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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Nov 2005 Marissa some people are really fucking sick!!!!!!!!all you fucks should be in a mental institution somewhere !!!!!! not at home, on the computer,looking at this fucked up ass site!!!! wtf is wrong with you people?!?!? dont you have any respecct for yourself??? dont you have any trust in god?!?!?!
10 Nov 2005 Julie There is no way to kill yourself when you are 13. It is a stupid decision. If you kill your self you are just being selfish and not caring about anyone else. Think about everyone in your life. Someone out there cares about you and wouldn't want to see you dead. Why would you want to end your life when you have so much ahead of you? If you are feeling down call a suicide hotline or talk to someone you know cares about you. Dont kill yourself. There is love in this world for you. You are beautiful just the way you are. Dont kill yourself because of someone elses, either. Some people are ignorant and only care about them selves so they say bad things to you and try to make themselves feel better. DOnt listen to them. I dont care who you are suicide is not the answer. No matter how bad you think you have it someone has it worse and they are pulling through because they know that the life ahead of them is going to be great. If you are having suicidle thoughts tell an adult, doctor, teach or someone you care about. I can garuntee that if you go to ANY adult they will talk you out of suicide and tell you it isnt the answer! THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO LOVES YOU! DONT BE SELFISH AND TAKE YOUR LIFE!
10 Nov 2005 John Smith drink copier fluid.
Not quite as visually shocking as slitting your wrist, but twice as shocking and leads to believe it was a sickness.
10 Nov 2005 Sudheer Dear Friend,

Read your post on suicide. By now you must have realised that there are many ppl who feel as depressed as you and wanting to end it all. It certainly helps to express all your feelings on a site like this.
But don't you think that the real reason of how we feel at a particular moment is because of what we say to ourselves in our minds ?You know, we all keep saying many things to ourselves all day long.If we say depressing , self blaming ,self pitying things to ourselves we will feel depressed and wanting to commit suicide.
If we say positive, upbeat, cheerful , hopeful things to ourselves all the time, we will naturally feel good and on top of the world, ready to conquer anything. You know what i do most of the time, whatever my mood ? I repeat what is called positive self talk to myself. This i took from a book called "What to say when you talk to yourself " by Dr.Shad helmstetter.

If you are interested in the book, do read it. Or if you just want the self talk to repeat it, just email me, i will send you.
Yours with love
10 Nov 2005 The Dude Just a girl come back u havent typed anything in 2 years
10 Nov 2005 The Dude dear mouchette
this suicide thing has turned to crap.all people do hear is make jokes nad have dumb ass fuckers saying u make me sick.U should bring back everbody like just a girl lucy felicia emily will the gay guy and everybody because i miss them and they havent posted in so long.And for all u other people suicide is no fuckin joke so dont fuckin joke about it.
09 Nov 2005 dal101gal Hi. I am a mother of a 12 year old boy. I went in this evening to tell him goodnight, when i caught him with a rope around his neck. He was starting to turn bright red when i screamed at him and he took it off. He says nothings wrong.....honestly i don't beleive that. He has been in counseling many times and things seem better for awhile, but i have NEVER experienced this before. I am hopeing somone one out there could maybe help fill me in on how and what 12 year olds go through. Why did he try this? I am also going to seek him help in other ways, but I need to try to understand. I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY SON!!
09 Nov 2005 Steph why dont u try holding your breath underwater and never come up?.. but im 15, and look like 12, does that count?
09 Nov 2005 carlene I think if you're 13 and you want to kill your self go for it im almost 15 and i can tell you theres nothing in this life that you want to experince all this fucking life is, is shit upon shit FUCK YOUR WIFE GRAB A KNIFE AND TAKE YOUR LIFE
09 Nov 2005 Chris Jones Drug (Marijuwana) Overdose
09 Nov 2005 refound Soul when i was 10 i was 10, i got very depressed and didn't know why, for long time i didn't know i was deprssed. I used to ask my parents morbid questions all of the time, what would they do if i die, and i'd tell them that it was ok for me to die, that sometimes dieing is some times a good thing, which i realise, now, must have scaird the shit out of them. I wanted to die so badley, but how could i do that to them? I tri and tell them stuff, when they where happy so that they wouldn't get so sad. They got me help and counciling and meds, which i didn't want, coz when your depresed your in the wrong mind set. But here is my advice to you, get help, take it even if you dont want it, i am 19 now, doing things i never thought possible and having the time of my life. I am so greatful for my family and friends helping me through. I still get down occationly, but i just have to remember to hang in there and things will be ok in the end. Good luck to all of you people. Good times WILL come, even if you cant see from where.
09 Nov 2005   stuck your head up your ass and dont bother to breathe......
09 Nov 2005 spectrum9 you emo faggots i should kill you myself so you'll stop being a pussy about life. so shut the hell up and be happy. it all goes by so fast. so don't fuck yourself up that fast.
09 Nov 2005 Paula - Katie feeling pretty depressed and just wanna die at the moment what should i do becoz i dont fancy hurtin my family but i dont want to keep living!if u wanna chat or help or anythin feel free to email me
09 Nov 2005 Paula - Katie feeling pretty depressed and just wanna die at the moment what should i do becoz i dont fancy hurtin my family but i dont want to keep living!
09 Nov 2005 Anti-Thesis Stavrax - Yes. Yes you should.

You have nothing left to live for..

As for the method of your death I

recommend poison toad.
08 Nov 2005 rachel the best way to kill urself when ur under 13 is to go into the bathroom and take all the pills in the medican cabnit (sorry for bad spelling im kinda stupid)
08 Nov 2005 LJ I used to cut my wrists cause I was heart broken over a guy and because I'm not comfortable with my physical appearence but let me tell you there is hope and you will realise it soon enough. I wish that I could help you all and be there for you but I guess you could all e mail me at
08 Nov 2005 billy the freak due to suicides recent rise in popularity i have again decided to cash in on other peoples misery. hopefully this makes me a lot less miserable. the idea has been crawling around the vacant lot for awhile now and i figure it is time for it to get up and start running. introducing billy's suicide solutions:
imagine this classic problem.
you've been up all night. pure vodka seeps through your pores as you labor over the penmanship and wording of your farewell letter and no matter what you do it just doesn't look right. well no more. let our professional writing staff do the work for you. for the low price of 49.99* you can have a perfect end to a not so perfect life. heres how it works. give us your name, the names of people you might want mentioned in your note, a few choice phrases, and a brief but detailed rundown of the events that led to your final decisions. then pick a parchment and a font. five business days after the completed order date you will have a beautifully styled suicide note. less the strife. at billy's suicide solutions we want your final days easy as possible, because we care about our customers.

*not including all applicable taxes and surcharges minus shipping and handling
08 Nov 2005 wes this is not help, but more or less advice:i wanted to kill myself because i am in love with my ex. she said she loved me still also, but i messed it up.
i felt worthless untill i relized that maybe life will get better, and she'll come back to me. so i live my life one day at a time in hope. i am happy enough now that i know there is so much to live for. put your problems aside and just think of the good in it.

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