Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Jul 2005 Michael do not do you home work and your mom or dad will kill you!!!!
09 Jul 2005 lil killa gal listen i have been bullied mah whole lyf n now mah perants are doing it n it is reli ou coz i jst started mah new skol n the bullying stopped coz i was away 4rom da bullly but now mah mom n dad n sis r doin it i have tried takin ova doses but it dnt work this is reli pissin me off plz help me wt is da bst way to kill ma self ?
09 Jul 2005 Pauline la meilleur forme de suicide pr els moind e 13ans serait de sentir du gaz, ou alors une bougie sa prend du temps mais bon. Sinon tu allume la voiture de tes parents et tu reste devant t sur de tombé ds les vapes avec l'odeur et de crevé. Sinon tu peut te coupé les veines oua lors meme te pendre nan nan le mieux c de prendre des médoc's somnifères. voila je né pas encor asseyé tout sa mé bientot...
ecrivez moi pr em fair par de vos remarques
09 Jul 2005 -x- Laura -x- Hullo..
I'm not trying to get anyone to actually kill themselves right now..but I just wanna say if you ARE gonna go off and do it..don't try taking and OD!
The reasons why..
It very rare that it kills you..
I took an overdose the other week on various stuff which was in the bathroom cupboard and see, I'm still here.
I still actually feel like shit from what I did. At times I can't breathe properly, I get stomach and chest pains and everything. So taking and OD sucks.
You might not have wanted to actually read this and you may have been quite bored reading this..but like hey!

