Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Dec 2005 candy i once tried 2 kill myself not because i was feelin depressed(i think)? but i wanted everyone 2 miss me is that strange? im 22 now and when i tried 2 kill myself i was 17 i think how stupid it was!! if anyone feels so depressed and lonely that they think they wanna kill themselfs then plz contact me cos talkin 2 a stranger might put things into perspective love 2 u all from candy , london ,engalnd
19 Dec 2005 suicide stoper look i wanted to comitte suicide since i was about 13 im now 19 but after my m8 done it when i was 17 i thought hang on now he game up his life and his heart for sum lil punk bullying him look all u guys and girls out there god created the world for a reason an the reason is to be happy on it so just be happy and try to forget about all the things u wanna do. hope i can help if u need help email me on ok xxxx
19 Dec 2005 Piixxiiee Ive been abused For 6 years im only 14 witch helps I just want to say that i want to die to and i no howq it feels to be left out and feel like a ousider..I slit my wrists and i take pills a day pain makes me forget about the world i hope y'all get to no that your hurting people whislt hurting yourself If ya wanna talk to me ustemail me at
19 Dec 2005 Christty Hazely well i sit in my dark room. the tv turned low because i hate it when its quiet. i can sence all these presences about the room. my guess is they are evil spirits or demons or whatever you wanna call it. i think they come only to tourment me. well i am severly delusional is what my thearapist says. and my mom tells me i am stupid. my dad beats me and then tells me its all my fault. i brought this on myself. i get in trouble at school because i feel safer there than at home and i dont pay attention because i just need to relax. on the inside i feel that my sadness will cause me to explode. like i will faint. like its somothering me. who can i tell? will they listen? no i have already tried. i dont want to die. i dont want to kill myself. why do i have to go on like this. other kids have happy homes and lives. why cant i have that? i just dont see any other way out but to commit suicide. thats not what i want. is all of this really my fault? i am just pushed to the side and my dog gets treated better than i do. i didnt ask for any of this. and i dont want it. i just want to be happy.
18 Dec 2005 Das Diablo at dis present tyme im drinkin poison but i got 5 kool ways to kill urself in style:
call a gang member a pussy and start a fight
cut a gas pipe and light it so the whole fuckin house blows up
steal a car get chased by da cops and ram that mudafuka car of a cliff (byebye cenouir)
go on a date with someone and put poison in ur drink
get a chainsaw or anything similar and cut ur head off

any other ideas contact me on
18 Dec 2005 Emmy Well im 13 and tried to hang myself but my friends ran in and pulled me down just in time.
18 Dec 2005 Mint i tried killin meself bout 4tymes alredy but avent succeeded n now i'm goin out wit dis girl who is also finkin of killin her self. she tried killin erself bout 9tymes one on da tym was last nite she almost tried all da fink u can fink of slit er wrist, slit er throat, hang er self, jump of a bulding, drowned, tried 2 jump in front of a speedin car, starvin erself, takin overdose, n drinkin poison. if u need more hints holla me at ill be gland 2 help if i'm still alive thou
18 Dec 2005 toughasatree I am 15 years old and three months ago i tried to kill myslef. I took about 100 pills form my moms medicine cabinetand got rushed to the hospital later that night. I've been cutting for years and i just hate myself too much to go on. They think by putting me in hospitals and what not they're stopping my, but suicide will always be inside me. You could hang yourself, just make sure you put a rug down so the chair doesn't make a sound, or you could od, but thats not very reliable. First chance i get i'll be jumping in front of a car, maybee slitting my wirsts, i don't understand why poeple talk and tlak about killing themselves but never do. After your dead you'll effect poeple, for maybe a month or two, but they'll get over it. They always do.
18 Dec 2005 caroline i don't know the answer

i just want to die
my mom makes me cry and i rather die than suffer
18 Dec 2005 Antonia Hola soy Antonia, te voy a decir la mejor manera. La mejor manera es una inyección letal. Sin dolor, ni sangre, ni gritos....
18 Dec 2005 The Dude Damn u ppl get off of mouchette's case so what if he made a web site bout suicide it's helped me i use to live for this site(yes i know pretty pathetic) and it was originally intended for a joke. mouchette isnt doing anything wrong so get off his fuckin case and btw mouchette how old r u?
18 Dec 2005 i'm gonna kill you when i'm satan All you whiney little brats need to either:1- tell the police what your parents are doing to you, or 2:- get a fucking job and see how shitty life really is.
18 Dec 2005 Rizz check out

