Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Sep 2005 Ainslie in this world that surrounds us
we sometimes break and fall
those who stand above us
can make us seem so small

we tremble under the weight
of the problems that hold us down
and when we start to collapse
there seems to be no one around

we try to fight in this world
that seems to always to fight back
sometimes we are not strong enough
there are so many things we lack

we'll hide away in corners
put upon ourselves pain
but there's no escape from this life
we all must suffer the same

but although we may struggle
and yes we all do fall
i'll stand by your side
i'll stay through it all

and even if you start to tremble
or even brake down
im your sholder to cry on
i'll always be around

we all hav our faults
are up and downs
we cant all smile all the time
everyone has a frown

no, no one is perfect
and no one is the same
we,re in this world together
we all play the same game

if we stick together
no matter whats to come
with a little faith and hope
anything can be done

we all get those bad times
each and every one of us
but i promise it will get better
just dont you give up

but when you feel you want too
please remember thins
you can die at anytime
but it takes a strong person to live
31 Aug 2005   ummm ok were do i start i know first of all wen ppl are writing they cannot say iv commited suicide coz if they did they wouldnt b writing these bloody articles would they it is attemted suicide coz that meens it didnt work out and commited means it did work so get ur facts strait people u attemted suicide u did not commit suicide get it fucking write
31 Aug 2005 SpookyPenguin Hey Mouchette... I've been posting a lot of B.S. on this... I'm really sorry...
I feel real bad everytime i make a joke about "Cutting" Or "Suicide" and "Rape"
You know i've cut myself... twice... but when i make jokes about it i feel real fucking stupid Caus i know how it feels to be depressed and want to die...

I'm really sorry mouchette.
31 Aug 2005 psychologicalgrl89 LIFE SUCKS! but all the messages posted has made me realize, maybe my life isnt so bad after is bad if u make it if u want a good life....try to make it a bright happy one...(it may take all ur strength but it's the way things happen) i'm 16 and i feel as if i'm still 7...some say i even look 9 or watever they say. BUT WHO gives a fuck about wat others say about u? however u feel about urself, go ahead and feel that way cuz if u dont, no one else is going to. I hate my life, I hate the process of life itself, I hate being social, my family, i hate everything...But there's still hope that things will get better. So GOD! i pray that you watch out for me and thank you for bringing me to this web site. You are truly amazing and i pray that you give me the strength, the smarts, the brains to keep moving on, to forget about the past, all the dark stuff and just be there. Help me get through this lesson of life. AMEN!
31 Aug 2005 contemplating the best way ive heard of commiting suicide so far is the 'breathe in helium for 5mins' cuz its painless - i mite giv it a go.
31 Aug 2005 Nancy I'm just 13 years old, but i tried to commit suicide a few times. I tried to hang myself, but it didn't work out. I dunno WHY I am so depressed, but when I am thinking bout my life I can just see how senseless it is. This Routine will be contuined till it's over. Maybe my 'friends' are the reason. Or my dad. My friends always give me the feeling that I am unwanted, and that bother them. I never got real friends, cuz I am different. I don't like make-up and designer clothes. They will never undestand me. My dad left us (me, my younger sister and my brother) when I was nine. It was after the birth of my brother. After a year we found him again, I was so happy and tried to forget about the time he came home drunken and he tried to hit my mum. He promised to buy me nice things and never leave us, but everytime he broke his promises. Again and again he disappoint me. Now got married. Sometimes when I am in school and sitting in the class i imagine that I run amok in the school. Maybe they will see me, maybe they will see that i have feelings too, that I need someone who understand me, someone who listen to me. But I think there will be nobody in my life who understand me.

The only thing that help me to bear down this Pain is music. The lyrics put my feelings into words. And when I am singing I can turn this pain into hate. It's easier to hate than to feel like bleeding fromm your soul.

