Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Nov 2005 steven hey there kiddies, im 17 just wanted to tell you something; give a little advice you know?

if you kill yourself now, you will never get to have sex with someone. and dont say "im too ugly/fat/annoying for anyone to want me." You are wrong. every day i see ugly/fat/annoying people getting laid, and as bizzare as it is to me it seems to work just fine for them. Also, dont say "ok well ill have sex and then kill myself / have had sex and still want to." This also, is bogus. once you have sex once, you'll find it is worth living for again and again! and if you tried it and didn't like it, then you need to get a partner of a different sex or ethnicity-an italian male will please just about anyone. still, getting laid may take a few years so be patient.

your welcome for the healp
01 Nov 2005 Me I don't know what to say,I am in my 30's, I came here to see if anybody has thought of any better way to kill yourself but after reading all these stories it makes me not want to do it, I don't want to die, I have things to live for but so many problems, if anybody thinks they can help,email me
01 Nov 2005 Dolocia i'm desperate. i feel like my mind is shreding i wanta die so bad. my parents are always fucking watching me so i gotta do this right the first time. tell me what to do, please.
01 Nov 2005 Mr. Roboto if you are really wanting to kill yourself you should use radiation. i recomend radiation.

try scanning little babies with radiation to see what amount is leathal and then use 10 times that amount on yourself.
01 Nov 2005 Caitlin 3 years ago, when i was a freshman, i became depressed... not clinically (or so they thought)... but i know i am. i tried to kill myself quite a few times... it wasnt severe or anything.. but i told my boyfriend... and he told my guidance counselor.. which landed me at the hospital and at therapy for 3 months, every day for 3 hours after school. i hated everything... my family... my dad made my life hell cuz he hated my boyfriend.. and favored my brother and sister... and my mom just went with him... school was just so overwhelming cuz i wasnt doing well and people we getting up on my back about it... and to be honest i just didnt care... my friends were not my friends anymore... everything just fell into one... i took pills and cut my wrists.... then after therapy i was *cured*... but everytime i was pissed/uspet/sad... i would always think of killing myself... i wouldnt always do it.. but i thought of it... then one time last year... i was so pissed off that i finally grabbed 22 advil and 12 cold med and 1/2 a bottle of smirnoff black ice... and went to sleep... bout 2 hours later i woke up... sweating i couldnt hear... and then out of no where my friend steve calls.. and i couldnt hear him.. and i told him what had happened... and he called my parents.. who were going to take me to the hospital but i threw up at my house... and they knew i wouldnt come home if they brought me there... so i stayed awake for the next few hours.... and now i cant take pills... cuz im afraid of dying for now reason... but now i wish i could.... ive thought about it so much in the past hour... i should just go for it... everyone hates me cuz i said something they took the wrong way.. and i cant deal with shit like this anymore... i just dont know....

i know you probably all are like o her problems arent bad or anything... and im not saying they are... i just cant handle things like that... im sorry....
01 Nov 2005 Suzi Q Steal your parents car and handgun. Drive by the cops really fast and fire at them as many times as you can. Instant suicide baby, especially in Texas.
01 Nov 2005 mel GUYS, we should have some emailing type of thing, so that we can all email each other or another person who know how each other feel, you know? like an emailing group, where we can all contact each other, or anyone if we feel like talking. i think its a goood idea, because there are only a few people who know how we feel, and thats us.

if anyone is interested in this, or in starting a mailing group, email me at, because i really don't want you guys feeling like this. even if you aren't interested in the mailing group, just to talk.... email me. take care, guys.
01 Nov 2005 tori how can you kill youself with out useing a knife of axe or any other thimgs like that
01 Nov 2005 depressed24yrsunwanted oleander, it grows everywhere,it's a bush with white pink or yellow flowers and pointy leaves. found in california, nevada, most of the souther states, places where it is fairly warm. i've been thinking about using it myself,i think about three or four leaves crushed up and added to some sweet food to cover the taste should more than suffice, people die accidently from using the pointy sticks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on an open fire. there are 100's of oleander bushes in y neigbourhood. the only thing that is bothering me about doing this is the fact that there will be severe abdominal pain, vomiting and convulsions, not a pretty way to die, guess i'll have to go out into the woods and do it alone, not exactly painless and peacfull, but it is readily available and easy.
01 Nov 2005 michael12286 well the best way would be to go to the empire state building and jump off the top or go to a busy construction zone and get in the cement mixer and roll around and get out after 30 minutes and wait 10-60 minutes
01 Nov 2005 <L!qu!d V@mp> i dont promote people killing themselfs, unless they are possesed by a daemon or want euthinasia.. but if you want to see some fucked up shit, try and find the website for B.M.E - body mutilation erotica.. pretty bad... 1st time i watched the preview video made me gag.. 2nd time made me laugh. check it out people
31 Oct 2005 Phoenix (living 4 eva) by diving head first from the highest piont at your school
31 Oct 2005 Hey its Shene' again My first suggestion probably would work only if you commited suicide from your heart break but i have a betta 1; run a nice warm bath with candles and shit around the bathroom ooo and dunt forget the bath salts... bring in ur cd player and put on some soothing music. Hop in the bath and bring the cd player with you... im sure u no the results. If you dunt then just email me... thnx and enjoy
31 Oct 2005 zz Times get better, hang in there.
31 Oct 2005 Lisa I have thought about committing suicide at least a zillion times. Why don't I? Good question. I guess that is why I do not believe in love, nor in true friendship. Noone wants to be laiden and burdoned with someone elses problems. I have thought of suicide ever since I can remember. I used to think that it was a mental problem. But I now have a degree in psychology and I have found out that several hundreds of people think of committing suicide every minute. But only a few actually go through with it. Sure, I have held a knife to my wrist, I have taken a whole bottle of pills. I still remember the cold sharp blade of the knife..... but that is just it, I can still remember. I guess I am still here to tell about it.
31 Oct 2005 Jonathan Carr However you do it, just do it. Put it this way, if you are going to meet an all powerful deity after your death, and that all powerful deity sends you to into suffering, even for a moment, for the choice you have made, then that all powerful deity is loveless, brutal and cruel - NOT LOVING - and if that's the deity who created this world, and you in it, then it was NEVER LOVING IN THE FIRST PLACE, was it? It always, clearly, hated you and had no concern about anything other than that you should suffer, here, while you are alive, and afterwards, once you are dead. There is no point attempting to make a decision that takes account of such a God.

