Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Dec 2005 bubba WAIT...dont kill ureslf.. or First: read this. You are going to waste your human life, you fool, and i am not against it. But first, since u r going to die and since u will have no reason to feel embarrased or self-concious of ureself, do sthg real cool. Like, go running into the white house shouting 'i hate jews'(or if u r a jew - 'mikel jakson is a bastrd')... Or go to a public place (best plaxce's a holy place) and dance naked on a table... Or go up to random ppl and slap them for alll u re worth...or, hmmmm, why dont u (if u r a girl)mix a periodic juice for your behated (mmmm.. bloody!)... Now those would be cool. Or else, if u r less daring then just try to live ure ultimate fantasy... go to a stand up comedian and(when on stage of corse)start doing IT actions...(that wud get the audience going), or go to a tennis match, grab the players racket and start playing (must be during stressful situations)or do sthg to ure secret crush... make the last moments of ure life a chance to do sthg u otherwise would never hav done...becus you will have nthg to regret..u r leaving this world!!!!
Note: God doesnt exist - do wut u please...
20 Dec 2005 Silent_Observer I'd say the best way to kill yourself when you are under the age of 13 is to tell your mom you're going out to play then climb up the tree tie one end of the skipping rope to the tree and the other end atound your neck then swan dive, aiming for the pavement...enjoy!! oh and make a picture of you dying and place it so it cannot be unseen by the descoverer of your corpse and just before you jump shout "bye bye mummy!!!!!!" so she'l come out wondering what the fuck you are on about...woooohooo
20 Dec 2005 lokie do u know panadol. take 25 panadol! it will work friend was hit by a car....thats y i just took 25 panadol ill die in 15 miniutes im alreaddy dizzy
20 Dec 2005 ma$e suicide is not the answer... how do you know the pain will stop after you die?! did a suicider email you after death and told you he was doing great and the pain is finally over?!!
to everyone reachin for help...anyone can talk to me..
im not a damn brat .. and da hell i will understand what you're goin through..VERY FEW understand...but i will seriously try..... dont hurt yourself before you give someone thats offering help a chance.......
20 Dec 2005 Christel I am actually the age of 17; I have been depressed since i was 15. I often find myself repressing memories of the past. My grandpas have done things to me when i was younger which makes me angry inside. Knowing that it was right, but as of now I look at it as something I couldn’t of stop. It had ruined my life and the way I look at everything. Only this year i have tried to do something about it, there are so many moments where i feel lonely. Since living at the dorms there is no one there to stop me from cutting my arms with a razor blade to get the pain out. I’m transferring to LA next semester for school, I’m not sure if getting away from all these things will do me good.
19 Dec 2005 steve the biggest drug addict you will ever meet in your life. ask your parents for a chemestry set, purchase one yourself, or steal one, and mix atleast 1.5 grams of the included potassium cyanide with only water no juices then proceed to die. goodday.
19 Dec 2005 Ash Trip over your train set and strategically impale yourself with the corner of a table.
It's tragic, really.
19 Dec 2005 .laurin well i dont really no much about the most effective or ineffective way of qactually doint it. but i do kno the way i feel and the reasons i would like to end my life. some people that would meet me and say ooh she just the goodie two shoes girl with the laugh that ist heard throughout the halls, but what they dont know is behind that smiling face n the blond hair and blue eyes. its a girl that live day to day w an emptyness that she trys to cover up. she has hatred and pain buring in a furry inside her and doesnt know what to do or how to deal with it. most people think she has the perfect life and she has nothing to worry about that i am just making a mt. out of a mole hill but wht do they kno. i have no one to talk to about it. my life story:my mother was 18 when she had me i was 2&a half mths early i almost died but for some reason i was kept alive (now i wish i wsant) my mother went on to go to skool and my father 25 at the time just started his own business so if u couldnt tell i was at the bottom of the list. i spent most of my younger years with my great grandmother whom i love deeply and wish she was still with me today. even as a young girl i had problems my mother would never b home so i would sleep my the door to our apartment waithing for her and when her and my father were home i spent all the time i could w them cuz i always thought they were going to leave they also fought alot and i lways blamed myself and wished i could just go away and there life would be fine. well the day came and they were no longer together and