Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jul 2005 boris walk into a dryer machine and ask a friend to turn it on for 2 hours.
18 Jul 2005   There are people blowing up in Iraq every single day. What over? Religion. Gods that simply don't exist. There are millions of people starving in Etheopia. Why? Because us upper class people have better, more important things to spend our money on. Game shows, reality tv and pointless wars for example. Think of the starving children who get raped every single day as they walk to school to recieve an education that will probably get them no where. Think of all the street crimes, eating disorders and drug addictions that are occuring as you read this. Think of the children, teens and adults being bullied in schools, colleges and work places just because they don't fit into the 'correct' image that society has created. Think of the people who believe it is appropriate to sexually abuse a minor belonging to the same family as them. Think of all the people who think it is right to sexually abuse old women in nursing homes. Think of all those wives, husbands and children being physically abused by one another.

There is no 'love'.

There is just life.

Quite frankly I don't blame people for wanting to kill themselves if this is all we have to live for.

It will never end.

If there really is a 'God', now would be a good time to make an appearance to restore people's faith before we all perish over petty, preventable hurdles.

Show us the way.
18 Jul 2005 kat To any1 who is considering suicide
Hi I have been suffering with depression for over 4 yrs now and even though it is still there iam getting stronger. I hated my family and friends the ppl who cared about me...I went through so much self mutilation and still sometimes resort back to it.I went thorugh self pitty, hate, and every other bad emotion that there is. I have tried to kill myself sevral times and i know how much u are suffering. I hate that not many people understand me. I hate that other people feel this way coz i dont want others to suffer. I hate that this site seems to be showing suicide as a game it makes us (the suffers) seem silly and somewhat attention seeking. U have stated, " i have very little experience in the subject" Instead of offering to help them end it u should post a site that helps mend the heartache and pain that so many young and old people go through.U should have researched this area and seen just how much this subject can hurt people and how much it has hurt people. Everyone is effected by suicide wether they no u or not it is a ripple in the lake that continues forever. I hope that anyone who is considering suicide will not go through with it i know how much u will hurt people and how much u can and will achieve if u just fight and know that people care! I hope that this helps and u think about wat i have said... FIGHT!! Coz ppl do CARE! I wish u all the baest of luck with all ur problems and hope u look for help.
18 Jul 2005 Ben C quoi cette merde? C vraiment merdique comme site.
18 Jul 2005 The Final Crisis i think id go on the hard to obtain yet easy to do police suicide.Fun and nerve racking all in one.
Step 1:Get a gun of any sort and go to a school.
Step 2:Shoot anyone you hate as soon as you see them.make sure to leave at least one bullet left.
Step3:Wait until the cops come.If you shoot at the,they will be sure to return the favor.Make sure you point the gun you have directly at a cop.and before you know it-dead as a dornail.
17 Jul 2005 mm.o Hey- listen-
you people are obviously very hurt i know- but trying to commit suiside is the easy way out- show some pride!!!! If your just gonna waste your life like that, and "escape" then your all a big bunch of cowards. listen, take your anger- and blast it out on the world- dont give up- coz us kids are the ones who know what really goes on...
you lot should know your all fukin ridiculous if you think your life is bad- take a look at Africa- there are girls at the age of 8 being raped, abused , just so they can have one meal of you see them commiting suicide???NO. You all fukin give up too easily- live strong.
17 Jul 2005 Suicide Makeover Is this supposed to be a serious site because fair enough if u want to kill yourself feel free to talk about it...but whats with the whole eating dicks shite? I know people who have killed themselves as I work with people with mental health is niether funny nor amusing...if people want to talk to me feel free to email me...No life doesn't get better but you will understand it more as time goes on...I would hate to think that my sister who is 12 was going on sites like this and being taken the piss out of....
17 Jul 2005 Dee the best way too kill yourself is to drive a fucking knife through your chest. Soon, I will. Coz life is such a fucking bitch and I can't take it anymore.
17 Jul 2005 NOT A B.D.D PERSON I think it is not helpful telling people they may have BDD. I considered that myself but it isn't BDD if you really are ugly. BDD label is often given to good looking or average people who are obsessed with the way they look and are ogften attention seekers. You are either ugly or you are not. For those of you who are not ugly and who say 'just get on with it, beauty is skin deep, people shouldn't judge you by your appearances etc..' then I say see how it would be to spend a day being someone like me.

