Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Sep 2005 Farah REASONS TO LIVE
Because you deserve to live
Because your life has value, whether or not you can see it
Because it was not your fault
Because you didn't choose to be battered and used
Because life itself is precious
Because they were and are wrong
Because you are connected to each and every other survivor, and so your daily battle automatically gives others hope and strength
Because you will feel better, eventually
Because each time you confront despair you get stronger ... you can't know now what you will ultimately be able to do with this new morsel of strength, what future battles you will be able to win
Because if you die today you will never again feel love for another human being, or trust, or gratitude
Because you will never again see kindness and compassion in another's eyes
Because if you die today you will never again see sunlight pouring through the leaves of a tree, or a bird take flight, or feel the quality of light in winter
Because the seconds do not cease their passing
Because even if it feels like time has become an unbearable heavy stone, it has not, and you only have to endure
Because you have already won ... you have known the cleverness and resiliency and courage and stubborn will to make it this far, and no one can take that away
Because the will to live is not a cruel punishment, even if it feels like that at times: it is a priceless gift
Because your inner children need you, they have no one else and their need is so great, and
Because they deserve more than anyone to be healed and comforted, they are true heroes against impossible odds.
Because you owe your inner children, they are the reason you are here. If you die today you will erase the meaning of their suffering and incredible endurance, and that is too great a loss
Because you already have the skills to find your healing path, you have proven this over and over again
Because we need more warriors against this evil
Because we need survivors to offer testament against this horror and despair,
Because no one knows better than you the meaning of suffering, and the agony deepens the heart
Because you deserve the peace that will come after the battle is won, and it will be won, but only minute by minute - we must learn to let go of the unconquerable
Because we can all come together in later years to laugh in their faces
Because we will be able to show them that even though they had all the power and strength and ruthless cunning, even though we were only helpless, innocent dependent children, we will have beaten them at the game they so smugly thought they had mastered
Because I am furious that we have to suffer the pain of another's evil and filth
Because you too will one day feel fury
Because it is critical that you survive.

... by Mari Collings

30 Sep 2005 Ira I am 30 years old and being that I've had suicidal thoughts myself as a teenager I understand that part. I also see how my life has greatly improved now and am happy that I am alive, have two wonderful children, and will re-marry soon. Life CAN be so beautiful when you grow up. It has nothing to do with your childhood. Life is what you make of it.

If someone told you that you would be happy some day, wouldn't you want to stay alive? Well I am telling you that you will be happy. You are a fighter, but you are unable to recognize it at this point. Your struggle points out that you're squirming and trying to fight back. Aren't you curious to see what will happen tomorrow? Well lovely things will happen. It sucks to be a teenage child, I know that. But it's so good to be an adult. No more insecurity, you don't depend on other people, you love and respect yourself for who you are and you make your own choices. Life is beautiful. Not always, but very often. There is a lot of pain and joy at the same time. Please don't kill yourself! If you think nobody cares about you... I assure you, I do!
Your Ira
30 Sep 2005 Audrey Dude, hey. I'm a 13 year old girl I'm turning fourteen in a couple of weeks...I am suicidal too...chh but I cant go through with it. I would say the best (and most peaceful) would be slitting your wrists or something. messy deaths dont really stand for much, sure you'll get a bunch of attention, but people will not think well of you, or feel guilty. just my opinion. awesome site!
30 Sep 2005 Mo Mo <big><big>
My Life is...

sad cause i feel that i have friends but they are all derpessed some for no reason and it's just this year and people were happy last year but now everything is downhill. Everyone's think is fucked up and one of my "best" friends sent me this site cause he wants to commit suicide and he is the only one that understands me more than me and the one person i can go to who will not think my thoughts are or my problems are pointless he will try to help me or just collect as much information as he can so he can think about it. He says my other best friend makes him sad and she makes just about everyone around him sad. And he used to cut himself and i think he might still and now he wants to commit sucide and my life just <big><big><big> sucks ass <little><little><little> <br> i hate it

