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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Dec 2005 SpookyPenguin  
11 Dec 2005 marrhyon Turbé Il faudrait trouver une forme de suicide sans douleur. Je vous proposerait dc l'ether ou l'overdose ms c'est vrai que pr un enfant de moins de 13ans ce n'est pas evident! Sinon mourrir de froid est une bonne solution
11 Dec 2005 Scors-b Only 14 months ago I lay in total agony, in my own vomit, on a hospital bed in england. Not a hope in the world; poor, without friends, without family. I had nothing, only worse. I guess I am still the same in a way. Still, there is no one beside me, and still, I have a dream that many would find uneviable; a dream to be closer to my goal of no more pain. In some ways, I am now closer to that dream than I ever have been before. Now a have a plan. Now, I can finally imagine a place where everything that eats away at me from the inside will be gone.
I'm sitting, staring at the screen of a laptop, like I often have. My eyes wander, and I gaze accross the glass pannaling then encases the room in which I'm sitting. Through the glass, there are fluffy white clouds, slowly beggining to redden, as the sun falls. The mannhattan skyline looks pretty tonight. I begin to wonder, how, in a successful city like this, how there can be so many people who just don't care about the suffering beneath thier noses. So captured are they by the media's portarayal of the undeveloped countries, that they forget about how many people around them are suffering. For somehow, it seems easier if 'suffering' is boxed and wrapped and sent to a far away place, along with a donation to charity. It lightens the concience. For me, I dream of a place where people have the courage to listen and understand to those who are in positions of lonelyliness, therefore developing the two most important emotions in human history: empathy, and love...
Box A, Box B. Next Of Kin: Mr X. Where do you plan to go from here? And in five years? Is there a desire in you to make the world a better place? Or would you rather lick influential arses, to promote your own status. At what point does a questionnaire become intrusive. Tell me your wildest secrets, and we will consider you. Thankyou for your time. P.S. Answer as you like, but we will judge you.
My hand touched cold metal. Was there a future for the schoolmasters dream. Cluck, Click, Seven point check. Don't cut corners, you will regret it. Door locked, curtains drawn. Tomorrow was thanksgiving, a day for comtemplation for millions of people. But I could hear them running up the stairs. How had they found out?! Bang!Bang!Bang! "Mr ...? Open the door!" The voice demanded. Silence. "Open this door at once!"
Now there was no more time for contemplation. I loaded the pistol with its final round, held it to my throat, and let off an almightly bang. Three pounds of skull and flesh tore through the air. The chair turned, and there was a thud as my body collapsed to the floor.
There was a solumn silence. Perhaps now I will be able to make sense of the cruel world. And maybe, I will be able to understand why it is that there is so much suffering. Either way, there will be no more. No more of anything.
A blood splattered form was peeled from the desk. A cell phone number was dialed... "Hello? Mr X? I'm afraid I have some bad news.... It's about your son..."
11 Dec 2005 Suicide Helper ok, there is one thing i want to say to the people that are having a "bad life" or are going through some bad sh*t! and i quote "... who knows what could happen, do what u do just keep on laughin', one thing's true there's alway a brand new day, i'm gonna live today LIKE it's my last Day.." (avril lavign) that means that if u r having a bad time there is always a new day in which, things could change and life will become better, so live these days like they r ur last days (but don't make them the last days by comitting suicide!) 'cause u will always go UP after every time u go down!
11 Dec 2005 Debs the best way to kill your self is by taking an over dose then get a blunt knife n slit your wrists with that because when you use a blunt knife it fucks up your artery and it is not easily sewn back together so you are more likly to succeed in suicide
11 Dec 2005 morgan le fay i personally have tried alot of things so trust me when i put this here
take 30 anti anxiety pills (best kind is called visteral) make sure your not going to be found for a couple of hours at the very least and lie down on a bed and go to sleep (you wont wake up)
or if you just want some fun take a couple hand fuls of benedryl or any other anti-histamine and go to sleep wake up about 6 hours later and have fun... youll begin to see things and not be able to stand up on your own youll fall and think every thing funny(you could do this foir a couple days in a row and evantually die and enjoy the rest of your life while doing it)the only bad side affect is you shake a whole lot and you get very blurry vision and just wondering do you speak french or do you have your computer translate it for you?
