Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jun 2005 Carly My name is Carly. I am 11 years old. My parents hate me because when I was 9, my brother was 18. There was no milk and my parents weren't home. It was breakfast time and there was no milk, so I got my brother to take me to the store. We got on the road and we were half way there. We were coming to an intersection and we had the green. Then came along a drunk driver who ran the red. He slammed into my brother's car. My brother died, but I didn't. My parents blame the whole thing on me because I didn't want to eat my cereal without milk. My parents hurt me, and abuse me. I don't have the guts to tell an adult. I've tried to commit suicide 15 times. I've tried cutting myself, drowning myself, overdosing, but I've always chickened out. I feel like I want to die, but I can't find my innerstrength to. I'm going to try again tonight, maybe jump out my window or something because it's really highup in the apartment building. I hope I don't chicken out.
18 Jun 2005 i'm using a friends email. hello sometimes i can be depressed for months at a time and feel like killing myself then there are these days when i'm in a good mood.. what does this mean... what should i do cause i really hate it when i'm in a good mood...
18 Jun 2005 life is not all I hate. I hate every activity I do throughout the day. right down to posting this thread. i am so self loathing and just plain miserable. i am so depressed i dont even want to kill myself. why even get up out of bed. why get dressed? why eat? why cant I just DIE?

someone please email me and tell me if you feel like me?

I hate myself. i hate my mom and my whole family. and i fuckin hate this salad i am eating. who the hell is cesar anyway?
18 Jun 2005 shrimp scampy w/butter sauce whoever keeps using my email address to post on this site quit or i will call the fucking cops. and find out where you are and meet you in knucle city.
and as for you mouchette you are a cruel person who is personally responsible for the suicides of thousands. you aided in thier suicide with this site by allowing folks to colaberate.
(and the public at large is aroused)

i think you should just hang yourself if you are wanting to commit suicide because all the ones who find you or loved ones or the people who read about it in the paper will be shocked. a hanging is more graphic and inhumane. so 18th century. barbaric, if you will. so you will be remembered as a savage and pity will be poured upon the corpse just like butter sauce.
18 Jun 2005 xxxxx first of all if you want to commit suicide i would say you need to get two suicidal people. and two people who are deathly ill. now have your self a hot sick ass sucking contest.
and the crowd cheers on.....
18 Jun 2005 shoot me i have not had a friend for 15 year's.
I'm now alone thing's have happened in my life that i wish i was fucking dead.


Im a freak i hate my self.
18 Jun 2005 i'm a ugly fucking piece of shit Yesterday I felt self-loathing.. and it was because I can't change what I did. I was right that what's done is done and what's said is said.. because of my attitude for quite some time, I've lost all my friends.. and the worst part is they all think I'm not sorry. None of them call or e-mail me any more, and I haven't seen them in months. They think every time I say sorry that I don't mean it.. because I always fucked up. They got sick of my aggression, impatience, over criticism, over demanding, paranoia and that I never seemed to take their advice or help, even though I ALWAYS appreciated it.. but maybe it was usually due to my fault. I wanted CONTROL out of fear of failure.. I was afraid that being too passive was being in denial that something wasn't wrong. I would be impulsive or not resist speaking my mind (even though I knew it could cause trouble) and say things I regret or wish I didn't tell. No one's perfect and we all have regrets, but we're still responsible for ourselves. I knew what's for my own good but sometimes I was just stubborn.. but unfortunately, my intuition which (rarely, if EVER fails) would sometimes tell me what I didn't want to believe. It lead to confusion and all logic would not have made a difference.. something is either true or not. Worse, I could say it wouldn't matter any more once it's over, but it never is until you learn from it, otherwise you'll just repeat it in the future.
I didn't mean to take anyone granted.. HONEST TO GOD TRUTH.. that's one thing I knew I should NEVER do.. because of all things you attain, people are probably the hardest to hold on to. Even if they don't want to speak to me again, I just wish they would all know how sorry I am.. I hate living in a guilt and shame.
The only way to get over it is to CHANGE.. to be more calm, passive, patient, trusting and forgiving and NOT EXPECT so much of others and out of life.. just relax.. keep things casual, cool, compassionate and simple.. go with the flow and everything comes out better naturally in its own good time. If you really want something, be confident, pursue it and do what you need to do it.. but YOU CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH.. so wait and let the rest fall into place. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and TRY AGAIN.. patience, perseverance, and persistence is THE KEY.

