Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Sep 2005 x_xTitiannax_x I think a suicide kit is killing yourself and doing a good enough job that nobody finds out or notice you're gone. Well i'm pretty suicide right about now since my life is hell and i wish ppl we just leave us alone. at first i could never kill myself while thinking about the results I would cause on loves ones and my God. But honestly somethings I just think who gives a fuck!?! Later I discovered jumping out of my window while everyone's asleep at nite. But it's not high enough to kill myself on impact so that sucked. Then I tried taking pills which didnt help since my body started getting use to it... so once again another failure. And yet til this very day Moday 19, 2005 at 9:00pm I'm stilling trying to figure out a way to die without ever being noticed, feeling horrible pain, dying slow, or.................::crying:: Im sorry I really wish I would die right now. I even tried witchcraft sorta. Just if anybody out there have a single random ass care of this message before I actually find a way tonight to kill myself quickly please inform me asap and I'll tell you how great your uggestions were. THAT'S A PROMISE even if i have to go to the extremes. anyway you're prolly wondering why a person like me is on here well the same reason the rest have but prolly more simple but complicated. Feel free to let me know a good suicide at me email address: (leave your name and suggestion) Frankly I dont care just tell me what to do. I'll be sure to email you back to let you know it worked okay:-( there's just a coulpe of things i think i should say before dying............................................Chris you know who you are n I'm talking to you: "I tired honestly but erytime shyt happens its a suggestion to --->*******. But if you're not willing to MAKE it work at ALLLLLL cost no matta what then I guess I expected more of myself. I seriously love you with all my heart and I wish you to be happy but that doesnt mean I wont have you at any cost. I dont fucking care wut ppl say or think wut they saw but they're not me nor are they with me at all times so fuck them. Rite now I could care less of anybody except you n me mostly just you. But yeah ery1 here has felt suicidal once in their life. I just never giving up on us no matta wut shyt comes."
And to all the other ppl I know (mostly including my school): "All of yall can fuck off you've done no help to me except cause fucking drama." Anyway I'm bored of talking and half of this message is bullshyt except my true love feelings towards my baby bye..... 4 now!!!
19 Sep 2005 jacob eat/drink poisons
19 Sep 2005 E Well I saw on a website the yesterday that an easy and pain free way of committing suicide was to inject a syringe full of air into the blood. Yes that would kill you and I learnt that at about 13. However the way it kills you is to give you a heart attack. Now is it just me or are heart attacks suppose to be pretty painful?! Idiot!
19 Sep 2005 E Well this isn't really an answer to the question. I'm 19 and I've never tried to kill myself but life has got to the point where I just can't go on any longer. I'm sick of waitin round for things to get better cos they never do! I hate myself so much and think I'm disgusting! I'm evil and I deserve to die I know I do. So if anyone has any really good way that I could kill myself or an idea of how many paracetomol I should take to kill myself without puking them all up I'd like to know. I've tried to keep on living and I've tried to be positive but I just can't do it anymore. Please email me if you can help me find a sure hopefull not too painful way of killing myself. And if you think I'm being stupid and I do deserve to live and should etc etc etc its just because you don't know how evil I am. I deserve to die.
19 Sep 2005 Chloe I want to kill myself NOW! I'm in love and i dumped my boyfriend for a boy, but now i regret it. My mates h8 me because of it, what is the point in living? I'm 11 and i wanna die. I'm gonna try overdose but if that dont workthen ill stab myself, any peaceful sugestions get back to me!
18 Sep 2005 you don't need to know I no friends, not ever. i've never had sex.. never been on a date.. never kissed been kissed.. Never even had so much as an embrace. i am isolated & alone.. in my own solitude, and trapped in my own head. I have no one who cares for me in any little way at all.. No one who evens knows i exist or remembers my name. I am a ghost. There are times when i think it would be heaven itself simply to touch another.. graze another's arm.. be held in someone's arms.. by someone who truly cared. i'd give anything for that, but it will never happen. i am shy and cannot speak to others. How can you communicate the pain? the solitide, the deseperate fucking needs of this stupid heart. it feels like i'm suffocating.. and all ii want to do is SCREAM OUT AT THEM. i want to be heard. i want to be known. i want somone to tell me they love me. i am ignored by all..i am not loved.. in my whole life only one person has told me i am beautiful. heh, i didn't even know it and still can't believe it. i must be some kind of monster to be treated this way, like a leper. i have absolutely nothing in this world.. all i can do is cry and feel murderous rage.. just this unbelievable wanting to kill.. i've cut myself, but there arew no scars.. there should be, but there isn't.. i don't know how, but recently & imposibly scars heal for me. so know one knows. it's likes something out of the xfiles. Anywaty, i have major health problems. my eyes are photosensitive and they suck, i'm a 'bleeder' with diabetic skin that tears like fuckin tissue paper, and some other stuff that i forget the names too. i never speak.. at all. i've forgotten what my voice sound like it beens so long. females never even look at me. never flirt, never anything, its like everyone are walking death, and i suppose i'm no different.. BUT I FEEL, i feels things others dont, i don't know maybe i am bipolar or something, but this emoathy is a fuckin curse. i just don't want to feel, i am tired of the pain that this simpering hearts tortures me with. the girl i love.. the girl i thought was different is dating this piece of trash. he is a hypocrital piece of lying scum. he is corrupting her, i know it. i'm not going to kill myself, i going to kill him, and if she is not the girls i thought she was.. i'll kill her too. i'll kill everyone. as many people as i can before i get takin out..i wanna eat their flesh & blood, and pose them in funny ways.. mabye i will have sex with her corspe. maybe the only good female is a dead one. maybe the only ones that won;t betrayt and hurt you are the ones you've already killed?

