Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Sep 2005 no one Why put a gun to your head... if your already dead
28 Sep 2005 Sick Bastard This is the ultimate way of killing yourself. You need:

*Piano wire
*A tall building

Now, go to the roof of the tall building. Attach the benjirope properly to your feet and tie it to a pole or something similar. Then tie the piano wire around your neck, and around the same pole as the benjirope.

Then put glue on both of your hands and smack them on the both sides of the head. Jump.

The result; your head will deattach itself from your neck, but will be stuck in your hands. The people down the street see you doing a benji jump while holding your own head, spilling blood all over the place. Very cool!
28 Sep 2005 5th Earth Sit where no one can observe you until you cease to exist.
27 Sep 2005 alyssa i have some really tough problems in my life that i'am dealing with.Just this past month i od like 3 and it didn't work.Until now im still dealling with my fucked up life.I guess the best way to commit suicide is just to deal with your fucken life.Im only 13 yrs old and i have had thoughts about death and the fact that i'am willing to take my own life just because i cant deal with them.People say that life is precious, that you should always take care 0f them because you only have one chance to live them and atleast live it happy.Well if life was so damn precious tham why the fuck are people trying to take their own life?!i guess life isn't as precious as people thought it was....
27 Sep 2005 The Nameless Aright, I stumbled across this site nearly a year ago. I was in the middle of class, oblivious to everything around me. I was 16 and I wanted out. Now, I'm 17.

I'm not here to talk anyone out of suicide, or anyone into it. As much as I hate to tell things about myself, I'm going to tell you all a little... maybe a lot. I know there's a lot of people that have been here and completely agree, and completely disagree about the whole thing. Well, here's a little view on the neutral, uncaring, people hating, life hating side.

It never really hit me before, in the past 4 years of my sinking depression, that I could remember having the very same thoughts 10 years ago. I always wondered "what would happen if I just grabbed the knife and stabbed myself?" Everytime when I was little and I walked past those knives, that's what I thought. My parents were, and pretty much still are alcoholics. The only thing that stopped me then, was a child's fear of pain. At 11 I was sexually abused by some kid I met. At 14, after being arrested, I reached a breaking point and from then on I have slit my wrists multiple times. I've wanted to end it multiple times. I've had 3 hospital visits under those circumstances, and under malpractice. I've been allergic, immune, and have had the opposite effects from multiple anti-depressants. The therapists here are horrible. They only want money and don't give a shit about you, or understand you. I couldn't eat or drink anything while on cymbalta but the psychiatrist wanted me to keep taking it, and they can't keep a schedule.. EVER. That's just the physical problems with my depression.

I never feel worth the time. I can't see myself with a future. I don't have the motivation to get a job, or do anything. Everyone thinks I'm such a great artist... I don't. I look at everyone else's art and I can't understand why mine's so great. Everyone thinks I'm so pretty. I don't really think so. I don't feel worthy of my friends, and I don't feel worthy of my boyfriend, whose forgiven me, and cared for me and would give up the world for me. I've screwed up and hurt so many people. Nearly everyone I trust stabs me in the back. I don't like people at all, but for some reason, many of them love me. The people that hate me is a different story. These people, I didn't do anything to... I've been framed, betrayed, and rumors have run wild because someone, wanted attention and couldn't deal with their own shit. I became a person to blame everything on. I didn't do a damn thing and this person wants me dead. My current best friend, used to be her best friend and originally started talking to me because she told him to kill me... It may seem twisted to you that my best friend originally wanted to kill me (not because he personally wanted to, but because he was doing what he thought would help a friend) but I wouldn't choose anyone else for a friend. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him. And likewise, he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me... That and no matter how many times he's tried, and numerous dangerous ways, it just has never worked.
I'm glad that he and my boyfriend are around, because I don't know what I'd do without them, especially at home. My mom at least understands... most of the time. But when she's pissed, you just don't want to be near her because she can say some nasty things sometimes. My dad, however, things I'm a worthless piece of shit. I guess I might as well be. As for school, it's a prison, and the people in it, are for the most part, horrible little sluts, bitches, assholes, and bullies. Of course... it doesn't exactly help when you're bi I guess either. Most of the girls don't care because they know I'm not going to do anything... but the guys are always out to get you into bed with them and their girlfriends. Sure, I'll kiss a girl in public. I think it's so stupid that there are (mainly) girls out there that find it gross. Boys and girls have the same damn skin on their lips and if you think that's gross then you might as well tear your own lips off too.