sry if the html dosn't work
30 Sep 2005 lolly hi im 13 nd im reli lonely and iv been bullyed ever since school i admit im in the popular crowd in school but dat dosnt help matters these 2 boyz r bullyin me atm nd i can stand it im slittin mi wrists nd if i had the gutz i wuld commite sucide mi friends dont relise how i feel i cover it up to them nd the one i love fukin h8z me what do u do some1 help me plz add me
30 Sep 2005 Jayne Ask a mate to puss you infront of a very fast moving veichale (prefrebally a lorry). And hope for the best
30 Sep 2005 Crystal I was taken to hell and I watched big guards with spears herding people to a judge sitting on a throne. One by one the prisoners were made to stand in front of the judge and he read their crimes from a scroll. Then the guards grabbed teh prisoner and threw him off the cliff into the lake of lava or fire. There were lots of people in the lake and they didn't die. Their flesh was dripping off but they were still alive in agony. God took me to hell to warn me not to try and kill myself again. I was trying to kill myself from an overdose
30 Sep 2005 anon the way i'm going to go... covered in petrol and with a flick of a lighter this coming Saturday at 11.00pm
29 Sep 2005 razorbladelover4everalways hey ive been suicidle since i was 7. and i was just wonderin how many sleeping pills id have to take to kill my self. i have about may 8 or 10 or something. is that even enoughi?? itd be nice to know soon....i really need to die now. so thanks. just email me kk
29 Sep 2005 Tom im 17, lately ive been suicidal. my life sux. i dont get to go out cause of my parents. all the ppl i know go out to parties, have fun, enjoy life as teenagers. i dont. i hate the way i look. im not attractive. never had a girlfriend. never will have one. i was thinkin of commiting suicide.. i probably will since nothing ever comes out the way i want it to. i love metal. death,black,thrash,heavy, power. any fucken metal.. i tried practicing guitar and its never gonna work out for me. i dont get better like most would. i hate my genetics from my fucken dad. they suck. i hate my fucken puffy hair although im white. iwould love to have long, smooth hair.. fucken sucks. i think the best way to commit suicide is by injecting urself with a big dose of heroine.
29 Sep 2005 Nikki i am 13 and i was thinkin about commitin sucicide! my mum has started being horrible 2 me lately a real bitch if you like, but then i read your storys about how your lifes are mch worse than mine and you have got through it, so i thought i could 2!!
28 Sep 2005 Dave Geezes fucking christ, sorry G0d, i never thought there was so much pain out there. I was just surfing the web, sad from being alone ( not dating anyone ) and I run into this. Man i have had some sad days, and they get worse many times, and many times i though about ways to kill myself to just end it and get it ovver with, but shit balls, that one single day, that one day when we run into someone that is attracted to us, the one women who really likes being around you, or for you ladies that one guy who really likes being aorund you, changes your life forever and everything we feel. I dreamt of ways to die, ended up in the hosptial on 3 occasiaons, and never wanteed anything else until i met a women that like me for me. Totally changed me, made me feel wanted, all that crap. Ya it took along time, i am happy i didnt die at the bad times now. trust me, i felt evetyhing ll of you feel. fight it. fight the pain, get away from the bad, there are better people out htere.
28 Sep 2005 somebody with an S. rester devant la télévision tous les jours et regarder par la fenêtre durant les commerciaux. Par la fenêtre, tu pourra voir le soleil qui ruisselle sur les fleurs. Les autres joué, marcher, parler, rire, pleuré, et toi tu sera la, enfermé dans la pièce, et alors tu mourreras peut-être de solitude, de tristesse ou d'ennuis.
28 Sep 2005 Girl In Trouble Hi, Um.. I have tried to committ suicide many times before. I need people to talk to.. So plz.. if any of u people can help me.. email me or add me at
peace out and thank u all
28 Sep 2005 Nursey I sit here now - i have cut my wrists and there is blood pouring from them - unfortunately i have not successfully cut the main arteries (being a nurse i can see this).
I am so depressed i do not see the point in continuing life.
I have ruined everything that was ever good in my life.
Unfortunately i have failed in yet another attempt to destroy the beating in my heart.
Who knows maybe i only meant to harm myself as oppose to kill myself?
Sarah my darling sister i hope to be with you again soon.
28 Sep 2005 unknown well im not 13 im 16 and i just want to die cause i get made fun of and other stuff at school.
28 Sep 2005 I'm SICK and fucking tired ... MY LIFE..

