Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Oct 2005 Crystal take your fathers medication and sleep
06 Oct 2005 MARY There was many times in my life i felt like giving up ending it all. Even thou they do'nt no it.It was my children who keep me from going even when there was days i think they'd be better off with out me.But i no how crewl this world could be .I have lost a few good friend,s.because they to felt they could'nt go on.Iall way's wish i could off said some thing to keep them here.With me i did'nt no to it was to late.So i live with the guilt of not knowing.Every days a challage everybody has good days bad days some days i dont want to be here at all.MUSIC is my joy make me a instrument to your peace.Where there is hatred let me show love.Where there is injury;pardonWhere there is doubt,faith Where there is despair,hope Where there is darkness,light;And where there is sadness,joy;Grant that i may not so much be consoled,as to console;To be understood,as to understand;So in the end you got a friend .Just remeber we where put on this planet to love as to be loved.This is only my opionion I Feel that it selfish I no how it feels to lose someone you love it very hurtful the feeling does,nt go away what if so don,t come off with that stupid shit.YOU GOT A FRIEND
06 Oct 2005 Siobhan smoke cigarettes...

How I miss those....
06 Oct 2005 Lucy Cortina Mouchette has just emotionally ejaculated into my boobies...

I could actually feel his brains filter all of their knowledge and beautiful emotions into my breasts. Perhaps they would become as artistic as Mouchette. I let out a scream of turkish delight, and peered down at my boobs - I could see Mouchette's face pressed in-between them. It had taken so much energy out of him that he'd fallen asleep with a smile on his face. I lay there for a while, enjoying the wonderful feelings he had pumped into my boobs. It was like they'd been given a whole new life. I was in heaven. But I was still on top of a collapsed table, full of chicken breasts coated in garlic butter.
A thought suddenly hit me.
"I'm gonna STINK of garlic! It'll ruin that new pink top I bought at Bonne Marche!".
I threw Mouchette off me, who rolled off the table with a thud and continued dozing. I ran around the mansion, arms flailing, covered in garlic butter, looking for a bathroom. I slipped on a patch of marble flooring, and landed on my back. Evereything went tits up.
A door opened next to me, and a man came out!
"Can I help you madame?" he said, peering down.
"Er..yes, oui. I'm looking for the bathroom, how you say..le...batheroome?"
"Zis way madame" he said, offering me a hand. I glared at him.
I tried to get up by myself but only succeeded in slipping around on the floor like a fish with boobs. It was no use. I reluctantly took his hand, and he hoisted me up.
I had nothing to cover my boobs with but decided I didn't care - the're probably so big they can probably be seen from the Moon by now anyway.
I followed him to the bathroom and said "Merci boucoup", then locked the door. I slumped onto the floor, thinking the nightmare was over.
But nothing in my world is ever that simple...
I noticed that the floor seemed a bit sticky, so I looked down...and let out a scream. There was blood all over the floor!
06 Oct 2005 pshykotik hook a battery charger too your braces and turn it on
06 Oct 2005 doodles swallow your eraser
05 Oct 2005 Monique I'm 13 And Already Ive done Drugs Drank have sex I fucking hate my self I'm like The Popluar out going girl that all the guys love but its just I only love one person who doesnt know and I wish I could Die I'm a model and shit but I still Wish I would fuckign die I Feel Usefull I slit my wrists ever dayy about 5 times I'm not scared too die I love the Pain I gett use to it and when the Drips of Blood Runn down my Armm it makes me feel Wonderfull I guess it makes me feel good cause I'm one step away from dying when I was 12 I Got hit by a Car and Was in a Hosbital for a week I almost Died but I guess I was Meant to go on (no one knows how I feel and I know I will Die someday I will Fucking Jump off A Bridge I got a bigg pluse I live right by one )
05 Oct 2005 regressionanalysis Realize that the point is that there is no point. We are all alone. There is no exogenous force controlling anything. There are two things that hold true, mathematics and suffering. Ending your life is simply a decision, or a decesion problem. Somewhere in academia or government someone is filling in a spreadsheet with a 1 or a 0 based on your problem.
05 Oct 2005 no one important Under 13? Gun to the temple (if you are able to get ahold of one and use it). Quick, effective, and yes, quite messy, but it's also the best way to asure you'll end up dead and not a vegetable. Besides, who cares about the mess you leave behind?

I wanted to so badly, let me tell you. Trust me on this; if you find the courage, do it while you are young. Do not wait until you are 27, have 3 young children, and are married, like me. The urge remains, but I can no longer do anything about it because me life does not belong to me now.

I'm here to tell you the truth, ladies and gents. I'm not sugarcoating things because I find that to be utter bullshit when it's done to me. I don't want to play the "lalala life is happy for everyone because it is for me!!" game, and I would imagine that those like me wouldn't enjoy it either.

Die while you are young. Don't wait until you are older, and you have nothing but regrets to soothe your pain. Life never gets better. This is an important lesson, so listen up.

No matter how often "happy" things come into your life, something dark and nasty will be there to take them away again. Trust me on this. Happiness belongs to those who can afford it.

I almost died being born into the world, and I wonder why I lived. I was unwanted. To my entire family, I have always been invisible. No matter how hard I have tried to do something that would gain their love, they just don't see me. Perhaps I was born dead, in a way.

No friends for me. Ever. Friends turn on me quicker than one can mutter, "Bwuh?" Teasing, laughter, taunting, and pain were all that welcomed me in school.

I have found that only pain welcomes me, now.

I tried, you see. When I was 16, I planned. I would take my father's 9 millimeter to school and blow myself away in front of those who hated me just so they could see me and my torment, a la Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" video.

