Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Aug 2005 h-luv i feel so weird being on here but i googled "commit suicide" and this popped up. i am 19 years old and believe me if you met me you would never think i would even try to think about dying. i am an absolutely beatiful girl. i model go to college, smart, wealthy, well traveled anything positive. my life looks sooo pretty and perfect. except for one thing. i cry everyday, i think about turning my steering wheel, cutting myself. i feel really worthless. that nothing ever goes right for me. i have been bullied all my life, put down disrespected and hurt. everyone makes me feel like such a bad person. i dont trust anyone! my friends come in and out of my life and everytime and end up doing something horrible to hurt me or use me. the only thing that keeps me from doing anything is my family. i dont want to hurt my parents. just them. i want to die so bad sometimes, it scares me, but i do. i feel so useless. so alone.
27 Aug 2005 emma hey guys and gurls im a 13 year old im a kid out of 7 and we all dont live with each other my parent split up when i was 3 that didnt affect me much but im goin through a tough and emoitonal time i havent seen my dad in along time over 6mths hes gone to jail over 4 time in the lst 2 years he keeps huge secrets from me and my mom hates me shes hit me a few time and i feel like i need it but really when i think about it earlier i dont and i hate her ive tried to commit 6 times and it didnt work i have 6 scars and my b/f wants to now y i do this i tell him he laughs at me and thinks im some nut and brakes up with me then this keeps goin and goin i hate my fuckin life so if u think about commitin suicide take an ove dose of medicine it the lest painful way that ive tryed but the e.r. relived me i wish they would of left me to b and die and rott in hell thats were i need to b!!!
27 Aug 2005 Kylee Where to start? Hmm...okay well, first of all, I'm not looking for sympathy, people telling me "Oh it's okay, everything will be alright", or any of that shit. It's all pretty reatarded when people tell you that 'cause it's not true. It's fucking stupid! I'm just here to tell my story like all the other jackasses here. I'm only 13 and I'm addicted to the thought of killing myself. I've tried it and unfortunately, it hasn't worked...yet. I started getting REALLY depressed about three years ago when my brother started doing drugs and shit. He would take his anger out on me and abuse me on a daily basis. It got to a point where I was going to live with a different family, but my mom decided not to at the last moment 'cause she thought he would get better. Ha! That was bull shit. He's a complete drug and alcohol adict. I had to sit in my home and watch him get taken from it to jail. (By the way, he's 16) He stayed in jail for 'bout a month and then got sent to rehab in Washington. What a freaking waste of money that was. Right when he got home, he walked out the door and started smoking. My parents divorced when I was two and my mom married some ass that acts like he can control me. I go through so much shit I can't even explain it! I am so fucking miserable and depressed I'm ready for my life to just end right now!!! I've BEEN ready for a long time now. I tend to try to make my life sound perfect to hide how I really feel. It's weird, I hate having people know how depressed I am and how suicidal I am. One way that I really hide it is by talking to people. I HATE every fucking person here!!!! They're just stupid freaking ass holes that make my life extra miserable by using my mistakes against me! I used to be so scared of death...and still kinda am. But, I NEED it. I need to end this miserable shitty life. At the same time that I'm scared of death...I'm REALLY scared of life. I cry myself to sleep hoping for tomorrow to just not come. I know that people at my school don't think that I'm that miserable 'cause I'm the "pretty girl" or whatever. They think that they can make comments about me or my family 'cause my life is just so 'perfect' it can't get bad. There's no reason for me to get depressed. I have everything going for me, I'm everything they want to be. BULL SHIT!!!!!!! They should want to be anything BUT me! My life is like a nightmare that I won't wake up out of. No one hears my fucking cries for help!! I freaking can't take it anymore! My mom is as blind as a freaking bat...if not more. She can't see how freaking miserable I am. She got me a counselor. Big woop...that sure works. My ass! It hasn't worked worth crap, if not made things worse. I've tried suicide...cutting myself to death, starving, suffocating, ODing, yadda yadda yadda, etc. Nothing has freaking worked and it's pissing me off!!! I get so freaking pissed off I can't even explain it. I write poetry and crap like that to 'express how I feel'. Ha! That's crap. All it is is just 'poems' saying how freaking miserable I am and how much I just wanna die. When I re-read them, it makes me more depressed. As you turn the pages, the 'poems' get more and more depressing and suicidal like. Some people say that I just want attention. I don't want attention...I just want to get my story out without people giving me crap about it. I just want people to see how freaking miserable one can get. My 'friends' help with my depression too. And not helping as in helping me out of it. They get me more and more depressed by calling me a slut, bitch, whore, hoe, etc. I haven't done anything at all to be called a slut or a whore. ANYTHING AT ALL!!! I've kissed a guy...big woop. Oh yeah, I'm such a slut now. There's girls at my school that have gone all the way and they're only 12. I don't see ANYONE calling them a slut or whore. One of my 'friends', (man do I hate her so much!!!), makes my life and extra living hell by making comments about my chest being bigger than the rest of the girls. If she finds out some guy likes me, she runs up to me and says something like "They only like you 'cause of your boobs." God do I just wanna freaking ring her neck!! I freaking hate her so much yet I still put up with her shit. Why do I do that? Why?? I don't know why, but I do know that any time now I'll just snap and smack her when she says one word to me. I FREAKING NEED HELP!!!!!!!! No one gets that. I really need help! I'm loosing my mind, going crazy. I need to be sent to a nut house. Depresson has taken over my mind. It's strangling me. Smothering me so much no one can hear my cries. I wrote a freaking letter to my mom telling her that I feel suicidal 'cause I thought we might be able to 'communicate'. Oh yeah, that sure worked. She hasn't done crap about it. She just keeps going on with her day, yelling at me for nothing. Oh yeah, that's sure helping with my suicidal feelings. I really just want to freaking wake out of this nightmare. I'm taking the wrong path and I know it. Yet, I'm not turning back. It's weird...I'm my happiest when I miserably depressed. I WANT to have to get so depressed to where I HAVE to get sent to one of those psychatric hospitals. I almost did this summer, but I wasn't quite depressed enough. I want to get out of this crap so badly...yet I love it! But, whatever...I'm just waiting to see what happens next. Maybe madication for it, hospitals, shrinks, or maybe even...suicide. The one thing I've been waiting for the most......
27 Aug 2005 Fat Joe fuckin pussies,
choke ya fuckin self to death
or take the biggest tv in your house
or apartment (u poor bitches) and drop it on ur head, if failed retry till succesfully done. being rich will make u not want to kill ya self.