-x- Laura -x-
09 Jul 2005 I'm at the end of my rope I Want to Kill Myself, but I can't. Can someone please help me? ... I've been attempting to kill myself all day and to no avail.
I'm at the end of my rope. I hate life and would rather be dead. but it's obvious that nobody likes it
and that I'm a worthless idiot. I've been attempting to kill myself all day and to no avail.
all you people on here.
thank you for leaving good comments for aloser like me and others.
i think i need a life too.
but i can't seem to have one where i live.
That is not our fault.
if you don't have a life you dont need one.
if people don't want to know you that there problem not yours people.
well this site is like a Diary to some people here. ( thats cool to get it out)
it's nice because some people can help others at least this site can help others.
i have tryed to kill myself twice and got treated like shit becasue of it..
too all you people i know what it is like to feel like shit.
Only working and shopping.
my life seems ponitless.
what will happen to me in 10 years time will i still be a sad lonely loser living at home.
hey i feel like i should kill myself...cause i don't feel like i'm wanted on this earth...everything in my life is going wrong right now...and i don't know how to fix it.
I want to die, I'm bored with life, this world has nothing for me, and eternal life is like hell for me, I've been told that I suffer from clinical depression
I just can't stop feeling isolated. I've lost all motovation in life. I just don't care about things no more.
I just can't be bothered to make an effort, so my life isn't quite fair.
well i am ugly i am ( yuck )
I just want to laugh again, but then why bother, who cares.
live in a nice area, but people just don't like me.
Rerely do I ever go out. I was forced to find work because I was becoming too isolated and suicidal.
just can't see a way out from this pain. I've had advice to seek medical advice but I just can't face going to the doctor and being told I'm crazy. I relise that suicide will have a real bad effect on my family but I'm getting more and more depressed as the days go on. I userd to say "that will never happen to me" but now I relise, it is happening to me.,if someone tried to kill me would I stop them? probably not, I'm quite paranoid now. I feel I'm going insane. I tried talking to someone about how I felt with the aid of my website but now everyone thinks I'm a syco. One day I feel ok and even happy but more oftern I just want to kill myself. Would anyone miss me if I died?
09 Jul 2005 chris r well u could go up to to a pissed off black man and talk bout his mom or call him a nigger(unless ur white it wont work)and if that doesnt work eat a hole pound of salt and then wash it down with some salt water
09 Jul 2005 shawn aldrich find the tallest building you can find and jump off the top and dont prey cause your dead
08 Jul 2005 Kyle Hmm...the best I guess. All of us, no matter what we do, where we go, or who we are, we are all going to die. Why not milk as much out of this fucking world as you possibly can. Screw it all and live for yourself. If there is no one around who loves you, love yourself and forget the assholes that are digging their own grave with their hatred and stupidity. God bless you all. Remember, no one else has to live your life. Take what you can, don't beat yourself up over what you can't. Hope whatever I said made sense at all.
08 Jul 2005 cj will get a life now i have been banned from alot of boards on line for posting to much.
i only have a job and shopping this is the only place i can chat on line i have no friends or nothing. in real life.
i get ignored on line and off line i get told to get alife.
God no wonder i am like " i wish i was dead"
i know i have to admite i have posted way to much. over the internet but i am not the only one.
I need a life.
anyone want to be my friend or boyfriend.
I AM NOT VERY PRETTY. - i am ugly.
I am so thin.
I have no life.
i am a freak,
sorry to post to much,
If no body wants to know i will just go and i am sorry to post way to much.
If you tell me to get a life i under stand.
Sorry about posting to much.
i will go and work now and shop and listen to music and i swear i will not post here no more.
i AM SO SORRY TO PEOPLE IF I HAVE POSTED TO MUCH. ( sorry people out there on other boards i need a life.
I need to get a life.
i will be glad if i get a kick up the arse.
anyway i wil stop posting now,
take care everyone.
CJ - i gues there is always dieing.
oh well at least i have me myself and i.
08 Jul 2005 fallen angel all these people are telling you to slit your wrists. DONT. if you dont cut deep enough your head is left fucked up and you have terrible scars. i am speaking from personal experience. i have been adviesed by plenty of people to hang myself but i havent got round to it yet. if you are only depressed for a little while then please dont kill yourselfs you have your whole lives ahead of you. BUT if you feel the only realese you have is suicide then that is your chocie. i have tried to kill myself 4 times before and if you are the same then you need to think, mabye the reason you arnt dieing is because you arnt ment to die yet. the only way out, is the way through
08 Jul 2005 freako a boy starts dating the most unpopular girl in school on a bet. Have you seen the woman (Rachael Leigh Cook ) playing the unpopular girl? She's a teen supermodel for crying out loud. She can't look bad, I don't care how ugly her glasses and clothes are. I don't know about you, but the most unpopular girl in my school didn't bathe, didn't comb her hair, had pretty bad acne, a weight problem, and had trouble saying more than three words to anyone.

I realize that these sayins are supposed to be crap, but couldn't they even try to find someone that could look and act even a little unpopular?
08 Jul 2005 i hate my friends another good way to die is to chop someone's dick off maybe your own. then put it in a bowl and wait for some weeks observing it how it is every now and then until it gets rotten and smells of decay and maggots and worms come out of it then eat it now you will take a rope and a small dish then eat the dish (no just put it whole in your mouth) then tie the rope around your head and mouth really hard now because you ate the dick you will want to vomit but because you blocked your mouth you can't so the vomit will go back and forth until the pressure will rise so high and you want to vomit so much that your head will explode and you will die. you must also film the whole thing because the explosion of blood vomit and your brains will be spectacular.
08 Jul 2005 doominator is a silly name one day as ur walking down the street find an enormous scary looking dog that seems to be very wild and hungry then approach it bend over and bite off its dick the dog will get very angry and kill you.
07 Jul 2005 slave of depression if anyone out there is suicidal write me an email. i will write you and tell you how fucked up my life is so you wont feel so bad any more.
07 Jul 2005 please dont bully Stay away from bullies.
Bullies pick on people who are alone.
If you know a kid who doesn't like you, then KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
If the bully gets in your face, then IGNORE THE BULLY and WALK AWAY. Don't let them know they got to you. The bully is looking for you to react so don't. Leave the situation as quickly as possible. It's harder for the bully to bully you if you're not there to listen.
Stay away from bullies.
If you know a kid who doesn't like you, then KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
If the bully gets in your face, then IGNORE THE BULLY and WALK AWAY. Don't let them know they got to you. The bully is looking for you to react so don't. Leave the situation as quickly as possible. It's harder for the bully to bully you if you're not there to listen.
also :
think people bully because the like to feel good about thereselves so the make other people feel bad. So they pick and tease and then when they get introuble they dont take responsability for their own actions so they say they started it or blame it on someone else.

