Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Aug 2005 Francisco Sanchez Jr. blow a hole in your head quick and painless i think
16 Aug 2005 julia i dont what what is wrong with me.
i am terribly scared of death AND LIFE.
when i think of airplaines & crashes, i freak out and start crying hysterically.
and then come all these thoughts and visions of pain and fear the people are going through. i dont know how to escape. i realised that suicide will get me no where.. apart from straight to hell, where i do not want to go. life will get you till the end. to a problem-free world. heaven. so the only road is to live.
if you die in an accident, then i guess you are dead for a reason. so you dont goto hell for taking your life yourself (suicide)
always remember.


i dont want to die. never. im ever scared to live too!! every moment i think. i am in the world. any minuite it can collapse and break. i will choke & die.
scream & yell, but it will be over eventually.
people are selfish. we were given a planet and we fucked up. we polluted, didnt care, didnt feed the hungry, didnt make peace with the angry. rebel.protest.destroy. we brought too much bullshit. we fucked up real bad. and now we will pay. we had one chance, and we ruined it. the pain is starting now. plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, WHAT NEXT? WHAT NEXT?
An apocalypse?
Thats all i have to say.
i am depressed, somewhat suicidal. somewhat bipolar. fucked up in the head. confused.lost. i need guidance. i need to stop crying.get myself together, and breathe. but this sorrow in me is driving me crazy. i cant think straight. cant spit out the emotionals i keep inside. this anger bottled up, i cant unscrew the lid. i cant figure this out.
16 Aug 2005 Rachel Ok... Mouchette, who the hell are you????

by the way, starvation takes months, dehydration takes days.
16 Aug 2005 Jesse Burns I'm not wise, I'm not attractive, I'm not handy, but I've been accused of being a good listener. I struggle moderately with the thoughts of suicide. If you want a little understanding and a sympathetic ear, email me @
15 Aug 2005 Joel Barba ok. it seems like some of you just want attention.LOOK AT ME. POOR ME. Some of you its more than that. Everyone suffers one way or another, sometime or another. You just learn to pick yourself up, ok?
Every wound can heal, just find a positive way to make things better. Signifigant other dump you? there are other fish in the sea, you'll get over it, and if they did it in a bad way they don't deserve a sob. Someone close to you die? Do something big, something you'd think they would like. Dedicate it to them. Hate your job? Quit, find something you enjoy or something better. No one loves you? You don't need to be attached those people, you are capable of being a strong independent person, one that doesn't need a something for a crutch.
Just remember its all you, you are all you need to get through life. and if you seriously believe otherwise, then be more open. Be truthful about what you want, what you feel with other people, they understand what its like to be human.
Those peole that have committed suicide are quitters. You don't want to be a quitter at the last moment of life now, do you?
15 Aug 2005 sandra avaler sa langue !!!
Something happened in your life or continues to happen in your life to cause these thoughts and the effect is know "cause & effect". For me, adopted, my mother said, "If God hadn't taken away MY children (stillborn) I would have never gotten you." At six years old or so it fractured my heart, soul, mind, security. My father was ultra strict and both very religious. In ninth grade I was sent away to school until I graduated a senior. I made several attempts in my life time to end my life and all were feeble attempts. Apparently, I wasn't suppose to die but continue living in hell. My most recent attempt at forty years old landed me in jail with three felony counts against me for the rest of my life. Try and get a job with that. You can't, so I made my life even more hellish. You just never know if suicide is going to really work and if you live through it, undoubtedly, you will only worsen your life in some fashion. A vegetable, felon, paralyzed, deformed, and throroughly humiliated and embarassed (if you still have a brain that thinks.) The best way to commit suicide is to kill the cause of your pain. Think back, do alot of thinking on how you can change your situation and stop having these thoughts. Something triggered this in you and you have dwelt on it ever since and blown it so far out of porportion you've lost control of yourself. Find ways to circumvent the pain, loss, whatever your troubles are. Spend time finding ways to do this and ways to rid your mind of suicide instead of filling your mind with trying to find ways to commit suicide. You have a serious problem that needs to be delt with and fixed so you can resume a normal, happy life without the constant burden of pain. Do this, and suicide will no longer be an option, it will be one less horrible thought you can rid your mind of and replace it with something better. Commit to healing your pain, not committing suicide. And for those who think this is the easy way have to be extremely brave, sure, and committed to end your life. It's the most difficult thing to go against human nature and kill yourself. That is why there are so many failed attempts versus successful attempts. This is not a childish attention getter nor is it a self-pity party. It is a very dark and heavy burden that is very real. Very real, and you're ignorant to believe otherwise. These people are in the deepest pain emotionally that most can't bare. They just can't bare it. This is why it is important to find the cause so you can change the effect and LIVE and Love life.
14 Aug 2005 kevin la meilleur façon est de prendre une boite entière de somnifère pour s'endormir a jammais
14 Aug 2005 shannon By locking yourself in a cage with a bear on your family vacation
14 Aug 2005 stephanie i had a they could hang themself on the playground school or they could run onto the motorway or high way infront of cars
14 Aug 2005 bartel françois le saut dans le vide
14 Aug 2005 Pierrot Parler avec quelqu'un de confiance, un ami, une amie, mas un(e) vrai(e). Et trouver une solution. Je dit ça, mais j'ai 38ans et je cherche un plan pour quitter cette vie de m... qui m'apporte rien de bien...
14 Aug 2005 Nylphada Hi dear whoever,
I'm Nylphada, I've been throught lots of dramatic situation as a young girl I know how it feels to be suicidal, and I'm offering my help...