p.s. if ur ugly just fuckin shoot ur self or od or sumthing cause nobody wants and ya have no point on livin

member kids jesus always say... only the rich are dont no wat quarters r.
die slow bitches
26 Aug 2005 SpookyPenguin well... i'm back!
i thought of a few ways to kill yerself..
But thats a buntch of bull shit right now!
if any one likes my dumb ways to kill yerself.. for entertainment. I'LL WTIE A FUCKING BOOK AND U CAN LAUGH YER FUCKING NON-EMOTIONAL SICK ASS OFF!!! ...Of corse jocking about suicide is not bad... laughing and having fun... r almost like the same thing and if thats the way u wanna live yer life I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
Now where was i kids?
Now about 30% to 50%
on here... are just kids/adults
with normal lifes who like to make fun of people with emotioinal problems/shity lives exc...
Now that same percent may just be people who often r Adicted to suicide storys... pictures of sad GIRLS cutting them selfs (often never boys) people like that r just either nerdy horny fuckers, who should just try to live a normal fucking life sted of watsing all there time reading stuff liek this on the internet...

another 30% to maybe even 40% of the people on here..
acualy do have problems alot of people like to call them "Emos" if this is u you don't have that bad a life you just think it's either cool to be depressed or u have serios or on and off anger/depression problems.. trigered by sertin stuff/people/events exct...
4 those kids i used to hate most of u... but then.. i figures out i was one.. and alot of people i know and like were to... now the thing is if u have the times to look on the internet right now because you were feelign really down.. and wanted to look up suicide.. but now u have got distracted by this and yer tears have maybe stoped... bacause u don't have to think about your problems no more.

(bUT Don't fucking worry it's almost done)

Now the other 10% to 20% are...
kids with a Bigger problem... to want to kill yerself or cut over..
(Examples of this is... fuck that just here are some ressons

physical Abuse from parents

Emotional abuse from parents(Being yelled aat alot 4 often lil things and being told yer stupid and "why did i ever have u?" and stuff liek that)

Abuse from people at school(Geting beat up and insulted alot, often by one person or a group)

Emotional abuse from almost all yr friends and everyone u know( like having ALOT of emotional bullys)


abuse from parents + drugs

You give abuse... to other people
not yersle or u killed someone and u feel really bad about it..


and i think there are other issues but i named some of the basic ones).

