Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Oct 2005 jojo wear a busted t-shirt in a lamb of god pit
18 Oct 2005 the-once-loved-one Now all of you dudes who are in school n shit who are on about killing yerselves... listen, when yer a kid life is all crap, you've got other kids, parents and teachers treading all over you and life really does seem unbearable... but as soon as you leave school, even if you have no qualifications or nothing, life is always better... i left school with nothing, i went to college and got nothing.... but then i met a girl... she was the most amazing bird in the world and she made me see that there are other things in the world than earning money and being the most popular dude in the world... i was with her for 2 years and although i had sacrificed being popular and a great career for this girl, she showed me that all i really need s her ad ill be fine... well now im waffling but all im tryin to say is stick it out ladies n gents, life will look up i promise, sort a career out if u can but if u cant, who gives a fuck... some of the happiest people in the world come home smelling to high heaven each day... n i was one of them... not to spoil owt but she left me a week ago cos supposedly she doesn't love me... now, only now do i truly feel like dying...i simply cant take life without 19 and have no career, no girlfriend and she pushed all my real friends away from me... anyways... keep away from drugs, use protection and turn gay all u men, cos we all know its only drugs, women n kids that make us wana die.... mwah!
18 Oct 2005 UniversalTourist this is a koan if i ever saw one
know what a 'koan' is? it's a device used by a zen master to force his students to meditate. the master poses a question, but one that does not have a ready, logical answer. the student meditates upon the question - and may or may not come up with 'the answer', but the important part is the meditation.

what's the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? clearly there is no logical answer. the only people who could supply an answer would be under-13 year old's who have successfully killed themselves. anybody else is just a poser.

and the posters here reveal a lot of posers. people giving other people advice. i don't care if you're telling me how to kill myself or not to kill myself. i don't want your fucking advice. if u really knew how to kill yourself you'd be dead already. if u don't want to kill yourself, don't pretend to know me, asshole.

i appreciate the people who have shared what methods didn't work for them. at least i'll probably avoid those methods next time

(i don't want to give my e-mail address because i don't want a lot of wankers writing to me)
17 Oct 2005 Desmond Sweet in ma skool i am 1 of the most popular kids there. im 17 and a half and yes i put ma real name. i just wanna laugh at u suicidal bastard HAHAHAHAHAHA!! fuck u all life is good, at least if your me HAHAHA! i fuck ma girl all the time u virgin fuck, uall get it up the ass by ur dads HAHAHA! yo u fucking losers just die slow ok, i want to laugh every second of your gay, faggoty, wack, worthless piece of shit live.


by the way i live in boston, and i go to
west roxbury complex (media comm.& tech)
see if u pussies goin do sumthing
im dead seroius mutha fuckas
17 Oct 2005 wanttodie I got this from a webby and I am thinking if anyone knows where to get KCN??? Pls email me..

