Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Dec 2005 betina Fall in love deeply
08 Dec 2005 Vampiricgurl It is true that many people feel xtrimly neglected, mocked at, intimidated by bullies. But dying an unnatural death is the worst punishment on humanity. I wonder y this world SUICIDE was invented in the first place! Wen we r young, and confronted suddenly to this harsh world, we are astounded, and hurt. But instead of healin the wounds, and accept the challenge of life, we tend to run away. Its as if ur in the battlefield, and u dunt wanna fight. I understand how u might feel deep within, being rejected by ur own people, or sum arent gettin friens, or u jus get bored with life. Wen ur young, itz bound to happen!! This is where we learn to live. Life is not meant to b only positive, bkoz one thing u must understand is that we r here to have self-education and combat the hardships! We have to become tacticians, and outsmart the hurdles of life. We shouldnt simple resort to death. Some pple lack attention, and feel the need to get love. This world is damn rude!! N itz pitiles! Instead of seekin love, we shud live our own life. Altruism doesnt work much over here. Anywayz, i'll only say that those who feel deceived n betrayed shud stop expectin and shud stop being hopeful. If u create hopes, u will end up in a desert. N there is no such thing as heaven above. The real heaven can be made on Earth itself, and itz by living the life that God has given us. Me too am going through lots of probs, and I do think of suicide, but I quickly convince myself that problems r the devil's way to attack our self-confident and endurance. JUST BE POSITIVE: life will change~~ n u shud help it to change as well~ contribute to it, rather than spoil the chance for a change. Dunt suicide, itz a wrong way to show ur maturity!
08 Dec 2005 jessye id say a shotgun if you have one as it is quick and painless
07 Dec 2005 murf my son did it cut his wrists my head is done in can u tell me what he had going on in his head he was 27 i miss him so much
07 Dec 2005 E Walsh Help is always there. You may feel like the world is falling away and your standing on a cliff but you don't have to jump. Someone out there loves you, you may not have met them yet but every corner brings a new suprise. No matter what anyone says no mateter how you do it suicide causes sever pain to someone. Families have been destroyed by their children hurting themselves. Suicide should be discussed and understood but think hard before you do something that could destroy everyone around you. You could fail trying to kill yourself and end up living the rest of your life trapped inside your body. You may be suck in the same room for years. Find help, the great thing about life is there are others going through what you are. killing yourself may seem like your only option but do think long and hard don't rush, find your options, join an organisation, find something, anything that makes life that one bit easier but don't hurt yourself.
07 Dec 2005 Malik Bey First, I will have to say that there is no best or good way to kill yourself at thirteen or any other age. Technically you should not consider this. It is not an option. YOur physical self is needed to BE. Therefore you can't really BE dead or anything else. What makes you YOU or what you BE doesn't end with death.So instead I offer another more Do able solution that does involve DEATH. At 12 and 13 i experienced a very similar situation only i was already too dead to kill myself. I was so finished and just dead to my world that I ceased to exist. If you need to know what sparked it I really don't know exactly and I can bet its not as bad as what you might be experiencing right now but here goes. At 12 i was arrested and accused of assualting and robbing the same young man whom i had just helped get away from some young bullies. They threatened him on a public bus. His parents notified police after he was mugged by the same young bullies the following school day. The boy came to my school with police. He was visibly nervous and he probably only recognized my face from the bus. I was arrested and sent to an adult jail where i spent 2 days before my mother picked me up. Now although the case was dropped by the boy and i wasn't sent to jail, my world would never be the same. Although i was a good kid, no one really believed that i didn't do this. Since then, the climate of my life has never been the same. Its around this time that i would also endure my mother turning to crack cocain and abandoning my self and my two brothers , one would later die of aids,the other is also emotionally disturbed, leaving me in a sort of hell. We werent rich so things got crazy. My brothers, who both hated me and beat me when ever convienient, were already getting in police trouble so i guess i was my mothers last hope. I would spend the next couple years husltlin around on the streets and avoiding people who knew my family prior to the wreck, before we lost the house and were homeless. Thats when i went numb and with no choice but to either end it or go on living in hell. Ive been shot at, arrested(for crimes i did commit),my neighborhood bulldozed over and all of my child hood friends would later also be defeated by dead or jail. We all felt the same pain. Nobody cared nobody loved us. And though we would later rob and steal and hurt people. Thats not what we wanted. Ive seen some of the most dangerous men in our contry cry pools of pain. Pain that never healed.Many of them were killed because THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE GUTS TO DOIT THEMSELVES. Im 30 now. I never hurt anyone and I have yet to hurt myself. I still think about how much I want to end it because i just get so tired. Then i remember what got me out the last time. And the time before that. It certainly wasnt't just about dying back then. Without any therapy I realized that life goes on. The life i want to end is the life that doesn't belong to me.Its the life that belongs to THEM! These people (mom,dad,stepdad,etc..) who don't even see me! They don't even know im alive!!They dont even see me in pain. Thats when i planned my escape. In three long years i would be 16 going on 17. I didnt runaway from home, although home was a drug den and later couches in other peoples home,I involved my self and enrolled my self in every possible thing i could for free. I stayed away from some people, avoided others, and tried supporting my mother while in and out of rehab (although i knew she didn't think much of me anymore).I hung around new people. I called relatives i never knew I had and i disappeared into the new images of ME that i sometimes created. From then on i worked and saved up enough money to leave my urban chaos and go to school across the country. For the 1st two years of college I didnt have to work much with loans and all. I was afraid a bit at first because i was always so antisocial and anxieity ridden when around un familiar people. But i sware, all of the energy that people put into mistreating, misunderstanding, and abusing me gave me the energy to just GO! Get out. Somewhere out there youll find someone who loves you and cares about you and most important someonewho sees you.KILL your OLD self. Give birth to someone new. Change your name. If possible move or move in with a relative(Dont trust any stranger).LET EVERUONE KNOW THAT YOUR NOT HAPPY.Forget'em if they dont like it than they can come KILL YOU. If they cant do that than they dont exist to you anyway. As humans our species is actually made up of many different others. One being reptillian or snakes. Now, as we all know snakes shed theyre skin. Your no different. I threw myself into dreams. I GAVE MYSELF SOMETHING TO LOOK FOWARD TOO once i was away from them pain. Once i was out i was free. No one expected it. They expected me to be a bum or a drug addict or dealer or just KILL MYSELF. I hated them so much i never gave them that satisfaction. They hurt me so much that i in turn made them wanna kill themselves. Its a little bit harder to get even with the system and the police and they still want me dead. They still want me to KILL MYSELF. But i aint dead yet. I still cry alot. i still feel hurt and disappointed in the people who i thought were suppose to love and protect me.I still feel like that 12 year old boy and its hard being alone out here but I can't DIE. Why because I deserve to be HAPPY and ALIVE. I wont stop until thats achieved. I still hold on to the faith that there is somebody out there whos just like me. Looking for love and friendship. Together we can survive all of the ugliness.
