Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Oct 2005 K.D.Lang Sodimize yourself with a cheesegrater, with each stroke, get a bigger cheesegrater.
03 Oct 2005 well alive oh you naughty little children... you should all be in school experiencing the joys of education instead of the madness... your parents should be locked up for letting you on such stoooooooooooooopid website... i came across it quite by chance and was disgusted with its content... really, i ask you...?!
03 Oct 2005 Joanne I hate life I am always depressed I might wake up in the morning and be happy and then i just become sad and I cry for no reason I just reflect back on my life and feel like shit I have good friends but everyhting they say to me makes me feel depressed even when they say something like you have a bit of dirt on your face so i go to the toilets and cry to myself my family gangs up on me at times and i get blamed for everything I try so hard to stop myself from doing something stupid cause maybe in a few years i will feel better becaus eas i red earlier lots of people have this problem at this age but it hurts and it makes me feel really bad i feel like none loves me everwhere i go i just see hate I dont want to die so i guess i am really looking for advice to help me not do it but this is th eonly website i could find
02 Oct 2005 N.. Im 15 and right about now i really want to kill my self.. When i was 12 i took an overdose of pills and you know what? Im still here unfortunately. How do you deal when life gets tough? I've been through alot
Parents divorce
Sexual abuse by a neighbour since i was 8 till i was 12- no one even believed me when i told them what was happening, it was so hard.. i can't even have a relationship with a guy in highschool because 1) i think im extremely ugly - which ive been told is a fact from the bullies n 2)i get flashbacks from the incident when i start to get close to a guy like starting to trust them n the relationship doesnt work. I dont know what to do.. I just hope my life isnt like that when i'm an adult. I always get bullied for something mainly b/c im fat and ugly and i just can't stand it any more. I've tried cutting.. it doesnt do anything for me it just makes me feel worse rather than better.. rite now im thinking of taking an overdose of a whole lotta pills which just happen to be conviently sitting in the draw and there would be like seriously a few thousand pills there.. surely if i take all of them i wouldn't wake up? i just want it to be ova and done with. Reading all of the stories here that made me think twice about it but really i dont think my life will get any better..
02 Oct 2005 Michelle Ok, for one thing, there is no point in killing yourself at all. Any age or reason it is pointless. I agree, life can be hard as hell but just ending it is a big regret you will have, and there is no way possible to change it. I have had suicide thoughts but how I think about it, you never know the out comes of things. For example, I know it's a bad example but I play tennis. The game started and the girl was really kicking my butt, then I lifted my head and said that I could do it. In doing this, I ended up winning the match and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Being depressed is an option people chose. Like I read in a book called "7 habits to Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey, people/things do not make you mad/sad/happy, it's all in how you take it. I feel for the people with love problems because I am dealing with some myself. But again, you just never know, this are always changing. Build some confidence in yourself, it's tough but it is possible. Always tell yourself that you look good, you are unique and that you can do anything you want to do. Find someone to relate to and can