I hope to be dead by the end of this fucking year i've had enough.
17 Dec 2005 vicc<333 hi my name is victoria. but my friends call me vicc. i live in Greenfield park in Quebec. thats in Canada. well i am a lezbian. and i want to have sex with guys before i kill myself. so if any guys are interested just email me at
i dont care how old you are.
i am going to kill myself becuase all my friends hate me and my family is mean to me. my dad takes my clothes away and makes me sleep outside in the shed when its real cold. they all hate me cuz i am a lezbian. my mom says i am going to hell. i dont care. i just want to die. but first i want to see whats so hot about being with a guy.
17 Dec 2005 jeniffer im not 13 im 15 turning 16 .. muh life iz hell has been hell since i can remember. ive tried suicide already like 2 times both by odin on pills. i cut ive been cutting since i wuz 13 .. see in 8th grade well from 5-8 grade i wuz bein abused by muh babysitters husband and in skool i wuz jus a loner .. no one would talk to me not even the geekz .. then i got to high skool i thought it wuz goin to get better but it didnt in 10th grade i started having problems with some girl and now in 11th grade once again i have no friends and the "friends" i dont really think they are friends .. they alwayz put me down and alwayz just make me feel worse than i do .. see im not that pretty and the friends i have are gorgeous .. well now muh best friend the only person i could trust has a girlfriend and now we are enemies because we dont agree on things that hez doing.. in 10th grade i fell in love with a guy named victor and he broke my heart ever since then itz been hard to actually keep a guy .. today i jus got dumped by muh boyfriend again and muh first boy ilost muh virginity sayz that the only reason he wuz with me wuz because he knew i liked him and that he jus wanted me for pussy ...well now in skool everyone iz callin me a hoe and itz jus another hell that i walk into every single day ... at hom me and my mother are alwayz fighting because my grades have been dropping and im just not happy with my life .. i want to die .. i mean wutz the point of living if ur jus goin to be alone ... and no one iz going to care anywayz .. soo can someone tell me how to kill muhself like tha fastest way possible email me at thanx !!!
17 Dec 2005 Mark Listen, all you depressed and sorry people. When I was 15, my mum hated me - she made my life hell. I had no brothers and sisters and i put my dogs lead around my neck and was about to jump when someone came up the stairs - so i stopped.

I had no-one to get to, but I stuck it out. I grew up and left home - now my mum loves me and is really nice to me. Realise this - whatever your position - life can get better and you can help it. Don't take the easy way out because if you do, all those who know you will live for many years thinking it was their fault and grieving for you.

Talk to someone first.
17 Dec 2005 john Kelly, Millie and others out there.
I do think of my family,relatives and friends, I am beyond caring for myself.
I am a farther of two children and they were taken from me by my wife who had visions of starting a new life with another man, my children are below 8 years old and have no idea who i am now.
My wife has left me in so much debt that i cannot keep the roof over my head and now i have resorted to rooting in bins for food! you my think what am i doing on the internet with all these problems? i set up a contract with a internet company to able me to keep in touch with my children but my wife has stopped them from getting my emails and i cannot afford to phone them being in another county.

sometimes it is the only way to go! and that is my way ahead, i cannot go on and nobody can bail me out of this.

dont tell me that there's someone who can help because there is'nt.
their's no god and no more fish in the sea and nothing new around the corner for me, sorry there is just one thing new for me!
17 Dec 2005 *Ellen* For a lot of the kids writing their soul pain in blood on this site, I've sent this mail out to a couple of you .... but it's aimed at ALL of you, cause I love you truely ....

Hey Kid,
I was reading your words on and just had to write too ya.
Please don't hurt yourself, the world is hurting you enough right ?
I'm just another stranger in your life, I know ... I'm just a passing ship in the night..
But I'm one who cares, I love you, I love the wounded and the scarred, because I'm wounded & scarred myself.
There was a time when I was hurting like you do ... but I kept on living.
And I'm so glad I did ... there's so much beauty & love surrounding you, I know you don't feel it now, but it IS here.
What is perhaps even more important is the fact that when you die, it's just your body that dies ... you, the real you with the same hurting and pain, will still be around..... in a diffrent place in time yes .... but it will still be you.
It might be hard to accept from a stranger like I am ...but there is a way out without ending this precious life you've got.
You should meditate and read about Buddhism, it will learn you a lot about pain, and why you don't have to suffer at all.
If you feel like writing me, then please do ... I'll be here waiting.
Love & Light,
17 Dec 2005 megan the best way could be trying to kill yourself then your parents find out and want to kill you for even thinking about it.
17 Dec 2005 Dana I'm a fifteen year old, and a freshman in highschool. My family is wealthy and i have many very good friends. I do well in school and play many sports and am a very talented pianist. There has still always been something wrong. There isn't a name for it and I feel like a selfish bratt for hating life like i do, because there are many people who have had much worse lives and still continued to live, and to love life, and fought for something better. But after thinking about this for my entire life (i became suicidal in 1st grade) I have realized that the only thing wrong with me is me. I am bisexual and scared that everyone will hate me if i tell them so i've had to deal with it all myself and i've only told my best friend and my brother. I still barely feel like i can talk about it though. My parents don't understand me, and my sexuality frustrates me and that i can't tell them, so i can't explain. I don't know how long i can handle any of this any more. I've long ago lost my will to live and i'm just barely hanging on now. Even when times are good, and my friends are great theres still the screaming in the back of my mind telling me that it will all slip away again. I don't think that i can do this anymore and i hate life. The only thing that has ever kept me from killing myself is that i want to be famous, but everyday i wake up and that dream becomes less and less of a possibility, which was a slim one to begin with. I don't feel like there is anything left to live for and i'm begging for someone who's dealt with this to tell me that there is.

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