Now, I know there are probably people out there that are saying "you just want sympathy from everyone." If you're one of those people... Fuck You. Don't judge me. I know someone who really does do it all for attention. She shows her wrists off and complains about them at school. She always has crazy stories about the shit that goes on at home and there's no proof. But of course, she always says mommy and daddy had a fight, mommy walked in while I tried to down my pills.. while I was bleeding... blah blah blah. She says she's been to Juvie, Boot Camp, smoking, doing drugs, has a custom guitar and drum set and her own band, dirtbikes, surfboard, skateboard etc, when she was 8... But she can't do any of them now and there is no proof either. If you want to say that I'm that histrionic, sympathy sucking, know-it-all, show-everyone-up bitch that I know from personal years of a bullshit friendship... then you are sadly mistaken. This is the kind of shit that makes me say life sucks and how anyone that's gone through worse can pull through, I don't know. I don't know that my life will get worse, or better. But it hasn't been great, I can tell you that. I still have my really bad days... when I want to say hello to my jagged little knife again. I've put him away for the last 9 months... the longest time ever. I try not to think about it. But, myself liking pain... it's hard to resist sometimes.

So far all of you contemplating life or death, I'd say go ahead and e-mail me, but you're life is not my business. You have to make your own choice and whether or not someone's there to say 'dont do it' or 'I understand' can be a small or big factor. Fact is... if you're really set on doing it, you wouldn't be able to be talked out of it. But second guessing yourself is a chance you can always take if you're not really sure. One day you'll know what you really have to do. I still don't know.

Now, pertaining to the question... just to stay on task. Maybe this won't work for someone under 13, but I know there's a lot of young people that know people WAY older than them. Anyways, either have someone 18 get you a couple of boxes of triple c, or steal a couple boxes. Find your parents bottle of vodka, or have someone buy you one... Now... put them together like this:

Down the boxes of Corricidin C+C, (not all the pills at once... if you don't weigh much, you might need just 1 box) Then, drink shot after shot till you're feeling pretty drunk. (or just chug the bottle. Might want a chaser though) Grab yourself a razor. By the way you should be feeling, your judgement will be pretty off and you'll probably get yourself a good deep cut or two.. or three... if you have a nice razor, knife, whatever. It'll probably work really well if you use a serated one. After that, either keep drinking until you pass out... or just sit there and wait to. Don't know how well this'll do the trick for those of you that have made up your mind, but this was pretty much my plan not too long ago. You probably wont feel too bad, unless of course you have a bad reaction to the CCC. Then you'll end up with a seizure and possible seeing your body underneath you (meaning you're either dead or hallucinating a LOT) Hopefully, this way you can go out having a little fun before you pass out and die in your sleep. (That's if you dont have the seizure... and chances of that are low unless you've been chronically using Triple C as of lately)

I don't know how long this is, but hopefully something I said, got inside someones head, whoever it was meant for. I don't play sides, so hopefully there was a little bit of something for everyone.
27 Sep 2005 Candace grab a gun to the head no one can save u then
27 Sep 2005 Candace i have always been abandoned by my mother she never has truely cared for me my father lives miles away and cant do anything about how i feel and he has never known my deep secret until about a month ago i told him about my cutting but never thoughts of suicide this subject is to hard for him to handle but anyways with all the stuff that has happened in my life i kept it all inside and then when i met a bot who i thought cared for me and all he broke my heart 3 times and i was through i wanted to die i didnt think anyone cared for me until a girl from school invited me to her church and i felt wanted and loved now i go to church every sunday morn and night and every wed night i go to a therapist who is the most awesome person in the world if it wasnt for her and my youth pastor i would be dead today. i would like to be a phsycologist when i get out of school and i cant help people if i die so i guess i will stick around even though i still feel like i dont belong God has a purpose for me and i will obey, i have many friends that come to me for everything because of my past i do not judge people i think that is one of the worst things some one can do to another so i love hearing stories of survivors and love talking to them so bring on the real world because well all of life is real
27 Sep 2005 a person with problems OK im gonna repost this because not many people are offering help on the front page at the moment so i will PLEASE EMAIL ME if your thinking about sucicde

Ok im 14 older then some of you younger then others but i know what it feels like to be teased relentlessly. I also know what its like to have everything going great and still want to die.

ANYONE THINKING OF SUICIDE, email me i will listen, if you dont want me to try and talk you out of it i wont, but just haveing someone who understands can make a world of diffrence. It did for me, and i am also willing to help you talk to your parents. I am willing to give them advice or even email them for you to tell them what your planing so you can get help.

Please read this and please dont do anything youll regret.

email me at

oh ya one last thing all you shitheads who are saying "this site is disgusting" or anything like that SHUT UP this site saved my life.

