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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Nov 2005 Fuck you..(babygurl) Ok then... last night submitted something in the suicide kit... got ripped into about it... :( hey i thought you guys where actually wanting to know how to kill yourselves?? guess i am wrong..
if my answer last night sounded fucked up and or offensive i apoligise..
so to make you guys understand where im coming from wih my suggestions i will tell you a lil story..
At the ages of 5 and up was molestered... by 9 raped repeately...
i have borderline personality disorder and have tryed to take my life repeatly.. unfortunetly for me ppl have stopped me.. so i end up in hospital alot... i am on pills... now which do make me sorta okish but ill never feel alright memorys of all the rape and bashings from my ex have freaked me out so much... i do want to die... but some people need to live..
i dont know your situations fuck they could be worse thabn mine by a millon.. but i do kno that if it was your daughter/son bestfriend or evan some random person on your street and they ended up killing themselves you would miss them and get all messed up thwey they are gorn.. its part of human nature do you guys seriously think that dying will make everything better? death works in a weird way ive lost 5 of my bestest friends to suicide and my ex bf only last wk he hanged himself loverly... hey i do kno a niffty web site if you want to look at the actual pics of people who killed themselves... i saw it last night in my fucked up cutting state and have thought twice about the dirty deed... :( its your life though if you dont want it.. well i suppose that is your choice ... but try a dif approach.. first counceling..maybe anti depressants.. or both.. there are alot of ppl out there who want to try and help you.. me being one of them.. i couldnt help my friends cos they keep it all bottled inside but if you tell someone close or just someone you kno they might be able to help you.. fucking hate having to use the word help like we are all mental but thier is no other word for it.. kids helpline has a on line counciling service or you could just go call them if your word seems to be darkening and you cant make it better ..
listen if anybody wants to talk about thier prblems im here just add me
12 Nov 2005 Death is not the end, but the beginning hmmm, the best way to kill yaself, slit ya wrists, slitting all major artries, but i suggest be4 u kill yourself write your friends n family a big long letter saying why, n don't do it when your littlew bro or sister r at home coz ya jus dnt scar sum1 else 4 life, jus coz u wanted to take ur'z
12 Nov 2005 wendy planning on ODing in 900mg of aspirin. u think this will enough? thats 48 tablets btw. im shit scared that it wont be enough me if u can at
12 Nov 2005 jordan try doing this. Go to your mom and call her a bitch and the start crying and tell her your sry and then go up to your dad and say that he was dumb fuck and then see if you can out run them when there both chasing you with a chainsaw
12 Nov 2005 Lea well lets see... i just stumbled oppon this website and im pretty much clueless on how to get my emotions out. i have a story similar to the others and i really need help. im in love with the guy my sister slept with and she wont stop acting lie a slut around him. ive tried to kill myself 3 times and i ended up just passing out. i think this website rox and id like to be here more. my stepdad hits me and cussess. my sister lies and is a slut. my little brother gets anything he wants. my older brother is "the perfect christian" my mom is clueless about me and i need help. im 13 rite now and in 8th grade. i cut myself on the sides cause i dont want anyone to notice. if someone is out there please help!
12 Nov 2005 Fuck you pills, drugs, slit wrists, blow your brains out, hang your self... been their done that.... self harming.. well i live and breathe it... suicidal and a fucked up paranoia..... hey welcome to my life... if you do really want to die go for it fuck ill join you! slit wrists AND OD is the best way... could tell you all my fucked life story but fuckit you dont wanna know bout being raped as a child and growing up being raped constantly.... do you?
11 Nov 2005 Clary The best way is a gun in the mouth, pointed up.
Life dose get better.
You change friends. Move away. Grow up.
The best thing a angry teenager can do is "get over it"
My storie.
I'm 28 had a great selfcentering sheltered life. Much like you.
cuz lets face it you do own a computer.
I had a huge family and now I am one of three that is left.
I can list the deaths but who cares.
My mom was the breaking point. that was a year ago. Father, I didn't care when he left I was only 4.
The key to life is uncondistional love. Moms give it the best. my siblings are both married.(the other two) execept my brother is dying of cancer. I am single with no kids, not that I wanted them but the next best thing to uncondistional love, I go to college to become an airline pilot. Not a bad life. But my mom never tought me how to take care of myself. I have noone to hug when Im sad. Now one who calls. (saves on the mintues) No job because of depression. I live on pennys and on the scraps of my so called friends,(they are the frist to run to the hills when I start crying)
Yes I do want to kill myself it will happen when my depression lifts and I can do it.
11 Nov 2005 Ben Wow its been a while..I forgot about this place. It kinda brings back memories reading all of these stories. They all share a common tune of which I can still relate to. I'm sure we all know there are many answers to mouchette's question so I'm not going to post another lame way to end a life. Instead, I'll start off by saying its been quite a few months since I've been here and so much has happened.

