Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Nov 2005 Mitch shuf a nife on ur head then bulidd cums out then u fall on the floor then u die
04 Nov 2005 angry kid i am always gettin bullied, epseially when my sister 16 brings up unecessary things, and it makes me really angry i do think about myself commiting suicide, i get a buzz from imagining people gettin stabbed.just today in drama the class waz talkin bout a mental illness, i got home and me and my sis were fighting about god knows (i am a christian and no this is wrong)but i wanted to die put myself in a postion where she cud see i waz insecure do you know anybody that can help
04 Nov 2005 Riley Anybody got tips on how to kill ur self pretty painlessly
04 Nov 2005 Victoria I need to know how to kill myself painlessly. I'm the 2nd. child of 3, and i don't have much acecc to anything. The person who i admire just beat the crap out of me, i just want to die. My older sister and i are alike and i thought she understood me, but to her i'm just a shim.
04 Nov 2005 popularandhappyontheoutside i know there are ppl out there who love me, and who would miss me if i were gone. i dont no how many but there would be some. however, in my family i really dont feel that. i kinda feel that with out me their lives would be better. i am the problem in our family and i will never amount to anything worthwhile. my future looks so bleak. they dont even want me in their house anymore, whats the point of being alive? how will i know what im missing out on if im dead? ILL B DEAD!!! ppl move on. ive tried it b4 and miserably failed. i get told all the time that i will amount to nothing, and im just not strong enough to prove them wrong. if i didnt have a phobia of knives id cut myself unil i bled to death, but all i have is pills. i just want to die, there is no point of me being here, i dont wanna b a nothing for the rest of my life.
03 Nov 2005 Jemma, Jess and Shene' Go to the cutlery draw, take out the sharpest knife you can find, cut down the veins on your arms to make sure it bleeds LOTZ and LOTZ!!!! The shove the knife in your eye, keep pushing it in untill it slices through your brain and you fall on the ground.... DEAD
03 Nov 2005 Veronica Break a Michael Jackson cd and use it to slit your wrists
03 Nov 2005 sammy i hate my life and i want to die everyone hates me everythings always my fault and i just cant take this anymore what should i do??
03 Nov 2005 Bina i hate my life everything is goin wrong and it's no joke and i think suicide is the best way out for me plz help
03 Nov 2005 Peteyb hit a vein and bleed if u dont want to hurt any one to it in a bathtub and leave a note saying ur saorry
03 Nov 2005 Depressed For people who say this site is sick well life is sick
03 Nov 2005 kni im an international student.i have barely any freinds in my school. no one bothers to try to become freinds with me. i used to be an excellent student in my country. here cos of my depression and rejection im horrible. i have a bf here. we fight day in and day out. the only time wer not fighting is wen wer having sex. i enjoy it at the moment and then i start loathing it. my bf cares about me a lot...but has his ex gfs emails and pictures everywer..he makes fun of me cos im on the heavier side and i have cellulite..and wen i talk to him abt it he fights with family expects a lot from me..cos theyre extremely educated and are all doing somethin great for themselves..and im nothin they thought i would be. they call me the black sheep of the family..they love me..but they make me feel like im nothing..i used to be the most popular girl in my school bak home..but here im nothin. i have 5 conversations a of them are fights with my bf. i feel lonely and lost. i feel like nothings worth it. i know i wont commit suicide..but im soo sad..ive never felt lower in my life..i did everythin i could do make things work with my bf but we keep fighting and i keep gettin it seems wer going to break up..and the worst part is..i have noone to turn to if we do break lose the only person i have here..
03 Nov 2005 Xenya throw yourself in front of a bus/truck. As long as you don't mind the guilt you're puting on the person driving at the time it works quite well.
03 Nov 2005 Matt U ppl are pathetic, cant u just try and fix ur life, seek help ask for advice on how to live not how to die, i did and i changed.. i changed for the person i love...and i love her all i can say is NO SLEEPING PILLS NO OVERDOSING, coz if u do i follow u
03 Nov 2005 Matt this is fucked u ppl are fucked get the fuck over urselfs and ask for advice not to kill ur fuckin self but to live a betta life in this world not in the after life..and as for red butterfly dont even think about it..coz if u go i go to
02 Nov 2005 b.b. Stand on 12. Wait for the elevator to go above you. Use a crobar to open the elevator doors. Jump face first.
02 Nov 2005 Lynn why the fuck do you kids wanna kill urself??!! ur not even that old, if you wanna commit suicide wait till ur at least 21 or older, shit ya'll need to get a fucxkin grip and stop trying to kill urself! think about others don't just think of urself!
02 Nov 2005 Howey hang in there, things will only get worse
02 Nov 2005 Megan Webb Take a bottle of Tylenol/Aspirin
02 Nov 2005 Alexandra Ooook. To start off..I'm 13 years old and my life is totally fucked. I've attempted suicide countless times. When I was only a few months old, my parents had my grandmother take care of me for the next five years of my life because my mum went back to university and my dad was a photographer and was very busy, though he would take care of me at every chance he could. As I grew older, I grew more and more distant from my mum, cuz she was never there, and it doesnt help that my grandmother (on my dads side) who took care of me, hated my mum. Just recently I watched some old tapes of me when I was 2 or 3 around christmas time. All of my closes family was there, grandparents, aunts and uncles from my mums side and both grandparents from my dads side. My grandfather (on my dads side) died shortly after that tape was taken, and I was devistated. That is when my life just fell apart. But anyways, on that tape, I noticed that I would constantly reject my mum and everytime she would try to tell me that I'm beautiful, or try to play with my hair, or hug me I would tell her to stop it. This was at the age of 3 or 4! I think that because of that she is sortof bitter now and she favors my four year old brother, and she is never compassionate towards me. Around the age of 11 I first cut myself, I was scared, and extremely angry at my mum for threatening to kill me (we were having an argument). My mum and I argue non-stop and she can get violent. Other than that, school is okay, I'm struggling in mathematics and thats it. I have tons of friends and I am a very loved and loving person. I love my dad with all my heart and we have never once had a disagreement. He would take time off from work just to spend time with me. When I had to get surgery on my neck (from tripping on a kite and landing on a screw that was sticking out of the ground) he brought me ice cream. Even though I couldnt eat it, the fact that he did that was probably the most memorable part of my life. Even thinking of it now makes me cry. The only thing now that stops me from cutting myself is the fact that i am afraid that people will notice. Last year my best friend and I were joking around and she grabbed my wrist from under a long sleeved shirt and i had cuts there, so obviously, it hurt like hell and my wrist started bleeding through the shirt, she saw and without thinking, she pulled my sleeve up and everyone around me saw my cuts and now think im insane. My parents arent aware of this, but i think that at first, cutting wasnt just to make me feel better, but i also thought that maybe my mum would notice my wounds as another form of telling her that i need help.

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