Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Dec 2005 Niki Still I dont know which way is the best one to finish my life. I may have an incurable disease. I am afraid of death but I may have no way except suicide.
12 Dec 2005 Mil When I was 12 years old I tried all kinds of pills from my mother's medicine cabinet. Later, when I was older, I tried gas from the stove in the kitchen. I remember sitting by the oven inhaling the gas for a while but my boyfriend came home early and stopped me from finishing the deed. Today, I still think about killing myself. Everyday. The worst is when you have to put up a "face" for everyone. No one understand the pain and the agony in your heart. Everyday is the same. How stupid are they? Can't they look into my eyes and see the sadness in my heart? It is so ironic that people want to stop you from killing yourself but in reality the truth is that nobody gives a damn. Family or friends, they don't have time to spend with you, to give you a hug, or to tell you that they love you, but most important, to listen to you. Really listen. Then after you are dead they have the guts to say that they miss you. What a joke!
12 Dec 2005 kristal ok u emailed me, sheeesh i really dont wanna commit suicide and by reading these and including mine everyone thinks this is some kinda game ok.....honestly if someoen wanted to commit suicide id help them and if they wanted to id say just go sleep with ur best friends bf/gf.....or better yet hit ur mom in front of ur dad......or u kno wut instead of doing all these lame ass answers why dont u just like shoot gone then go to friggin kitchen and take out a knife....there is no house that doesn't have a knife in their kitchen otherwise u gotta be vegan or somethin IN THAT CASE JUST USE SCISSORS OK OR TWEEZERS OR UR RAZOR BLADE ok just trying to help u cuz u wanna kno
12 Dec 2005 Kiki This is not a joke, suicide is real. No one should ever make um lame ass jokes. Many people I knoe cut and may die soon. You people who think suicide is a joke, ask the people who did commit it. YOU CAN'T! Because they're dead! The eaisest way is to either starve, cut, drown, or be murdered by someone. Watch what happens when you OD and no one knows where to find you...
12 Dec 2005 Jordan ok this is it, life has no point...i dont believe in God cuz everything about him sounds so friken ugly (pig nose) and have bad habits. Where does it stop? itdoesnt theres no tap to let my pain out! i need to tell sumone but noone will a smart kid but i cant figure a way outta this and to tell u the truth im scared. I have tons of freinds and im popular at school( im 13 ) but i dont have anything valuable...ive never had a girlfreind or anyone to care parents are fags who dont care about me and all they do is compare me to my straight A perfect sister. IM SICK OF IT!! whys it always me whos shoved under while people laugh at me as i lay dying?
12 Dec 2005 mariella - 13/f/scotland # <3 # i am suicidal and i either wanna die by hanging my self in the girls bathroom in my school or by slitting my wrist and watching the blood slowly drip,out either way its gonna happen on january 15th
12 Dec 2005 Scor-b Firstly I would like to say that the post I made yesturday was my only post to incorporate fiction*. All my other posts have been based on stuff that I actually experienced. *This will be obvious to you if you read the post.
I would also like to thank all the people who have e-mailed me over the past months in response to posts that I have made. One of the best things about posting here has been the responses from people who really understand your situation. You should try it. Oh, and for all those of you who have posted without an e-mail, because you will get emailed by 'wankers' I would say, don't worry. - Out of all the emails I have recieved there was only 1 which pissed me off. It was from some relious lady telling me not to kill myself and 'I MUST live' blah blah blahjd.... whatever. Oh well. That got deleted. Apart from that the rest were all great. It's nice to know that there are people who think just like you, and I have learnt alot from the things people have told me; I learnt more about how people think. Which has been great. So, thank-you. I hope I gave good replys. So to conclude, I would like to say God bless* us all. Or Allah bless us, or the devil, or your brother, or whoever you belive in. Oh yeah, and even bless Lucy Bloody Cortina. Who I hate. Haha. *Laughs* Thanks for reading. Scors-b.
12 Dec 2005 Tamlyn If i knew that answer I certainly would not be here today. Send me an email when you get the answer.
11 Dec 2005 shawty713 There isn't any reason 2 kill ur self b-cuz my best friend has been thinking about it and it has been killing me inside b-cuz she is a very blessed person and she doesn't realize how many people care about her especially me. I don't know what i would do without her. i would put my own life on da line 4 her
11 Dec 2005 stacy This web site is so sad, I cannot beleive that there are so many depressed youngsters out there. it is disgusting that you are incouraging this way of thinking and treating it like a game it is sick!!! To think of anyone playing suicide breaks my heart, I hope you never have to experiance loosing someone to suicide. I suggest you see a profesional about your obvious obsession with suicide.