07 Dec 2005 chris get a scarf and spray deodrent on it for 30 sec then tie it round yours nose then go to sleep and you wont wake up
07 Dec 2005 you are so fucking dead .. cant beleive your spamming me u assho fuck u you are sick spamming ppl you fucking retard if anyone should die it should be u!.... these ppl need someone to tlk to not sum fuckwit with no sence at all of how to do art!! omfg does this website evan help ppl?
i think not.... hey go to hell and wen u get their stay their.. leave the ppl with problems alone you jackass... they dont need your influence they need guidence wether to kill themselfs or seek help.... if anyone truely needs help or just someone to tlk to .... add me on msn
06 Dec 2005 Ashley McCoy hi my name is ashley and i am 14 years old and i want to kill my self so bad but i never get the nerve to really do it i have 2 baby sisters and i will tell u right now if the were not born i would be dead by now i cant take living like this anymore i hate the way life is my mom puts me in hell every day i wake up hse doesnt let me go out with out her and she was marride for 10 years to a guy who i thaght was my fater for allmost 11 years he broke every bone in my body from the age of 2 all the way to 11 my mom left him and got married again for 3 years and they just spilt 3 days ago and now she has a boyfriend and hes kool and he is nice to my mom i like him for once my mom picked the right guy. My mom isn`t like other moms she just cares about her pian and her self i dont like to go to my friends house after school be cause all my friends moms hug and kiss them and ask them how there day was and give them a snak all my mom does is tell me i have to get the gradige out and to change my sisters and to clean up the front room and to clean the dishes even thow all the stuff i have said about my mom no mater what i would sie for her if she ever died i would jump and her cofen and be braed with her i love my mom to death but my mom doesn`t even no i egzist unliss she wants me to do somthing for her
06 Dec 2005 lizz Dont eat or drink. it works for me, so far i have lost 10 pounds..
06 Dec 2005 susan Erickson tie a rope around your throat and the other end to the garge door opener then have your little sister hit the opener button( when your parents aren't home OF course)
06 Dec 2005 Akhilesh i want to die
06 Dec 2005 kez der aint a bst way 2 kill urself under 13 ur all jst mentally sick in da ead!!!!
06 Dec 2005 Simeon Berson look guys i almost killed myself like three times already. its totally not cool. email me at
we will talk. no judging you. no preaching . just a friend who wants to help you.
05 Dec 2005 Nameless Take a knife and slit ur throat!

or talk to a doctor...
05 Dec 2005 Chloe Joiner OK... first..i am 15.... im not a adult or anthing..... and i am doing a 2 pge paper on suicide... and why you commit it.... and i was reasearching and i came across this website.... and i was just discusted!.... i mean who ever did this website.... most likely is 13 years old.... and 13 is way to yong to even like thinnk about this or even talk about this.... i mean your whole topic is just lame and so violated! i mean "What is the best way to kill your self if your under 13" i mean if you really have a problme then go and talk to someone or if your just putting up a scam... then your really lame! anyone who suggested someting is plan LOW!! gosh... i mean this really shows me that yo guys are imature!..... again.. im a teen just like you guys and i know about suicide more than your ever know!!!... and i hope you liike change this.....
05 Dec 2005 a smart person this is stupid
05 Dec 2005 shu Why do have to suicide?... besause it's it's such a lonely and hard life? isn't life jus the was it is? I have never thought o suicide until NOW. this very day, dec 5 2005... I don't know, it feels like like I wanna die... But still, i thought it's not worth dying for such a simple reason. loneliness? harshness of life?... the realities of life only teaches you how to be stronger. tougher. If you passed all of it. Congratulations! you made it! you didn't kill your self!... life didn't fucked you up!... think man... don't take it too personally. and stay calm. relax... Let the flame witin you serve as a fuel. Fuel for you to go further... So, what is the best way to kill yourself if you're under 13?... if you're at school, break all the rules, get radical! fuck up with everybody! mess up your life! and you'll find the answer to your question... (putang ina wala akong magawa sa buhay ko...)
04 Dec 2005 joseph calvo la mejr forma de suicidarte a los 13 años es decirle a tu padre que dejas de estudiar y te vas a vivir con tu profesor\a de 45 años.
tu padre te dara el metodo si no lo hace el mismo.

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