my mother and i moved with my grandparents which i enjoyed but it was hard and i blamed myself for my parents not working out and always wished i could do somethin to get them back 2gether but my mom went on to get remarried and thats what everythin changed.we moved an hour away from the rest of my family and friends i was in 4th grade and i was very dipresed and i guess u cold say ate my feelings so not only was i new but i was fat and was shy and bullied by another girl at skool at called names and it was the same at home w my mom she alwasy caled me fat and wished i was skinny like i used to b which didnt help anythin. then to top it off even if i made friends i was never around to spend time w them b/c i was always w my dad every weekend. then it got a little better my dad was never there for any of my activities and when i was w him he was always working on cars usually n i was stuck w all these older people(not much time to b a kid)nd i cleaned and cook since i was 7 for him. when id get home my mother would bash me about my dad n blah blah...well the years went on and my mother made me join curves a weight loss pace for women where i did lose alot of weight which made me feel better but was never enough for her or me and i just couldnt lose enough but it did get better and i went on to highschool were things got better but not w/o my mom puttin me down say dont b suprised if no guys are intrested in u blah blah i mean im not sayin in hot r anything but i was 115 5'4" blue eyes and real blond hair so i wouldnt say i was ugly but she sure made me feel that way.then i did meet a guy n fell inlove i kno ur prob thinkin u dont kno what love is but at the time i didnt, now i live was good really goood i had some one that cared for me the way i was n like me for me well i went on to skrew tht up b/c i was getin the attention i always wanted. and from there on it been down hill and now at the age of 16 its an all time low i just dont kno what do do w myself my father and i have since lost contact and my mom n stepdad care not about anthin but my 4 yr. old sis and my mom blames me fo all the bad n her life n think calls me trash n wish she would have aborted me when she had the chance n im not good enough to b in her family there friends dont even kno who i am unless theve been friends along time and ive had ppl ask if i was the nanny, i mean im not the best daughter in the world but im far from the worse yes i fight w my mom what teen doesnt n yes i go out w my friends and ive made mistakes who hasnt but ive learned from it u kno ...but kno my mother doesnt think that she calls me names yells at me punches me but she makes sure it not hard enough to make marks or if it does its ova the weekend but its mostly verbal i almost wish i was physical b/c atleast people but believe me b/c my mother used to b different and nice around others and everyone loved my mom said shes "so nice n young and cool" yeah really dot kno her behinde closed doors.and i go to skool day after day wearin this mask tht everythings ok laughin that laugh that everybody loves (so they say). and now i just cant take it anymore the pain is to great to deal w it just needs to end my life everythin and at the moment i dont c a better way and i know many are thinkin she doesnt have it bad but if u only knew.. i would love to do anythin i could for anyone except my mom that is to make their life easier.well thanx u for taking the time to read..sorry for wasting your time..xoxo
19 Dec 2005 Chrismas Jones Once apon time there was a little boy/girl named Mouchette. Well one day Mouchette desided that he was way more important then everyone because his name was mouchette, and seriosly who the fuck named there kid that? But anyways mouchette made his own little website witch acualy a total enigma in it's self. Everytime someone goes on to her you ask yourself things like, What the fuck is a striped penis? Why am typing a whole story totaly off topic from the original question "What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13."
Anyways i don't think i have told you this but mochette is a little twisted mother fucker. In somecases this acualy works out for him. But one day she used this mind of hers to make a very important part of his website now i did some studys and i figured out that the suicide kit is the Number one place people find... when they turn to the internet to answer there problems.(Not really but if i did it would be true i bet.) Anyways the moral of my story is never name your child mouchette because he/she will be a crazy mother mother and start a website.
And mouchette lived hapily ever after, lets hope. -_-
19 Dec 2005 pcatpurrs A lot of children have lots of ideas about how to commit suicide. Like me. When I was seven I used to imagine the Most Horrible Ways to Die before going to sleep. It was my favourite fantasy. Number 1: Is being eaten by a tiger. This is easy to do and very good fun, especially if you've been read (or read) a lot of stories about tigers.

