Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Dec 2005 Jo I havent tried to. But i want to.
I just dont feel like i fit in. I'm completing different and i like it, but i have lots so many friends. I got bad ones, and they started me smoking.
I almost punched my mother through rage.
I just wanna die. and stop my heartache. But i dont wanna leave my only true friend. That i can tell everything. What am i meant to do?
14 Dec 2005 ashamed of u sicko do u know wot m8 u r fckin sick in da head!dis website is encouragin people nd children 2 kill themselves.iv recently lost a close friend to suicide and she read dis website before she died!u shud b fckin ashamed of yourself!i read it 2 c wot was on it cuz i thort it was a website 2 help people who r feelin suicidal nd 2 talk them out of it bt it tells them wayz 2 do it.its 2 l8 now i cant get her bck bt u shud know da pain you hav caused me nd her family nd b so ashamed!
14 Dec 2005 natz i feel as if i need to comit suicide i hate my life try hanging yourself thanks 4 reading
14 Dec 2005 gemz slit ur wrists take an over dose i wanna kill myself coz i get picked on at school and i get blamed 4 fuckin every thin i hate my life 1 morning am gonna wake up and only be dreaming im alive
14 Dec 2005 Some One Who No's OK!!!I have had enough. I have had enough of all the bull that is running around. Three years ago, my friend, William took his own life. In september of this year, my good good friend took her life, a week later, another one. Then about 3 weeks ago, my best friend tried it.She had been talkin aboutthis to me over the net.Naturally, i did not think that she would try it. for the basic reason of that myth, "if they talk about it they wont do it". All i could do was sit there and tell her that life isnt really that bad.She ended up cutting herself so bad.She ended up in hospital, while i recieved a call fromher mum. at 1.00 am, saying that she was following the ambulance to the hospital.My best firend was then admitted to a phsyche ward for the weekend.NOT A GOOD THING!
Now, dont get me wrong, i have attempted suicide, i know the pain ppl go thru, and what drives them,but in reality, i am just another coward, who cant bring myself to do it. I have been out of home since the age of 14. I turn 17 in 6 days.I have numerous scars on my legs, some deep,others not. My present boyfriend is the one who has made me realise that all is not bad.I am lucky to have found him.I know that others arent.But as i told my friend, and this is going to be the last piece i write, and i want you all to take notice, please
Guys, when things seem bad, stop and think, "there are alot of ppl put there like me, but what about the people who are worse off. They are toughing it out. Why Cant I???" C'mon guys. Think about it.
14 Dec 2005 benji listen carefully i wanted to kill myself many times because my father molested my bum. it is not worth it. no matter what happened. if you need someone who has already been thru some shit in life please email me at
i will talk with you and try to help you out in any way i can. if you dont have a place to stay i maybe can help you get a place to stay. whatever. just email me and i WILL HELP YOU.
14 Dec 2005 Kelly I hope anyone who comes onto this site will listen and listen hard. Suicide is not the way out. If that's hard for you to swallow, swallow this..Think about the people you will leave behind. I know it's hard at this time to think of anyone except yourself, but envision your children, your spouse, your friends all attending your funeral wondering why you did this. My father commited suicide just about a month ago. He was 58 and never had any depression untill the past year. He stepped out in front of a car and spent two weeks in the ICU. He died of complete brain failure. My heart is broken. I miss him, but not only that I watch my nephew, my mother, and my siblings mourn him on a daily basis. My father will not be there to walk me down the eisle in May for my wedding. He has left this family with so many responsibilites that it is unbarable. Please listen to me..get help..and if that's not enough go to someone you love. You will not just be hurting yourself if you go through this but the others you leave behind.
13 Dec 2005 jay-kay not waking up
13 Dec 2005 Linda Anyone under the age of 13 that is considering suicide should talk to a school teacher. If it during a vacation, they should talk to a fireman. Pick up a phone and dial 911. Tell them theres a fire. Yeah. Get help with sirens blowing.