If you are suffering so much that you do not want to live, kill yourself. MOST LIKELY YOU WILL HAVE NO FURTHER EXPERIENCES WHATSOEVER - and it is your experiences that you do not want.





IT REMOVES YOU FROM THE MOST EVIL, the COLDEST, most BRUTAL and CRUEL home in the universe, and it gives you freedom from all things.

You have my blessing.
31 Oct 2005 looking for answers im 17 and i dont know why im here.
and at the moment i wish i was dead.
im not as lucky as some people in that i dont and wont ever believe in god or a purpose to my life. he's let me down 2 much before.... i dont see how neone as powerful as that wud put someone in my place. make me as twisted and as wrong a person as i am.
i swear..... i look around me and the only thing i want in my whole entire life is to be happy. i dont care where or with who. i dont need a fancy car or designer clothes. i dont want the latest comupters and i dont crave some highly paid job.
i just want somebody to hold me at night....... or tell me everything will b alright whilst they hold me close. someone who knows me and understands how i think. someone to be with when u feel like u cant trust urself. someone who trusts you at all. someone who'll believe you when you tell them you love them. and someone you will believe when they say they love you in return.
and yet..... i have the computers, the money being splashed and the holidays to far off places. but they're right. when they tell you money doesnt buy it. it doesnt. so i can sit and look around me and feel so empty and so alone. feel invisible.
i love my parents... really i do. im not sure why. my mum is insane. she'll scream at me for nething.... ive been hit once or twice but its more the things she says. "you make me want to kill myself.... when i look at you i wish i were dead.... you see this knife? why dont i end it right now?.... i hate you... i dont care if you love me i hate you.... the moment u were born u ruined my life"
my dad left home when i was 8 and ive never really got over it. im terrified now that people will leave it. sadly my mum n dad see this and tend to use it as emotional blackmail. "if you tell you dad what i did then ill leave..... if u tell ur friends about or fight ill b gone." sometimes i wish i cud call their bluff. but id never b able to handle being alone. my dad's still around but he has a new gf and she's got 3 kids. i feel replaced. when he gets a new woman he can sometimes not c us for weeks...... but as soon as she's gone he uses us to fill the time. he claims he originally left cos my mum was having an affair with my now stepdad. she however says he was cheatin on her with another woman. im too young to remember and too scared to ask.
my stepdad is ok....... but recently he scares me. he encouraged my mum to have me followed so they could punish me with the evidence. and i also found he had been spying on my at school and at work for over a year. i cant trust him but ive sometimes got nowhere else to go.
i have a little sister but we're different.....she's perfect. sporty, hard working, pretty witty and sweet. she knows how to play the parents. when she does something wrong she merely pulls on the baby face. im not so lucky...... often i find i am crucified for the tiniest things. forgettin something.... saying the wrong thing. im always so sorry. but ive said it so much it means nothing nemore. now im just sorry im still breathing.
im begging and pleading for a way out...... staring at the door wishing i had the strength to leave or end it. but i love them. if i hurt them id b a worse person than i am now. and right now im probably the most horrible and selfish and cruel unkind person you could meet. i hate who i am. but have no other way to be. somehow being this way has always allowd 4 me to survive.
just wish i could die........
31 Oct 2005 aaliyah life is something that god gives you and he is da only one who has the right to take it away
31 Oct 2005 umair i just hate my life i want to die because i am depressed all the time
31 Oct 2005 A Person With Problems hey, its me again, and again im offering help. OK here it goes

I do know what its like to want to die, i came damn near to ening it all about 3 months ago. And i have to say im glad i didnt... it was through help from this site that saved me (so you shit heads who say this site is awful can sshove a stick up your asses. And now im tryin to help other people with suicide and shit.

A little bout me: Im 14 i live in hellhole texas, i moved here from hawaii, i hate hawaii so much lol. I recently started antidepressents, which i recently learnd that if i drink while im taking them i could have a seisour... wow my spelling sucks. Im not really popular or anything but for the first time in my lifei have friends.

So please contact me if you need to talk.. ill try to help

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