Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Oct 2005 me give me tips on suicide
20 Oct 2005 bbrittany yall shold not have this site because you wouldnt imagine how many people you haave killed already
20 Oct 2005 chicken butt avarian flu
20 Oct 2005 HappySister There is no best way to kill yourself. You need to think of who you are leaving behind. Who loves you and wants you in their life. Believe it or not, you're loved. I caught my sister trying to commit suicide. Man was I scared. I told her I wish I had more time for her, but I have a really busy life; school and work. I love her with all my heart. And so does my family. We'd be lost without her. She never really thought of it that way though. Instead she felt sorry for herself, kept telling herself that she was all alone. Now we all make time for each other, I take her shopping and we go out for dinner. She concentrates more on school and things seem less complicating. I dont wanna lose my sister. I love her. Please think before you try and hurt yourself. You're not alone.
20 Oct 2005 Brother in Christ I know that a lot of people on this website are looking for a way out. I understand the pain that you feel. I understand the emptiness, the shame, and the complete feeling of hopelessness. But let me tell you, there is an option. No matter what you have done, and I mean NO MATTER WHAT!.....God does love you! Satan is a powerful force and a great deceiver. He wants nothing more than to convince that God hates you! But God is MORE powerful by far. Satan is not the 'opposite' of God, he is beneath God. God has already won the battle. So why do bad things happen? The world we live in is corrupt and evil. God gives us the choice to accept him and wants everyone to do so, but it is a choice of free will. Bad things happen as a result of Satan trying to convince you otherwise. In due time, Satan will be no more, but in the meantime God wants us all to have the chance to make the right choice. The Bible tells us that all have sinned, and that the penalty for sin is death (and the death it refers to is enternal death, eternal separation from God). And there is nothing you can do to overcome that on your own. NOBODY can live 'good enough'. BUT...That is exactly why God sent his son Jesus to die for your sins. For my sins. For EVERYONE's sins. Jesus led the only perfect life ever on this earth. Only he was perfect and could atone for our sins. When Jesus died on the cross, he didn't just feel the pain of the nails, he felt the pain of all of our sins. And still, that's not the end of it! He rose from the grave on the third day and in doing so conquered sin and death! He did this for YOU! By faith you can be saved today. Ask yourself why I am posting this. I don't want anything from you. I want to help because that is what God would have me to do. In some cases, there is a medical reason for depression, that's true. And in some cases it can help. But you will never truly be happy or be really free, until you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. It's Free. It's available to EVERYONE. Pray to God right now. Tell him you know that you have committed sins. Tell him you know that you're not perfect. Tell him that you want to accept the free gift of salvation that Jesus has already paid for. Ask him to come into your life and your heart. It's that simple. All of your problems won't automatically go away. In some cases the devil may put more in front of you than you have now. But the good news is that God tells us he will never leave us. He will never allow more to be put on us than we can take, as long as we trust in Him. Speak with a local minister. Tell him of your decision. He/she will guide you in your spiritual growth. Read the Bible and God will provide you with answers. God is real and not just an outlet on Sundays. God is with me every second of every day, and I can feel his presence. Please, before you do something you can't reverse, talk to God. I know there are some that will point to clergymen who have let them down, hypocrites, and false teachers. That's true, there are some of those. But it doesn't change the message God gives us. You cannot place your faith in ANY man. Preists and ministers are human just like the rest of us. But you CAN place your faith in God. He will NEVER let you down. May God Bless you and guide you on your path. The hope of light is a valid one, but you have to trust in God to experience it!
20 Oct 2005 ng i don't know but tell me so i can do it soon
20 Oct 2005 andy i tried to kill myslef, and i regret it didnt work. overdose of paracetamol. i cut myself. the pain feels good until after. the people i want to care, dont. the people i hate, care. well they say they do. i want to die, but i want to live. i think of reasons to live for, but the reasons to die outnumber them. I have been through nothing but pain for 3 years, im 19. i fall in love, then she hates me for the person i really am. i wish i could have someone who understands me, who can just hold me and tell me everyhting is gonna be ok. thats all i want, a shoulder to cry on. someone to love me. i have no friends, i have lost them cos of the person i am.the only reason i havent tried to kill myself again, is the hope that things will get better, but i have waited 3 years.maybe tonight i will try agen, and hopefully suceed. i wil cut myself,physical pain takes away emotional pain. but then i loose people wen i cut myself, whever it be girlfriends or mates, its a circle that i cant get out of, a circle i cant win.i hope i will be happy in heaven.PEOPLE SAY DONT KILL YOURSELF, BUT ITS YOUR LIFE, DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT.BUT THE MAIN REASON I STAY, IS COS I KNOW I WOULD HURT TOO MANY PEOPLE IF I WENT, JUST THINK OF THAT, email me if u want to talk about anyhting, i could do wiv a chat, and maybe u could too.
20 Oct 2005 Ophelia You trust humanity.
20 Oct 2005 Looshkin i see this is still popular.
i have no new ideas not already thought of
19 Oct 2005 Brianna w Asprin over dose
19 Oct 2005 chulliio wierded to get a dirty old bloke to rape and murder you or strangle urselfwith a piano string after takin a huge overdose and lyin face down in a bath :)
19 Oct 2005 Ariel hey sweet tooth!!!!! if you're here, e-mail me as soon as possible. i have somthing to tell you. it's really important.
for all you other mother-fuckers out there.....


