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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Sep 2005 caz dont even think about are only 13 and have the rest of your life to matter how bad things may seem they will get me
13 Sep 2005 sam Tell Russel Crowe you're going out with his baby.
13 Sep 2005 lou DONT DO IT!!
You wont be under 13 forever.
life is what you make it
only you have the power to change it
12 Sep 2005 Emily I have been depressed in the past few years... I'm 13 and I recently got over it. But in the worst of it I would cut my wrists- just to relieve pain. But those of you who are depressed and sad because of the way people treated you at school- made fun of you, bullied you, and just acted as if you were the gum on the bottom of their shoe- that's what got me so messed up. So when I was truly truly depressed my dream suicide was to go in the middle of the hallway and slit my wrists so deep that in a matter of minutes I'd be dead- so that everyone who inflicted me with pain finally realized what they really had done to me. I could never do it though... i even brought my blade to school but... even though I hurt so much I was still afraid of death...
12 Sep 2005 Porchia To kill yourself i belive that you take a rope tie around neck and pretend to get high but we don't relize that your killong yourself
12 Sep 2005 Suzanna shove your barbie doll down your throat!!! love - Me!!!
12 Sep 2005 surgio yo, your a fuckin moron for jokin about suicide. If you wanna die jus let me know and I'll put your sorry lonesome ass out of misery.

crip for life holmes!
11 Sep 2005 Tiffany I know how hard life can get but... ending it shoudn't be the answer. My father was killed when I was 12 and my mother has been in a wheelchair since I was 8. I had to raise my brother and myself as well as take care of my mom. I felt so alone and just wanted a way out of life. I was about to swallow a bottle of pills when I relized how ending my pain would end up hurting others. You are never alone. a famous person once said "No man is an island." So what you do affects others.

I am now 21 and in college. Life is great. You can never see past the bend in life's path until you walk it. Believe me life can suck but it can also get a lot better, if you give it some time. If anyone needs to talk please feel free to e-mail me.
11 Sep 2005 Skye i think that the best way to kill your self if your under 13...od on everything tht you can find in your house or drink cleaning supplys.
11 Sep 2005 The Truth Its a bit sick actually, I mean, a suicide kit as a toy? Lets all play dead?
Yeah, maybe they should be told about it but not in that way.
As for all the other ranting replys that have been posted, you are all prats, there is no reason to go off on one at someone's idea, try being more polite jerks.
11 Sep 2005 nichole drink nail polish remover with pure actone
11 Sep 2005 fred shove a pen/pencil up each nostril and then smack youre head on a desk making shure that the pen/pencil hit the desk
11 Sep 2005 Lindy Rizor Try to fly off of a 10 story building
10 Sep 2005 felicia George the best way is to not kill ursself at all and to suck it up b/c thats what being a teens about and if some1 is hurting u get help and don't wait no matter how much they say they'll hurt u get help now it can't be any worce then what u wanna do to ur self
10 Sep 2005 leigh there is no best way to kill yourself when your under 13 you havnt even lived you life yet you are to young to die
10 Sep 2005 stacie play the choking game that is sweeping the teen nation in the united states. just make sure you play when you're alone so there's no one there to save you.
10 Sep 2005 sh ive got this frend she was best thing happned 2 me in my life she understood me my werd ways card bout me she help me with evythink we seend each over lots stuff she from oz i from england iam not smart lots pepole dont get me pick on me she be thare me show me how do things teach me stuff but she was verry pravate person didnt like qustions being asked she tell me bits bobs she verry shy 31 now i meet her though forum nuver person i told her frend way i loved her kill 4 her wood 2 this day she found me funny really liked me but think pusshed her away from me asking her what she done we talk yim like 16 hours daliy email each over daley we verry colse this over frend her loverboy frend now 4 time bout year add stoped emailing both us not talking any us no letters nufthink (cry) i shore still likes cares bout me over person told me lots s tuff like sounding he trying get not like her i not belive he says but i put stuff things on her yim i useing ot space keep stuff pluss praying come online nufthink i carnt belive i not killed my silf deep down no if i live sonner later we meet agne so hard not go just down 4/3 boxes of paracetamol in my drew but i got felling i wood servive if did might sound stuped i got so much anger me fell dont kill me soone be some1 eilce soone kg i wants u back iam 29 male out
10 Sep 2005 Lucy Cortina You may all wonder where I have been these last few months. I'll fill you in:

It was a lovely summers day in gay Paree, birds were singing and french folk were eating croissants. I got a call on my mobile - it was Mouchette. He'd traced my number, the sneaky bastard! He invited me to dinner at his secret mansion, and being curious I agreed. He sent a blacked-out limousine to take me there. Very fancy.
Mouchette's masnion was beautiful, full of towering stained glass windows and turrets. As you'd expect, it was also totally over-the-top. Blood ran down the windows and the door knocker was a striped penis.
"Very lovely", I said as he answered the door, to which he replied "I agree", looking down at my boobs.
He was very polite, and offered me chocolates and wine, which tasted suspiciously like blood.
The main course was, quite appropriately, a selection of breasts. Chicken breasts, turkey breasts, goose breasts - the works. They were all coated in garlic butter.
"These are much nicer than my breasts", I commented as I tucked in.
"Oh I don't know about that...", said Mouchette.
At that point he looked at me from the other side of the table. I looked at him. Our eyes twinkled. In that moment we both knew what we REALLY wanted. I fancied him for his brains - he fancied me for my boobs. I had been lusting after those beautiful artistic brains of his for so long now that it made my very boobs ache.

(If only I knew how accurately my desires were about to be fulfilled...)

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