Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jan 2006 lee blow your head off with a 9mm get it done
01 Jan 2006 forbidden fruit Go to and do your own research lol
01 Jan 2006 kainoasgrl You need to take this down before it get's serious. Like me sueing you for the thoughts you put in my daughters head!
01 Jan 2006 Gennie i went thru alot of bull crap, when I was 13 and it really sucked. I always thought I'll be ok and live my life like I'll die that day..haven't happend, yet. Now, that I'm 25 and I'm going thru more shit then ever....I dont know, anymore. I'm lost and confused about life. Getting married didnt helped either...made it more worse. Why the fuck did I get married?? well..stupid of me, thought it will be better. I should stop thinking about my future, because I'm making it worse everyday...and it's probably, why I'm here in fucking NEW YEAR DAY to talk about it. Surviving sux and killing yourself sux....I guess, I'm just a coward, eh? *probably* I'm not sure anymore....................and I'm getting tired. Tell me something I dont know and I dont need to hear from freaking 17 yrs old kid, life is valuable. Trust me kiddies, I've been to hell and came back. You have no idea, what I've been thru, and your are too young to give me any advice.
01 Jan 2006 JUST A VENT!!!!!!!! When i was at school i used to do things like a fund rasier, and i also gave money to people I was a sharing people.
I gave people stuff when i was growing and ended up haveing stuff pinched out of my bag and lies told about me.
I was never really that bad to anyone.
i used to be an open person caring and giving myself but i dont know why i bothered trying in the first place.
people are to proud to knock on my door.
work is rubbish with these people i dont know why i bother,
I have no friends not one..
Ya know. I hate all of you...and I bet you all hate me. Ya know what. I don't give a shit. I wish the whole lot f you would just keel over and die. I can't stand people. I hate them!! I hate them with a passion. I wish it were legal to commit murder. I would go on a killing spree. I hate people that much. Every person on the face of this planet can kiss my ass!!! I hate you all!!! If fairey tails were all would be in big trouble. If I were to be granted 3 wishes...I would only need 1 to be completely happy. I would wish all people.....that is ALL PEOPLE to dissappear. Just up and poof......all gone. That is my wish. I hate people.......I hate....hate....hate. Well I have vented enough.....I don't feel beter....because this planet is still populated with worthless, stupid, idiot, sons and daughters of bitches.....thats right. I aint happy because there are still people here. I wish everybody was dead.
01 Jan 2006   I understand exactly what you mean. I hate people. I hate being around them, I hate talking to them, I just feel that the whole world is nothing but selfish ppl who u can't trust. I feel lonely but then again I don't wanna be around anyone? I hate feeling this way....end of vent
01 Jan 2006 peter life is think children under thirteen should be allowaed to go ahead and die if they want to .do not stop them
I havr got financial problems and no one is helping me so i will commit suicide
01 Jan 2006 SHANG please we are all going to die one if you have got a problem now why not commit suicide?even if you live for up to 75 one day you will be lowered six feet deep so what is the question?that is why i will be dying soon.i have made up my mind and i will die.i have got a problem and no one wants to help me so i will better go ahead and rest in peace
this world is a wicked place.I WILL BE DYING SOON.PRAY FOR MY SOUL IF YOU CARE.
01 Jan 2006 venting lots of people feel that way. I do too.

People don't give a crap about anyone or anything other than what they want.

I used to be an open person, sharing feelings, being kind, giving, loyal, and every time getting shafted. Well, I say screw everyone, and they could all get lost for all I care.

I can't wait till this crappy life is over!
01 Jan 2006 Rochelle Drinkin washing or chemical liquid cos its easy to gt at n open n drink
01 Jan 2006 Lilly Well where do i start, resently my boyfriend left me after being together neary three years. I'm only 15 we started going out when i was 12 ive spent all of my teenage life with him, being in a two.. with him. But now he ended it three months ago i've been strugling to get over it, at first i thought i could do it it wouldnt be that bad with out him maybe? but things just keep getting worse for me, my school work has gone down hill, so called friends have stabbed me in the back ive lost the love of my life and i found out my uncle had cancer a few days ago and he may not live. I'm so scared of being on my own and i miss him so much, and if this is what life is like without him where it just keeps getting on a downer then frankly i don't really want to live this life. i just wish i could go to sleep and never wake up, what methode is pain free, so you just softly fall to sleep that does the trick right.
01 Jan 2006   this is a fucking sick site u better get ride if it be4 eny depressed kids see it and it revealy sereos consaquenses how does the peopel that make this site sleep at night nowing that they can harm people get a grip
01 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking Well it didnt work you fucking bastard.. btw.. wtf my ears have been ringing for hours when i popped my neck...Time to try drinking bleach.. If all goes well i wont reply again.PEACE"put your chin in your palm and your fingers on your cheek, with your other hand reach behind your head and grip your head just behind your ear-one quick motion snap your neck- fast..painless..and you'll still be able to see whats going on for 30 seconds (nerve endings) good luck"
31 Dec 2005 helper PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!


please sort out your depression...

take care.
31 Dec 2005 get a life people How many times have you said this to yourself? Things just suck, people are stupid. are some methods of passing the time. They have been tested and proven to work.
1) Find Companionship
Yes One more time. Find someone. [ It's not as hard as you may think. Let me rephrase that. Get a life.. Or a relationship or find some friends.