You can't trust anyone.. only those who have been here knows what it is like. only they understand the pain, but still, we're all fucking alone and drwoning in our sorrow. why not indulge in some rage and hated too? why not kill those who have hurt us, and ecven those who have yet to , but surely will because it inevitable because they are fuchjing monkey pieces of trash.

i say kill them all. i say u want love why not take it my force? that;s the only thing they understand. torture trhem, don;t let them off easy. pay them back for every moment ofshit they caused. all u need is corage, or just stop giving afuck. who cares if you are all alone? who cares if you die? who cares abouit your feelings and pain? no one, or if any one does.. not very much, they'll put u out of mind and go about their life, so why not FUCKING TAKE THEIRS?>! WHY NOT FUCKING RAPE AND MURDER NND STEAL AND PILLAGE. ONLY FORCE HAS VALUE, ONLY MIGHT RULES AND IS RIGHT. WHY NOT MAKE THEM SUFFER. WHY NOT LIVE ONLY FOR REVENGE? WE SURE AS HELL AREN'T LIVING NOW.IF I'M GOING TO DIE, I AM GOING TO DRAG AS MANY FUCKING HUMANS TO HELL WITH ME.

I don't know about the rest of yuoy, but I goddam, hoope you do the same, and get media attention, amy be them people would start to change or fucking think, but probably not. at least everyone who made your life hell will be dead. at least uo will get some plaesure before you die. today a serial killer is born. i'm not going to be controlled or restrained any longer. i'm going to do what i will.
18 Sep 2005 a person with problems OK this is the most fucked up post of my life but i thought i should do it.

Its only been a little more then a week since my last post, but since then i tried to die twice, of course no one noticed. I guess is makes me luckey. I then asked for help from my parents who i thought didnt give 2 fucks. I WAS WRONG. They imidiatly took me to a docter got me some meds and schedueld me some appointments with a shrienk. But thats not why im posting. I am posting to offer my help. Ok im 14 older then some of you younger then others but i know what it feels like to be teased relentlessly. I also know what its like to have everything going great and still want to die.

ANYONE THINKING OF SUICIDE, email me i will listen, if you dont want me to try and talk you out of it i wont, but just haveing someone who understands can make a world of diffrence. It did for me, and i am also willing to help you talk to your parents. I am willing to give them advice or even email them for you to tell them what your planing so you can get help.

Please read this and please dont do anything youll regret.

email me at

oh ya one last thing all you shitheads who are saying "this site is disgusting" or anything like that SHUT UP this site saved my life. And mouchette if you need help running this site, i can help im good with html and stuff.