I can bore you guys with what I went through but I won't do that. I do want to say that I understand you all. Its easy for someone who isnt alone and in the same hole as you to say that life gets better...that good things will come. I wish it wouldve been that easy for me...and for the rest of us. We don't see the light at the end of that very long tunnel...we don't see the sun rising above the trees of tomorrow...we see rain clouds and shadows, lightning replaces rainbows, tears replace smiles, lies replace truth and so on.. this is what depression is folks. You can't see the "brighter" side of things when youre depressed.

So in that note, I just like to say I hope each and everyone of you out there is ok. Life is filled with ups and downs. Maybe this is just a down point in your life. Give it a chance and maybe you'll reach that hill youv'e been climbing for. You may not be anywhere near to where you want to be..neither am I...but we'll get there eventually. No one can cheat you out of what you deserve from this life. Only you can, and you'll cheat yourself out of something special if you choose to end your life. I don't care if this didn't make any sense to everyone but I hope it made sense to at least one person. We're all in this together. Hope you all stay safe and take care of yourselves. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon sooo feel free to email me if you need help. (no not help with the suicide kit) peace!
11 Nov 2005 allie take fuck loadsa drugs then slit yor wont realise how much you cut because your to fukked..easy =)
11 Nov 2005 Daycounter I want to die. It's as simple as that. Life is shit and I want out. I've never attempted suicide before and I want to know what you think the best way is. I don't really want to put my e-mail up here because of all the freaks out there, but if you have a comment please post it on my livejournal. how_i_die
11 Nov 2005 Renae sit in your room wishing that you where dead and then take a cross and shove in throuh ur neck......
11 Nov 2005 tinus get in the bath tub, filled, and drop an active electrical appliance that is put in a socket (not working on batteries) in the water. You should be electrocuted untill you die, and because instant paralysis occurs there is no turning back.
If you can't swim try it
if you can't fly try it
if you can't drive try it
if you can eat, try not to
if you can drink, try not to
if you can breath, try not to
11 Nov 2005 jill smith there is no best way to kill yourself at all.There no coming back once your dead your dead! it's not the cool thing to do.
11 Nov 2005 Suicide Helper First of all, mouchette why don't u make it a login website! like for people to write, they must create a user name and password!
@) If anyone want's to talk about your problems or anything! Just email me My email is or I AM READY!
11 Nov 2005 Suicide Helper I know that these days there are alot of things that makes you believe that dieing is better thatn living, but it's not! for example, if your are 13 years old, you might think that you are old enough to know that it's better to die, but it's not! at the age of 13 u still dont know anything about life, no matter how much u know! think like this, u r OONLY 13! there is a long life infront of u to thinkl about, you could become a great person in life when u graduate for example! and no matter how much stress u go through, there are other people who go throygh more stress but didn't kill themselves!
Life is a negative thing, so to live in it, u have to be positive! or else ur problems will become bigger!
11 Nov 2005 n I want to kill myself coz I hate my course and everyone on it I am so depressed and wont survive any longer
11 Nov 2005 pheebes run away and get caught by a murder and get raped and jilled, it will ae a big news front page
10 Nov 2005 Monica Jump infront of a train while it's pulling into the station.
10 Nov 2005 Gomez people who think about killing them selves are scared of life i mean common if someone bulliying you at school kick their ass or if your just a psycho who wants to kill himself for no reason go to a physologist. Life isnt something you want to play with, so people who are suicidal are pussys and should think about how much pain and grief they will lay upon their parents, friends, and siblings.
10 Nov 2005 Never you mind i'm 15 now and i've been wanting to die non-stop for the last 5 months now. everybody makes it seem as if they give a shit but if they did they wouldn't be going around hurting me like they are doing now. i don't want to hurt my family but i want to die so badly.

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