[If you've got some potassium cyanide, or know where you can get some, then the following method may prove valuable):
Take a small glass of cold tap water; do not use mineral water, nor any kind of juice or soda water, due to the acidity of such liquids.
Stir 1g (or 1.5g, at most) of potassium cyanide (KCN) into the water; using more than recommended will likely cause burning of the throat due to the acidity.
After about five minutes—this "waiting period" is important, as a chemical reaction needs to take place—the KCN will be dissolved and ready to drink (because it has turned into HCN). It remains drinkable for a period of several hours, but not much more than that.
Once the concoction is drunk, consciousness will be lost within a minute. There will be just time to rinse out the glass (to ensure that no one else accidentally drinks from it—however, one could just as easily put a big "Warning" label onto the glass, or throw it into a corner or a fireplace, if one doesn't want to take the time) and lie down. But beware—a person extremely weakened by illness might lose consciousness within twenty seconds.
While in the coma, death will follow in fifteen to forty-five minutes, depending on the physical strength of the person and whether the stomach is full or empty (an empty stomach promotes faster death).
During the coma period, the dying person will breathe heavily or snore, similarly to people who have taken a lethal dose of barbiturates]
17 Oct 2005 mariella a few weeks ago i tried to kill my self because my girl friend dumped me (i am a lesbien),the night she dumped me i texted my m8 tellin her i am sorry,i started running towards the main road and when i felt the time was right i decided 2 jump...but my friend was running behind me and pulled me back..........that night i thought 2 my-self if no1 loved me then why did she pull me back from that car. i love laura with all my heart and always will
17 Oct 2005 That . One. Girl. Me. Stop talking about it, and grab a gun and just shoot your brains out. Nobody cares about you anyways.
17 Oct 2005 bree how to start. my best friend thinks that the world hates her when she knows she's fine, i get so annoyed i just lost my friends twin sister to suicide, she hung herself at the age of 14 and all i can think is what a waste of life, i mean i ve tried to cut myself b4 and i cant do it the pain and then thinking why would of i been born if i wasnt meant to be here. my friend alwaizs says that she cuts her wrist and that she trys to hang herself but i think its a put on, she makes me feel down cus shes alwaizs talkin bout it, she made me think bout suicide she made me the way i am 2day. my life may not be the best but my family and friends love me and nothin is betta then that, bcus when u think about commiting suicide think about the ppl u are leaving behind not who would care. becus the world does, your family, ur friends, ppl u dont know would hate to see you die and will regret everything they have sedto u, so dont take it out on them its not there fault ur likr this as i was saying keep it to urself or tell a counciller cus frankly i dont want to feel put down cus my best friend feels down
17 Oct 2005 E Well I've eventually sorted out a work placement on my apprenticeship in Business Admin and for the first time in ages i thought things were starting to go right. of course my mum had to fuck it all up. She HATES my boyfriend and has been interfering in our relationship blamin my problems on him when actually she's the root of alot of them and all he's ever done is help and support me. She's fucked everything up!! She tried to get my stepdad to beat my boyfriend up and my step dad ended up pinnin my boyfriend up against the wall by his neck so in order to get him off my boyfriend quite understandabley punched him. As a result I've been more or less kicked out (its complicated) and my mum can't actually see that she's done anything wrong?!
My life's a joke every time I think things are gettin sorted summat happens to make it worse!
I hate myself so much and I hate this shit life. I wanna kill myself and end it all because I'm sick of the pain of fightin it and I know my boyfriend woulf be better off without me!
What's worse is my step dad touched me up a few years ago and now I've started thinking perhaps more happened then what I realise. I think he might have actually raped me but I've blocked it out.
The thing that scares me most isn't hurting mysel, it's hurting someone else. Sometimes I self harm because I have an urge to cause pain to someone.
17 Oct 2005 tormented soul i wish i could tell you that if you 13 you shouldn't off yourself cuz there is so much more to life. But then i'd be a hypocrite liar. I'm 21 and a lost child. I feel like there is no way out. Sure my parents love me, but when i tell them how i feel they say it's not that bad or get mad. i'm actually sitting here typing this slowly cutting myself. I'm not a pain person, in fact i fear pain. it just seems at this time to be the only way out. I cut and it goes away a little. I really wanna die and i don't know why. I mean i guess to some degree i do. on a deeper level i guess i don't. I mean sure there are always moments of joy or clearity but usually for me they are followed by moments of pain and despair. it's like everytime something good happens something bad happens too and it's not the opposite. I really think that if your 13. Just wait. High school is shit. Kids are shit. Being young is shit. you'll grow up and shit will change. but if you can't find a way out or a way to feel better like me by the time your 21. then i dunno. just don't be a lonely loser like me. I don't know you but i care. which is odd cuz at the moment i don't care about myself. But reading these made me think..i don't want anyone on here to die. and i hope some of the older postings..are still here. i wish i could gather each of you and make you feel better. but at the same time i understand your pain. so please don't give up and i'll try to do the same.
16 Oct 2005 finkle hey guess wut kids??? if u state that u cut ur self ...guess wut ur not even a cutter..ur a fuking attention slut! (who decides to cut for attention)oh wut? ya dont bother denying it when there are thousands of clinically depressed addicted cutter trying to get over it....take it from me
16 Oct 2005 iwaannnadieee Man, I feel so terrible now that it is difficult to believe... I don't feel depressed, just fucking terrible.
drugs are bad.
don't do drugs.
oohh, dear Jesus.... FUCK!
16 Oct 2005 abraham Someone needs to build a mass bomb to destroy planet earth or some shit
16 Oct 2005 gunther why doesn't everyone on here decide to meet somewhere and all be there, just bring all your weapons, drugs, diseases, anything and everything ya know then kill each other
16 Oct 2005 right dead fred suicide is awesome! I just did it last night!
16 Oct 2005 clendenin does this suicide kit cum with nuts bolts hammers and screws?
16 Oct 2005 HARD_LIFE_PUNK i want to die and this is how

i want a sopasitore to fly so fast and so hard that it cracks my temple and i die!!!!!
16 Oct 2005 emily i think it would be lovly to just kill myself. there are many ways to kill myself but there is one way that would be wonderful.

16 Oct 2005 neli hi my problem is that i have so many problems with myself, yes iam a constant worrier of my life i have never felt iam capable to grow cause i have always been a failure in what ever i have or even tried to do at times i become so arogant with myself & others. i hate myself, its true to believe i dont know why we live when above all our mind doent want; i have reached a stage defeat i surrender to my life i have had many depression breakdowns even a while ago i did i do not want to live i keep imagining my death scene & life after me but iam disappointed as i have not been able to gain the guts to commit sucide its so frustrating when i see others doing better than me and i cant cope to tell u i have no friends and i have reached a stge where i see people as aliens i cant make a conversation i desparately need answers i want to share my problems with someone who wants to listen its so frustrating that my parents dont communicate with me so much and dont even get along with them my thinks iam to difficult my dad never wanted or i guess he has never liked me our thoughts r generations apart i seriously dont know wht to i dont want live in this either i wish to live a life where iam like everyone or not an abnormal soul in this blessed planet to tell u iam also suffering from a learning disability called 'dysculia'(dylexia)and my mother always cuts me off whenever i want talk about it i cant count numbers give anythng with nos & i get paniky i have problems for even the day to day money dealings like buying & selling now tell how can i ever live in this world if i cant count mentally i believe in being independent and not dependent how will i ever live iam really desparate for answers its only then will i feel confident abt my self and my life and its only then that i will start liking people please give me your sincere advice iam waiting i do not no for how long.
15 Oct 2005 Don Ray Buy a small pine tree. Plant it in your backyard. When it grows to be 200 feet tall, climb up and decide if you really want to go through with it. By that time, you'll probably be at least 90 years old.
You may decided that 90 is just too young for suicide.

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