13 Dec 2005 O.J. Fucksun Take your dads exsersise aqwetment & "axidentuly" drop it on your head.
13 Dec 2005 jonathon Hey, im jonathon and i am 13, im just going to go out with a bang, im going to walk up to my mom, with a 38 in my hands, and just rap my lips around the barrel and pull the trigger. im going to do this on cristmass morning, fuck the peacefull shit, if shes going to drive me to death, shes going to have to clean up my body.
13 Dec 2005 speedy Hi I am 21 years old and I feel like there is nothing left to give. I am in college but not doint to well since this is my 4th year and I still have 2 semesters left but they are progressivly getting worse. My grades are slowly going down hill and life if really starting to crap on me. I broke up with my girlfriend for another girl who I love very much but I still think about my ex. I feel bad because this summer I got an apartment with her even after we broke up. This was a pretty big mistake. Things didnt work out we she hated me to no end because the girl that I fell in love with was one of her friends. The other day I had to ask my ex for a CD that I needed to fix one of my computers and I had felt bad talking to her because I know that she hates me for everything that I have done to her. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and she needed a friend to talk to and she doesnt really open up to many people and the only people that were there to talk to that she ever did talk to were me and the girl I am seeing and her best friend. I felt bad talking to my ex because during the summer she needed some one to talk to because she was far from home and her mother might have died and still might. So I began to talk to my ex feeling so horrible because I was not a friend when she needed one. So I wanted to appologze to her for everything I had done. I had all the thoughts in my head of what I wanted to say to my ex but when it came time to tell her I couldnt tell her. I called her and all I got out was I am sorry but there was so much that I wanted to say. I tried to write it down and I still could not get what I wanted out on paper on in an email. I had an email started that I left open at my present girl friedns house that saw my letter to my ex telling her that I was sorry for what I had done to her and that I miss her as a friend because we use to talk about everything. I have/had friends as school but now I dont because they were her friends too so we grew apart through the summer so when things get hard I dont have anyone to talk to becuase if I am having problem with my current girlfrind I have no to talk to ask seek advise from. I sometimes talk to my brother but he lives in boston and I live in buffalo. my mom lives in TX and I dont really talk to her like that. I have never had a real good relationship with my father just because i think its becuase of a father son thing you know. So right now my current girl friend is mad at me for writing to my ex because I thin that she thinks that I want her back but I realy dont I jsut wanted to tell her that I was sorry for everything that happened. school is not goign well either because I had to find a new place to stay in the middle of the semester and I had to miss a number of classes in order to meet with people and find a place because we were all moving out of my old house and everyone left as soon as we talked about it. so I was left in my old house for almost a month looking for a place to stay. so i knew I had to be out of my house before the end of the month other wise I would have to pay 600@ in rent plus all the bills witch I ould not afford thats why there was 3 of us living at that house so we could all afford it but I Was left there till I found a new place. I told a ew of my profesors that I was looking for a new place so I would have to miss a few classes and they siad ok but then a bout 2 weeks ago one of my professors walked up to me and said that I am going to ail class because I have to many absecnes. now that I have failed that class I will lose my financial aid and I do not know how I am going to finish shcool wiht out any finacila aid. my bills are starting to pile up and its going to get worse becuase I dotn ahve a job anymore because I was working a work study job during the semster and I dont have it again this comming semster. finding a job is going to be hard because my car is starting to die and I live in a large city and the mas transportation system is fairly unrealiable. so find a job just to pay rent and bills is going to be hard if my car dies on me. and second trying to find a job now its almost christmas who is hiringi permanent jobs in buffalo right now. so right now all I think about is dieing because the pain is so great this is how i foudn this site because I was serching for was to kill myself im thinking of either driving my car as fsat as it can go into something since its wants to die itself or just cuttign my wrists and watching the blood run out I just cut the side o my wrist to see if it woud her it burns a little but not to much I don tthink I really want to die i just really need some help this is why I am writing I will admit it I dont want to die I love my girlfriend to much but she just seems to hate me so much I am going to visit my mom on the 19th till the 29th and it will be the irst hristmas i have spent with her in over 10 years since my parent have been divorce. I feel like when I go see my mom it will be lik esaying goodbye because I really don think I can take all this pressure any more I feel so alone because I am basically I have no one to talk to and no one to hang out with I have myself I have sat in my house for the last to day because this is finals week and I dotn even go to school I had one final yesterday and i have one today at 540 which I think that I will fail any way so I dont see a point in going. I just want some help is all I am askign for I want to know that this pain will stop and that the girl who has my heart will lvoe me again as much as I love her because with out her I feel like I really have nothing left no job no real friends here any way i have one realy good frind but he goes to another school. is there antoher way????