yeah i know it sounds corny but it's true.....

i tried to commit suicide when i was 13, i am now 14 and i know now that it's not the way out.

and as for the lyrics for welcome to my life, that's the song that i was trying to commit suicide to.

suicide is not the answer. people will miss you even if you think they won't.

if anyone you know or even you needs help, e-mail me right away at:

if you ever need a friend......

i will always be here...............
19 Oct 2005 me please email me i need someone to talk to and i know there are people on this site that need someone to talk to aswell
19 Oct 2005 me i have wanted t die since i was 11. i have tried killing myself plenty of times. my head is so screwed up. im 15 now and living is getting to hard. if you want to talk to me. or like me need someone to talk to. then email me
18 Oct 2005 Scott Look. You can sit here and tell yourself that you want to die all you want, and that is all thats going to become of it. It's ok to be 17 and not be kissed by a girl. You can be 25 and not be kissed. Who cares? No one's life is perfect. If you really want to know the truth, everyone has issues that they have to deal with. You are never alone. You feel cold, I understand. You can allways allow yourself to feel cold. But there is a positive side to everything. Rejection is a natural part of life. Most people who arn't motivated are the smartest people. But honestly, suicide is the most selfish of options. Anyone can just kill themselves, and it is very easy to just tell yourself that nobody cares. It doesn't matter who you are though, somebody cares about you, and for you to commit suicide leaving them to deal with the pain, is unbelevably selfish.
I understand that you feel alone, and feel "cold" as one person put it, but you can get help. Psychiatrists can help you, and so can school counselors. To gain friends you must trust others, but not be foolish with your trust. There are allways people who want to talk to you and help you. There are hotlines that can help you. Keeping your feelings bottled up inside you is not the answer. You need to talk to someone. The # of answers is rediculous. You can even talk to me if you really need someone. Just think before you act. Be positive. What do you love in life? It's easy to say that you love nothing, but ofcourse you do love something. If you honestly don't love anything then it would be even more foolish to end your life, for that is a life yet un-lived.
18 Oct 2005 mikey I want to say I love chinese food, im not fat. But im not making a joke of the site but its like if u kill urself u can never eat it again. I wanted to kill myself HARDCORE WENT TO A SHRINK last yr about it since then i won sum money. Im a professional gambler. Enough to live off for now basically 11k in my bank account. Anyway...i say fuck it live ur life teh way you want to if u die then great but dont kill urself . Hell ive tried addicted to it but its extgremely hard to get now a days...neway i found out just live...dont have high expectations...also if i had sumone a girl even if ur fucked up i think that is better cuz i would want to help you...and we could help one another ...that is prolly the gayest thing i have ever written but if u read it and understand it it does make alot of sense. please email me if u want.
18 Oct 2005 no where to turn Sometimes I just dont know I mean i have so many problems with girls and with school, so many people expect so much ot of me I constantly feel hindered in my social activity b/c people always make snippy comments...when im around people i put up this veneer like im having a good time but im really so scared...and it seems like everything goes wrong for me, im not one of those people that thinks evrythng goes wrong it actually does!!!...i just dont know anymore, it feels no girls want me barely any guys want to be my friend and my family has problems......and i dont want to sit in some psych office to talk to some "DR."....w/e where else can I turn....
18 Oct 2005   make sure you don't tell anyone you will be sent to an institution or hospital and will therefore not be able to kill yourself and you will be made more miserable in the process
18 Oct 2005 s-man boss man-g suck your self and die blud, go fuckin chop your 1" and fuckin chew on dat you gay ting, also da best way 2 kill urself is 2 go up 2 a boydem n say ur a terorist, works all da time ;-)
18 Oct 2005 johnny get a fake pistol, flash it in a high street wait for the police to come and shoot you

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