i will make you lot feel better,
i am ugly and i have never had a boyfriend.
I am not deformed JUST UGLY..
i have not had a real friend since i was 11.
who has been disconnected from the world pretty much since the age of 11.
have no friends
I have no relationship
I have job BUT IT SUCKS.( Not much income)
my life is mostly online.
I don't drink alcohol, don't take drugs, don't drink any caffeine containing drinks, don't smoke..
I have no friends online.
most people think i am joke becasue i am not good looking enough to work for them..
but i have a job but it is not much.
I hate society. I hate most things, yet I need to be part of it...I can't even escape and live in nature or anything.
If wild animals were similiar to us and were in their same situation, imagine how they would feel. I love animals, but not humans. :sigh:
I don't know what is wrong with me anymore or if I'm ok and everyone else is wrong. I know that humans aren't balanced, so I guess it is both.
I just can't see any positive things really. It's all negative..
Humans are social beings and need some kind of human contact..
well what is wrong with me then.
I lost my ability to communicate during my early/mid/late teens..
I hate this biased world, why do they hate/kill what they can't understand.
The hate probably boils down to jealousy I suppose..
You must be integrated into society or you're outcasted..
I don't like people and I don't hate them. If this was a religious topic you could consider me agnostic in this way.
The way society runs doesn't appeal to me. I'm not saying it's wrong, I am saying that it isn't something I will get all happy about being part of. I have some goals and I have another goal that can be reached by existing in the social world. My final goal can be fulfilled without intergrating myself fully into society.
anyway thank you for your time..
Just needed to get something of my chest.
i will post some more another time...
28 Sep 2005 i have been where you have..... Five reasons not to kill yourself.
1) What will it do to your family and friends?

Every person's death affects many people. Those most affected are those closest to them - friends and family. A suicide is even worse. Your family will feel terrible guilt that it was their fault, as well as normal sadness. Many families never recover from the effect of someone's suicide. If you destroy yourself, you may destroy your family too.
2) Remember the past

When you are depressed, it is hard to remember the past, and how things were better. But think - there was a time when you were happier, when life was better, when life seemed worth living. Such a time can happen to you again.
3) What is on the other side of death?

Every religion believes that there is still an existence after dying. Many people who have no religion also believe this is so. And almost everyone knows that there are bad things that may happen to us after dying, as well as the possibility of good things. This is a dangerous journey to take. How do you know what will happen to you after you die. If you are not sure, do not make the journey!

4) You have a purpose

All of us are placed on this earth for a purpose. To walk out of that is a terrible waste.
5) The most important reason of all

God made you. He loves you. He understands how you feel. When no one else understands how you feel, He does. He sent Jesus to die for you. He created you for a purpose. He can bring you through depression, or any other problem you may have. You do not need to be alone. He can help you in your loneliness.

Who else can help me?
If you are considering killing yourself, get help quick, TODAY. You MUST talk to someone. Please make a contract with us - will you promise that you agree to do NOTHING to harm yourself or others, until you have talked with someone - face to face, by phone, or email?
* A friend.
* A nurse, doctor or health worker - perhaps at your place of work or study.
* A counsellor or advisor - your place of work may have such a person.
* A religious advisor.
* Telephone BEFRIENDERS for help.

In many countries of the world, there are organizations called BEFRIENDERS. This movement started in Britain, under the name SAMARITANS, and now almost all countries have similar groups. They have telephone help-lines. You can phone them for help and support on any problem.

They are completely confidential - they will never tell anyone else what you have shared with them.

Not only that, if you still choose to commit suicide, they will respect your wish to do that. They will not trace the phone-call, or call emergency services, unless you ask them to. BEFRIENDERS helpers are trained to help you. They do not belong to any religion. Go to the BEFRIENDERS web-page to find details of the phone numbers for your country. They start half-way down their long page.

They say, "Whatever you are going through, we will go through it with you."

The SAMARITANS are the BEFRIENDER group in Britain. They will give email help and support to anywhere in the world. They promise to email a reply back to you the same day. They will respect your wishes, and will never, ever, tell anyone else what you have told them. Their help will be non-religious. You can email them at:
If you cannot send email while using your browser on-line, or are not sure if you can (with some network systems it is not possible), write the Samaritans email address

down, and email them later. (If you have not set up your browser to send emails, or you are on a network, you may think that you are "sending emails" via the browser 'mailto' function, but they will not be sent.)

In UK and Northern Ireland, Samaritans national phone help line is 08457 90 90 90 available 24 hours a day at local rate. Note, you cannot dial this number from outside UK.

In Republic of Ireland, the national number is 1850 60 90 90.