13 Dec 2005 Samuel la noyade
13 Dec 2005 patricia l'eau chaude...
13 Dec 2005 Error! First off, anyone who thinks the world sucks or anyone in dosent, some ppl just werent ment to handle it. but if u really want the best way to kill urself, go downtown and leap off a towering building. if u at all hesitate, u really dont want to do it so just back out then, but if ur sure about it, let ur mind go of everything and leap off head first, instant death, and ull have the greatest rush b4 u die an instant death. OD'ing on booze or pills, or hanging ur self is just stupid and painful.
13 Dec 2005 will yeah im not 13 but my real mom left me for crack and my step mom who supposedly said she loved me moved to flordia and my dad treats my sister with the best of manners and kindness but he tells me when i dont want to talk to him because he woulndnt unstand me because i have tried to talk to him countless times and he says hes tired of being my parent i get caught smoking grass and i get punched in the face my sister gets brought home from the POLICE and gets a hug! WTF but yesterday i pressured into doing one line of coke. MY first time and my sister just freaked when i thought she would understand me and try to help me.I was very wrong she just said i was a fucking retard and she smoked my weed with me than later that night she and her freinds said they didnt want me to hit there weed when i let them hit mine. she keeps on trying to black mail me .so im pretty sure i want to drop the hammer and tell my dad befor she does but i would rather just end myself insted of having to keep on keeping on because i feel im underwater and no one wants to save me they all just keep staring at me wacthing me die seeing me gasp for air i cant get there something pulling me down i fell like just giving up and letting my whole body submegre underwater till i cant breath till i cant see till i cant speak.
12 Dec 2005 no-expression it hurts. like its actually a physical pain. ive never understood how something that has no scar can hurt. but it does. so much. plus there's this constant throbbing. i cant make i stop, its always there. i cant figure that out either. there's also the vaccuum. im standing in a crowd but im he only one there. like theres a shield. or a wall, only a clear one. because i can see through it. i can see everyone else. i call them, wait, no, i scream their names. they should hear me right? i mean, they really should. or wait. maybe im not shouting loud enough? ok i shout louder, but still. nothing. and the weight. that i carry around. this unseen burden that seems to grow with every breath i take. sometimes i try not to breathe. maybe if i dont breathe, then it wont get any heavier than it is now. but i cant stop breathing. my body is my enemy in this game. i say stop breaathing, but it continues. and now i dont know. i want to have it ripped out, please, even if it hurts, i want it to be done. then the sun will shine, right? and the birds will sing for me. because right now they are only singing for everyone else but me.
12 Dec 2005 victoria just call me vicc<333 hi, my name is victoria, just call me vicc. i live in essex canada. and i am suicidal. not because i have a bad life. actually i have a good life. my problem is i hayte niggers. i know this is wrong but i cant stand them. and it drives me nuts. i pretend to like them. but inside i hate them. i cant take it anymore. january 23th i am going to kill myself. you can email me at
or at
12 Dec 2005 spazzy Slit your throat! you may need a little help with this but make sure to lean your head back so the wind pipe is most vulnerable, if this fails just jump off a cliff.
12 Dec 2005 SpookyPenguin Meriella, Hello there. yOU KNOWS
i once tryed to hang myself, many times,
I took many belts and pput them in a chain tyed the last one stood on a red box and put my head in and kicked the box away...
I have alot trouble kicking the boxes. hehe....
If your from scotland you can propoble gets drugs and beer fast, you silly rabit! :)

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