Good God I hate my life. Seriously guys, if you think you've been through a tough ordeal, you better read this and think again. Today, I was eating my cornflakes at the kitchen table, thinking about how unfortunate I am to be alive when suddely I spilled milk all over my brand new sweater. I was so distraught i got a butter knife from the kitchen draw and attempted to slice a vein. Mother came in and begged me to go to the mall so I could get a new sweater but when we got there, they only had the pink kind left. I was so depressed I ran to the toilets and attempted to drown myself in the toilet bowl. Mother convinced me not to by giving me $200 to spend on whatever I wanted but GODDAMN, there was too much cool stuff to decide on. Instead I bought a rope and went down to my basement. Just as I was about to hang myself from the rafters, father came rushing in. He threw his arms around me and told me that he loved me more than anything else. I pulled away and nearly gagged. He was wearing GREEN! "If you really loved me" I shouted at him "then you wouldn't keep wearing green!". Suddenly mother called from the kitchen "Dinner is ready!!". I was so starving by then (suicide attempts can really make a girl hungry!) that I rushed upstairs without a second thought. As I sat at the table, mother brought out 3 delicious looking pizzas. After I took the first bite, I nearly fell off my chair in disgust. "This isn't reduced fat cheese!!" I shrieked. Then I proceeded to father's wallet where I retrieved his keys. I then pushed them hard against my forehead. This caused a hidious red mark. "Look what you made me do!! Now I'm ugly!" I screamed. God I hate my parents. They make me so depressed.

To all you kids out there who are being abused or raped, just stand back and think about how lucky you are that you didn't spill cornflakes on your brand new sweater.

My life; Emma.
18 Jun 2005 Ruben I Was Happy….

I was happy once I reached this world,
This land of life and ocean too….
This ball of beauty shook and swirled,
Losing puzzled pieces of my life with you……

I was happy when you cradled me,
In triumphant arms that lost no fight……
Whispering words of unlived stories,
Staying with me through each starry night…..

I was happy when you loved me,
Despite the weakness I have shown….
Your heart, that loved so passionately,
Is one of the reasons how I have grown…..

I was happy when you stayed nearby,
As a parent, and, as a friend……
When there were no tears left for me to cry,
You held my hand until my heart could mend….

I was happy for each day that came,
I knew you’d be around……
These pictures will remain the same,
All memories of a love my heart once found…..

I was happy when you promised me,
“Son, I’ll see you soon tomorrow.”
And drove away smiling back at me,
Leaving beads of love and drops of sorrow….

I was happy when tomorrow came,
But sad since you did not…..
I’m here alone to face my pain,
And loneliness abandonment has brought….

I was happy when I tied the string,
Around my neck real tight…..
Forgetting you and everything,
You’ve left me here to fight…….

I was happy when you gave me life,
But sad you took it from me too fast….
Draining the thing that kept us both alive,
A love you said would always last…..

I was happy once I reached this world,
But sad to leave this soon….
This mysterious ball of life, it curled,
Its lifeless fingers around the sleeping moon….

By R.L.N
June 15, 2005
I was Happy….
18 Jun 2005 bob little caterpillar, why is the world passing you by?
little caterpillar, why do you stay on your leaf?
little caterpillar, where would you go?
surely bliss awaits you little caterpillar.
yes, i understand little caterpillar.
if only we were little flies?
then we could gorge ourselves on shit all day long.
but wait... that wouldn't be much different now would it.
18 Jun 2005 Jessica why in the FUCK would you do that SHIT anyways. you'd have to be one messed up FUCKER to do that! you can get help, make ur life better, fuck anyone who pisses you off. the hell with them.
18 Jun 2005 Lune is what I think I shall go by. There are a lot of ways... It's just a lot of people don't have access to each and every way.

I think extreme overdosage, guns, or just plain diving off a building would do it...

...Oh, and write a farewell note to people who actually care...And tell them it isn't their fault you're gone.

..I found this site on a google search "100 ways to commit suicide."