14 Aug 2005 rugal there is no point in commiting suicide below 13
14 Aug 2005 lindsey hide in a disused building and don't eat or drink anything. you're organs will pack up, your breathing will deteriorate and you'll experience every beautiful part of your death without anyone to stop you.
14 Aug 2005 lysh its my birthday today im not 13 but i have no where else to write this message, im 17 , and everyone who told me they loved me and told me they cared.LIED.i just finished walking all the way across town for two hours alone in the dark at 3am, nobody cared, nobody loved. what the fuck is this world coming to, ..if u can do nething for human kind...LOVE
14 Aug 2005 A FAN Dear Mouchette,
i love this site.....
i can come here and feel better about my self and write a way to help others kill them selfs.
i am fucking shattered with life...
I am just glad i can write load of shit and feel better and make others feel better and make others to kill them selfs.
Hey keep up the good work...

From a fan.

ps: i am looking in to a good wa to end my life :-)
thank you again.
13 Aug 2005 Jocelyn Elmore Go scuba diving on your family trip and pretend to think a shark is cute little fishie and hug have imagenations too ya know!!!
13 Aug 2005 Xer haha the best way to kill ur self, thats an easy qustion there r so many ways to kill ur self and plus its really easy, killing urself is the easy part but actually doing it and not bening pussy to do it is the hardest part of all. i mean u can burn urself while pumping moms gas, or look ur self in the garage while the car is running takes a while but effective, jump of a buliding head first less pain, or of a high bridge, drive the car of a cliff after stealing ur moms/dads keys, ohh the favorite dry ur hair while in a shower, or with live electric AC/DC currect, there r a lot of more, but y commet sucide when u came a long way as bening 13, live and c what happents to everthing, i mean its not like u have the balls to commit sucide anyways, all of u r just a bouch of girls, so ferget susicde and c the nice side of life, sex and girls/boys, pleasure is 10x better then sucide trust me. Well if ur one of ppl who wants to commit sucide i def want to talk to u to find out y, i am trying to write a paper on sucide and the brains activity for fun email me at

non of those ways to kill urself should be used, i am not responialbe for any stpiud shit u might do~!!!!
13 Aug 2005 jo i'm only 13.. my name is Jo. i'm deaf, my parents always treating me like a baby and sick of it! i always want to be fostered by a deaf single man, i'm not telling his name. he is like a father to me, he is only 30 years old and i did want to kill my self last year. i hate my parents and my siblings, they are driving me mad!! need help!

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