help support you and visa versa. I love helping people with their problems and I am a great listener. Personally, I feel better even just telling someone, letting them know my worries/problems makes me feel so much better. I will leave my contact info for all who just need a friend or just someone to babble to and I swear that I will not tell anyone. One thing that I don't like about this site is the definition of a suicide kit. There is no fun in death, as many people have talked about losing loved ones on this site and how it depresses them, so why would you make a game of it? That is just my opinion. Anyway, so you know, I am 17 years old and here is my info:
Yahoo= sheltered_2006
AIM= MeL8181988
* Best bet is email or MSN but I have to say, I am in school and tennis, so right now I won't be on 24/7 but I am still here to help anyone, of any age. You guys can all make it!
02 Oct 2005 me ive been thinking about killing myself. i feel so empty sometimes. and the sad part is no one even realizes it or notices. At school i always smile give compliment entertain people and generally i come off as a nice person. So what i want to know is will they miss me if i'm gone?
02 Oct 2005 bethany i think its quite sad that children... think they have to kill themselves. i dont even get it. i dont think its a game at all. i know im going to die before i graduate highschool this year, but thats because its my destiny. i have made some attempts. every attempt is one step closer, its almost nice to have things worked out that way. i just dont think we should be giving children "kits"
02 Oct 2005 ela I can`t live anymore.So if someone knows a way that is quick and doesn`t hurt so musc, please tell me! NOW!
02 Oct 2005 vipco monster Watch the horror film "Suicide" which should change your mind about killing yourself. Its fucking painful, thats the bottom line.
02 Oct 2005 No way Out I wrote sum days bak, coz i rilly wanted to die,but eventually, i see life full of bright prospects. Some people really feel awfully unlucky due to many unexpected worse experiences. I personally feel that suicide is "NO WAY OUT". It's so true that we've been given a human life, to prove ourselves!Self-satisfaction is the greatest feeling within us. We need to be optimists!Nobody shud feel lonely, neglected or hated, coz sumwhere deep inside us, we know that we hav someone. I'm 18, and I've bin trying to suicide for 6 years, but couldn't do it due to this feeling of HOPE. I always hope that my problems will get solved, and I'll find life easier...or I'll console myself with the fact that LIFE IS JUS A SERIES OF LESSONS,WITHOUT PROBLEMS AND PESSIMISM, LIFE WILL BE SOUR.We do meet deceitful persons, who beguile us unknowingly..but then, we do learn in return. For me, life has helped me to shape my character...I've gone fru many bad times, and I've even nearly lost my own identity...but then, I mustered my courage and struggled progressively against my negative feelings! I do feel depressed uncountable times, but I dont let my tears be a bridge to death.I ket my tears flow sumtimes, to relieve myself. Or I'll jus log on the net and chat...or write poetry..or talk to a very gud fren. There r solutions to ease suffering, but we resort to the most "easiest" way:suicide. But it's the "easiest" way to be condemned by this world, by ur own people, by God. Coz Suicide means cowardice, but bravery. If u want to show ur courage to people, then live this life, n show the people who ostracize u that YOU ARE THE BEST, n u dunt need anyone. Feel like a warrior. :-) c ya all.
02 Oct 2005 Greg I don't really want to die, but I can't continue living like this much longer. Man is my lifa a mess, and the fucking anxiety is overwhelming. I have panic attacks and deep depression. Just plagued with hopelessness.

