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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Nov 2005 Riley go here they will give you everything u need to no about everything towards suicide
06 Nov 2005 Riley Ok all i wanna no is a quick an easy way to kill ur self thats pretty pain less.and yes to all u dumb fucks im 13 and STFU about if i should do it or not .this is my fuckin life and ill do wat i want with it and go to heaven for ending it.
06 Nov 2005 Duddets Best way is to die is to cut the jugular vein. Its fast.

you could also cut yourself a million time and roll into a pool of vinegar.. thats if you like pain

If your looking for something gorey then cut your limbs and store it in the freezer for your family.

Wear a KKK uniform and walk in the ghetto.

Lie in a tub and stop breathing.

Keep vommting and soon you'll be in a coma and then your family pulls the plug because you've been in the hospital for weeks.
06 Nov 2005   Dress up like Hitler at a Jewish Gun Convention.
05 Nov 2005 Sad for yall Honestly I am upset now. That little kids are thinking this way. I mean i use to pray every night that God would take me to heaven but I wouldnt want to kill myself like yall are thinking. Praying for yall
05 Nov 2005 LaShae You guys I know where you are at. Its not fun at all. I have also wanted to kill myself many times. But thank God I didnt. I have a pretty good life now. Look what I would have missed out on if I had killed myself. Right now you feel like there is no hope you just want out to feel pain free. But that is not the way. You are just upset at the moment. This feeling will soon pass maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but it will pass I promise. If it did for me it will for you. I am 21 years old now and to tell you the truth I still battle with those feelings at times but they always pass. Dont you guys want to travel and one day get married and have children? Have good paying jobs. Have awesome cars? You cant have all that if you are dead. You guys have your whole life ahead of you. Find someone you trust make sure you trust them because I have had my trust betrayed by someone who I thought I trusted it was not at all a good thing however find a friend or family member tell them how you are feeling maybe they can help and listen. But just DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID!!!!! think about it like I said these bad feeling will pass and you too one day will be very glad you didnt kill yourself. If you cant find anyone to talk to you can always email me or chat on aim with me its sometimes easier to talk to a stranger who doesnt know you nor can see you face to face. My email is and my sn for aim is the same pinkparrot1221. Good luck to all of you guys. Stay strong and dont give up like that. Lots of love to you all.
05 Nov 2005 Libby just go and find yourself a gun. it's quick and relativly painless. however i'd like to warn you all. about 3 years ago the cutest little boy i know decided to shoot himself in the stomach to scare his girlfriend into loving him again. he did scare her, because she watched him die. looks like she couldn't love him. i seriously want to kill myself most days though i just think of when brad killed himself and how much i loved him and how much it hurt me to see him laying there in the street bleeding out. if you really want to kill yourself, make sure you mean it and its not just a cry for help. its not worth hurting people if you don't mean it. and i'm not trying to say that suicide is bad, but do it discretly. run away and do it so no one will ever find you. don't do it so your friends and family will find you 2 sec. after doing it. its too hard for them that way.
05 Nov 2005 oceanlives Everyone has problems and they have to deal with thim. I Have thought it to but have had to save two of my friends. Blood on your hands is not nice. And the pain you leave behind is extreme.
Please dont.
The otherss will conteract me on this but sometimnes there is that one person who cares enough about you that it would destroy there life as well.
Please dont.
05 Nov 2005 Flames hi, ive been suicidal for i dont know how many years. no one where i live understands the depression i go through. when my friend saw the scars on my wrist, she slapped me, didnt ask why i did it or comfort me or whatever just slapped me! where im from is so remote that if your anyway different, your excluded. i have no friends anymore, and ive broken up with my boyfriend who i still love. im 15, and i dont suggest cutting your wrists. i work in an undertakers and i help out with the embalming, so i know that the more effective way of losing blood is to slice open the upper part of your arm. i know i might seem like a hypocrite saying this but please try and live. it might seem hard, im trying to get through my life day by day and i do feel like giving up sometimes but think of the people you'll be leaving behind and the pain they'l go through if you die. think about this....
05 Nov 2005 jamie I am wondering I I should use pills or hang myself I am 12 and just have had enough now (in a postive way!!) I wanna be with my rels in hell coz im a goth!
04 Nov 2005 Shene' once more Most ppl think aww me is 2 young to wanna end our lives but life is so hard @ our age and all we want is 4 our familys to love and look out 4 us.... to fit in with the girls in our classes and to get with a guy atleast a little decent. But none of this reeli happens to us so we choose the easy way out....... death... its not like we are gonna pay a guy 2 kill us we choose to kill ourselves by ourselves... all u ppls hoo want to end ur life but u wanna do it without much pain u do it by: go to the top floor of the tallest hotel building you can find (make sure there is an extremely shallow pool below it) and jump off the top into the pool u will die the second u hit the water in the pool. Thanks.... im sure i saved ur life
04 Nov 2005 sandie guys seriously if u wanna do it, just shoot yourself in the head like kurt cobain did. or you could always over dose, or ask ur friends to know u out with paracetamol and stab u while ur unconcious.. or just just jump off a bridge. slit your wrists?
04 Nov 2005 Mitch shuf a nife on ur head then bulidd cums out then u fall on the floor then u die
04 Nov 2005 angry kid i am always gettin bullied, epseially when my sister 16 brings up unecessary things, and it makes me really angry i do think about myself commiting suicide, i get a buzz from imagining people gettin stabbed.just today in drama the class waz talkin bout a mental illness, i got home and me and my sis were fighting about god knows (i am a christian and no this is wrong)but i wanted to die put myself in a postion where she cud see i waz insecure do you know anybody that can help
04 Nov 2005 Riley Anybody got tips on how to kill ur self pretty painlessly
04 Nov 2005 Victoria I need to know how to kill myself painlessly. I'm the 2nd. child of 3, and i don't have much acecc to anything. The person who i admire just beat the crap out of me, i just want to die. My older sister and i are alike and i thought she understood me, but to her i'm just a shim.
04 Nov 2005 popularandhappyontheoutside i know there are ppl out there who love me, and who would miss me if i were gone. i dont no how many but there would be some. however, in my family i really dont feel that. i kinda feel that with out me their lives would be better. i am the problem in our family and i will never amount to anything worthwhile. my future looks so bleak. they dont even want me in their house anymore, whats the point of being alive? how will i know what im missing out on if im dead? ILL B DEAD!!! ppl move on. ive tried it b4 and miserably failed. i get told all the time that i will amount to nothing, and im just not strong enough to prove them wrong. if i didnt have a phobia of knives id cut myself unil i bled to death, but all i have is pills. i just want to die, there is no point of me being here, i dont wanna b a nothing for the rest of my life.
03 Nov 2005 Jemma, Jess and Shene' Go to the cutlery draw, take out the sharpest knife you can find, cut down the veins on your arms to make sure it bleeds LOTZ and LOTZ!!!! The shove the knife in your eye, keep pushing it in untill it slices through your brain and you fall on the ground.... DEAD
03 Nov 2005 Veronica Break a Michael Jackson cd and use it to slit your wrists
03 Nov 2005 sammy i hate my life and i want to die everyone hates me everythings always my fault and i just cant take this anymore what should i do??

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