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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jul 2005 Damn fools. Oh and the only reason why people make sick and cruel jokes on this stupid site is because they have insecurities and no one is willing to sympathise. If the posts on this site really upset you that much you would simply exit at the top right of your screen but no, instead you choose to type all sorts of derogatory, belittling and just plain rude profanities in the hope that someone, somewhere might pay the teensiest bit of attention to you. How sad. Depression isn't a right that you earn through life experience. It's a goddamn neurological disorder. It can't be helped unless clinically treated. Depression should be taken seriously regardless of what highs and lows you have been through and/or the severities of those highs and lows. People come here for comfort. Not to be mocked and intimidated by older bullies who had a hard time in their youthful days. I think it's about time you all took an ADULT approach toward depression and mental illness in general. Stop being such babies.
27 Jul 2005 Damn fools. Oh please, having access to the internet doesn't excuse you from being depressed or having trouble in life. What a sad statement! Look at the bigger picture. Fool.
27 Jul 2005 who wants to know The best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is flunking out of school, taking drugs, getting pimped by the dealers, catching HIV, getting thrown out of home, and living on the streets of a poor developing country. Then you have until 15 to starve and pat yourself about what a foolproof way you have invented of killing yourself. want more? You want for instance to know how to kill yourself FAST and SURE? Alright that too my little over-dosed teenagers....i presume you want a painless death as well. Go to Baghdad, say you are an american, bleach your hair blonde if need be, wear blue contact lenses, so you look the stereotypical american. Also please dot your face with freckles and be sure to let plaque do its deed. Then say "Fuck Osama..Fuck the religion you practice" or some blasphemous words, by nightfall, I shall be sure to come and collect your bullet ridden body, toss it on a donkey driven cart and give it a propoer ceremonial burial...Christia/Jew/Islam ceremonies if you wish...Perhaps even a cremation and a dip in holy Ganges if you happen to be Hindu or Buddhist.
But if you want to die, why do you read such sites? Only meant for self indulgent bastards like me and you who pity themselves, are too ashamed to tell momma, wish they were something else and have the lazy butts of a salt bag, so they never do a thing about it and moan, while living in pure luxury with a computer and internet access 24/7 "sigh...i want to die"
Fucking bigots you are. I wish you would die, and rid the world of the pitiful adults you will inevitably become when you age...damn you
27 Jul 2005 tyler i just want to die
26 Jul 2005 helena a.k.a KORN hi. i've been depress for so long. and i 'm gonna be 14 yrs. old. and i 'm thinkin' of wishing that i would die.and it's all my FUCKEN brother's fault! he always get his way and turn my parents against me. and he always makes sure i suffer.i've been trying to suicide myself but someone alway gets in the way. if any1 have anythin to say. plz e-mail me. and plus the e-mai adress is my dad's. and i'm reely matters. like that reely matters. n-e wayz. plz e-mail me.
26 Jul 2005 a.k.a KORN SLIT WRIST

and i think it is.if you have anything to say plz feel free to e-mail me.

p.s my e-mail has my dad's name. so i'm a gurl.
26 Jul 2005 james my sis gets every thing i get fuck all for her birth day she got £300 pounds and for my birth day i got 1 card of my dad with a 10.00 note and she gets about 18 cards at least with £20.00 note in each i just whant to fuckig get shot right in the head life is fucking shit my scool is shit as well bovington middel school that shold get blowen up iv gvot no freinds
26 Jul 2005 life is wrothless hey peole... you might think life has no meaning and it's true. so light a candle puor the hot wax on your body then tape your eyes WIDE open then pour hot wax in your eyes and let it dry. have a friend pour gas on you then light youself on fire!!
26 Jul 2005 jessie hi, when i started school i was always the main target for bulling. everyday they would slam my fingers into their lockers and lock them, beat the shit out of me and leave me there to die. what i hated most was school and home so i really had no where to hide. some people migth say dont you cry alot then acually no i really dont cry only like once in a great while. cuase my famliy was rasied not to cry cuase it will show others that your weak. Then the teachers started abusing me. and my father just got off doing drugs wich i dont really belive he did. sometime my father comes home drunk and beats my mother. what is a girl to do when you have no hope al all? and is it weird i hate people who pitty my past and presen? I really dont like preps is that a bad thing? thanks for your time..
26 Jul 2005 ptqk you can pretend you are an fly and crash into the living room window.
and then either you:
a. repeat crashing without breaking the glass until you break your head. try to spread as much brain as possible. it is nutritive and doesn´t smell too bad but it is difficult to clean away.
b. you crash hard enough to fall over the window. this is quite funny if you live in an upper floor, the body will probably make a nice figure lying on the ground. your neighbours will love. mum and dad won´t be disappointed.
26 Jul 2005 thomas a treize ans personellement - mais peut-être parceque je suis un garçon - j'aurais pris la voiture de mon père - qui va plus vite que celle de ma mère qui n'est pas un garçon - et je serais allé le plus vite possible, à plus de deux cents.
26 Jul 2005 becca mcneill My life is perfect, and there's nothing I want to do more than to end it. But I can't, because I'm lucky enough to have a family that genuinely cares. So there's no way out.

