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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Aug 2005 Nylphada Hi dear whoever,
I'm Nylphada, I've been throught lots of dramatic situation as a young girl I know how it feels to be suicidal, and I'm offering my help...

14 Aug 2005 rugal there is no point in commiting suicide below 13
14 Aug 2005 lindsey hide in a disused building and don't eat or drink anything. you're organs will pack up, your breathing will deteriorate and you'll experience every beautiful part of your death without anyone to stop you.
14 Aug 2005 lysh its my birthday today im not 13 but i have no where else to write this message, im 17 , and everyone who told me they loved me and told me they cared.LIED.i just finished walking all the way across town for two hours alone in the dark at 3am, nobody cared, nobody loved. what the fuck is this world coming to, ..if u can do nething for human kind...LOVE
14 Aug 2005 A FAN Dear Mouchette,
i love this site.....
i can come here and feel better about my self and write a way to help others kill them selfs.
i am fucking shattered with life...
I am just glad i can write load of shit and feel better and make others feel better and make others to kill them selfs.
Hey keep up the good work...

From a fan.

ps: i am looking in to a good wa to end my life :-)
thank you again.
13 Aug 2005 Jocelyn Elmore Go scuba diving on your family trip and pretend to think a shark is cute little fishie and hug have imagenations too ya know!!!
13 Aug 2005 Xer haha the best way to kill ur self, thats an easy qustion there r so many ways to kill ur self and plus its really easy, killing urself is the easy part but actually doing it and not bening pussy to do it is the hardest part of all. i mean u can burn urself while pumping moms gas, or look ur self in the garage while the car is running takes a while but effective, jump of a buliding head first less pain, or of a high bridge, drive the car of a cliff after stealing ur moms/dads keys, ohh the favorite dry ur hair while in a shower, or with live electric AC/DC currect, there r a lot of more, but y commet sucide when u came a long way as bening 13, live and c what happents to everthing, i mean its not like u have the balls to commit sucide anyways, all of u r just a bouch of girls, so ferget susicde and c the nice side of life, sex and girls/boys, pleasure is 10x better then sucide trust me. Well if ur one of ppl who wants to commit sucide i def want to talk to u to find out y, i am trying to write a paper on sucide and the brains activity for fun email me at

non of those ways to kill urself should be used, i am not responialbe for any stpiud shit u might do~!!!!
13 Aug 2005 jo i'm only 13.. my name is Jo. i'm deaf, my parents always treating me like a baby and sick of it! i always want to be fostered by a deaf single man, i'm not telling his name. he is like a father to me, he is only 30 years old and i did want to kill my self last year. i hate my parents and my siblings, they are driving me mad!! need help!
12 Aug 2005 Will Snow It is me after a long time. Well my best friend will be moving away soon, to be with his new b/f and im gonna miss him so badly. I cant cope with it and im so desperate to end my life. You probably think im mad. well im 42, yep. but ive had enough.................
12 Aug 2005 Simon I was looking for the lyrics for an "Onyx" song when the search engine brought up this site, I cant believe that everyone on this site is serious. For those of you that are, I offer to be that person you can talk to, as some people request they need. Im sorry that there isnt someone close to you that you can talk to, but I hope that maybe talking to someone, anyone, will help. Please email me if you are feeling down and need someone to talk to.
12 Aug 2005 nichole slit your wrists or where ever you can.
12 Aug 2005 komori jump off a building
12 Aug 2005 Sophie i waant to die, im confused mums trying to make me get councelling, it wont work, i cut myself and she found out and shes making me, im not going to leave my name, lets just say its sophie, bye, please write back on this site and help me, please...please...please..
12 Aug 2005 a depressed kid Me again = ) I have a question for everyone out their.. How long does it take to die of starvation or die of thirst? Uh like help me out here. O and if u want an easy way to die jump in front of a train. I cant lol because theirs none by me but of course thats my damn problem. I feel alone in this sad pathetic excuse for a world. Oh and also i dont believe in hell god christianaty heave or any of that religion shiat. I mean once your dead your dead and u will forever will be dead. Hmm also taking over doeses of pills DOES NOT WORK!!.. I know from personal experience. The worst thing that can happen to u is that ull get sick so its pointless. Oh and slitting your wrists rarely works because u have to cut really really really deep. If u dont ull just get lots of scars. Oh ya can anyone send me a gun or cyanide. (both 2 very good ways of killing yourself painlessly and quickly) O ya u can also just jump off a building... But make sure that its atleast 25 stories tall if not ull probaly survive and have to live with the damn fact that u failed. Hey u know what i figured out i never had a birthday party b4 and never went to one. Aint that sad.. Ya i know it is it makes me feel real shity. Oh and by the way if ur from bonsack baptist church i h8 u!!! and everyone else who go theirs. You hate me i hate u it all works out ya know..? Hmm time to start my starvation today iff i dont write back it didnt work and ill be really pissed off o well all i do is bitch and moan anyways i should slap myself with a dead fish. Yay go me and fuck all yall motherfuckers i hate u to dont worry hahahahahahahah!!!! byby
12 Aug 2005 John Doe listen to Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" or any Marilyn Manson or System of a Down album.
11 Aug 2005 depressed (yep its me agen) i reaaaaaally need to talk to someone or i will do it pretty soon, please....please someone help me...
11 Aug 2005 Georganna-nirvana roks!! easy... just... hang ya self.. not much chance it will fail if it is from a high place ...
11 Aug 2005 Sam have you ever considered the reality, that this is dead, and that the concept of death and ultimately humans lack of understanding about it has given not only the term death but life also the most drastic and dire manifestations as peoples need to go home. Home is already happening deep inside u. You are already home. Suicide will not get you home, it will veer you off track and you will become stuck in a place far worse then this where the reality of choice will be nothing more then a distant memory dreamed of on some far off planet you may remember as earth. It doesnt matter, which dimension source manifests itself through, existance on any and every level will always be challenging, exhilarating and painful. Take responsibility for life now as u as a single entity bound to everything both here and beyond, because remember, and dont just know it, but look deep inside and feel it, you can only take all ur pain with you to the next incarnation regardless of how the essence of you is to exist after this world, there is no escape from the pain, it is not seperate from you, but of you. You own it, so ultimately you alone must master and tame it. Understand, we are God, we are creating everything, from moment to moment, and just as you have the power and choice to end your physical life, you to have the power and choice to reverse that shit on its head and know that u have all the toolos inside to combat the harshest of realities here and right now. thing is, you will survive, regardless of whether you breathe oygen or not. How can a soul with no beginning and no end cease to be..... my heart goes out to all of you :) smile, even just for a split second, you are not alone in this fight..
11 Aug 2005 depressed please email me im 12 and i need help i just want to talk 2 sum1 plz
11 Aug 2005 senor kills alot when you are under 13, thats a tough one. Dress in very dark colors. Go, to the nearest street where cars are going at least 30 miles an hour. Hide, and just when the car is about to pass, jump face first into the car. See, its like a game!

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