10 Dec 2005   Well, considering the fact that you can die from pretty much anything...... probably a buncha drugs and booze to numb some pain, a hacksaw and start sawing off your limbs.
10 Dec 2005 John I am sorry that I am not 13 again, I am in my 40's now and had a very hard life, I have met and dated some really nice girls but they all seem to be after something that I have and not want the commitment in having a relationship.
I am now so depressed and past caring for my life. I just want to find the switch to turn off my life.
I have a long length of fishing line set in the back of my car to put around my neck and then just drive till the line comes to a stop! I have not measured it so I dont know exactly when the end will come, I have found a Nice place to do it (a cliff) in a quiet spot and the car will just dissapear into the sea (no trace)exept the fishing line which is so thin that it will just blend in with the green grass.

I am going to do this on christmas eve as the best ever christmas prescent to me.

More reasons for me to go on with my demise.
My wife left me over year ago and taken my two children to another country where i dont get to see them.
I made a friend on the internet who helped me though my problems to do with this but now she has left me, i now won't trust another woman to come close to me, which i think is a shame that all the females in my life have taken everything i have and given nothing back.
It's not that i am ugly or not well groomed, i have a good heart and always had this taken advantage of.
Anyway I have told you my reasons and how I will buy my ticket for my christmas vacation. Jilted John!
10 Dec 2005 kristal ummm ok if u want it to be painful and lasting take a razor from home depot taht u would use to open boxes and do long cuts all over ur body to get the blood out.....or drowned ur self...its actually kinda scary cuz i tried it once but i didn't drownd myself and the feeling when all the air is out of ur body and ur trying to breathe and ur head starts to hurt its just scary
if u wan it quick and fast n w/e then take a shower and slit ur wrists but not as to where u about to die and then stick a hair dryer thats on into ur bathtub WHILE ur in it
09 Dec 2005 molly hey guyz. its me again. um, i really wanted to ask if ne body becides me seez dead people. i kno it may sound like im lying but im not i swear. ive seen them for along time, and i see different colored lights 2. ive talked to them before, and itz interesting, if ne body else seez them to, would u PLEZ email me, i really want to talk.
09 Dec 2005 molly hey, ive known about this web site for along time and ive posted here before.
uh, well, im anorexic, and i cut and im still here because of my friends. They kno i want to kill my self and they try to help me as much as i can. and i cry almost every night because i dont want to hurt them because i love them so much. ive carved things into my arms. and my friends are melissa, jill, and codie ...and if it werent for them i deffinetly wouldnt be here. I wish i wazent. and the thing is is if i kill myself. i kno for sure there will be at least 7 more sucides in the next month if i do that. i dont kno how i can go on much longer. i cant make it stop..a guy from my school molested me, my dad yells at me alot, i cant talk to my mom, and i have memories in my head of all this crap. i dont want help ..yet then i do. i want my friends to keep loving me, and i dont want them to be mad. im soo sorry if have ever hurt them. my pain just gets worse as time goez on. im tired of it and i want to go. im punk/goth, and alot of people think im stupid for that. i want to leave but no one will let me, i just want them to stop loving me so i can go but then when i think about that i cry because my friends meen so much to me. i want them to love me for ever. but i dont want them to hurt if i go. im so confuzed on life and everything i just want to make it stop, i want to make my life stop. if someone would like to talk i would love it. its

i love u all thank you for showing me im not alone with feeling like this.
