Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Sep 2005 paul i tried to commit suicide twice before first time i tried 2 take an overdose but my m8 found me and second time i tried 2 hang myself but my gf was upset ad it made me realy upset and didnt want 2 c her like that i find it hard 2 commit suicide so if you want my advice shoot urself or cut ur throat wich i heard hurts asta la vista
26 Sep 2005 kristina smythe i would;
slit my throught
hang myself
not eat or drink anything at all(painless)...
i will kill myself for a good reason, but i'd rather not talk about it at all
26 Sep 2005 laura ok ok ok...... ye depression is bad i get that im there to and some times you do just want to give up but for fuck sake cop on to your self this game is not funny by the way i have lost friends to suicide and i no people how have been devistated by it before to and while im all up for talking about it fucking around with it like this is not cool and its not funny either it mite be a joke to some but for others it is a real to ife thing that haunts them at 13 you should be happy and if your not then go get halp siting around mopping will not do a dame thing i no its hard as i siad im there my self too but i have never jjust lay down and let it kill me iv done drugs cut oded everything you can think of i either have done it or do do it but i have alwasy tried to get my self help since i was 9 or 10 i have been in some kind of theripy and im nto almost 18 so listen to me when i say this its not over yet dont kill your self rigth now live and try to get over what ever is goin on in your ife because if you do kill ur self now youv just thrown it all away
26 Sep 2005 KI (pronounced Kai,thats if you care) Woah Lucy Cortina your what u'r sayin is quite confusing(maybe its because i didint read your previous post),so you were having sex with mouchette's brain?