2) Get a Job full time or part time.

Yeah, get a job. It's not as hard as you may you think. , there are jobs intended for your mind-set! you shouldn't have a problem finding a job. There are Generation X opportunities everywhere. Get a job that doesn't require a high school education. You won't have time to think because you'll be too busy taking from you Manager. Everyday you will come home exhausted out of your mind. You won't have time to worry about how much things suck, because you will just be grateful to God that you are not working..

5) Get a hobby or find a life..

31 Dec 2005 Just A Person at least 50% of people are capricious, selfish, ruthless, ignorant, cruel or aggressive and aren't worth the time of day.

45% range from pretty awful to so-so.

3% are not bad.

2% are caring, decent and intelligent.

we live in a world where spiritual values are seen as pointless and most ppl just want to grab what they can for themselves and don't care whose body they trample on in order to lift themselves up. If people minded their buisness then their wouldnt
be so much hate in this world

look guys this is the world we live in if we were all the same in life it would be boring..

hmm... if you hate everyone so much that you wish they didn't exist, why are you spending your time reaching out to tell us all about it? Get a cat... that's what I did (dogs are good too). He's the best friend I've ever had. I just tell him what I think of humanity, and then we drop the subject (he never has much to say) and go for a nice long walk. Maybe I'm a little crazy, but hey... I'd be a lot crazier and a lot less happy if it weren't for my cat.
31 Dec 2005 Just A Person So,you hate people? wouldn't you be lonely?...anyways,i know how you feel. Im just not a people person, sometimes i think everyone hates me.It annoys me,what about you? what caused you to think all these thoughts?
i used to hate people, but i now know that i shouldnt. like most of the other people i often feel frustrated by the ignorance or some and by the cruelty of others
yeah people can really suck sometimes but we should not hate them. everyone was raised to think and act differently so we should understand that some people may hate us just because of something that is natural to us. nothing makes us superior because we are all humans, regardless of how intelligent we think we are. so we should all try to stop being such assholes and either try to change the people we hate, or accept it....
People are and incredible pain in the bud - but not just that, but you can hardly ever make them disappear. So I came around and noticed that it's actually the only thing you can do to stay sane is really be not fond of most people - like 99.999999% because most pp really do not care about anything else but themselves, wage war, destroy the environment, are xenophobic, and a bunch of other -ism that make life rather miserable - capitalism being one of the worst considering people getting along with each other - and make us be like all those others with their -isms. Point being is though that we gotta live in this world, so if we would not occasionally hate people with our guts - sometimes feeling somewhat miserable about not bveing able to do otherwise - we will become stuck in a very horrible life indeed characterized by grey hateable mainstream - and I prefer being miserable to truly being horrible - it just gotta get out sometimes...
I'm with y'all on this one. I'm too old to be freakin' out like a teen-ager but you seriously learn that nobody changes and the ones who act the worst get the prizes in life...Why do these people keep bothering a person.You tell them go home,get lost and they still come to your door.I hate going to any kind of social funtion.People are idiots. Its like they were all born with the IQ's of bean sprouts.
31 Dec 2005 Emily Leary Cut you wrist intill you bleed to death with a razor blade then squezze it intill you bleed to death
31 Dec 2005 aaran selway i do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am antichrist ok turn ur fav band and cranck it up so u have something ur way b4 u die hang ur self and get a kinfe as well and put kro on it and lite it on fire and stab ur self u will be let a blaz play the the used i chough fire and hang ur self and dig ur grave b4 it u so do have some some thing 2 fal in 2 you have sand in you vigina jed robinson wants to know
31 Dec 2005 Abbie remember iv had the same done my dad was a perv social serveses helped me all the way my new family is great and my new sister an bro said i should become a agony ante cause im so good at this stuff i stoped 1 of my m8s killing them selves and shes 20 but the other 1 was to late he neva told any1 his problms and killed him self next to me it was horrible blood spuewed all over me thats not nice i jus cant get over it he even gave me a £200 ring saying sorry it had to be done and that he loved me i couldnt stop cry but helping people is helping me if u need my help email me on

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