moll aka maggie
09 Dec 2005 jackie i can't leave my house. i've become a hermit. i've told every one of my friends that i don't like them, I LOVE MY FRIENDS they're all i have, but something forced me to do this inside of me, then i would stay home and cry every day. i can't go shopping, or to the store, or run a simple errand with my sister or mom. i can only take my dog outside and take the trash out. i can't go to a movie, i can't stand this world. im a misanthropist(someone who has a hatred for mankind) but that's not why i don't leave my house. when i first started feeling like this and still went places. i would have horrible experiences. example: i was at my friends apartment and there were lots of friends there, we were all having fun. then i felt like i was hearing everyone just talking about me, when they clearly weren't because i was standing right there. their lips were moving differently from what i was hearing. then i just freaked out and ran out the door without my shoes or jacket or purse. i ran and ran down the blocks and then opened some random persons house door and locked myself inside. i fell to the floor in the house and started crying. i called my mom and had her come get me. i don't know what's wrong with me. that wasnt' the only time. every time after that i went somewhere, all of a sudden i would just freak out and leave. and now i can't even leave my house. something's wrong with my head. and i have severe depression and anger problems. all i do is sleep, sit on my bed, read the bible and pray day after day.
09 Dec 2005 ur all fucktards when u think about it everyone hates themselves in some way and we all at some stage want 2 just die. but think about it. i bet there are times wen u are actually happy. when something makes u laugh. when its a beautiful day. when ur realli stoned and someone just says something so funny u think ur gunna die but in that point in time u actually dont want to. i know there maybe alot less of these times than bad times but get the fuk ova it. ur 13. u hav so much more 2 experience. have u travveled? hav u found someone u realli click with? have u had sex? hav u finished school? have u got a job and a car? hav u experinced that kind of freedom...2 jst get in ur car and go where ever YOU want 2 go and not hav 2 listen to anyone. no u havent. but u still can. so how do u kno ur life will always b shit. it dsnt have 2 b 4ever. suicide is selfish and hurts others.u say ur life sucks but you havent lived yet.if all else fails get some happy mum takes them.
09 Dec 2005 the babe thallium nitrate, works great in drinks
09 Dec 2005 no all i know is that for the people out there who think you shouldnt kill youself and that your problems arent that bad are wrong. One persons pain is neither greater nor less then anothers pain. pain is pain wheather it comes from being abused or being hurt at the expense of others. Unfortunately for modern medicine docotrs are able to save the lives of people who maybe were never meant to be. Take me for example when i was born i was oxygen deprived i was basically blue and wouldnt have made it. I wasnt meant to be here. If it werent for modern science i wouldnt have had to deal with any of this crap i went through. All i'm trying to say is if your going to do it i understand I might do it here real soon myself I'm just waiting for some answers on a few things which will be coming here real soon. And the thought of it could get better wont be in my mind anymore it's worked in the past but not now.
09 Dec 2005 Emily Don`t.You only have one life with the people you love.I`m only 11 and I`m telling people way older then me to not kill themselves.If you kill yourself when your my age,you will never know what it`s like to get married,to have kids and grand kids.If you are an idiot you`ll kill yourself.If your boyfriend left you or somthing and you commit suicide,Your just being selfish.What about your parents and friends?Don`t you think that they`ll miss you?Just remember: Your a total idiot if you want to,because my uncle did and his family cried for ages.
09 Dec 2005 felica rott Fuck you!
09 Dec 2005 I Give Up. fall in love and then move away so the person you love gets detatched and moves on. this feeling will help you gain the will to do something insane with ease. then cut out your adam's apple with a very sharp knife WITH A HANDLE and you will slowly and painfully choke to death.
08 Dec 2005 nikki hey everybody my name is nikki im 10 and crie myself to sleep sometimes because i miss my friend he killed himself with a rope now every time i see a knife i cut myself to get the pain out!i have so many scars
08 Dec 2005 i_h8_maself! i have a dad who spoils ma big sistaz fucken rotten!!! and i have two lil bro's and sistaz and ma lil bro tried to cut ma arm off with the butcher knife and he said it was me!so i go into the bathroom (stupid me 4 4getting to lock the bloody door) i ran a really deep bath and got in and kept ma head under the water 4 only ten minutes when blood started coming out ma nose i knew i was gunna die which made me happy coz i waz gunna have peace 4ever then ma mum came in and ripped me out balling her bloody eyes out!And to this day i still try as many wways as i can to do it.

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