Unfortunately, the school found out and sent me away for "help". Which I'm sure most know is a joke.

Life became worse, and it has never gotten better.

No one loves me, and that isn't paranoia talking. No one. I'm fat, ugly, and miserable...why would they? I have been told this many, many times.

Love is only for the beautiful. Don't let those "beauty within is more important" idiots fool you.

Heh, pain is my only friend. Another argument with my loving husband not even a second ago while typing this. He pretends to love me and that he cares, but you see, he doesn't. He's busy with his new "girrlfriend" online. I'm not even good enough to be married to anymore.

No guns, hate blades, pills don't work. Trying to starve myself, but I'm so fat, that's a joke, too.

Learn from me, boys and girls. Love is only for the lovely. Happiness is only for the wealthy.

Please, God...whatever you are, kill me. Send someone to kill me, send me a heart attack, whatever. Death is my only release.
05 Oct 2005 I am THERE!! When you feel you need to commit suicide is when your guts hurts to put up with another day, when ur head says enough but u keep going, and when you feel completing helpless and nothing you can do will stop, I tried to loose myself i only felt alive in my dreams, they only way to die when u already feel dead inside is to LIVE!!!!!!!!
05 Oct 2005 cindy blind fold yourself and skip across the moter way
05 Oct 2005 Melissa I'm 14, and I've been thinking about suicide a lot lately. I've always thought about it, even as a small child. I still have a bit of a conscience left in me, so I've decided to wait it out for a few years-I can't leave this place without my rabbit.

I'm sorry you, and everyone else wants to kill themselves. I'm sorry for your pain, if you want to talk you can email me at I also need someone to talk to, none of my few friends would understand.

I'm considering taking a gun to the heart or brain, or pills. I wouldn't want a mess to horrify my family.
04 Oct 2005 alyssa huh its me worst tragic story was wen my parents had a divorce and didn't even bother telling me but im not at all mad about it because before they had that stupid divorce they were alredy seperated and i havent talked to my dad for about 7 6 years...after the divorce i was pretty pissed but nit that pissed so after ythat i started haveing suicide thoughts and tried some of it but as you guessed it it didnt work then i stopped for i think couple of months..then suddenly big big problems piled on top of eachother and then yes i had suicide thoughts again and i do slit my wrist probably 4 times a day..sumtin like dat..after that i stopped talking to my mom and she would always ask me wat the problem was and my answer would always be "if i tell you would you fucken understand??"and then i would walk away lock myself in my room and slit my wrist and this would go on every fucken kinda sick of this crap that goes on with my life and now after a couple of months my mom sent me to the country were she thought i would change my attitude and it kinda worked but yet it diddnt because i still slit wrist drink and smoke...i guess teh best way to kill urself is to deal wid ur life...

hope my pathetic story helped you...
04 Oct 2005 t-vo Welll.... I wouldnt commit suicide but i can relate to the deep depression & emptyness. I am also the "mr. smiles" at my school. I cant help it. I'm called stuff like bitch or faget and i have to just laph it off. in my opinion, society sucks. we abide to rules that try to control us. now back to suicide.... i would rather goinsane and try to kill as many as i could. HA HA AH. skrew the inocent, they need to be liberated from there life. Then they wont have to work. :-) but srsly, stop listening to emo and listen to punk, id suggest nervous breakdown by black flag
04 Oct 2005 sarah try having sex for one week straight
04 Oct 2005 TeaRs I feel so alone all the time, i dont have many irl friends, and i dont talk to them much. People just seem to ignore me, so they wouldnt care if i died, right?

I have been thinking about this for some time now, i once tryed to jump out of 8th floor window but couldnt. This time i wont chicken out. I have been depressed all week and i cant find anyone to talk to. Almost anyone, i talked to this girl i met online, shes cool and all. And when i was about to jump she told me not to, but after that she forgot me again.

So i ask, why should i live on if everyone forget me in 5seconds?

I wonder what will happen if i jump, i hope ill black out before i hit the ground, dont want to feel the pain. I just wish id fade away and seese to exsist. Then i would be finaly out of my misery....
04 Oct 2005 Dead_to_the_world I don't really know. I think the most affective way to kill yourself is overdose on sleeping pills.
04 Oct 2005 fallen angel i want to die, give me tips
03 Oct 2005 Nobody I have read alot of the postings on this site, as I can see there are alot of people out there like me. I am not going to tell you what the best way to commit suicide is, it is for me to know and you never to find out. I have tried a couple and unfortunately they involved way too much pain to bring it to a conclusion. I dont think there is any way to do it without pain involved, both yours and everyone around you. The only thing I want to say is that at 13 I dont think you should be thinking about suicide.I know you have problems and confusion and all these bad feelings but at 13 you haven't even lived yet. At 13 you can get help. Dont keep thinking of all this suicide shit, just get some help, otherwise you will end up like me, in your 30's, still feeling the same way, still thinking the same things. You will get married to a beautiful loving wife or husband, you will find out your going to be a father or mother and you wont be able to enjoy none of it. You might be like me and even debate if you should stick around to see the birth of your child. You will miss all the beauty in life and the friends you could of had for WHAT? Instead your going to be thinking about suicide. Your going to try suicide. Some of you will never experience any life if your sucessful. So for all you teenagers just go and get some help instead of killing yourself slowly. As for me I will decide my fate on my own terms. To borrow a line, Don't cry for me I'm already dead, and for my friend and anybody else wanting to help I leave this,

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away, goes away
In the end.
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
And I would let you down
I will make you hurt
03 Oct 2005 Jeddifer eat apples and cheese together

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