Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Nov 2005 dont_u_care? well, i dunno. thats my answer to life in general lol. is life really precious? is it so special? i hear and see that all the time. soooo y doesnt it feel like it? y dont i feel so precious or special? i see life as a burden. seriously. ive been depressed for around 6 years now, since i was 11. ive never really tried to commit suicide, but im on the edge these days. i used to self harm for 2 years. then my friends found out and sent me to counselling. i stopped coz i couldnt be arsed with ppl annoyin me. since then ive just kept everythin inside. its all inside and no one notices or cares. its so fucked up i actually laugh about it. its got to the point where i truly dont care. all i can do is laugh. laugh at how stupid ppl seem to be. how they cant see the pain im in. life is shit. very crap. anyhoo here's some of the things in my life that get me down, daily:
im ugly! ppl disagree but only to be polite i think
i dropped outta skool wen i was 14.
i have a bf and we argue alllllll the time coz i lose my temper easy and get violent.
i have a job.
i have my own house
my lil sis stays with me and im sick of her. shes 16. old enough to get a job and her own place. but shes too lazy! and she tlks about me behind my back, tho im the one providing for her.
my family DONT luv me. my mums moving away with her bf. my dads an asshole.
my brothers...i hate them and they hate me.
i hate my job. ppl think im stuck up coz im quiet. im quiet coz i think about my shitty life, the fools.
i have no one to tlk to. ive been alone for so long i dont even kno how to open up to any1. my bf tries to help me but it wont happen. im too fuckd up.

i kno that all of the above is very mixed and jumbled up lol but the main point being: i have a hard life. too many problems to think about. no one who truly cares. no one to talk to. and i think that this might just be the one case where suicide is the right choice oc action.
fair enough i'll get up tomoro and put on a face to every1, laughing away, chit chatting and mucking about. but on the inside, like every other day, im crying and screaming on the inside for sum1 to notice or care. but i feel that's gonna change soon. the crying and screaming and all the pain will stop. and ppl will have 1 less idiot to pretend to like.
22 Nov 2005 Tinkie This is all descraceful a couple of kids have been readin this and killed themsleves their parents wud do nefin 4 their kids bk when ur tym cums ull die but dnt kill urself u were born in this world 4 a purpose.THINK DON'T BE STUPID!
22 Nov 2005 Devon Drink bleach when your mom is doing the laundry.
22 Nov 2005 anonymous drink anti-freeze, tastes sweet no cure
22 Nov 2005 Jolène The best and least painfull way to kill yourself is to drink bleach that way it doesnt hurt unless you want to be hurt in which case your sick!!
22 Nov 2005 Aj Well I hope you all know this was originally intended as a joke...

But since most of you don't...

Wait. Who the hell googles "How to commit suicide" ??

Ehh. As for the kit, I'd add a good old belt and hook. Wrap it around your neck, hang the belt on the hook, and pull back. You should pass out, and by that time the belt will be too tight, and you'll probably die. It might hurt though.

And for fuck's sake, it's NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Since fifth grade I've thought on this, on killing myself, because who the hell hasn't decided their life sucks? Oftentimes, it's true, it does! A shitty boyfriend or girlfriend, terrible parents, a lack of friends--believe it or not, it happens to everyone. Honest to god. I swear.

My dad's an unemployed ex-convict and my mom kicked me out of the house just this weekend. Parents don't get better, they possibly get worse, but though it seems like they'll be around forever...that's not true at all. Keep college in mind, keep life after college in mind, keep all the partying and sex and amazing times you'll enjoy in the future in mind. High school gives you more freedom to meet new people, and everyone changes through those years, and you can join clubs so you won't have to be at home as much and you'll meet new friends. High school is one of the scariest but most amazing times of my life so far, so don't end it before you get to enjoy it.

And as for boyfriends? I went through that in ninth grade, and didn't get over him for at least a year. I wished every day to have him back, to have someone love me and tell me I'm not the fucked up person I feel like. I'd walk home crying, and yes, I though of suicide. But I came through and I've met someone new, and I promise that your boyfriend is not the only wonderful guy in the world. It's hard as fuck to make it through an ex, but you can, it's not impossible, and what does not kill you only makes you stronger. People do love you, though sometimes it seems less than unconditional. If your parents don't show love, I promise promise promise there's at least one person whose heart would break if you were gone.