Number 2: Is being run over by a train. This is also very easy to do, tho not so much fun as the tiger, especially if you've been at a station when someone has jumped on the rails.

Number 3: I'd always fall asleep before number three. But maybe someone else can fill in
19 Dec 2005 Abbi I feel pain even when theres nothing wrong. I feel pain even before I push the knife down towards my arteries and let it spurt out fast and furious. I need a permanent fix. A painless, quick way to die.. help me- please someone just kill me im gonna go insane. I wish someone would come rape me, stab me, strangle me and stab me again. I'd go through the pain if it meant I would die afterwards, because everyday is another stab in the fucking back. Im NOT being a fucking emo i just want to die.
19 Dec 2005 matronic I was raped, i was abused and i have tryed killing myself god knows how many times in the past 3years!! Swallowing glass, hanging myself!!Sliting wrist taking pills, upo 150 at a time!! I wish them fuckers would let me go now cos iv had enought!
19 Dec 2005 matronicmad Well for the past 3years i have been trying to kil myself!! Ermm i have tryed everythin, pills, slitting wrist, hanging my self, swallowing glass!!

Slitting wrist you can cut up and then across but it has to be deep enough

Taking pills i took 150 paracetamol and co~codamol and collapsed! was il which i loved but unfortunatley i never died!ahrr!!

hanging myself i did in my bedroom and i was there and my sister found me!

swallowing glass my mum caught me and over reacted and fucking rushed me to the hospital!

I just want too fucking die!
19 Dec 2005 candy i once tried 2 kill myself not because i was feelin depressed(i think)? but i wanted everyone 2 miss me is that strange? im 22 now and when i tried 2 kill myself i was 17 i think how stupid it was!! if anyone feels so depressed and lonely that they think they wanna kill themselfs then plz contact me cos talkin 2 a stranger might put things into perspective love 2 u all from candy , london ,engalnd
19 Dec 2005 suicide stoper look i wanted to comitte suicide since i was about 13 im now 19 but after my m8 done it when i was 17 i thought hang on now he game up his life and his heart for sum lil punk bullying him look all u guys and girls out there god created the world for a reason an the reason is to be happy on it so just be happy and try to forget about all the things u wanna do. hope i can help if u need help email me on ok xxxx
19 Dec 2005 Piixxiiee Ive been abused For 6 years im only 14 witch helps I just want to say that i want to die to and i no howq it feels to be left out and feel like a ousider..I slit my wrists and i take pills a day pain makes me forget about the world i hope y'all get to no that your hurting people whislt hurting yourself If ya wanna talk to me ustemail me at
19 Dec 2005 Christty Hazely well i sit in my dark room. the tv turned low because i hate it when its quiet. i can sence all these presences about the room. my guess is they are evil spirits or demons or whatever you wanna call it. i think they come only to tourment me. well i am severly delusional is what my thearapist says. and my mom tells me i am stupid. my dad beats me and then tells me its all my fault. i brought this on myself. i get in trouble at school because i feel safer there than at home and i dont pay attention because i just need to relax. on the inside i feel that my sadness will cause me to explode. like i will faint. like its somothering me. who can i tell? will they listen? no i have already tried. i dont want to die. i dont want to kill myself. why do i have to go on like this. other kids have happy homes and lives. why cant i have that? i just dont see any other way out but to commit suicide. thats not what i want. is all of this really my fault? i am just pushed to the side and my dog gets treated better than i do. i didnt ask for any of this. and i dont want it. i just want to be happy.
18 Dec 2005 Das Diablo at dis present tyme im drinkin poison but i got 5 kool ways to kill urself in style:
call a gang member a pussy and start a fight
cut a gas pipe and light it so the whole fuckin house blows up
steal a car get chased by da cops and ram that mudafuka car of a cliff (byebye cenouir)
go on a date with someone and put poison in ur drink
get a chainsaw or anything similar and cut ur head off

any other ideas contact me on
18 Dec 2005 Emmy Well im 13 and tried to hang myself but my friends ran in and pulled me down just in time.
18 Dec 2005 Mint i tried killin meself bout 4tymes alredy but avent succeeded n now i'm goin out wit dis girl who is also finkin of killin her self. she tried killin erself bout 9tymes one on da tym was last nite she almost tried all da fink u can fink of slit er wrist, slit er throat, hang er self, jump of a bulding, drowned, tried 2 jump in front of a speedin car, starvin erself, takin overdose, n drinkin poison. if u need more hints holla me at ill be gland 2 help if i'm still alive thou

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