i agree in this case. i think poeple bully other because their own self-esteem is low and they have to make them self feel more powerful and better about them selves. if they can make others feel worse then they will feel better and have a rush from making others feel worse.
i beleive this is very wrong and my friend once told me
"no-one deserves to be hurt in their life"
i beleive this statement, but i think if people are bullies, and there are bullies in the world, then we cannot stop them from being bullied and people from being hurt. we have to practice something a little like "total catchment managment" (something i learned in geography) where you have to look after the whole area or everything will we wrecked anyway. we need to practice that in out schools and manage bullying all over otherwise it will be subjected to bullying anyway.
I think people bully because mainly they are jealous of something that someone else has. They bully because they are insecure, and it makes them feel powerful to pick on someone else. The bully may find it more convenient to take their problems out on someone they feel is weaker than them. I think also someone may bully because the person who they bully cares, so they continue their behavior because they know that the person is going to respond. I think people should ignore bullies and what they say, and do not react to any of their harrassment, because this makes them mad. They aren't getting the attention that they want from you, and it lets them know you don't care and you've got a life. It makes them feel abandoned and frustrated, because their negative actions are trying to provoke you, and if you don't give them that satisfaction, they will be angry b/c they have not accomplished what they are trying to do. Also, I have picked on people before, and while i was doing it, I wasn't very happy. Those who are being bullied-think about that. Think how the people who buly must feel. It can't feel genuinely good to lower someone else. I believe that people who interact negatively with others are def. regurgitating what and how they feel inside. Also I believe that since people bully out of jealousy, they are trying to compensate for a negative emotion of inferiority. I think the only remedy for the person being bullied is to tell someone, avoid the bully, and be happy.
think that some poeple bully because they can get away with it and it makes them feel better about themselves to see that they are "stronger" (not) than others. i think that its the bullies that are weak and not the poeple being bullied.If a bully could stoop so low to want to make other poeple feel unhappy to make them better then maybe they are they are not as strong as poeple think they are ( stand up for urself ur stronger than they are)
i think people bully because they are being stupid and because they are in denial that they aren't perfect themselves. they need to have fun by not calling people names. personally i think they need to look in the mirror and realise they are not perfect at all and what they are doing is really ugly like anyone bullying my friends. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think people bully because the have no life of there own. they feel so bad about them selfs, that the only way they feel better is to make other people feel as bad as they do. so by causing someone pain they are not alone in I think people bully because the have no life of there own. they feel so bad about them selfs, that the only way they feel better is to make other people feel as bad as they do. so by causing someone pain they are not alone in there under moods.there under moods.

What is bullying?
Bullying is many different things. Anyone can be bullied - it isn't limited by age, sex, sexuality, cultural or religious background. Bullying is a lot more common than people think and can happen in many different environments including school, at home, on the sporting field or at work.

People are often bullied because of a perceived difference. The difference can be related to culture, sex, sexuality, physical or mental ability or disability, religion, body size and physical appearance, age, cultural or economic background or being new to a school, work place, to a country, to a social group, or being new to a sports team.

There are many ways that someone can be bullied:

• Verbal - such as name calling or put downs, threats, teasing, including sexual harassment and innuendo (it might also be extended to written form through email or sms).
• Physical - being punched, tripped, kicked or having your belongings stolen or damaged. It might also include sexual abuse.
• Social - Being left out, ignored or having rumours spread about you.
• Psychological - you are given dirty looks or stalked, often less obvious or direct than other forms of bullying or making you feel intimidated or manipulated.