I've given up caring about everything else. I have it so good I don't even have the right to feel this way. It's just that I'm so unfit to live...and I'm tired of lying to everyone. I don't want to leave behind a fat corpse, but I already am one. There's so much left to live for, I guess, but I don't want a part of any of it. I'll just fuck it up.
25 Jul 2005 HellSpawn I dunno. I've never done it before.
25 Jul 2005 Babycakes04 Although Death seems like the answer it's not! Many teens go through depression so your not alone. Death is not the answer to get rid of the pain because although you will end your pain you will bring pain to others that love and care for you. Get a jounral and write your feeling down. Cry if you have to. Use the internet to find positive mottos and most of all find someone you can talk to. Again most teens go through depression so your not alone. Death is not the answer. Yes it stop your pain but brings pain to others. You will only get better if you want to. It's hard but i know if I did it you can to.
25 Jul 2005 Grace Nothing is ever so bad that you should have to kill yourself. It may not seem like it at the time. I've been there I know how you feel. Loads of people don't understand suicidal people but I do im here to help you. I've had my fair share of problems. sometimes I think over my fair share. im here to help you email me.

xxx Grace xxx
25 Jul 2005 Tiger Listen guys ive seen atleast 13 new news letters come in since mine i no u think ur life is horrible but compare it to mine seriously dont kill urselfs 4 stupid reasons lik o my frenz hate me if ur frenz r the hole skool then u have a problem u can make new frenz weight issue? thts when it gets difficuly if u think ur fat dont starve it will only slow down ur metabilism so whin u do eat which u will have to it will only make u fatter so to get skinny start cutting down on calories it works if u have been melasted b happy ur tht good lookin sum1 wood risk going 2 jail 2 get n bed wit u i no its a horrible experience but there is a brite side ur mom or dad doin drugs dont b mad at them drugs mak u happy they only seem bad cuz there illegal if they wheren every1 wood b tokin up and if ur dad or mom left u or died well b thankful if my parents died it wood give me a excuse 2 act out we all lose people its difficult 2 go threw but u hve a excuse 2 b "bad" my definition of bad is a person who wnts to have fun but watever ok so giv up on being suicidel and live life
25 Jul 2005 tiger I have suffered from depression 4 7 yrs i m 14 the reason 4 my depression is ovious weight issues and sexual melestation by family members and close frenz this world has treated me horribly which is y i have attempted suicide atleast 30 times n my life by over dosing cutting hanging myself and starving all would have been successful if my mom woodn have tooken me to the dam hospital afterwards i suffer from anerexia im 5'3' and wiegh 82 pounds i m huge i no also my step dad has melested me millions of times but my mom wont believe she thinx hes a good man but i cant tell the cops cuz he said he wood bury me alive n the mountains its really scary to b told how ur going to die i used to wah 107 and i wood duck tape my fat back which wood leave scars on my stomach and legs which i still hav i wor the tape at 10 and 14 m still suffering from my past decisions well im done with life im killin mysself sooner or later ill b happy dead
25 Jul 2005   Why should they care when I die, when they never cared when I lived
25 Jul 2005 Lily Hey guys, don't kill yourself. Don't even think about it. Talk to me and I'll help. Once you get to know moi, you'll kick yourself in your ass because you almost missed out on a chance to be friends with a cool ass person like me. lol. Remember that there are people in this world who do love you. Hey! I love you! So you can add a name to that list. : ) If you kill yourself, how am I going to get to know ya? lol. : ) Hope someone is smiling from this.
25 Jul 2005 sexy_babe be a goody two shoes, be a popular little girl (or boy), look like everyone else. in this way you have died. then you can rebel erly and shoot everyone at school, teachers, students and then the police who WILL fire back.

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