In USA, Samaritans have offices in over 300 cities. Some of these addresses and phone numbers are given on the BEFRIENDERS web site. To find the US office and phone number nearest you look in the phone book.
28 Sep 2005 Ira I see that most of you feel that the best way to kill yourself is to stay alive! But that's so untrue.
There are ways to get out of your misery. The reason why you want to commit a suicide is because you are in deep depression. You need to:

1. remove the reason for depression;
2. to cure the depression.

Depression is successfully cured by taking medications regularly. They make you feel good so you won't need drugs or alcohol. All you have to do is visit a therapist. They WILL NOT ask you to tell them how your father beat you or made you please him orally or any other terrible story you don't feel like sharing. All you have to do is say: "I don't feel like sharing my life story with anyone at this point so please don't ask me any questions. I am in deep depression and have suicidal thoughts and fantasies regularly. I want to fight my depression and not take drugs or drink. Please help me. I would like to try some anti-depressants and perhaps some kind of therapy (later)."

Please remember that the shrinks are not cops and they will not interrogate you, judge you or blame you for anything. They deal with cases like yours every single day. They chose to help people like you, because they care, not because they judge them.

Medications raise your mood and help you feel okay. If you're not content with your medications, ask for another brand. Not every medication helps everyone. Sometimes it takes time to find the right one so make sure you cooperate with your therapist and listen to his or her instructions. There is nothing to be ashamed of. And don't start any therapy at your own responsibility - there are people who are paid to take care of you. Now doesn't that sound good? :)

The other thing you need to think about is what caused your depression. In most cases it's abusive parents. You need to remove yourself from any abusive situations. Go to school, do your homework, find a job, make friends online, engage in some activity that makes you feel good and that will drag you away from the abusers. Don't do anything aggressive, it will make your life even more miserable. You need to understand that not all people are evil and not everybody's life sucks. If your parents are sexually or physically abusive, you need to talk to the social worker that is in charge for your area. They will not put you to a foster home if you show that you're responsible and reliable. They will help you cope with the situation and make the abuse stop. If you've been sexually abused, tell your mother or social worker about it. If you're put in a foster home and the foster parent abuses you, report them! You need to fight for your destiny, not let other people destroy you as they please.

I was sexually abused by the step-father and I wanted to kill myself. I've been having a drinking problem for many years. I married the wrong guy and he left me with two little babies. While I was married I tried to kill myself twice. I just wanted to attract my mom's and ex-husband's attention, but I could've ended up in comma and/or mentally destroyed for the rest of my life. Michael Douglas' brother tried to kill himself with pills, fell in comma, and is now mentally and physically ill.

There IS help to reach out there, you just need to look for it. I've been happy my whole teenage life and I didn't look for help. I should have. I blamed myself for what happened to me and I wasn't even aware what was going on in my life and why. I thought I deserved the misery. But I didn't.

My misery stopped when I left home (the step-monster). That was when I got married. My ex-husband told my mother that he had molested me and she divorced him right away. Since then I became much happier - the reason for my misery was removed for good. Then I got divorced and I realized that another reason for unhappiness (my ex and his daughter) was removed too. Then I wanted to find true love, I put my profile on a dating site, and found a nice boyfriend. We broke up 8 months later, but he brought my self-confidence and self-esteem back, appreciated my personality very much, and I felt loved again. He still loves me very much.

Another reason for unhappiness is my mother who is emotionally abusive (I still live with her). She calls me and my kids names, tells me I am worth nothing, yells at us (we yell back at her, of course), tells us that nobody will ever love us or put up with our shit, that I am a bad mother and don't care about my children (so untrue!), and many other painful things.

But I am beyond her influence now. I am too strong to be affected by her crappy statements. She feels guilty for what she let be done to me, she feels bad for her own miserable life, bad health, etc. I love her very much, but I decided to not mix love with hate. Just because I love her doesn't mean I will believe her words and think she is good. She is not good. She is what she is and I am what I am. I know I am good. I know I am worth loving and living with. I just don't care what she says. I will re-marry soon and leave her forever. I will NEVER again let anyone ruin my life. I will be in charge of it. And I will never do to my children what she did/is doing to me.
I am now 30 years old, have two beautiful 7-year old sons, met the love of my life a year ago, and will soon re-marry and move to another country. My new BF is wonderful. I pray to God (or whatever power is above us) to give my children and the people I love good health, and I will take care of the rest. Nothing will stop me from being happy this time!!!
28 Sep 2005 no-one email me

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