Being bullied can lower your self-esteem and you may feel alone, sad, depressed, angry, scared or confused. If you are being bullied it is not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you. Don't be afraid to let someone know that you are being bullied as they may be able to help you.

Who bullies?
A bully can be an individual, or a group of people. It can either be someone your own age or older, including friends your boyfriend or girlfriend, brother or sister, or an extended family member. A bully can also be an older person, or someone in a position of power such as a teacher, parent or boss.

Why do people bully others?
Often a bully will have a low self-esteem or has been a victim of violence themselves and they are using bullying as a way of making themselves feel more powerful. If you are experiencing bullying it may help to remember that bullies are often not as tough as they make out. Often bullying can become their way of dealing with their own problems. . Bullies can also be motivated by jealousy, lack of knowledge, fear or misunderstanding.

How bullying can affect you?
Bullying can cause physical injury, stress, intimidation or make you feel as if you are all alone. It might leave you feeling scared and like your options are limited.

You can feel a range of different emotions, including:

If its been happening for a while, you may think you are to blame, feel guilty for wanting the bullying to stop and feel like you deserve to be bullied.
Feeling like you are stuck or that the situation is hopeless
Because bullying can be part of the culture or everyday way of doing things in some places such as school, work, social groups, sporting groups etc, it can sometimes feel like "the world" is against you. It can feel like there is no particular person or group that you can target to try to resolve the issues and stop the bullying.
You feel like you aren't accepted by the "cool" people or don't fit in
You may feel like changing the way you look or hurting yourself - some people become anorexic or bulimic because it's the only way they feel they can cope with the bad feelings that come from being bullied
If you are bullied for being good at something- school work, sport, music, art, work, or in your hobbies- you may feel like giving up, hiding your talents because you want to stop others being jealous or hostile. (some call it the "tall poppy syndrome")
You may feel rejected or depressed
You may feel like you have to put yourself down in front of others to get accepted
You may feel like you have to become the "class clown" so that people laugh at you rather than hate you.
Alienated at school- no one to turn to as sometimes even teachers don't understand. Sometimes teachers bully too. Sometimes teachers feel threatened by students who question and challenge decisions, who think differently or who know more than they do.
You may feel like the names people call you are true and start to believe you are worthy of being put-down.
You may feel that people look at you on the surface and don't see the real you- for example, if you are in a wheel-chair they may only see the fact that you don't walk, and not that you have a good sense of humour or have strong interests in sport
You may feel unsafe or afraid
You may feel confused and stressed
You may feel ashamed of yourself, family, gender, race or culture, or economic position
What can you do?
If you do feel any of these things, it is important to remember that it is the result of someone else's behaviour, attitude or beliefs. It is not because of who you are. Dealing with these feelings can be hard and seeking help is one way to help you to overcome them. By identifying these feelings you may be able to find ways to get bullying to stop and get the feelings to stop.

Bullying is a serious problem. It makes people feel lonely, unhappy, and afraid. It makes them feel like there must be something wrong with them. It even makes some kids not want to go to school or play outside. If extreme bullying goes on for a long time, it can lead to violent cases of revenge, like you may have seen in the news. Many people who are bullied a lot as kids grow up with low self-esteem and all sorts of other problems.

In other words, it's very important to deal with bullying and not let it ruin your life!

Okay, so there you are, and someone is bullying you. What do you do "in the moment"?