Peace apwp
27 Sep 2005 nora winstanley The best way to kill yourself when ur under 13 is to let yourself turn 14, then 15 then 16.......eventually you'll become an adult and be dead inside anyway.
27 Sep 2005 anna woods get ur favorite belt or the rope that dad uses to work on the fence and then get a ladder go to the garage and tie it to the rafters and ur neck, then see if u can go skydiving at home. 'make sure its not to long'
27 Sep 2005 john lennon walk out in front of a double decker bus
26 Sep 2005 J.W. Gacy all you people who want to commit suicide are sorry little punks! you dont NEED to kill yourself but you think killing youself would be fun. i'm telling you now, dont becuase i've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. you should have more goals in your life like killing people! you should see people cry as you cut off their foot. you should hear people scream as you sodomize them until they bleed to death. you should taste the urine on there shorts as you scare the piss out of them. you should be a serial killer!

if you still want to kill yourself, i hope this this post gives you some ideas!

plus i told you i already killed myself. i came back from the dead to tell you as soon as you do kill yourself your soul goes to hell where you burn for ever and ever AND you are sodomized by demons with genitalia measuring just over 4 feet long and approx. 14 inches in diameter. so if you want to kill yourself dont say i didnt warn you.
26 Sep 2005 fido here is a kick ass way to kill your self. ok, first you dont eat anything in about 3 days, and then you eat about 70 jalapanos in one setting, and then wait a few hours and you take a crap. this in itself will not kill you but the burning will be so intense that you will sratch and rub your ass so much, tring to put out the the intence sting and burn that you will rip open your ass and will bleed out so much, you die.
i here this is the number one method to kill yourself in mexico!!!
26 Sep 2005 chaya Hi im not sure if you are even reading this but i seriously hope you are. I always spend the time writing letters without enyone to read them.
im 15 yrs old in 10th grade and although i am not much older then you i can tell you from experiance everone has a moment when they feel unloved and everyone has moments when they feel btrayed by the world but hold on. im serious how terribly horrible would it be if you killed yourself instead of trying to improve your life only to find out later that there was something that you could have done to so better your life that you want to wake up every morning. Im not sure your situation but sometimes when you feel the world has turned their back on you have to do something that makes you feel worth living you have your hole life ahead of you. My dad always used to tell me wheni used to be sad fake it till you make it. just pretend your happy till you actually are. i no im not that much older then you but trust me you have your hole lfe to figure out what makes you feel good and happy dont end it now.\
i dont no you and u probably dont want to take the time to get to no me but when you down just think that there is someone in the world who cared enough about you to roght a 10 minute letter and if you eer want to talk im here 24 7 email me
26 Sep 2005 devils baby kitten "Your life might not be the best but some people have it worest." I didn't think that was ture a few years ago. I went to a party with my friend (Hornny kitty) She really wanted to go. Well at the party she left me to have a little fun with her boyfriend. I'm a gay goth and everyone knew that. Well these mean dudes (5 of them) saw me and so they draged me to the basement and locked the door they beat me till I passed out. When I woke up I was naked and tied up. One of the guys had a camra and he filmed me as the others raped me. After they beat me again. It must have been after the party when my fren found me. After that I tried to kill myself bye cut my wrist and overdose but I really wanted to live
26 Sep 2005 paul i tried to commit suicide twice before first time i tried 2 take an overdose but my m8 found me and second time i tried 2 hang myself but my gf was upset ad it made me realy upset and didnt want 2 c her like that i find it hard 2 commit suicide so if you want my advice shoot urself or cut ur throat wich i heard hurts asta la vista
26 Sep 2005 kristina smythe i would;
slit my throught
hang myself
not eat or drink anything at all(painless)...
i will kill myself for a good reason, but i'd rather not talk about it at all
26 Sep 2005 laura ok ok ok...... ye depression is bad i get that im there to and some times you do just want to give up but for fuck sake cop on to your self this game is not funny by the way i have lost friends to suicide and i no people how have been devistated by it before to and while im all up for talking about it fucking around with it like this is not cool and its not funny either it mite be a joke to some but for others it is a real to ife thing that haunts them at 13 you should be happy and if your not then go get halp siting around mopping will not do a dame thing i no its hard as i siad im there my self too but i have never jjust lay down and let it kill me iv done drugs cut oded everything you can think of i either have done it or do do it but i have alwasy tried to get my self help since i was 9 or 10 i have been in some kind of theripy and im nto almost 18 so listen to me when i say this its not over yet dont kill your self rigth now live and try to get over what ever is goin on in your ife because if you do kill ur self now youv just thrown it all away
26 Sep 2005 KI (pronounced Kai,thats if you care) Woah Lucy Cortina your what u'r sayin is quite confusing(maybe its because i didint read your previous post),so you were having sex with mouchette's brain?

And the rest of you people are just sad,masturbation is a great stress reliever,try cutting yourself that also help but masturbation is safer. fuk suicide,it sux every1 is doing it now.

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