Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jul 2005 Shinji Ikari Reading everyone's stories here makes me feel even worse about myself.. I have nothing wrong in my life really, and reading your posts just makes me feel selfish. I find that I feel I cannot go on living even though everything could be seen as great in my life. To see me around people no-one would ever guess the thoughts that I have, they plague my mind every day.. I like most here feel that to put my parets though the torment of seeing me deformed by any kind of mutilating suicide would be too much to put on them.. I just feel so selfish because to anyone looking in my life could be seen as "perfect" yet I have lost all will to continue living..
12 Jul 2005 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline If you need someone to talk to and don’t know where to turn, there is help available.

There are many hotlines that provide confidential, 24/7 crisis counseling for free.

In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline # 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
In Australia, call 1-800-55-1800
In Belgium, call 078 15 14 13
In Britain, call 0 800 1111 or 01 81 896 3675
In Canada, call 1-800-666-666
In Israel, call 03 641-4508
In Italy, call 1.96.96
In the Netherlands, call +31 060432
In New Zealand, call 09 3766645

This link will take you to additional hotline numbers in different countries:

Call now. Talk to a trained counselor who will help. It’s confidential. It’s free.
12 Jul 2005   Man, I know you bitches keep saying the same old thing;"If you really wanted to kill yourselves you would be dead already". I actually agreed until I became depressed myself. I tried so many times to take my own life and I have to say it's not as fucking simple as you'd think. Sure, you're all probably thinking that if i'm not already dead then I don't truly want to die...shut-the-fuck-up people. Seriously. You try thinking of a logical and painless way to die when your head is already fucking filled with crazy voices telling you to do different things. It's fucking HELL! Just because my pain might not be that high and mighty, doesn't fucking mean it isn't's so fucking real that I feel like smashing this fucking monitor just to balance things out. I'm trying to contain myself because I KNOW that I am lucky enough to have extremely caring friends and family, however, there are also many, many people in this world that have fucked me around. I hope each and every one of those bastards feels a pain ten times the amount of my own. Don't ridicule suicidals. It makes them feel ten times worse than they already are.