Ignore the bully. Pretend you didn't hear him. Don't even look at him. Walk right past him if you can.
Don't cry, get angry, or show that you're upset. That's the bully's goal. Don't give her the satisfaction. Even if you're feeling really hurt, don't let it show. You can talk about or write down your reactions later.
Respond to the bully evenly and firmly. Example: "No." "That's what you think."
If you can, turn a comment into a joke. Example: The bully says, "Stupid outfit!" You say: "Thanks! I'm glad you noticed."
Turn and walk away, or run if you have to. Remove yourself from the situation. Go to a place where an adult is present.
Remember that you are not the one with the problem. It's the bully who has the problem.
If you're being called names or teased, try "The Fog Tank." Imagine that you're inside a huge fish tank filled with white fog. Then, imagine that the insults are swallowed up by the fog before they reach you. Nothing touches you. Practice by thinking of the worst things a bully can say to you, then letting the fog eat them up.
If you're being bullied again and again, there's one "Most Important Thing" you should do: Talk to an adult. This is so important, we'll say it again. Talk to an adult!

Start with your parents. It's not "tattling". It's asking the people who love you to give you help when you really need it.
If the bullying happens at school, make sure your parents discuss it with a school official, not with the parents of the bully.
If you feel you can't tell your parents, or your parents don't give you the support you need, talk to another adult you trust: a teacher, principal, school counselor, or someone at your church or synagogue.
If you feel you can't talk to anyone, try writing a letter about what's happening. Keep a copy for yourself and give it to an adult you trust.
If you don't want to talk to someone alone, bring a friend, sibling, or parent. It especially helps to bring someone who has seen the bullying.
Make it clear to the adult that you are really upset by what's going on. This is especially true if the bullying is "verbal bullying." Many adults don't take verbal bullying seriously, but the truth is, this is the kind of bullying that can hurt the most.
If the bullying is physical or violent, you can ask the adult to whom you speak NOT to reveal your name.

Do NOT keep it inside. Do NOT plan revenge against the bully or take matters into your own hands

Now that you've spoken to someone about the problem, there are lots of things you can do to prevent future bullying.

Don't walk alone. Travel with at least one other person whenever you can.
Avoid places where bullying happens. Take a different route to and from school. Leave a little earlier or later to avoid the bully.
Sit near the bus driver on the school bus or walk with a teacher to classes.
Don't bring expensive things or money to school.
Label your belongings with permanent marker in case they get stolen.
Avoid unsupervised areas of the school and situations where you are by yourself. Make sure you're not alone in the locker room or bathroom.
Act confident. Hold your head up, stand up straight, and make eye contact.
Brainstorm bully comebacks ahead of time, and practice them in the mirror. That way you'll have them ready when you need them!
Sometimes, a situation with one bully is settled, but then another bully comes along and takes his or her place. There are many things you can do to make sure that doesn't happen.

Bullies are really good at making people think they deserve to be treated badly. That's absolutely wrong. Keep telling yourself that you're a great person who deserves respect and kindness from others.
Learn to be proud of your differences. Why would you want to be like that bully anyway? Never be ashamed of an illness or disability. The sooner you feel okay with it, other people will too.
Spend lots of time with your friends. If you don't have any real friends, work on making new ones by developing interests in social or physical activities.
Keep a journal about bullying incidents and how they make you feel, as well as bullying that happens to other people. You can also fill a journal with positives: all the things you like about yourself, your plans for the future, etc.

if you are being bullied stand up to them.
or just walk away and ignore them. there worthless pieces of scum bags on the planet they deserved to shoot.



please don't take your life becasue of them scum bag's.






07 Jul 2005
This depression test will help you understand if you are depressed and how bad your depression is. Take the test now!

