Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Nov 2005 Matt this is fucked u ppl are fucked get the fuck over urselfs and ask for advice not to kill ur fuckin self but to live a betta life in this world not in the after life..and as for red butterfly dont even think about it..coz if u go i go to
02 Nov 2005 b.b. Stand on 12. Wait for the elevator to go above you. Use a crobar to open the elevator doors. Jump face first.
02 Nov 2005 Lynn why the fuck do you kids wanna kill urself??!! ur not even that old, if you wanna commit suicide wait till ur at least 21 or older, shit ya'll need to get a fucxkin grip and stop trying to kill urself! think about others don't just think of urself!
02 Nov 2005 Howey hang in there, things will only get worse
02 Nov 2005 Megan Webb Take a bottle of Tylenol/Aspirin
02 Nov 2005 Alexandra Ooook. To start off..I'm 13 years old and my life is totally fucked. I've attempted suicide countless times. When I was only a few months old, my parents had my grandmother take care of me for the next five years of my life because my mum went back to university and my dad was a photographer and was very busy, though he would take care of me at every chance he could. As I grew older, I grew more and more distant from my mum, cuz she was never there, and it doesnt help that my grandmother (on my dads side) who took care of me, hated my mum. Just recently I watched some old tapes of me when I was 2 or 3 around christmas time. All of my closes family was there, grandparents, aunts and uncles from my mums side and both grandparents from my dads side. My grandfather (on my dads side) died shortly after that tape was taken, and I was devistated. That is when my life just fell apart. But anyways, on that tape, I noticed that I would constantly reject my mum and everytime she would try to tell me that I'm beautiful, or try to play with my hair, or hug me I would tell her to stop it. This was at the age of 3 or 4! I think that because of that she is sortof bitter now and she favors my four year old brother, and she is never compassionate towards me. Around the age of 11 I first cut myself, I was scared, and extremely angry at my mum for threatening to kill me (we were having an argument). My mum and I argue non-stop and she can get violent. Other than that, school is okay, I'm struggling in mathematics and thats it. I have tons of friends and I am a very loved and loving person. I love my dad with all my heart and we have never once had a disagreement. He would take time off from work just to spend time with me. When I had to get surgery on my neck (from tripping on a kite and landing on a screw that was sticking out of the ground) he brought me ice cream. Even though I couldnt eat it, the fact that he did that was probably the most memorable part of my life. Even thinking of it now makes me cry. The only thing now that stops me from cutting myself is the fact that i am afraid that people will notice. Last year my best friend and I were joking around and she grabbed my wrist from under a long sleeved shirt and i had cuts there, so obviously, it hurt like hell and my wrist started bleeding through the shirt, she saw and without thinking, she pulled my sleeve up and everyone around me saw my cuts and now think im insane. My parents arent aware of this, but i think that at first, cutting wasnt just to make me feel better, but i also thought that maybe my mum would notice my wounds as another form of telling her that i need help.
02 Nov 2005 FLA Just don't, too many people will care that you die even if you don't know them, I for one would CARE if you died and I don't know you, maybe we should meet and meeting me might make it worth living, cause I've met new people and think that it's cause of the new friends that I don't want to die, not my old ones! I've already told my story, now I just want to help, we can live without suicide together just contact me, AIM = flclsaga855
02 Nov 2005 FLA Well, hi, I recently been thinking too much about killing myself, I used to think about it not that much, but it's gotten out of hand..

