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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2005 the babe drive to the interstate then jump out in front of an eightteen wheeler truck
25 Nov 2005 the babe after you light two ciggarettes, stick them in your ears
25 Nov 2005 josh over dose on your familys pills in the cabnet
25 Nov 2005 anoone i wanted to go to school take a gun and shoot myself infront of everyone
25 Nov 2005 natica cut yourself imto pieces and cook it in the oven.
25 Nov 2005 Psyke I am from Sweden. I am not good at English..
I wanted to kill mmyselsf since I was 13, I am 15 now. But I never really had the guts to it. What if I blow it and I have to meet everyone I wanted to leave behind. I've always wanted a clean escape.
No blood.. Just death.
24 Nov 2005 himself Just go get a big chunk of Hemlock (a plant) and boil it. Drink the water lie down. Numbness will start in the feet and rise up...
24 Nov 2005 Diego And what if theres no one to feel sorry for you? What if your really alone and you don't want to put up with all the shit your forced to? If someone decides to take his own life, he is in his own right to do it? Why should he keep on suffering? Just because you ppl think that he should? You're no one to decide if his suffering is a reason or not to commit suicide, you're no one to tell him that everything will be alright, what if it's not? You'll be causing him even more pain and putting him thru worse shit that he already is in.
Sometimes when someone want's to commit suicide, he really doesn't want to put up with life. So who the fuck are you to tell him he is wrong? Life is not the same for all of us, and sometimes it's a real piece of endless shit. It just never ends. So ppl, i just want to say, STFU. And take some time to think about that person and why he want's to do it, instead of starting with the "your pathetic" bs.
24 Nov 2005 Beth I dont know proberly to jump off somthing.

But thats not hte point i would like to thank the first person who commented for giving me a way out i have lots of belts....
24 Nov 2005 SH Hey, I am going to lay this out straight for everybody...
Life is tough, bottom line, that is all there is to it, nothing we can do is going to change that. I look at myself, I look at the life I have had for the past 26 years... Abused at home, at school, everywhere I went. I studied martial arts to fight back. I joined the Army (Green Beret) right after high school. As I am sure anyone can imagine, I have seen the absolute worst that mankind can do. I have seen half the world, and blown up a quarter of it myself. If I can come out of all the problems you are going through now, plus the trauma of being a covert combet vet... Not to mention having dealt with clinical depression my entire life (with no meds, mind you), then things can be overcome. You have to want to do it, find a reason and live for it
24 Nov 2005 Angel of Death it depend on what's going on with your life, i mean y kill yourself at that age because u have so much to go though life 2 make it more 4 yourself i mean this question is so fucking sick, i mean i can understand that a 40 year old commutting suicide and my advice to you if you skill feel suicided when you had something really bad happening to you such as rape etc, u should kill urself, i mean u should have a reason 2 do it and not commutted it just because some1 told u 2.

if your really want to do because your life is so fucked up for u then go ahead kill urself with gun and make it look like you dad did it, people will start hating you dad for the fact that he has killed u because he's done some fucked up things 2 u.
24 Nov 2005 PitbullBob1 The trick is to end your depression forever, not off yourself. Buy as many antidepressants as possible, using various different doctors. When you have saved up enough pills, take them all at once on an empty stomach followed by a fifth of dad's favorite vodka. (You might want to eat soup beforehand to prevent vomiting.) Then...just lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and wait for your depression to end forever. Should just take about 20-30 minutes. Antidepressants are very powerful medicine. Trust me, I am a psychiatrist and know what the hell I'm talking about.
23 Nov 2005 octavia hey everybody my name is octavia and i want to kill myself.i want to die so bad i just need to know how. i don't want it to be painfull cuz i'm already in enough pain. i want something quit and fast.well let me tell u why i want to die. my life is not worth living for anymore. my mom is an asshole. she wants to controll everything i do. she wants to pick and choose everything i do. and if it don't goes her way she gets mad!!!! and my dad don't give a fuck about me. everybody i love is even a liar or a cheater or both. noone will understand tha pain i'm goin through. i one friend and sometimes i think that she don't like me. i'm ugly peolpe disagree but they just don't want to hurt my feelings. there is so much goin on in my life right now and i need to get out. so please help me
23 Nov 2005 Tibor I'm not under thirteen but at the end of my rope. It's too much to discuss in this short letter but I want some secunal or tuinal and finish it. I am past depression and despair and need to rest. Please help me. I'm much more serious than a thirteen year old. Completely gone.
23 Nov 2005 adam peat not its walker :-P eny big black guy ...go up 2 him and call him a stupid nigger and run 2 ur mams best mate and tell her all the stuff ur mum calls her behined and then run home and suck on ur mums tits (with them 2 chacing u) and and say "GOT ENY MILK ?"and stand still for a moment
23 Nov 2005 Cassie make yourself think you are a witch and stand infront of a moving train with a broom and rite before it hits you try to fly away!
22 Nov 2005 CARMAN Hello All, I have been down this road so many times. I have tried killing myself and have come close to it several times. I also know how it is to be the one left behind. The person who is gone doesn't have a lifetime of pain and guilt. Wondering what could I have done? What could I have said? Maybe if I would of tried harder, maybe I could of told her/him how much they mean to me. That I would be asking thoose questions for the remainder of my life. Or maybe I can't go on. A Piece of your heart goes with the person that is no longer here. I have felt this way since my mom shot herself the day after my birthday. It has been 13 years now and I still haven't been able to put it behind me and try to live my life. But it is so hard, I'll see kids with their moms and it hurts, cause I will never have that. Please consider who your leaving. The pain is unbearable. I don't know how much longer I will be here. But I am here for anyone that need someone to listen to, someone who feels the same way. Maybe we can help each other.... Carman LOVECARMAN@COMCAST.NET
22 Nov 2005 Chelsea Inhale through a rag drenched in Chloroform.
22 Nov 2005 Emanual_overide Fall in love
22 Nov 2005 I HATE NIGGERS i want to commit suicide just because the nigger race exists. and mouchette is a damn nigger. its all your fault nigger mouchette.

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