A week ago I decided to kill myself on an other way. Step by step, day for day. With drugs, alcohol etc. When I am 21 I will take some sleeping pills and quit this annoying life. For me this life is a game and you can't press pause, or start another game. But you can quit the game whenever you want.
You can write at if you want to contact me. i will answer if i am still alive.
31 Aug 2005 spiderman their is no point to this at all. if you people think that its good to tell people how 2 die. then do it yoourself.i'v been suicidal.i know. and i know its pointless. all you need is someone too talk to. so don't listen to these hypacritical people how think that they're giving you advise. because their not. don't take shit from anyone.including your own mind.xoxoxo
31 Aug 2005 Rachide Quand tu as perdu ton emploi avec un salaire qui te permettait de bien vivre.
Que ta femme ta quitté pour ton meilleur amie t’obligent du même coup à vendre ta maison dans la qu’elle tu as sué tous tes week-end pour la rendre belle.
Que les huissiers sont a ta porte te réclament moult facturent impayés.
Que ta femme te réclame une pension alimentaire par ce qu’elle ne travail pas.
Que bientôt le payement des Assédic s’arrêteront pour faire place au RMI.
Que bientôt ton seul logement sera le trottoir ou le metro ou les gens passeront avec indifférence devant toi ne te laissant aucune obole, préférant le réservé a des gens habitant de lointain pays.
Avec tous ça, tu crois que tu n’auras pas envie de te suicidé et que si un type te donne la recette pour y arrivé, alors tu le béniras.
Mois je dis qu’il faut ce mettre a la place de celui qui veux ce suicidé et quand ont a vue les raison qu’il on poussé à le faire, alors ont le comprend et ont ce dit qu’il n’avait pas d’autre solution que celle-la.
Parfois seule le suicide peut vous aidé quand vous vous trouvé dans la détresse la plus total et que toute les autres solutions ont été employé sans succès.
31 Aug 2005 amit singh i will jump from mountain
30 Aug 2005 Eleanor Take your dads chainsaw and run around town acidently hitting yourself on your head with the chainsaw for each footstep you do.
30 Aug 2005 Annonymous Why do you need to know this? There are better options then suicide, all the time. Please, anyone out there who wants to chat, I set up an email account. It is totally annonymous.
30 Aug 2005 p3ip3i a gang bang
29 Aug 2005 claire il y a l'autodestruction et le suicide. attention! l'autodestruction concerne les vivant qui ont du mal à vivre.
le suicide est une pratique intellectuelle. cela ne concerne en rien les enfants. peut être que mourir symboliquement te suffira? alors la peluche c'est peut-être un bon truc. et que dirais-tu de ceux qui prennent un pseudo?
29 Aug 2005 Creepy What the fuck kind of website is this. Suicide kit? For kids? Are you fucking serious? You are fucking brilliant. It would be much easier to just say "I'm a fucken idiot with no life and a sorry excuse for a mind." Why don't you fucking kill YOURself so those of us with the decency to notice how fucking stupid you are can browse the internet without stumbling upon this fucking bullshit. Go cry and feel sorry for your pathetic self. Then slit your wrists for attention. Note: it's much more effective if you cut vertically instead of horizontally. Hope you succeed. Fucking moron.
28 Aug 2005 suicidal friend this works realy well........ unless you're some kind of freak super human or just really unlucky...... first you slit your wrists. down not across. then you make a "medicine soup" aka: all meds in your house into a bowl of soup....... that includes house hold cleaners usually found under the sink...... then you fill a bath tub with as much water as you can hot or cold it doesn't matter. then you grab a toaster and plug it in....... a toaster so that your suicide note can say something cheezy like " I'm toast" or whatever. then yyou climb into the tub so that you get electrified and drown and everything else is just in case. :) PS: I know this because this is how my best friend in third grade killed herself..... she had her suicide note say "I'm toast." I still miss her though and I probably allways will :'( oh well thats more than likely a sure fire way to kill yourself. unless the electric shock from the toaster brings you back then it sucks to be you. Ha Ha.
28 Aug 2005 Jesus I can't believe that mouchette didn't post my post in her favourite section! We need to spread the word of God, you Communist, towel-head, nigger, Arab lesbian slut.
Anyway, the point being that the violins are still playing and Courtney Love is still singing in the background, her voice rising and falling to the harmonises of you sick sad little world....
28 Aug 2005 ryan crash a car 240 km an hour into sationary police car
28 Aug 2005 st. helena anyone who's trying to commit suicide is stupid.especially the one that is telling them what's the best way,if you think it's gonna work,then why shouldn't you try it your way.even though i'm not happy with my life and i'm depress, i don't want to die anymore. Before i di wanted to, but now i'm uderstanding better why GOD put me into this world and why do i have a chance to even's something that i found........
and it is, but it doesn't meen you HAVE to fucking do just have to uderstand life and let your time not make it your time.....if anyone have has anything to say......plz email me.thanx for listening.
28 Aug 2005 Discerned On the religious posts:
Your beliefs have nothing to do with suicide so why do you keep writing anything ?

You have no compassion for the non-believer so please stop wasting your time about writing about god, jesus and other "holy" blahblah.
28 Aug 2005   This is in response to the entry posted by "Jesus". Just where the fuck do you get off? I've read some pretty sick comments on this site but yours tops them by far. Have you ever been molested? I bet you have. Did Daddy tell you that it was right? That all the kiddies and Daddies did this? That this was the best thing to do by God? I think you should leave me your contact details so that I can arrange some help for you. You sick fuck. If you havn't been molested...well fuck me! I seriously hope it happens to you one day then you'll see how hard it is to deal with the emotional trauma. I am fucking serious, it's traumatic. Let's see how you like being called a slut after you've had a 200 pound man screwing you in your sleep. It will happen. I have my ways. I hope you die. Bitch.

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