Strange to admit but a couple of years ago I was depressed and didn't realize it. Answer these questions and for each yes give yourself one point (be honest!):

Do you:

Wake up early in the morning and find you can't go back to sleep?
Do you often feel extremely tired without apparent reason?
Do you lack self confidence and doubt yourself?
Do you feel lonely or withdrawn from the world?
Do you feel worthless?
Do you eat too much?
Do you drink too much?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
Do you find it difficult to think logically or make decisions?
Are you procrastinating or avoiding doing things?
Have you lost interest in sexual activity?
Are you apathetic and lacking in motivation?
Do you sometimes feel like crying?
Do you see no future for yourself?
Do you feel trapped?
Do you feel you can't cope?
Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Do you feel life is not worth living?
Do you suffer from quick mood swings?
Depression Test Results:

less than 5 - low level depression or beginnings of depression

5 to 10 - moderate depression

11 plus - high level depression

Depression is serious and if you have moderate or high depression please see a doctor and consider some of the tools and courses I suggest on the courses and tools section of this website because after all's said and done it's up to you to heal yourself!

Depression Test Notes

Just a couple of the above may not be a problem but if you answer yes to say five or more of the above you are depressed.

There is a wide range of depression from low to high levels. If you answered yes to numbers 16, 18 or 19 you must do something now!

Please use the results as a springboard to take action. Please use all of the information contained in this website and check out the links for other resources
07 Jul 2005 what i am going to do now. Laugh Again
Feel Better
Look At Life Positively
Be Proud Of Yourself
Feel Good About Yourself
Enjoy the Company of Your Friends and Family
Smile Again, the Way You Used To
Conquer Your Negative Feelings
07 Jul 2005 TREATMENT Depression is more common than you think and most people who receive treatment for depression get better. Unfortunately, many people who are depressed don't get help. There are many reasons people don't get help. Some people think that seeking treatment is a sign of weakness. Others are afraid to be seen as "crazy" for seeing a counselor or taking medication. Some people feel that their thoughts and feelings aren't important enough to bother others with. Don't be one of these people!

Depression is real and with help you can get better. Remember that you are a worthwhile person who deserves to be heard and understood. Making the choice to get help is the first step to overcoming depression and being the best you can be!
07 Jul 2005 LINKS PLEASE READ. - Wonderful site. Highly recomendedfor anyone. Has loads of great links as well. It also has an email address so you can contact Sue. Sue is very caring and dedicated. Highly recommended if you are in need of support. A very good site, this has loads of useful articles about bipolar and depression. Great site, veyr personal. Poetry, and writing also on the site. Definatly recommended! This is a very good site that I certianly recommend. Very imformative and can answer questions - Wonderful site, very imformative. If you are a teenager with depression I recomend cheching it out, it has an article for teenagers with depression and it helped me a lot ( It also has a good article for if you are a friend or relative of someone with depression ( Can answer questions and emails but doesn't garuntee. - This is very good if you feel alone. It has a list of people who you can contact who have medical degrees, have gone through it themselevs or are just very caring people. This link is for depression and sucicide. The link here: is for bipolar disorder. - This is very informative with loads of links. Maybe it is a little overwhelming if you need information quick because it is a massive site wiv hundreds of links on it. - This is a very good site with a lot of links on. Again it may be a little overwhelming. It has a good page with hints for speeding up recovery: - Lots of clear information with the basic facts of self harm. If you go to the 'pick a feature' bar you will find more articles about depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal feelings, and more. At the bottom of each article it lists webpages and contacts where you can seek help or find out more. - Good basic information about suicide and also a link for self harm ( - Depression web forums. - Edgar Cayce

Helplines websites and contact information - If you ever need to talk, these are the people to go to. They have centers based all around the UK and they are always there, even when no one else is. I have recently discoverd them and they have certainly helped me ALOT towards recovery. Unfortunatly they don't give advice and can only listen. Everything is confidential.
TEL UK: 08457 90 90 90
TEL Republic of Ireland: 1850 60 90 90 (SOBS - Survivors of bearevement by suicide) - Helpline for people who has lost a loved one through suicide in the UK.
TEL: 0870 241 3337 - Has leaflets on Talk therapies that inform you on the varoius psychological therapies. They have phone numbers for certain areas so check out there site for the number for your area.

Childline - 0800 11 11
Search engine submission - Submit your URL to more than 120 of the most popular search engines on the web. You can also create meta tags for your site.

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