I'm 14, and I've been depressed for a long time. In 6th grade, I failed to commit suicide. I have many methods fully planned in my mind, yet I have not the materials to go through with them...Which sucks. And also, I'd feel horrible for leaving one or three special friends behind, especially since I promised one I'd stay alive for a year or two longer at least..But I don't think I'm going to be able to keep that promise anymore. Heh..
18 Jun 2005 bob cut you dick off!!
17 Jun 2005 Rachel Hey...I'm not under 13. But I have definitely tried to kill myself. Unfortunately I have always failed...but maybe someday I will perfect the skill and leave this god damn fucking fucked ass world and all you fucking suckers with your fucked families behind. But yes...back to the question. If you're under 13..I am not sure you can handle the pain of slitting your wrists deep enough to die..even if you are suicidal. So if you are under 13...I would say drowning or pills. An assload of pills. Those arn't so painful. You will just slip away from it all. I wish I would slip away from it all. dammit.

I have no idea what I just wrote but HEY this site is pretty boring!
17 Jun 2005 The Real Deal Hello young people,

I am here to tell you that suicide might be a good option for you. So you're young and you want to kill yourself eh? I understand. Old folks tell you not to do it because you have your whole life ahead of you or some shit like that. Fuck that! Let me tell you, life only gets worse as the years go by. Now you're young and everything is just peachy. You can do whatever the fuck you want, not worry about chronic illness and pain and shit. With each passing second, you are getting fatter, uglier, weaker, more prone to injury and disease, and your ability to learn decreases. Maybe suicide isn't so bad. Believe me, getting old is no good. Even in your early twenties you will start to feel the effects of time taking its toll. By the time you are thirty you'll be all worn out and weak and fat and stupid and stressed. And by the time you're 40-50, a single punch to the gut is so devestating it could kill you. You'll be a weak, middle aged, pathetic, fat piece of shit..... just like Mouchette.

So maybe you should save yourself before you go through some real pain. Once youth is over, you can look forward to a life filled with increasing pain and decreasing competence.
17 Jun 2005   well i dont know but...there are many you just gotta be creative!well im Victoria i'm 16 and ive been through every single of abuse to.... emotional,sexually,physical,and verbal. i was 13 when it all started. basically i told myself that no one needed me and i wasn't "worthy" for anyone or with that i convinced myself to death!But when i turned 15 my friends finally decided to get me help.well first they sent me to a counsler,but that didnt work,so then they got me to go to church and as a was sitting on the pew with all those holy ppl i had a rush and it felf like someone was telling me "Another chance" i didnt know what it meant but i talked to the father after church and he said it was God and of course i didnt belive him but it happened more and more often. later that week i got rid of all the ropes,extension cords,knives,poisions,and anything you could kill yourself with. i became a follower of God and i'm telling you my life has never been more better.i feel like a new person and thats what some of us needs.some people are probably saying that this is bullshit and thats their opinion,but some suicidal people actually want to change their ways and live normal you know have a job,have a relationship,be happy and healthy,and be more confident about themselves and sometimes thats all a person needs to get their minds off of all that shit.
so with that said i'm gonna leave yall in peace and think of what i said because......

17 Jun 2005 V.Torres well i dont know how to kill yourself when youre under 13. but its not fun, i went 3 1/2 years going through that shit and i aint going back because through all that my friends helped me find God and some people need him because he will give you another chance you just got to believe. yeah i had my doubts about the whole finding jesus thing but then when i was sitting in church something happened to me something great and from that point on i havent done it in 1 year and i'm happy i'm "sober". right now i'm 16 years old,healthy,and a varsity soccer player and was MVP!!!!
If youre gonna kill yourself then youre gonna be asking yourself "What if?" and that question will never go away even in the after life!
17 Jun 2005 lost boy in hell i am 14 right now and i have been depressed for about 4 or 5 years, that is not that long but it has been tough. I used to cut myself and still do on occasions, i hate life and everything about it, i do want to comiit suicide and i do not. i do because life is shit, my family hates me, i dont have that many friends, i fuck up everything, i lie, i am disrespectful, i do not cuz, i do not wanna see my family suffer, i do not want to cause my dog to miss me, and i have to go cuz my stepmom is a cuntbag. THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING

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