Peace apwp
18 Sep 2005 Katie When I was 13 I was cutting my wrists and overdosing on pain killers and vodka. I'm now 18 and still cutting. Honestly if you find the best way to die, please let me know. I'm still interested.
18 Sep 2005 Arunas I am over 13.I want to die as soon as possible fast and painless.
18 Sep 2005 snk u born to kill ur self ....
think about ur family and ur friends...
are they gona be happy ...
sure not...
17 Sep 2005 i was just like you all hello visitors of mouchette..all of you looking for a good way to kill yourself...i was just like you...i hated everything and i hated myself..the first time i posted on here was in february asking for ppl to email me if they have good ways of killing themselves. many ppl emailed me and i got to be best friends with one of them..she really helped me and i helped her.. i even went to met her in august for the first time..she lives like 5 hours away..i WAS JUST LIKE YOU! i even tried to kill myself twice..i had a good method....btw slitting your wrists is the worst method in the world..and FYI LSD will NEVER kill you..if overdosed on it will just make u literally brain dead....oh yeah i tried to kill myself by asphyxiation..i took 23 pills of both sleeping pills for insomnia and pills for blood pressure..then i wanted to put a bag over my head and tie it with a belt but i passed out too quick before putting on the bag and belt...i spent a week in the hospital and got my stomach im okay..i dunno how i got better...but im telling you..stop blaming the isnt what happends to you..its how you take please think about it before you do it...i know what im talking about..
17 Sep 2005 dont type go kill yourself you lilly livered cock sucking pussy Shoot yourself in the head with varmit shot so you know that its 100% sure that you will die because the varmit shot will make your head explode into a ton of pices making sure that you die... That is what i want to do but nooo my fucking parents wont let me get a gun so that is out of the question even though it is the best way to kill yourself. I think i am a uninformed geek who has no social life and is abused verbally and physically by my parents and people at my school. now as i write this i think what the fuck am i doing and i have no idea why so i guess ill just continue but i definetly dont want to have read any of this crap that im typing. by the way here are some tips if you dont want anyone to find out that your commiting suicide. if you dont like these ideas it means your some punk ass wuss who is just crying out secretly for someone to help them. like most people who have posted on this site i mean seriously if your gonna commit suicide dont bother typing just fucking off yourself and if you arnt you should just call 911 and say help me help me im gonna commit suicide. ok so this is what you do. continue all your normal activities like usual indicating no change in what has been going on. then if you care about people and your going to leave a suicide note do not i reapat do not let someone find it before you die which is the last thing you would want because someone would come and stop you. notice i am not commenting about my own sorry little life like all these other pussys are who just want help or to help someone and arent really gonna kill themselves. no im just making a last statement before i kill myself my own special way with no regret in the world that im gone and im never gonna come back and say how depressed i am i need help talk about my life or anything gay like that because thats what most of these losers who post on here do. so im just saying goodbye to a bunch of other geeks and losers and hoping that some ohter people will acutally get the guts to kill themselves instead of going on and on about how sad they are.
17 Sep 2005 Bobby Can someone post tips on how to write a suicide note?
17 Sep 2005 FUCK A NAME & EMAIL Dam yo somone actually suggest some ideas so I can kill myself. Preferably make them quick and painless.
17 Sep 2005 Gods Hand In Asia, suicides are commonly carried out by the burning of charcoal and subsequent generation of carbon monoxide within a small, sealed room. A small bathroom, a hot water bath, some scotch and an old hibachi should suffice.
17 Sep 2005 thabdoolb kill all the motherfuckers that who hate. then make a bloodbath out their organs and insides. quickly drown ur friends and then urself in ther bath of blood.
17 Sep 2005 GOT THRU IT I have had serious depression for nine years,since before I was thirteen, and i want to take this opportunity to let anyone vunerable who has stumbled onto this frankly dangerous site know that with proper help i was able to turn my life around within a year, i know the help isn't always obvious or even there at the moment but anyone can get through anything if they hang on in there, yes its hard, but yes, it is worth it, you have to give yourself the chance to live a happy life, it is certainly never going to get better if your not here for that to happen. If there is no one there for you now, that doesn't mean there never will be, and there are people out here in the big wide world that would love to be with you now to help you through.I believe in peoples ability to overcome there problems, think of a place in this world, a situation that you would like to be in and get there, no matter how long it takes.If your alive you have a chance.please think twice before you give yours upx
17 Sep 2005 mom The best way to kill yourself is to wait until you grow up so you can realize what a stupid idea it was in the first place. You can look at your beautiful children and hope they never feel the way you felt as a child and how horrible it would have been for you parents to lose you as it would be for you to lose your children.
17 Sep 2005 bloody mary swallow toy soldiers

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