...U know this really didn't help any one who came on to figure out how to kill them selfs...

i'm srrry about that...
and i'm also srrry 4 most of u... and i wish i knew u and could help u unless.. u really r serios about it... idk...

Well if u acualy read all of this

yer welcome... i bet yer dead no one int he world could read 4 that long wiht out dieing... so i helped u kill yerslef with this..


26 Aug 2005 Kate Well well. I'm not going to bother with my own story. That you dont need. I'm assuming that people who read this site are like all the afore mentioned people. And since suicide is an incredibly selfish act, I'm assuming you dont need to hear another sally-sob story. In no way am I trying to be insulting, but I must point out. I know people who have commited suicide, and they got it right the first time. They were fuck-ups their ENTIRE LIVES and they got this right the first time. So why arent you? Is it for attention. I bet you all still really want to live, just without the pain. That might help.

Some of your situtations are really unfortunate. They really are. And I really feel badly. But you get one life. Good or bad. Why do you want to rush into nothingness, it's half of what your feeling right now: empty, alone, dark.

You get one chance every day to see the sun rise. Sounds corny, I know. I wont get up that early. But it's the point I'm trying to make.

If you really felt that bad, then you would have gone through with it long ago. You cant call it suicide if you didnt die. So, this is just another form of hurting yourself, much like cutting. But cutting is a cry for help, not a way to end things. I know I state the obvious, but it's obvious fact.

p.s- I think the suicide kit is a sick idea. It's not a game, it's not fun, and your just being....well...pathetic.
26 Aug 2005 Listen to me.. Hello, I'm someone here to say a few words. If you are reading this, and plan to commit suicide please take some time to read this. I've been where you are, I have been been very depressed at times and did indeed want to commit suicide...Anyway, I am here to say It will not work. Suicide will only end a very precious thing. Yes, sometimes we all go through hardships we must undertake. But please dont...End it..Everyone..everything..Is here for a reason..Love, Medicine, Helping others..Anything..But you have your own purpose and you should make sure it is complete. Yes We will all die soon but dont rush it, god gave you life so use it (not saying like you HAVE to beleive in god) but..there is help out there if you need Professsional help. (I AM NOT ADVERTISING) But, I am speaking from Exeriences I saw a person try to commit suicide...It was horrible..I am 14...I am speaking this cause I care for life....Yes, I am still heavily depressed but I fight on..Cause one day all pain will end and your life will go on happy and flurishing..So If you are thinking of Commiting suicide thank you for reading thing and please reconsider
26 Aug 2005 fdsa Hi, I'm 17 and I constantly think of suicide. I haven't tried it, but the haunting thought always comes across my mind. I'd say my cause of depression is my social anxiety. I hate being around a lot of people I don't know. I feel like they're judging me; staring at me. Also with girls, there's this girl I like, and I'm sure everyone has this same feeling. The feeling that that person is out of your reach and that you'll be alone forever. I've cried myself to sleep many nights with that thought. I pray to god many times and I know how many of you feel. The feeling that God is there, but not caring for you... Being forsaken. I know how you feel. Video games is my comforter. I play online with a bunch of friends. They feel like my real friends because they know how I feel. My friends here wouldn't understand. I pretend that I'm the character in that perfect world to relieve my stresses and tensions. When I cry myself to sleep, I'd listen a few of Michelle Branch's songs. There's a few particular songs that make me forget everything. Her voice... is soothing.

Thoughts that take away my pride
Trapped in places deep inside
Memories I have come to fear
And I can't make them disappear

"Wait 'til I'm free
I promise you'll see"

"And everything I thought it'd be
Is nothing like it is"

"Somebody alone broken"

"I've caried this weight
For too long..."