What I need is medication. I am experiencing anxiety so severe I can't function. I started seeing a counselor 3 weeks ago, but I cannot find a doctor that I can afford. I'm unemployed and the anxiety is so bad I can't hardly look for a job. I would drive 200 miles in a heartbeat if I could just get an appointment. I've made dozens of phone calls with no luck. I guess I'll just have to scrape up 200 bucks and go see someone.

I've been obsessed with suicide for a few months now. I really do hate myself, and this world too.

I can only think of 2 acceptable ways of doing suicide so far:

1. Gun in my mouth, which requires buying a gun. If I do this I will go far away and do it deep in the woods somewhere.

2. Just today I thought of this. Take several sleeping pills to ensure a deep sleep, then park my car in an enclosed place. Kick back and read a book until I start dozing, then start the car and leave the engine running. Problem here is I don't know where to park, since I don't have a garage.

Slicing my wrists is out of the question I think. Way to gory and messy. I would have to lay there in the bathtub and watch all that blood squirting while I wait to die.

I wish I could get my hands on a lethal substance such as arsenic, or potassium cyanide.

I need to find a suicide forum. I need some advice on how to do this.
01 Oct 2005 evil bitch the best way 2 kill urself...................................................i came here 2 find out!!!!!!!
01 Oct 2005 Joerg Gel Hello. I am 27 and I don't want to live anymore because it is horrible to be gay and without a boyfriend. Who has made similar experiences? Mail me:
01 Oct 2005 Dont want to say I'm 15 and 16 in 7 days. I've tried committing suicide on several occassions and it isn't nice. Harming your body and yourself is also harmfull to the people around you. I was bullied at school and moved on to a new high school. In my other school, in the month of May, year 9 I taken an overdose. Which obviosuly didn't kill me, because I am here today writing this. Many think that overdosing is harmless, trust me on this one, it's not. Overdosing, is VERY painfull indeed, makes you feel like complete SH*T! It Hurts your stomach, throat, and makes you feel weak! Since then i've had councelling and moved on, i still Harmed my body, but now, I've stopped.
I Just want to say to those out there:
If you are thinking about suicide, then please think again.
You are here for a reason, you might not think that now, maybe because you are depressed, But infact everybody is here for a reason.
If you wasn't meant to be here, then you wouldnt have been born in the first place.
You may feel like SH*T at the minute, but there is somebody out there, somebody who will accept, love, care, hold you close when your cold.
That somebody is out there for YOU and everybody else!
Lifes SH*T - I know.
But if you think positive then you will come out of the tunnel at the bright side.
Being abused aint nice, I know i've been sexual abused!
Bullied isn't nice, I know I've been bullied.
Whatever you are going through, i wish i could sit and talk to you face to face, because being hurt is totally painfull.
To everyone out there that is hurting, if you TRY and believe in yourself, then you will be believed by others that suround you.
God bless you!
01 Oct 2005 Adele Mouchette

I have just looked properly around your site, and I realise now that you are just a silly little god playing God. You should seriously think about suicide yourself, it will save many mixed up children from visiting this sad, perverted site, and ending their lives.
01 Oct 2005 Adele I understand the need for young people to have a website for when they feel life is unbearable, but having a site called What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is an insult to the children, their parents and family. I can understand it may what they may put in to find you but hey do you really have to be called this? Also, there are messages on this site from children saying they have actually tried to harm themselves there and then. How do you help and support them then? Children have very irrational thoughts during puberty and I feel you are very irresponsible for putting up such a site when at your own admittance "I have very little experience on the subject". Your little "invention" may be helping to kill innocent children. Please will you reply to this through my website Thankyou
01 Oct 2005 kat No offence, but that question is sick. Yea people that are 13 or whaever may want to die, but dont encourage it ffs. I've sat and watched my friends go through it, and yea ive cut myself but you can get through it. It takes time, but one day things will get better. You may think that because you feel like everyone hates you tht its the end of the world, but its not, believe me. I was bullied, but im over it. Just remember that you are better than those ppl and dont sink to their level. you are more than they will ever be.
01 Oct 2005 Derek you stupid piece of crap, suicide is in no way funny
01 Oct 2005 sharyn shaffer i have a solution. studies show that people suffering from deppression have less symptoms when they get money. thats all you have to do. get money. then you can change your world by buying things like a new house in a new place. buy some friends. even a dog to keep you company. and if you get enough money you can get a hobbie. i recommend an addictive hobbie so you will have a reason to live. you will always be joansin for that next fix. you will want your drugs so much you will forget all about your problems. that is until a whole new set of problems comes about that overwhelms you to the point of suicide. hey its only a temporary fix.
01 Oct 2005 chameleon i think i may have figured out my 15 year plight. you see at a young age i discovered i had to wear glasses because of my poor eye sight. they seem to have always been a bit lop sided. well just the other day i was getting out of the shower and as i finished drying off i gazed upon the glory of my testicals. i was fixed upon them. watching as they just dangled there in the mirror. i noticed one was dangeling a bit more than the other. i began to meditate upon this and then it dawned on me. its true just as everyone had always told me. my glasses were in fact straight. as was my head. its just no one else can see it because they are lop sided as well. trapped in this paradox. however due to the extra sag it has thrown off my whole universe in which i exist. its not just my glasses or my single testical. its not just the words on a page as i read. i have discovered what really is the center of the universe. it is my own family jewels. and since one of them is off centered so is the whole universe. so when you see something leaning a little to the left (northern hemisphere) you wonderfull people who have read my post will know why. i would like to formerly appologize to each and everyone who finds this an inconvenience. i am terribly sorry. however this is not entirely my fault. i plan on having corrective laser surgery to fix this matter so the universe can once again go back to normal. and there can be balance in all our lives. this may also be a major factor in someones brain being in someone elses boobies. im not sure about that though.

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