Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Nov 2005 Simeon well i dont know exactly what its called. but i was savagely abused as a child and then in my teenage years i saw lots of murders with guns and knives. plus i lived on the streets and ate out of dumpsters as a teen too. i guess you could say i have been screwed in every situation in my life. even in school. the principals screwed me out of an education by bending the rules to benifit them and kick me out.
you know in my heart i have released all my hatered and bitterness. but still i like to see another human go thru the shit and it brings me pleasure. i have no value for human life or human suffering. and dont know why i do what i do. it is what was taught to me growing up. thats what the world and "adults" exampled to me. psycologists say this is symptoms of a psycopath or a sosiopath(spelling) i wont ever tell a shrink my heads inner workings because i will more than likely be hospitalized. and even if you dont want to be my friend thats ok. i dont really like you anyway. but if you like i will be nice to you. just dont call me bad names.
20 Nov 2005 Your neighborhood wussie I.C.P!-..........."It a'int no point to me waking up,everbodies time i'm taking up.i got nobody,a'int a shoulder near,i can't stay here and it's colder there.i don't wana look back cuz it's gonna hurt,slice my wrist's and it's gonna squirt.For me everybody holds a hate,i get backstabbed and everybody holds the stake.A'int no roads to take,i'm in a circle drive,bustin' at myself tryan' survive.i'll dissapoint you and i will let you down and i a'int got many homeboy's coming around.You don't understand so don't say you do,i swear i'll put a muthafvcking slug in you.i'm the only one,the lonely one at home loading a gun thinking why not???i got court comin' up,i stole a truck,i got a bitch pregnant and i'm broke as fvck.i wana get high but i got piss test, i'm always first name on top of the shit list.GET THIS,the witch has made my chest it's permanent nightly visiting nest!It a'int no clothes i look good in,i'm the muthafvcking big red train that couldn't.i got no family,i stole they shit,restraining orders and i still won't quit.i hit rock bottom and then i fell in a hole,then i fell through the floor of that hole some more.i been missing for a year nobody's lookin',i got beat down and my shit tookin'.i look ahead and all i see is more of the same or this self inflicted bullet hole pouring my brain.(You and me, together, friends)i dream about cuttin' heads off with a shovel,the dreams are gettin' serious,think i'm in trouble.i don't hold memory for more'n hour, i'm tired as fvck n i'm drained of power.i a'int halfway there n i'm all outta time, like a crushed lightbulb all outta shine.i been around the world'n no place is home,i wana see the otherside when i face this chrome.i'm buttnaked jackn' off gettin' drunk, it's my last hours alive who gives a fvck.It don't matter,i'm doin' the shit in tha garage tryan make it easier for 'em to clean my head splaage.This bitch i loved, i hope she finds me still up in the chair with my thoughts behind me.i'm 'bout to do it....." ne ways, imo a nice strong tree and thick rope or a building over 10 stories outta do it, g.l..
20 Nov 2005   I have had a shit life till now... I have never been loved. i have no friends. I always thought that doing the right thing, helping people, begin selfless and decenty will allow you to get out of this. finally win a heart. all this got me was disappoinment, a broken heart and a shit load of abuse. so here is my revalation on the best way to kill the live you lead... use your misfortune and TAKE what you WANT. if life is not nice to you, do not be nice to life. look around, the people who are fucks get it all. use all the energy you use to destroy yourself to destroy something else... it defiantly takes your mind off suicide and puts some kick in living.
20 Nov 2005 Mr depressed For all the people who want to commit suicide I hope you suceed because life is shit. I wish I could blow up the world that would be cool.
