. I still think about ending it all. I've been through all that aggravating therapy, nothing has solved it. Deep and dark thoughts enter my mind time to time. I'm getting my own apartment soon and I think I might get me a gun and blow my brains out or find some rational way out of this hell. I don't have any real friends or family, no one to turn to, total isolation. This pain seems to never seize. It's always there, all I feel all over my fuckin body. Everytime someone tries to get close to me I turn away, no matter what. No one would fuckin give a damn when I'm gone anyways, they don't care right now that I'm alive, why should they care when I'm dead. I just hope whenever I do it that my body is not found, I'll do it somewhere no one goes, off a cliff somewhere deep into a lake. I'm just one big fucking joke when it comes to any relationship. It's like oh...I'm a 15 yr old girl with a stupid crush on this guy and he really fucking cares, not! So, I stop all relationships, altogether and them only hoping to be my friend after starting a so called relationship, how can anyone be someone's friend who just leaves them behind and like you don't know. I'm sick of it. I'm ending my life soon and no one can stop me.
30 Jul 2005 inTIMidator what's done is done,
what's unfinished
will never be done
the pain is so beautiful
as you cut and put yourself
through a meat grinding machine
so pretty
the red blood
that drips
if everyone were really
going to commit suicide
or at least some who have
a commitment to doing it
then go ahead and do it
what's the chances
of not getting it overwith
every 15 minutes someone
kills themself
lets try to make it every few seconds!
30 Jul 2005 helena a.k.a KORN if any can give me any advice plz e-mail me. death seems to be the only answer to me.plz e-nsil me ppl!
29 Jul 2005 Carys drink a bottle of bleach, then slit your wrists and wrap the in a fox glove plant.
29 Jul 2005 Grandma Goth in Killer Heels I don't know what brought me back to the site today - I went through a brief period of being fixated with it about 18 months ago. Thought it was for real and ended up having nitemares about kids committing suicide and stuffed animals with striped penises... I always did have an overactive imagination but dropped out of art college to "go on the road" after a term!!!

I stand by what I said about there being some middle aged bloke behind this orchestrating the whole thing. BUT I've yet to see the film "Mouchette", and I know exactly what it's like to be so touched by a piece of art you want to go on to create something of your own.

I'm a writer and work from life, but believe that art imitates life (and maybe vice versa) so it all evens out somewhere.

It's difficult to think of the kids when the kids are only thinking of themselves. But anyway, peace love and empathy to all. Hope we all get better soon, huh?!


Em xxx
29 Jul 2005 waiting for death. life is shit anyway.
i can't wait for my death.
i am totaly shattered.
29 Jul 2005 mike be carful you dont wont to fuck up and end up in more pain thin you arady are like takeing 75 tylenol that would kill your liver it would heart real bad your skin will start to turn yollow you will die but slow tri to keep puting it off and talk to people but only people that know what your going throw and always remaber you might not die
28 Jul 2005 Ben Does anyone know how long it takes to die if you cut your wrists? How about if I take aspirin would that speed up the process? I was going to drive off a cliff the other day but I didn't want to do that to my car. :( I tried hanging myself but it hurts like hell and my friend found me before it could successful. Hmm....only complete morons try the overdose thing. It never works and dcotors have no sympathy for depressed persons just out to get attention. Umm...I don't own a gun so screw that option. Someone posted a thing on here about apple seeds and cyanide poisoning? Is that even true or are you just joking around? Are there any painless methods of hanging that can knock you unconscious quick? Someone from this site e-mailed me a method but it hurt like hell and I followed every step....Is it possible to drink yourself to death? Alcohol, water, V8 splash? I'm being serious! Pleas ee-mail me with your suggestions and give me some tips! Thanks all!

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