And the rest of you people are just sad,masturbation is a great stress reliever,try cutting yourself that also help but masturbation is safer. fuk suicide,it sux every1 is doing it now.
26 Sep 2005 Curt Kobane Fuck your little brother or sister while they are sleeping & tell Dad about your conquests in the morning.
25 Sep 2005   I'm not here to tell people that they shouldn't kill themselves. Heck, it's your choice. I just want to get the message across that NO method of suicide is completely painless. Do some research before you contemplate gasing, shooting or hanging. It's not as simple as you think and I'd hate for your death to be painful.
25 Sep 2005 emily for everyone who thinks this site is disgusting and shit.. okay well people have problems andi have some of the same ones. and we dont just go and pull the fucking trigger because people do sometimes wait for it to get better, but at the same time cutting/ popping pills.the best way to kill yourself is to wait untill you get high, laid and drunk and by then you maybe will be able to drive, and then you can go crash into a tree.
25 Sep 2005 Shaunus emo emo emo emo emo emo KILL KILL KILL ATTENTION PLEASE IM GONNA FUCKIN' DO IT angst angst
25 Sep 2005 Ashley McCoy swallow pills,hang your self,cut your self,jump from something high...
25 Sep 2005 Akira Hey guys, I'm sorry to hear all of this stuff that I'm hearing. I know how all you guys feel though, but I have never thought of suicide. I don't give up, If I go down, I'll go down swinging, I wouldn't take myself out. Anyway...My dad left me when I was six, then came back when I was 14, and beat the fuck out of me before leaving again. I've been picked on, I've even been stabbed in the stomach by a kid at school and you know what? Those mother fuckers laughed at me, even when blood was dripping on the floor. I had to crawl to the fucking office to get help. It filled me with anger to know that if i did anything to the kid who stabbed me, he would just stab me again. I was helpless. But you know what. I'll be honest; No bullshit. I took 6 sticks of hash and went crazy on him. And I knew before I took the hash, I was going to do it. The hash was just to make sure I wouldnt back down. Anyway I took a rock to his head and when he was crying and beging me to stop, I kept pounding it on his head, until his skull cracked. He survived. but now he is mentally ill and I feel terrible. I went to jail. (Basically, jail for minors actually) and i just got out a year ago. I'm now 23 and I can't believe all the shit I was missing out on as a kid. I enjoy life now. And I want other people to enjoy the pleasures of throwing tomatoes at cars, getting drunk with friends, sex, love, loud punk/emo/ska music, awesome cars and clothes, staying up and watching the stars until two o clock with the girl/boy you have always dreamed about. If you are thinking about suicide, at least im me. I'm always there, online every day, and at the least, you could just iggy (ignore) me. Thanks for your time.
25 Sep 2005 E I don't want to die, I don't think, I just want to end all the hurt and pain and I don't know any other way. I feel such a horrid person and I hate myself with utter contempt. I've never attempted suicide but I did come very close yesterday.
25 Sep 2005 lost Just wondering if any of you try an overdose i thought you'd like to know that 15 painkillers doesnt work.
24 Sep 2005 candice hi its candice ,i havent been on in a long time....well anyway ill get to the point,the csa is involved now, cuz i wanted my friends t leave me house but they would so i took 3 pills 1 hour later they left,and 1 hour n a half later the cops show up at my door they said that they called n i took 12 pills THAT WAS BULL SHIT so now i cant be left alone anymore i fucking hate them all.....I wish everyone will just leave me alone....I cant take it anymore.... anyway i seriously need to talk to someone so anyone want to talk? just add me
24 Sep 2005 Doug I killed myself with sleeping pills and the devil took me to a black cave and stuck spikes into me so i could not move then he had sex with me. Then he made me come back to life and every morning he wakes me up and tells me to get fucked. he is very bad and i want to go to god not the devil
24 Sep 2005 Annomous I cant beleive you guys/girls are actually thinking of this. Suicide is a horrible thing. Imagine all of the people you are hurting. I mean, my friend just called me and she said that she had nothing to live for. That her father vocally abuses her and that her siblings beat her up. She recently got in a fight with her boyfriend, and she has had a spike of medical problems since thursday, Wednesday the 21. ME and one of my best friends are trying as hard as we can to get her to stop, because we care. There are ALWAYS people that care, and you may not realize it. Don't do it
24 Sep 2005 Janet I think that you people are just freakin insane. I've been so sucidal that I was in a hospital for a month, and under a sucide watch for six days. Kids need to be kids, they need to stay innocent. Some people have serious problems and could have taken everyone's advice seriously. If so, your responsable! how will you live with your self? I know what depression in the worst kind is, I knwo what it's like to lay in bed all day because you don't have the mental capilitity to deal with the world. So, STOP MAKING A JOKE OUT OF THIS, SOME PEOPLE TAKE IT SEROUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Sep 2005 Ewan First, about me: I'm 23 living in Aberdeen, Scotland. The most traumatic life experience I've had was my parents separating when i was 15. Other than than that, my life has been filled mostly with good times. So, needless to say, I've never been suicidal.
I did get a bit down at my time at uni (5 years resulting in zero qualifications!) but my girlfriend, weed, and ecstacy ensured that the good times were really fucking good.
Now I have a job working on oilrigs that a monkey could do but pays me a reasonable £22,000 a year. So, I,m kinda stuck there for the money.

Now, back to the question at hand.
First decide if you really want to do it. If you really want to do it for fuck's sake do it right. The people on this site who claim to have attempted suicide more than twice are either: a)some of the thickest people on the planet, or b)don't really want to commit suicide and are just stupid pussies who think the world should try harder to make there life easy.
I mean come on, if you fucked up the first suicide you have absolutley no excuse for fucking up the second. Unless of course your just a whining little shit doing the "call for help" thing.
Is it really that hard to end one's life?... I thought not.

If you need help with your life then ask for it using words. There are people who will help.
If you are are truly certain the death will be the only way out then, well, I don't even have to say it do I?
23 Sep 2005 John M. What would really be ironic if the person who runs this web site had a kid and that kid killed him or her self at the age of 13 - You'll suffer for the rest of your life. slow stomach cancer is what I hope you get.
23 Sep 2005 OP fils de putain de ta mere k est cke t apren au pti enculé de ta race de bou de caca va doiter une tortue au lieu de faire de la merde
23 Sep 2005 nigger suffocation

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