20 Nov 2005 ANDY do a die hard,,u know stand in the middle of the hood with a sign that says i hate niggers (please note ONLY WORKS IF UR NOT BLACK)
20 Nov 2005   this is a sick site and wants closing down u sick cunts
19 Nov 2005   why are you offering acinine ways to do this? murder is acceptible but suicide isn't? the things that lead to suicide...fine, committing it, illegal. fuck yourselves.
19 Nov 2005 MR. Roboto ok read this all the way thru.
about three nights ago i was eating mushrooms. you know the psycedelic type. i really had to pee. and as i was peeing on the tile floor in the bathroom everything went slowmotion. i was kinda in a gap between life and the spirit world. everything then got real clear to me. you see i was planning on eating these magic mushrooms and commiting suicide. well when i had my moment of clarity i was watching my pee slowly splatter on the tile floor. and i realized this is how life is. well you see the pee had no control over what direction it went.much like the way we have no control of our lives. then i heard native american indians chanting abd singing and i knew they were praying for my spirit. you see there was all kinds of evil demon spirits around that wanted to kill me. i knew they were praying for me to stay alive. i even heard the beat of thier drum. and you see once again i had no control over my life. it was up to these spirits to battle it out. and then maybe i would live or maybe not. then an angel spoke to me and told me the evil spirits were inside me. and that it was a spirit of self murder. the angel asked me to never try to kill myself again so the spirits wouldnt come back. you see man we cant see the spirit world unless we have some pretty heavy psycedelics and then its still kinda a whole lot to bear. so maybe some of you have a spirit of self murder in you man. being possesed isnt always like you see on TV. they may just be influincing your thoughts. tring to make you kill yourself. so look man. maybe you just need to think about things from a different perspective.
19 Nov 2005   If you are really serious about suicide you shouldn't be on using this site at all. Make a list of your problems and check them out on google. Find some serious help groups and discuss your problems - see where it leads you and if you can get help.
If after this you still want to die then just do it. Don't make entertainment for the sicko's who use this site.
18 Nov 2005 kc really i dont agree with anyone killing them selves but it is a good idea in some friend did but her life fucking sucked. well please dont be liek one of those kids that thinks their life is bad so you try and cut your wristes sideways and not the LONG way. sideways is jsut for attention, if you actully want to die and this is the easyest thing for you. just try something different, maybe on the news so everyone can think to them selves "i should have been more conciderate to him". hey, now everyone will blame them selves for it and that would make you happy. now what you need to do is light yourself on fire, it sounds stupid but its great. you love fire, you want to die then do this. ride your stupid ass little shit supercycle bike to the nearist with some gasoline in your bag. pour most of it on you then some on the ground where you'll fall. light a match and BURN!!! as you hit the ground the flame from your body will light up the ground around you. you will instantly die from the fall...if not the fire will. you will probly kill some people while your at it.
>easy way!!! simpaly hang yourself, it something kinda fast, no mess and its relaly easy. rope chiar and nothing near you to try to save yourself...its great. please only commite suicide if it is your last resort...down load the song suicide: by Bobby Gaylor ...great song on how death is the only why for you.
18 Nov 2005 Toby I think you should do what reflects you and how your life has hurt you.
18 Nov 2005 geraldine I'm currently 20 years old and a second year university student. I've attempted suicide once so far, and have come to several realizations.