11 Dec 2005 J. A. T. C. D (Messenger) Anybody suicidal out there should know that in this lifetime all the good people are gonna have to put up with alot of shit, while the bad ones seem to have it all. That's it. I get pissed alot, real depressed to, I always searched for answers to my problems, but now I see that the only person that can save me is myself. How? By improving myself. Usually depression happens when you are not really being yourself, usually cuz you feel nobody likes you when you are yourself. I say FUCK THEM ALL! Speak your mind, EX. A bitch cuts infront of you at the line, hey grab her and go all out. Depression is what happens when you hold in anger for too long. When you are scared to let it all out, you start saying things like oh man what if this happens, blah, blah, just go and DO IT! Cut depression off at the first signs, usually it starts with you putting yourself down, or letting yourself be put down. I say let the anger out, BUT with justice. Don't go barkin at every little thing. I said to God that I am gonna live life which ever way I am forced to, if it happens to be evil or whatever society puts it to be, fuck it. Why? I might go to hell. What if I said I am already living in one. But hey when I die and I go into judgement, why would God not let me into my home, I came from him, why would he reject me? He said he is the only perfect one, so I say God definitely understands any choices I make in life. I am not perfect, I don't have luck either, God just feels sad for me and gives me a break. But it's aight. I entertain my mind with things. I am always looking for ways to better myself and hey it must be helping, even a lil, if I am still alive. I stopped lookin for happiness in other ppl, you have to learn how to be happy on your own. Lovers, family members, etc. are just sent to you to teach you life lessons, they aren't immortal. Next time you feel like shit, just analyze (breakdown) the problem, go deep down and see why you feel that way and how you can change it. That is my problem, I tend to mask all my emotions and head off to the devil's ideas, YEAH!!, that is him making you think all that. He wants you to kill yourself and make it look like there is no way out so then when you do do it, he takes you and makes you suffer more,when the whole idea was to end the pain. Hey when suicide comes to mind program yourself to think how you are letting this cruel world win. Don't stop, play the game out. Like they say only the strongest survive, don't be a punk ass bitch!! Go all out, fly through whatever obstacles come your way. If you don't wanna do this and none of this helps, then let me just say the words YOU WANT someone to tell you, kill yourself. Before you do, let me just recommend that you read the Gospels of Thomas, the real sayings of Jesus Christ, whoever finds their meanings will not taste death. By death, Jesus means spiritual death, haha, you won't become like a vampire or something along them lines, but hey if you do kill yourself physically atleast maybe your soul can be saved. In those last minutes of your life when you commit suicide, you are really scared and feel a horrible cry for help but you can yell it cuz your bright light is now fading, yes cuz u once were a shining star, whether nobody told you you were one or if you never felt special, you are. That is why you gotta stay alive and prove it. Just think of all them ppl that died young and wish they were in your position, that they even had a choice whether to live or die. No, medicine is not the answer, that is exactly what the government and doctors want you to think, it all helps the economy to go round. Medicine they give you actually goes killing you off slowly. Making you into a zombie, so dependent off them. I know why I say this. Don’t you realize that all the signs of some sickness in commercials tends to always match with what you might have. “Do you feel sad, lonely, worthless, nothing seems to interest you anymore……”, yeah, them advertising folks are slick muthaf*ckers.
11 Dec 2005 SpookyPenguin  
11 Dec 2005 marrhyon Turbé Il faudrait trouver une forme de suicide sans douleur. Je vous proposerait dc l'ether ou l'overdose ms c'est vrai que pr un enfant de moins de 13ans ce n'est pas evident! Sinon mourrir de froid est une bonne solution
11 Dec 2005 Scors-b Only 14 months ago I lay in total agony, in my own vomit, on a hospital bed in england. Not a hope in the world; poor, without friends, without family. I had nothing, only worse. I guess I am still the same in a way. Still, there is no one beside me, and still, I have a dream that many would find uneviable; a dream to be closer to my goal of no more pain. In some ways, I am now closer to that dream than I ever have been before. Now a have a plan. Now, I can finally imagine a place where everything that eats away at me from the inside will be gone.