"And everything I've hated
Keeping me so jaded"

"I look
Into the mirror"
"And I hate what I see"
"All my lifes disfunction
Alive in front of me"
26 Aug 2005 Kevin The best way is to:

load your dads gun with 2 bullets, and stick the gun in your mouth and shoot yourself, and if it doesnt work pull the trigger again, thats when the second bullet comes in handy.
26 Aug 2005 nah steal your moms call and put on your seat belt anf duckt tape it there and drive in to a lake
26 Aug 2005 Alex A lot of the people on here seem to be against this site and think it's sick. If you don't like it then why are you here? How did you come across it? You must have been searching for something relating to suicide. Don't belittle other people's problem just because you dimiss them as pathetic. If people's problems are important to them then that is all that matters. Stop bitching about people and leave them to it.
26 Aug 2005 maisha drink half a bottle of disinfectant i think anyway .
26 Aug 2005 Jonathan I don't know im 20 and want to die this weekend, can you help me?
26 Aug 2005 Cari Hi, I used to want to die all the time, I use to cut myself a lot cause I wanted to hurt and part of me wanted to die but another part didn't. I only tried it once for real but obviously it didn't work. I just wanted to let you know if somehow you can get through this it might very well be worth it. I am forty now and finally happy and finally free to live my own life. It got better little by little. 20's were still kinda hard, 30's were much better. There is lot's of help on the web too. Try Good luck beautiful people. I hope your pain stops. Cari
26 Aug 2005 Victoria Ross I hate my life!!!
The next time my dad molests me I am going to burn down the house while he is asleep.
I can't stand my life. I have to die or he does.
25 Aug 2005 Jill I am 13 and have contemplated suicide and cut myself. I know how you feel and want you to know that if you need someone to talk to, I urge you to e-mail me.I know from personal experience that one thing that keeps you alive is someone who cares, someone who understands. My e-mail is I just want you to know that someone cares and when all seems to be lost, think about the people you're leaving behind.
25 Aug 2005 Patricia I'm not too sure how to start this. I guess I should let all of you know that I'm twenty seven. Suicied has been a struggle for me for over twelve years now. If you want to talk about "dark days", feeling that no one sees you or listening, that no matter where you go and how many people are around you you feel just alone....I've been through all of it (and still do).

The amount of times that I have tried to commit suicied is so numerous that I don't even try to keep track anymore. The thing that I find is the most difficult is when I wake up in ICU a few weeks later with a tube down my throat and machines running for me because I've been through heart failure, lung failure, kidney and liver failure. The last time, I found myself with several seizures along with that list.

Waking up from an ordeal like that is not a reality that anyone wants to experience. Everytime that happens, I'm garenteed to be commited in the psychiatric unit for a few weeks at least.

From my last few bouts of depression I've learned that I have really bad times however oncee in a while, I do have good times. I hope that my good times last longer than my bad times and sometimes they do. The doctors are still trying to balance out my medications, which has been going on for twelve years, but my diagnosis changed from clinical depression to bi-polar and anxiety dissorder.

I've read what some of the other comments have been, some of them I may not completely agree with and some of them have a lot of truth to them.

Two things that you should always remember. First: Any kind of day your having, always make an effort to do something. If it's to get out of bed, shower...anything, at least you got that far that day and the next day you set a goal a little bigger. Secondly: Any type of exercise helps. If you don't feel like going out that day, take a walk to your mail box and back. Excercise helps to increase the endorphins in your brain, the "feel good" hormones. Thirdly: If you don't feel good and you look it, you send that energy out to others which meens that in a crud way your repelling other people. Clean up, dress like your someone important, someone that is valued. Do this even if you feel like shit. Others will see the difference but most of all, you will start to feel the difference. Sometimes it's true: You need to fake it to make it.

I truley hope that when that dark tunnel becomes so dark and starts to suffocate you, that you reach out and ask for help. When you do, you have control over this illness and you learn to manage it over time.

Hugs to all - Tricia
25 Aug 2005 Wisdom for your pain? Those who suicide are required to come back again and battle the same ordeals-this is why suicide ultimately is a waste of time and just brings additional pain.

It is better to understand why you are suffering and to learn about how to eliminate the causes that will produce more suffering in the future.

Life is a place of learning, just like school, and we are here to learn our lessons, even when we think they are 'bad' and even when they really hurt.

U can email me via hotmail.
25 Aug 2005 nosam etahi Have Masons or Satanists for Parents...Dont do it.
24 Aug 2005 Morgan can people please stop using god as a way to motivate someone not to kill themselves. hello chick in the time u see michael then tell him to maybe unfuck the world. and why r people so intent in committing suicide? can't u guys just hold it off at least until uv experiinced sex (rape doesn't count) and hav had at least one moment in ur life that u would never trade for anything. well i know what it's like to hit low...i just wait until it's over, this site my friend found really got me interested in something -
anyway, i guess it's just stupid wen people dont give life a chance

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