While you're alive you can do wonderful things. I'm sure you want to do wonderful things someday, I have plans, and that's what's kept me going. I first wasn't gonna kill myself till I got my period, haha. Now, I promised myself I won't do it till I've experienced prom. By then, I'll make sure to wait till I graduate college, at least. There are milestones in life that aren't hard to achieve--you just have to live the best way you can.

Think--if you kill yourself, you'll just be part of a rising statistic that scares the shit out of people. You will be nameless and faceless. And you will break hearts in your passing. But if you live, and try hard to, and someday make it on your own, you'll instill pride in those that love you and admiration in those that you'll meet someday, and you'll still have the chance to do something wonderful. You are something wonderful, you are unique, don't leave and blend in to the backround. Don't go down so easily, if you have to go, go kicking and screaming at all those bitches who have caused you harm. Prove them wrong!

I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I fucking know the feeling, like the day can't get any darker and all you're good for is fucking up, like there's no one there that could possibly understand and even if they did, they wouldn't help. I wished hard for someone to love me. I wished hard for my mother to stop being a bitch. I know the feeling that it'll never go away, that you're trapped, and frustrated with feeling sad for no fucking reason. I know it's a hard feeling to live with. And though I still have days like that, where I fold into myself and can't open my eyes to anything good, they pass. This will pass. There will be amazing times. Please don't miss out on them.

E-mail me if you want help, though everyone's said that and I don't expect it. I really don't want you to do this though.
22 Nov 2005 Pete I stumbled across this site because I've had a really bad week and I entered the phrase "my life is totally fucked" in google.