I'm sitting, staring at the screen of a laptop, like I often have. My eyes wander, and I gaze accross the glass pannaling then encases the room in which I'm sitting. Through the glass, there are fluffy white clouds, slowly beggining to redden, as the sun falls. The mannhattan skyline looks pretty tonight. I begin to wonder, how, in a successful city like this, how there can be so many people who just don't care about the suffering beneath thier noses. So captured are they by the media's portarayal of the undeveloped countries, that they forget about how many people around them are suffering. For somehow, it seems easier if 'suffering' is boxed and wrapped and sent to a far away place, along with a donation to charity. It lightens the concience. For me, I dream of a place where people have the courage to listen and understand to those who are in positions of lonelyliness, therefore developing the two most important emotions in human history: empathy, and love...
Box A, Box B. Next Of Kin: Mr X. Where do you plan to go from here? And in five years? Is there a desire in you to make the world a better place? Or would you rather lick influential arses, to promote your own status. At what point does a questionnaire become intrusive. Tell me your wildest secrets, and we will consider you. Thankyou for your time. P.S. Answer as you like, but we will judge you.
My hand touched cold metal. Was there a future for the schoolmasters dream. Cluck, Click, Seven point check. Don't cut corners, you will regret it. Door locked, curtains drawn. Tomorrow was thanksgiving, a day for comtemplation for millions of people. But I could hear them running up the stairs. How had they found out?! Bang!Bang!Bang! "Mr ...? Open the door!" The voice demanded. Silence. "Open this door at once!"
Now there was no more time for contemplation. I loaded the pistol with its final round, held it to my throat, and let off an almightly bang. Three pounds of skull and flesh tore through the air. The chair turned, and there was a thud as my body collapsed to the floor.
There was a solumn silence. Perhaps now I will be able to make sense of the cruel world. And maybe, I will be able to understand why it is that there is so much suffering. Either way, there will be no more. No more of anything.
A blood splattered form was peeled from the desk. A cell phone number was dialed... "Hello? Mr X? I'm afraid I have some bad news.... It's about your son..."
11 Dec 2005 Suicide Helper ok, there is one thing i want to say to the people that are having a "bad life" or are going through some bad sh*t! and i quote "... who knows what could happen, do what u do just keep on laughin', one thing's true there's alway a brand new day, i'm gonna live today LIKE it's my last Day.." (avril lavign) that means that if u r having a bad time there is always a new day in which, things could change and life will become better, so live these days like they r ur last days (but don't make them the last days by comitting suicide!) 'cause u will always go UP after every time u go down!
11 Dec 2005 Debs the best way to kill your self is by taking an over dose then get a blunt knife n slit your wrists with that because when you use a blunt knife it fucks up your artery and it is not easily sewn back together so you are more likly to succeed in suicide
11 Dec 2005 morgan le fay i personally have tried alot of things so trust me when i put this here
take 30 anti anxiety pills (best kind is called visteral) make sure your not going to be found for a couple of hours at the very least and lie down on a bed and go to sleep (you wont wake up)
or if you just want some fun take a couple hand fuls of benedryl or any other anti-histamine and go to sleep wake up about 6 hours later and have fun... youll begin to see things and not be able to stand up on your own youll fall and think every thing funny(you could do this foir a couple days in a row and evantually die and enjoy the rest of your life while doing it)the only bad side affect is you shake a whole lot and you get very blurry vision and just wondering do you speak french or do you have your computer translate it for you?
10 Dec 2005   Well, considering the fact that you can die from pretty much anything...... probably a buncha drugs and booze to numb some pain, a hacksaw and start sawing off your limbs.
10 Dec 2005 John I am sorry that I am not 13 again, I am in my 40's now and had a very hard life, I have met and dated some really nice girls but they all seem to be after something that I have and not want the commitment in having a relationship.
I am now so depressed and past caring for my life. I just want to find the switch to turn off my life.
I have a long length of fishing line set in the back of my car to put around my neck and then just drive till the line comes to a stop! I have not measured it so I dont know exactly when the end will come, I have found a Nice place to do it (a cliff) in a quiet spot and the car will just dissapear into the sea (no trace)exept the fishing line which is so thin that it will just blend in with the green grass.

I am going to do this on christmas eve as the best ever christmas prescent to me.

More reasons for me to go on with my demise.
My wife left me over year ago and taken my two children to another country where i dont get to see them.
I made a friend on the internet who helped me though my problems to do with this but now she has left me, i now won't trust another woman to come close to me, which i think is a shame that all the females in my life have taken everything i have and given nothing back.
It's not that i am ugly or not well groomed, i have a good heart and always had this taken advantage of.
Anyway I have told you my reasons and how I will buy my ticket for my christmas vacation. Jilted John!

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