I guess a lot of you will just never understand that...
12 Jul 2005 your best friend <3 # Take a small glass of cold tap water; do not use mineral water, nor any kind of juice or soda water, due to the acidity of such liquids.
# Stir 1g (or 1.5g, at most) of potassium cyanide (KCN) into the water; using more than recommended will likely cause burning of the throat due to the acidity.
# After about five minutes—this "waiting period" is important, as a chemical reaction needs to take place—the KCN will be dissolved and ready to drink (because it has turned into HCN). It remains drinkable for a period of several hours, but not much more than that.
# Once the concoction is drunk, consciousness will be lost within a minute. There will be just time to rinse out the glass (to ensure that no one else accidentally drinks from it—however, one could just as easily put a big "Warning" label onto the glass, or throw it into a corner or a fireplace, if one doesn't want to take the time) and lie down. But beware—a person extremely weakened by illness might lose consciousness within twenty seconds.
# While in the coma, death will follow in fifteen to forty-five minutes, depending on the physical strength of the person and whether the stomach is full or empty (an empty stomach promotes faster death).
# During the coma period, the dying person will breathe heavily or snore, similarly to people who have taken a lethal dose of barbiturates
12 Jul 2005 Miserable I don't know. I tried multiple times before I was 13 and it never worked. I am 22 and still trying so I guess it doesn't work.
11 Jul 2005 sara mangiare una grossa torta!
11 Jul 2005 jack drink paint thinner
11 Jul 2005 carlton (i am planing on killing myself by the way) all diffrent types of pills and scitles put into a can of coke wait until all the sbstances have dissolved this may take a few days and drink happily and then jump into a busy road if the car dosnt kill you the mixture will
11 Jul 2005 Jay Habbs dear friends, i know it gets really hard when a loved one passes away, or someone abuses you. my grandma and my dearest uncle passed away almost at the same time, and it was really hard for me. i had to go to drug/alcohol rehab because i wanted to kill myself. i know now that life can be made much better through hard work and perseverance. it is really hard when your parents etc. hit you and stuff. it is REALLY hard but you have to pull through. for if you kill yourself you are letting them win; you are letting all the abusers, bullies, molesters win. please call someone, call the cops if someone touches you inappropriately or tries to molest/abuse you. tell your school authorities; if they don't listen call 911 in USA, for they will take action against the oppressor. believe me if your family members act like nazi-idiots on you, you must seek outside help. it is really tough to bring yourself to tell outsiders about your family problems, but it is a good option. believe me, please, your friends can be a big help. you can always talk to me. please, at least, try to talk to some authorities, psychologists before you kill yourself. you owe it to yourself. my contact info is: , and iHateHippies83 for AIM. please, please, please you must tell someone about the abuses/problems in your life, for even strangers can be sometimes helpful. call 911 if anyone pulls anything on you.
y'know we are the people that make this word a wonderful place. us youth. we must not let our oppressors be the better of us.
11 Jul 2005 brittany well, i dont really have to do it my parents try every day ! one time it was with a pillow but i guess they find it more amusing to just make my life miserable and the thing is they srent even my parents im living with my step monster and her new husband my dad is in iraq and my mom died when i was seven! so i guess when i do it i will probably just either shoot insulin into my veins its the perfect way if you want to keep every one guessing for a while or at least until they find the suicide note under the bed , why you might ask becuz it is untraceable and without a suicide note it is named an unexplained death or death by natral causes!!hahahahaha that will get them back!!!
11 Jul 2005 Sooner of Later CJ, What do you believe in? Don't be cynical, what do you believe in?
10 Jul 2005 candi hi.i am 13,turned it on 9th july.i h8 mylife and have tried killing myself in many different ways but i still find myself here and i dont feel much me u can try but it dont work.i have cut my wrist,hit myself,starved myself and tryed drowning myself.i ave also tried taking an overdose of drugs but the only place i found myself wos not hell or heaven but in bed trying to wake up.i wanna die still and doing any of them fings did not help me in 1 slightest way.
I did all these due to the fact my mum and dad r going mental at me and blaming me 4 head of year is bein a twat because this girl beat me up and he thinks its me.i had to stop loaning my pony and i rele miss him.miss him more than any1 could uncle who is my closest relitive is traveling the world and i rele miss him and this girl at scool is being nasty to me 4 no reason.also i am goin throught though times at the minuite due 2 moving scools and havin 2 leave all ma m8s say its stupid and try stoppin me and if u have m8s like mine then i would go with wot they say.last night i wos thinking of hanging myself or jumping out of ma window at my bedroom onto something sharp.i had a serious talk with ma m8s and they told me it wos fuckin i agree.i look at my arms and legs finking these scars are neva gonna go away and i am stuck with them 4 the rest of my life.dont c the world now c it as the future!!!!its alot betta trust me.and u guys out there plz stop cos it is totaly not worth it.
10 Jul 2005 Elvis Rhino Go on a threadworm eggs diet
10 Jul 2005 najat moi j ai une idée..tu atten le passage d un gros camion..pouet tu te jette en dessous..
This is the last time i am going to reply now anymore.

take care everyone.
get a better life soon.
10 Jul 2005 sharn everyone is always talking about how depressed they are because they are ugly or dont have money. You do not needmoney 2 be happy. you say you hate beautiful people with powerful families. well they probubly hate you just as much ebcasuee you seem happy. It is hard 2 be in a family were so much is expected from you. to be blessed with good looks but always feel ugly. Life is not easy for EVERYONE ok soall you people who are like dont judge ra ra ra beautiful people i hate them> ReaLISE THAT WE ARE JUST AS MISERABLE AS YOU!!!
10 Jul 2005 ...... i want to get my hands on a gun..
im not here 2 tell u a long story all i want 2kno is how 2 get myeslf a gun. secretly thanx
10 Jul 2005 sharn ok everyone, im going 2 make this short isntead of telling a huge story. What everyone should realise is that you are not alone in feelings this jus teading this websight should show you that there are so many people out tehre wishing 2 die.
Why is it that we should suffer.
If anyone wants to talk i have msn please dont hesitate 2 talk i will listen.
10 Jul 2005 candice i dun no but i just learned how to cut my wrists n it doesnt kill you but the pain feels ausome its didnt bleed that much it was small and light like a scrape ut it stung and it feels ausome trie it
10 Jul 2005 CORPSE Once I tried to do it when I was 14, unluckily dad took me to the hospital. Now HIV is doing it. The funny fact is that now I don't want to die.

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