I am an intelligent 23 year old and I know what I see in the mirror. I have known I was ugly since I was a teenager. I have also suffered from depression on and off since then as well. Being ugly can have a huge impact on your life and can casue the most severe depression. I'm not saying my depression is caused by it, more that the way I feel about myself is made worse by the depression. My doc/counsellor says that people have negative thoguhts caused my distorted thinking. Much the same way an anorexic looks in the mirror and sees someone fat, I think that is crap. I look in the mirror and i can see what i can see. I am well educated and have a good brain, and I know reality when I see it. The fact is I am ugly - not attention seeking like some of the more egotistical of you on here ("I'm pretty so why do people call me ugly?" Get over yourselves and you'd realise that if you had a life to focus on you wouldnt be so self centred and ever thought people might just be seeing your arrogance and ugly personlity - if you're walking round all day thinking how gorgeous you are people will dislike you. It isn't jealousy - it is becasue you are probably not a nice person.)
Most of you on here moan about having a big nose, or being hairy or focus on one or two things. Well think yourself lucky you're not ugly all over. I hate my face and i hate my body - it is revolting and even makes me feel sick. I'm not going to list all that is wrong with me. I dont need to because they just are. I cant find clothes cos i need something that covers me (and no this isn't a weight issue before anyone says that). I need all my skin covered - have you any idea how depressing it is to have to cover yourself up totally or not be able to tgo out of the house? Especially in the summer when you cant take your clothes off and the shops are full of clothes that don't cover you?
When you are ugly all over and need to try and hide it so people arent repulsed it takes over EVERYTHING. I can't live a normal life or do noraml thigns that everyine else can. I miss out on a lot and i wantt o keep away from other people. Yet I am so unhappy and lonely. I have never found the key to acceptign how ugly I am, and how to accept the fact that I wil never find someone to love me totally and who wants to be with me 100%. It just isn't going to happen. I work so hard on my good qualities - I am a good mother, a loyal friend, I have a very good education I worked hard for, and I have a great sense of humour and often an endearing personlity. But it doesn't matter. Truth is we all judge people on first appearances whether consciously not. Who cares if I have the qualities listed above - no one is going to find out. And before anyone says if they cant see past that they're not worth it... please don't bother. I want to know how I accept my ugliness and knowing I will be alone forever?? That's my problem, not BDD. I am only obsessed because i am so repulsive and it's taking over my life and my thoughts. I do not have self esteem issues or else why woud I see my good points?? It's because I am genuinely ugly - I have never seen anyone more ugly than me. There just ins't anyone.
17 Jul 2005   "Why did i have to be so different to everyone else when i was growing up"
i am going to die soon in the future right now my life is going down the drain. people where i live tell lies about me.
17 Jul 2005 mimi i am 14 going on 15 and have tried to kil myself only once. i know that people will say that the younger generation don't understand what it is like to feel depressed. but i was depressed from when i was nine. that is the age i found out my dad had died and had not just left me. it hit me extremly bad and made me perciebe my mother in a completly different way. it hurt that my mum could lie to me so easily. i was deprerssed and at the age of 12 i od'd on paracetamol plus. my mum found me before it took affect so i had to go 2 hospital and had my stomach pumped. it's the worst experience i have had. after i had tried to commit suicide my mother then told me more about my father. she had told me he had died of cancer before, but she revealed he DID have cancer, but commited suicide before he died of cancer. he had hung himself. i was devastated that yet again my mum had kept this from me.