it was stupid of me... i told a friend of mine what i was feeling, what i thought i was going to do. i think in some way, i wanted to be saved. i wanted to know that it mattered - but that wasnt all.
i have friends. i have a loving family. there are people in my life that care, but... really its not about that. in the end the decision is yours, because it is your life. if given the choice, i would not have let my friend take me to the hospital, but i knew she left me with no options, and i did not want this riding on her coinscience.
people can force you to live or get therapy, but its not right. my problem is my own mind, and it has been for almost a decade now. its something i dont want to remedy because i dont see a point.

all of you out there that judge us for being selfish, for being too self-absorbed to see the reality of the situation are hypocrites.

to live each day like this... hollow, dead... if you have felt like this before, you will no it is no easy task.

when you people are forcing us to stay here, to think of our families or friends you fail to understand our predicament. we cannot continue to live our lives for others, that isnt what life is about - so far that has been my biggest problem. we have to live for ourselves. ive made this decision for myself. in some way, shape or form i will prevail. this time, i succeeded in only putting myself in the hospital for 5 days. perhaps if i had waited a few days more the organ failure would have taken over... but i was ignorant, and a fool. i wont make that mistake again. good luck to all of you i hope you all figure out what it is you really want.
18 Nov 2005 matt talk to strange old men in the park
18 Nov 2005 Mery This is my fourth attempt thru out my life. Killing urself wen your 13 is understandable sooo much that u go thru BUT DAT DOES NOT MEAN TO TAKE U OUT OF HEA B'COZ its not the way to go....Ive been dere and thought of dat! If it was for wen i was 13 and was willing to attempt this. I would not of met my 2 brothers sons, would never met the many friends I have today, shared these special more years with my bootiful parents AND BE THE PERSON I AM TODAY! Everything has been the best eva AND I LOVE LIFE TO DA FULLEST! Untill just yesturday something happened from a little situation that has gone big! The way i see siblings just basicaly my family hate me and cant stand me so RIGHT NOW I JUST WONA DIE COZ NOW EVERYFING HAS GONE ALL WRONG! PLEZ DONT KILL URSELF BUT LET ME DO IT FOR U......ID RATHER DIE DAN HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DIE IN THIS CRAZY WORLD! WEN U FINK ABOUT IT THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THRU GOD!!! no matter if u know lil or know much about him just one lil prayer would be answered even if ur in trouble or not!!! SOOO TO MY CONCLUSION ITS BEEN 5 HRS NOW TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS BUT 5 min gone and now im realsing how meaningful life is and ur family most of all! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH AND NEVA WONA MAKE THEIR LIFE MESIRABLE JST THINKING ABOUT ME!! Ma folks and 3 BROTHERS mean the world to me and im the only gurl in da family......and the youngest! PRAY THAT YA'LL COME TO UR SENSES AND TRY AND TURN UR LIFE AROUND FOR THE BETTER! AND ALWAYS CARRY GOD BY UR SIDE COZ HES THE ONLY TRUE THING WHO CAN HELP EITHER BIG OR SMALL MATTERS HES THERE FOR U!!
17 Nov 2005 -1 Andrew...awesome site there. It gave a lot of ideas and point of views. It also gave me a new hobby "putting my arm in ice cold water for an hour then cutting my wrist with no worry of dying because it takes 4 fucking hours" along with free fruit-punch and a crimson orgasm.
17 Nov 2005 Grampa Hang around a bus/train depot wearing worn, dirty clothing; and don't forget to look hungry!
17 Nov 2005 LC OKay number one trying to kill yourself at this age is rediculous, but all of you fucking people telling these kids who do want to kill themselves how fucked up they are and sad and pathetic they are, arent fucking helping so all of you should just back the fuck off and get over your own fucking selves and stop telling people how to think act and fucking talk and express their emotions. SO fuck all of you!
17 Nov 2005 Theo walk into area 51
17 Nov 2005 The Guy mouchette u little bitch i just wanna say u suck not for this web site but i have to wait 3 days to get my fuckin post on here(sry for launguage kiddies anywayz just get somebody to help u with ur web site and get the post out next days like old times plz
17 Nov 2005 Valentina Im 15 years old now.. it seems yesterday that i was 13-14.. my dad was put in jail.. i remeber the night..the time.. the date.. perfectly.. 3 in the morning they took him away for a crime he dident commit.. put him away for 6 months.. he came out and just wasent the same.. he beat my mother, my sister, me and even my baby brother!.. i kept the family together but all of a sudden i felt somthing.. i couldent smile.. i couldent laugh i couldent have a good time.. i was totaly broken.. i was 13 and i felt 80 years old.. i was tired all the time.. and one night i came home and saw my dad choking my mom.. i yelled at him some stuff i hardly remeber and he walked out the door.. the cops came about 4 hours later saying that he was charged of murder.. he had killed the guy that put him in jail.. i went over to his house (this man WAS a family friend) and he had been apparently beaten to death with a bat.. my brothers base ball bat.. my dad was arrested and is still in jail.. iv never visted him once.. i got letters.. most of them i havent read.. well back to the point.. shortly after my mom commited suicide.. my BABY brother found her.. my older sister went over to the next door neighbors house and they called help.. and i live in dubai okay? there is no foster homes.. or help lines here.. we were alone in an appartment.. i have no family nothing.. my sister is 19 now and barly supporting us.. i used to be the hardworking good gurl.. i go out everynight to score some cash to find any drugs i can to get rid of this shit i have.. but u know wut.. iv never tried kiling myself once.. i agree with those people that say there is light at the end of every tunnel.. i belive that.. and suicide isent goin to help take the pain away.. its a replacement for the pain you do have.. your swaping one for the other.. but the only thing is your inflicting that pain on every one who loves and cares about you.. deal with your problems.. get help anyway you can.. tlkin about it is a start.. but do you really want to hurt everyone you've ever loved? just so you can be happy.. and god only knows there may not b a heaven and a hell... you could end up in eternal pain ( i dont belive that heaven and hell shit btw im just settin it out there... i know you feel alone and scared.. i know first hand i feel that now.. but i belive life has something great for all of us.. and if ANYONE i mean anyone needs to tlk my e-mail is please add me.. i know i may not make sence and i may not b professional at this shit.. but im a good person to tlk to.. and i love helping people.. so just add me if you need to talk..

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