I used to think about suicide a lot when I was in high school. My parents were divorced; I lived with my mother who hated men, and a select group of kids in my school hated me before they even met me. I had no one to talk to at all--I tried twice and it was a disaster--and being called faggot regularly at school, sometimes in front of other kids, was very painful, as it was intended to be. I thought that there must be something wrong with me that only other people could see and I scoured outdated medical textbooks, trying to figure out what it was. When I was in grade 11, the same group of kids nearly killed me and laughed about it at school the next day. I didn't know how to be angry at my tormentors so I turned my anger inwards and fantasized about destroying myself. I had lots of friends but I often felt completely alone. Anyway, I survived. I did a lot of therapy to understand what happened when I got older. Even more challenging things happened to me as an adult. I survived them even when I never thought I would. I had many many experiences that I would have never wanted to miss. My life at this moment is very challenging, mainly because of financial problems. Not that I blame anyone--it's my karma. Anyway, I think I'll get through my current disaster somehow and I wanted to share some tools that I use to manage depression. I practice a kind of meditation called vipassana, which is very very helpful. Learn about it at I also know a fair amount about nutrition. Those of you with ADHD, obesity, and other problems might find some answers at my favorite alternative health site: I supplement my diet with natural anti-depressants like fish oils, especially in the winter. And, normally, when I have a working car, I exercise a lot. Okay, that's my post. Peace out.
21 Nov 2005   this site is appaulling how can you put this kind of stuff out for trouble young people makes me sick
21 Nov 2005 moth fall in love
21 Nov 2005   wow. mouchette not only do you suck but your site sucks too.
i mean i made several posts over 2 weeks ago and your site remains un-updated.
whats wrong mouchette? are you to busy sleeping with men twice your age such as your father grandfather and uncles or is your site screwed up. i got a web site and my PHP is screwed up. :)
you are a stupid whore mouchette. queen of the biznoutches. i bet you cant control yourself around a male family member. first moment of being alone and whooooop, up goes mouchettes skirt.
21 Nov 2005 jay Im 14 and i want to die so bad. Ive slit my wrists and tried 2 slit my throat. it made me feel so much beter, and every since i have tried 2 till my self. I cut mu arms, my legs and my sides regually. Sumone i really care about found out, and he was really upset. I felt SO bad about it. I dnt know what 2 do. I dnt wana stop, but i dnt wana hurt him. What can i do?
21 Nov 2005 Asswipe Jump in front of a truck, train, semi or anything big, fast, snd moving.
21 Nov 2005 Twisted_in_the_head wear a tompon for more then 2 days
21 Nov 2005 Simeon well i dont know exactly what its called. but i was savagely abused as a child and then in my teenage years i saw lots of murders with guns and knives. plus i lived on the streets and ate out of dumpsters as a teen too. i guess you could say i have been screwed in every situation in my life. even in school. the principals screwed me out of an education by bending the rules to benifit them and kick me out.
you know in my heart i have released all my hatered and bitterness. but still i like to see another human go thru the shit and it brings me pleasure. i have no value for human life or human suffering. and dont know why i do what i do. it is what was taught to me growing up. thats what the world and "adults" exampled to me. psycologists say this is symptoms of a psycopath or a sosiopath(spelling) i wont ever tell a shrink my heads inner workings because i will more than likely be hospitalized. and even if you dont want to be my friend thats ok. i dont really like you anyway. but if you like i will be nice to you. just dont call me bad names.
20 Nov 2005 Your neighborhood wussie I.C.P!-..........."It a'int no point to me waking up,everbodies time i'm taking up.i got nobody,a'int a shoulder near,i can't stay here and it's colder there.i don't wana look back cuz it's gonna hurt,slice my wrist's and it's gonna squirt.For me everybody holds a hate,i get backstabbed and everybody holds the stake.A'int no roads to take,i'm in a circle drive,bustin' at myself tryan' survive.i'll dissapoint you and i will let you down and i a'int got many homeboy's coming around.You don't understand so don't say you do,i swear i'll put a muthafvcking slug in you.i'm the only one,the lonely one at home loading a gun thinking why not???i got court comin' up,i stole a truck,i got a bitch pregnant and i'm broke as fvck.i wana get high but i got piss test, i'm always first name on top of the shit list.GET THIS,the witch has made my chest it's permanent nightly visiting nest!It a'int no clothes i look good in,i'm the muthafvcking big red train that couldn't.i got no family,i stole they shit,restraining orders and i still won't quit.i hit rock bottom and then i fell in a hole,then i fell through the floor of that hole some more.i been missing for a year nobody's lookin',i got beat down and my shit tookin'.i look ahead and all i see is more of the same or this self inflicted bullet hole pouring my brain.(You and me, together, friends)i dream about cuttin' heads off with a shovel,the dreams are gettin' serious,think i'm in trouble.i don't hold memory for more'n hour, i'm tired as fvck n i'm drained of power.i a'int halfway there n i'm all outta time, like a crushed lightbulb all outta shine.i been around the world'n no place is home,i wana see the otherside when i face this chrome.i'm buttnaked jackn' off gettin' drunk, it's my last hours alive who gives a fvck.It don't matter,i'm doin' the shit in tha garage tryan make it easier for 'em to clean my head splaage.This bitch i loved, i hope she finds me still up in the chair with my thoughts behind me.i'm 'bout to do it....." ne ways, imo a nice strong tree and thick rope or a building over 10 stories outta do it, g.l..
20 Nov 2005   I have had a shit life till now... I have never been loved. i have no friends. I always thought that doing the right thing, helping people, begin selfless and decenty will allow you to get out of this. finally win a heart. all this got me was disappoinment, a broken heart and a shit load of abuse. so here is my revalation on the best way to kill the live you lead... use your misfortune and TAKE what you WANT. if life is not nice to you, do not be nice to life. look around, the people who are fucks get it all. use all the energy you use to destroy yourself to destroy something else... it defiantly takes your mind off suicide and puts some kick in living.
20 Nov 2005 Mr depressed For all the people who want to commit suicide I hope you suceed because life is shit. I wish I could blow up the world that would be cool.
20 Nov 2005 ANDY do a die hard,,u know stand in the middle of the hood with a sign that says i hate niggers (please note ONLY WORKS IF UR NOT BLACK)
20 Nov 2005   this is a sick site and wants closing down u sick cunts
19 Nov 2005   why are you offering acinine ways to do this? murder is acceptible but suicide isn't? the things that lead to suicide...fine, committing it, illegal. fuck yourselves.

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