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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Sep 2005 Amy I've been cutting since I was in the 7th grade. I would sit in my room crying...and cutting. I never got the never had the curage to Push hard into my arm.. until now. I've come so close..and realized.. that maybe i dont wanna die. I think about what would happen when my heart stops beating, and all the systems in my body shut off. I mean I could get away with it.. like noone would fine me until hours after... but its the feeling that youre letting everyone down..and risking other peoples lives. You may think that if you cut..and die from it..that your friends wont go do the same thing..your wrong. 4 of my friends have been in the hospital for cutting..and i continue to do it.

but once you get so far.. you realize, that maybe you have a little left to live for, and that little goes a long way.
I got so close tonight.. i thought of all the negative things in my life.. forgetting about those few select positve things in my life.

Life will always be hard. There are no short cuts in life.(Thats what my teahcer always says.)

As you become a teenager youre gonna hate life.. and suicide isn't the way to go. I mean.. look whos talking, i know.. thats probably what youre saying..
I know for a fact i will continue to cut. Its the person i've made myself to be.
I've seen friends comitee suicide.. and it hurts everyone around you.. no matter what you say or think.
its become an addiction. I can stop myself 1/3 times...but thats not enough.

People say that cutting isn't a form of suicide..and I agreed to that because I didn't want to believe that I may end up committing suicide.. but in the long run it is.

I just needed to write to someone other than myself..and i was kinda sick of writing suicide notes.. so yeah
13 Sep 2005 andy if ur so depressed just tie a wait to ur foot and chuk urself in a pool an even if u decide not to ur to fukn let me kill myself
13 Sep 2005 ... i have a question.... my friend slit her wrists once... and now she's having problems at school .. she's stopped slitting, but she still gets dirty looks at school and no one seems to understand .. how can she hide the cuts on her wrists? besides wearing long sleeves...
13 Sep 2005   i have thought a lot about suicide.
growing up my life was almost unbearable. i guess i was just a strong kid. learning to never let on in public. no one is interested anyway. i guess this is why my life is the way it is. i feel as though i have lived my life in a bubble. not that i have excluded the world or family and friends. no, but i have been excluded. i have overcome deppression without medication. i have learned acceptance. things are as they are. but still this bubble has inprisoned me. i know now that i will kill myself. not because i am deppressed or i am not getting my way in life. it is because i am trapped. inside this bubble. i am alone in the world. i am related to people but they are not my family. i have friends but there is no intimacy. not because i havent tried either. my job is the same as well as church. i guess i am just an outcast. hell, i dont know what it is.but i have searched the depths of my soul and honestly and openmindedly i might add. and still i have grown and matured. i am so sick of it all. literaly. my stomach churns, i cant sleep. and i must constantly keep in check my anger that stems from the overabundance of negitive experiences i have endured. i keep telling myself wait just one more day. maybe things will get better. every man has a breaking point. and i have run out of hope. i come to the end of my understanding. why should i continue on living in such desolation and grief. the truth is i am in no hurry. i havent set a date yet. but my determination has set like concrete from wet to dry in my mind. i dont care if someone reads this and tells the cops. tells a suicide hotline about me. even locked up i will find a way. but that isnt how i want to go. locked up. yeah thats the place evryone wants to kill themselves. isnt it? so please be curtious. i have seen counselors and hospitals. even had a saftey net of people to call. i am beyond help. i have tried it all at least once. i guess if you read this my goal would be to encourage you to become closer to someone. someone like me whom lives amoung the everyday people and you would never suspect thier mind is spiraling down to the inevetiable. please do not write me an email tring to give me hope. i am tierd of living lies. for some hope is good but i feel cursed. i feel dirty. and in my mind the only "hope" i have is leaving this life behind. please do not try and rob me of even this.
13 Sep 2005 caz dont even think about are only 13 and have the rest of your life to matter how bad things may seem they will get me
13 Sep 2005 sam Tell Russel Crowe you're going out with his baby.
13 Sep 2005 lou DONT DO IT!!
You wont be under 13 forever.
life is what you make it
only you have the power to change it
12 Sep 2005 Emily I have been depressed in the past few years... I'm 13 and I recently got over it. But in the worst of it I would cut my wrists- just to relieve pain. But those of you who are depressed and sad because of the way people treated you at school- made fun of you, bullied you, and just acted as if you were the gum on the bottom of their shoe- that's what got me so messed up. So when I was truly truly depressed my dream suicide was to go in the middle of the hallway and slit my wrists so deep that in a matter of minutes I'd be dead- so that everyone who inflicted me with pain finally realized what they really had done to me. I could never do it though... i even brought my blade to school but... even though I hurt so much I was still afraid of death...
12 Sep 2005 Porchia To kill yourself i belive that you take a rope tie around neck and pretend to get high but we don't relize that your killong yourself
12 Sep 2005 Suzanna shove your barbie doll down your throat!!! love - Me!!!
12 Sep 2005 surgio yo, your a fuckin moron for jokin about suicide. If you wanna die jus let me know and I'll put your sorry lonesome ass out of misery.

crip for life holmes!
11 Sep 2005 Tiffany I know how hard life can get but... ending it shoudn't be the answer. My father was killed when I was 12 and my mother has been in a wheelchair since I was 8. I had to raise my brother and myself as well as take care of my mom. I felt so alone and just wanted a way out of life. I was about to swallow a bottle of pills when I relized how ending my pain would end up hurting others. You are never alone. a famous person once said "No man is an island." So what you do affects others.

I am now 21 and in college. Life is great. You can never see past the bend in life's path until you walk it. Believe me life can suck but it can also get a lot better, if you give it some time. If anyone needs to talk please feel free to e-mail me.
11 Sep 2005 Skye i think that the best way to kill your self if your under 13...od on everything tht you can find in your house or drink cleaning supplys.
11 Sep 2005 The Truth Its a bit sick actually, I mean, a suicide kit as a toy? Lets all play dead?
Yeah, maybe they should be told about it but not in that way.
As for all the other ranting replys that have been posted, you are all prats, there is no reason to go off on one at someone's idea, try being more polite jerks.
11 Sep 2005 nichole drink nail polish remover with pure actone
11 Sep 2005 fred shove a pen/pencil up each nostril and then smack youre head on a desk making shure that the pen/pencil hit the desk
11 Sep 2005 Lindy Rizor Try to fly off of a 10 story building
10 Sep 2005 felicia George the best way is to not kill ursself at all and to suck it up b/c thats what being a teens about and if some1 is hurting u get help and don't wait no matter how much they say they'll hurt u get help now it can't be any worce then what u wanna do to ur self

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