Let me tell you, if you feel like you want 2 die and life isn't worth living, then you are already dead. you are nothing. you don't need a "painless" way to die. you are already in so much pain it won't matter whether you hurt just that little bit more before you are rid of it all forever....
17 Jul 2005 Balkar I'm only 13 now, and I've tried 5 times to kill myself.. I have the scars on my arm to show it.. but I never cut myself bad enough to do any lasting damage.. Or have the effect I desired at the time of cutting... Which now I find a good thing, because I met a guy.. I'm now going out with him, and have been for 2 months 19 days.. While going out with him for the first month or so I still used to cut.. but then he found out.. and believe me, he wasnt too happy... He made me promise to stop so I havent cut since then, though sometimes life gets so bad I want to.. But I guess in the end suicide isnt really the answer.. It doesnt solve your problems, it just makes them go away for you, but makes a bigger problem on everyone who loves you.. So committing suicide aint your best choice.. I know it feels like it would work, and for the suicidal person it probly will.. But just think of all the people your gonna hurt and leave behind and think again next time you wanna try to end your life.. Life is a very fragile thing.. You gotta be careful...
17 Jul 2005 Randy Matsumoto jump off an overpass on the highway in rush hour traffic. a highschooler did that in my town bout five yrs ago. got hit twice not counting landing, no just twice he was hit by semi on way down then run over.
17 Jul 2005 Chaotyx The world is truly cruel, i wish i could end my life, but i have people who love me. Those People are becoming detached from my life as i am forced to go through my life knowing the one who takes care of me does not believe i should exist. I have Threatened and attempted to kill myself only to no avail. ive never really had friends. i literally had 3 real friends and just about all of them have shown their true selves and im just there to be used. They consider me inferior and mock at every chance. i can't leave my father because i cannot support myself and this leave me in an abusive relationship with my father. He used to [hysically threaten me, now that i could defend myself, he threatens to strip me of everything i have in my life. My mother, who is just about the only person who i still truly care and love is in such a financial situation that she might soon starve, while everday my father tries to turn me against her. i have emotionally tortured all my life and every day i wish to end it. I still only Bear such pain because i still have a chance at a future where i can support and help my mother and get her out of this endless pit she is in. All of you out there who want to kill your selves before even your first attempt you can turn your life around strive for some goal and years later your pain may pass, but to kill yourself now is for those who cant bear it any longer. If you hold on you can make somthing of your life. it's the only thing that has kept me alive. For those who have made several attempts on your life, i will not lie to you, you have probably messed your life up too much to salvage it and if you wish to proceed with finishing the job go ahead. Those who havent tried it, stop and set a goal cause things may get better later in life, it may not but look at my case, i have no other option than to suffer for the only person left i love. I might grow to enjoy my life, i might go back and kill myself only time will tell. Look for an opportunity in life and take it. A little strength and bearing your suffering might fix your life, i think it's worth at least 5-10 years, if things don't improve do what you will, But i think it is worth it to try to improve you life. Why end this one to start another one when there is still a possibility to make this one liveable with at least some happiness.
17 Jul 2005 Heather I thought life sucked when I was 13, but its only gotten worse. I don't care what anyone says, right now I would be better off dead - aka moving to the other side. I would be much happier there. How do I know this? I've been studying the afterlife for a VERY long time and I am 99% sure of what I know of it.
My journey to this hell we call earth started out rather nicely and was all down hill from there. I'm poor, hungry, very intelligent but no money for college, my mother was murdered two years ago, my recent boyfriend dissapeared off the face of the earth, my family consists mainly of meth-heads and born again christians, I'm beautiful but have chronic depression in which I have to maintain zoloft each day w/out having an 'episode', I ran out of health insurance so I can't afford zoloft.
And, I want to join the military, but they won't accept me because of my depression.

As far as the choices of suicide, I'd rather it look like an accident.

1. Cutting/stabbing/shooting - no, too messy and obvious.
2. drugs - bad reputation for suicide attempts
3. getting hit by a vehicle - too messy, dumb way to die
4. jumping off - too messy
5. Electrocution - Seems to be the most effective method. I might just happen to be listening to my fav cd when the stereo falls in the tub.
17 Jul 2005 Woe is me. Oh God, how did I let myself get this way? I looked in the mirror today and noticed all these shiny, pink stretch marks on my belly. No wonder no one likes me. It must be so fucking obvious to them. I just wish I had noticed when they did. Maybe I could have prevented this from happening. Oh God, I actually didn't think I was that bad looking...LMAO. I always wonder why the boys never go after me like they do my friends. It took these disgusting little pink scars to finally wake up to myself. I am fat and ugly. The only people that check me out are my family. It's fucking sick. I wonder if he knew I wasn't really sleeping... Oh God, I wish he wouldn't grab my ass in front of her. Why the fuck doesn't she DO something?? I think it runs in his family. Three fucking generations have fucked me up. Vile. I wish I could bring him back from the dead just so I could kill him myself. Sorry, I complain too much. You would too if you were as ugly as I.
17 Jul 2005 megan im 13. i started having suicidal thoughts about a year ago when my sis was diagnosed with a brain tumor. i thought i couldnt handle it if she died. i thought i should just kill my self now and spare the pain. i could never figure out how to do it tho. but about a couple months ago my sister died. i prayed to god to just kill me over night. somedays it gets better somedays it gets worse.
16 Jul 2005 Girl Hi people, well im 15 and id just like to say that suicide is not the way to go, i no i may not be going through wat u are but i am sure there are gonna people who will turn up at your funeral and that is enough to live. before you die you need to live your life and have fun man, go skinny dipping etc. anyways, if anyone wants to talk or ANYTHING, please add me on msn or email cos i cnt just watch you all suffer in silence.
16 Jul 2005 Rachael a drog overdose, just take a few sleeping pills and vicodin, and youll be gone, my sister did that and now she's gone, so i no from experience!!!
16 Jul 2005 claire I have always wanted 2 die and b able 2 b by myself away from every1! i took an overdose on paracetomal, it didnt work i waz just sent to hospital over nite tols it culd hurt my liver and had a row 4 being so selfish and dull wen i got home!( i wuldnt even waste ur time on paracetomal) I will find a way to kill mself so i no longer ave to put up with the feeling of lonliness and the feeling of not being wanted by ur own parents! so if any1 culd help plz emali me

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