I'm 15 years old and I attend school, don't really care much about it, just go to it.. Well I stayed back a year in all my classes cause I hated almost everyone in my classes.. Didn't feel like moving on with them, so, I'm a Sophmore in Freshmen classes, I guess some might find that embarassing and, Yeah, I guess it kinda is.. but anyways I've made some new friends this year and they're pretty cool.. This one kids always happy and is cool to hang out with, til I found out more personal things about him and my false sense of happiness drifted away cause I saw his sadness expressed on his face, that alone wanted me to kill myself.. I know suicide is no answer to problems and stuff, but maybe it's not me that's thinking these things, I drink a lot and smoke pot quite a lot too, usually I smoke with friends and drink by myself.(when I drink it really helps me answer problems and when I drink excessively, like yesterday I drank a 1 liter bottle of wine with 20% alcohol in it.. I found myself stumbling accross the bridge in my town.. falling off my skateboard.. then callin my freshmen friend about if he would care if I killed myself.. He got scared and wanted to get me help and I told him to please not cause I won't do it.. It's just crazy how much his answer made me think I fell over onto a college picnic table and was just hoping I would pass out and die and not have to worry about anything anymore.. I almost did til he called me back and talked to me some more and told me how EVERYONE I know would care if I died.. so I thought about that and it made me cry unbelievably.. And knew that if I died right now and their is a heaven in which our souls live on, I would live in TOTAL torment and dealing with the fact that all of my 10 friends would care about me and so would my mom and sister.. I really can't stop thinking about it I want to die but.. I need some kind of selfless suicide to go out.. like saving someones life or something, after all I'm just another loser in this fountain of life, where nothing goes right and is just pointless to think so.. I know I just can't do that to my friends.. I know a lot of people have the same situations as me and can't stop thinking about suicide.. well my AIM is flclsaga855 and I would be willing to talk to any of you if you want and possibly if you live near me we can talk together.

thanks for reading my story.. I felt as if I needed to get this out so I can finally feel a little bit better.. i've been having problems with anger and I think it's cause of all the drinking.. I think i'm gonna cut back just a little. :)
02 Nov 2005 Z masqué Le meilleur moyen de se suicider, je le connais pas, mais le seul moyen d'être sur de mourir, c'est de se laisser vieillir...
02 Nov 2005 darklink2135 watch napoleon dynamite every time your friends are over, and eventually they will hate you so much they will kill you for you, if you dont kill yourself from patheticness first, or if the movie doesnt cause severe and permanent brain damage and turn you into a vegetable, then you wont have to worry about suicide since you wont be able to think anyway
02 Nov 2005 Hannah When you're thirteen unless it's a very traumatic case, you will not have enough or good reasons to end your life. You've only just turned a teenager and you havent even finsihed puberty, unless you have had an extremely traumatic child hood then you should have no reason.
02 Nov 2005 quack eat sugar plum faries. THEY ARE LETHAL. wash down with strawberries and cream and wait to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02 Nov 2005 Anna commit ur life to Jesus forever ^_^
02 Nov 2005 Anna Go to God. This is a stupid site. Stupid ways to suicide. Their doing the devil's work.
02 Nov 2005 red butterly ok i dont know how to post a thingy so im just gonna say it through this.

does anyone know any pills which are easy to overdose on and can easily be bought without perscription???

please if you could help me, thank you, email me please....
02 Nov 2005 red butterfly sleeping pills, cutting is too much attention and your parents and friends will figure it out straight away, it is best to just OD and sleep forever.
02 Nov 2005 You're All Pathetic Honestly, just jump of a building, you fucking cowards.
02 Nov 2005 david ive just turned 17 and finished school with one GCSE (im from england) and the reason for this is because i was the class clown at school. i have no job no hope and i have cut myslef sice i was 11 and now im having 2 get tattoos 2 cover my scars up im going 2 kill myself 2 nite so if anyone says 2 u that it will get better dont belive them and if people say freinds are not importent at school that is also bullshit
01 Nov 2005 steven hey there kiddies, im 17 just wanted to tell you something; give a little advice you know?

if you kill yourself now, you will never get to have sex with someone. and dont say "im too ugly/fat/annoying for anyone to want me." You are wrong. every day i see ugly/fat/annoying people getting laid, and as bizzare as it is to me it seems to work just fine for them. Also, dont say "ok well ill have sex and then kill myself / have had sex and still want to." This also, is bogus. once you have sex once, you'll find it is worth living for again and again! and if you tried it and didn't like it, then you need to get a partner of a different sex or ethnicity-an italian male will please just about anyone. still, getting laid may take a few years so be patient.

your welcome for the healp
01 Nov 2005 Me I don't know what to say,I am in my 30's, I came here to see if anybody has thought of any better way to kill yourself but after reading all these stories it makes me not want to do it, I don't want to die, I have things to live for but so many problems, if anybody thinks they can help,email me

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