Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Dec 2005 oriane généralement,il se jetten du haut d'un pont ou sous le train
28 Dec 2005 joe die
28 Dec 2005 sebastian je pense que une des meilleurs formes de se suicider et de prendre une sur-dose de droge, de se couper les veines avec une lame a raser(tres romantique) ou bien de se lancer dans une machine pour couper le bois...
28 Dec 2005 Gigie I think it would be taking a pills... Is something that wont hurt you at least your still beautiful when you die...... Hope there is something like that...
28 Dec 2005 the great wall of vagina/mimi i can feel your vagina staring at me. when i close my eyes i can see it in my mind. it turns sideways and talks to me. it says bad things to me. i am afraid of your vagina. my left breast implant is leaking.
28 Dec 2005 Robert If anyone ever wants to talk just drop me a line.

I know how it feels to want to end my life and talking about it sometimes really helps, even more so when you dont have to meet the person your talking to or tell them everything you dont want them to know. Just email me.... Talking Helps!
28 Dec 2005 Jessie I understand all too well the desire to want to die.
All too often' kids like Sahara, and myself go through things that kids should never have to go through.
A note to Sahara:
Sahara, if you told your mom, and she has doen nothing about the abuse, you need to tell a school counselor or honestly.. go streight to the police. Thing is, the reason why your mom won't do anything more likly; is because she assumes a certain amount of guilt.. along what its going to make her look like once things are in the somewhat "open air". Sadly, but true, the chances are pretty high that she came from an abusive family as well. Anyway..point on that is,foster homes are one hell of alot better most often.So stop worrying about your mom hating you, or your dad, and do something good for YOURSELF. This isn't about THEM, its about you, and whom ever else is going through something like this. This doesn't make you bad.. they crossed the major line.I have to say one other thing about this situation, if he has stopped touching you.. thats all well and good but who knows who else he has touched or who else he COULD hurt or has for that matter. Your dad needs to get help, and the only way thats going to get done is by letting higher authorities do their job. Its also the only way your mother will ever come to grips and be able to deal with her own emotions over it. Next is most important is for you to get the care and love, and shelter you need to still possibly have a normal healthy life.No one has to be like those families where they bring their kids over to Grandma and Grandpas house to have a vicious cycle keep repeating onto kids you, or your brother may have someday; all because you tried to push it away into your mind so that no one sees that your family isnt "normal" bahh.. screw normal. Trust me.. it isnt worth the suffering that comes out of not telling. Sadly enough.. i know EXACTLY what you feel like.
I'm quite older now, and cronicly depressed i never got the counseling i needed till so much later in life, and by then.. it was too late for me to heal, or for my mother to heal.
Scars on my arms, and pill overdoses to drug overdoses are testaments to trying to cope with this kind of stuff all on my own for the majority of my life, and that is just one more thing i didnt have to suck up and be so friggin strong for because i THOUGHT i could handle it. Just like when we go out to eat and get something we dont like and didt order: "I didn't order that, it gives me hives, and i don't have to eat it.Can i talk to the manager please." No one has to just sit back and just deal with it.
28 Dec 2005 Ashley I am 17 and I have tried to kill myself on numerous occassions since my girlfriend hung herslf infront of me. I have scars on my wrists and and on my back from where I cut---no, slashed, myself an innumerable amount of times. I've tried drugs and pills from my mom's work bag, she's an EMT. I've tried just about everything except hanging myself. I watched my girlfriend hang herself at a party one night when I was about 14 or 15. We were on the deck and it had a roof that went about half way over it. We were drunk and she had been depressed for a really long time. We were making out when she pulled away and said, "fuck this, all of it, I love you babe, but I can't deal with my life anymore." Her father used to beat her and he had beaten her pretty hard the day before...she had cuts on her face from being thrown into the wall and her arm looked like he had tried to break it again...she was full of bruises, but to me she was as beautiful as ever...she always faught back against him. She always got out alive, she always came back to me so I could hold her. I tried to stop her, but she oush me off of her. I tried to get the rope off her neck,but slapped me and punched me...she was a strong fighter. I tried to get help as she was tieing the rope to the roof rail, but no one listened. I tried to get her down, but I couldn't get theknot undone. I tried to sit her on my shoulders so she could breathe, but she kicked me till I fell. I tried to save her, but I couldn't. I picked up a piece of glass from the broken window she had kicked me into and tried to cut the rope, but it was too late and the rope slipped and cut my wrist alittle. I remember it didn't hurt, nothing hurt after not being able to save her. I took the glass and started cut my wrists anyway I could...that's when everyone inside realized something was boyfriend makes me cover my scars on my wrists when we have sex now, but he doesn't know that I keep my arms covered for a different reason.
28 Dec 2005 Harlan When I was 13, I was very depressed. I was hearing voices in my head telling me to kill myself, I called them rage. They ate away at me and were always teasing and taunting. I thought I had nothing to live for, but I was wrong. Suicide sounds like a great way to end your suffering, but in reality you must be alive in order to feel relief. Don't just end your life and give into the pain, suffering is a part of life no matter how intense the suffering may be.
28 Dec 2005 tasha i mean if u wana die,reli there is no point i hav thought about it but dont every1 has a right to u get bullied at school? i do i got my ddrink spiked at a party i got a ink cartridge in my drink if u want any advise of me please email me on or please if you hav msn add me i will tel you how to handel it i have been throught it all and im 13. thankyou for reading my xsapmle luv tasha *****
28 Dec 2005 Sam I dont know the best way to kill yourself but i do know the way i did it the first 2 times i tried the first time i hung myslef but the fan snapped and the second time i took 25 asperin and it still didn't work
This is my life story:
I was born 5 months premature i nearlly died now i wish i did anyway my parents split up wen i was 2&half years old. Then i had a step dad and he got murdered i was mentally and phisically abused as of wen i turned 4 years old i had so many arguments with my (new) mother i left home at the age of 11 and now im 12&half.
I have just tried to take 35 ibuprofen and i will die at approczamitly 3 pm 28/12/05 i am feelings quit dizzy ight now and i hope you all the people who teased me as a child
28 Dec 2005 6,995 days old. I often wonder whether I will die old or young.
Right now, I'm thinking probaly 60% chance I'll die early, 40% I'll make it in the land of the living.
What will be hardest is that I know I have so much potential. I could be weathly, and have a successful career. I would make a good father. I could leave my old life behind. But somehow, I don't feel it was meant to be. Everything in life that really mattered to me was always a 'nearly'. As in, I tried so hard, but the things that really mattered to me were always out of reach. And it's happened so many times, over and over again. For the past 9 years. Solid.
So: I've given up; because that's the only thing left for me, that I can do. I don't have the energy to keep going. Not with my family being such a bunch of useless lemons.
There's no doubt about it: the easiest way out for me is to stop living. Not work through my fucking problems. Fuck that. I tried that for most of my life, and it got me no-where. So fuck the councilors, and fuck all the judgemental middle class people with their nice lives, who don't know shit what it feels like to have nothing. And all the judgemental people for that matter. Because most of them don't know the true meaning of pain. Don't tell me I live in a rich country. I don't care. Don't tell me I'm privalaged, I'm not interested. Don't tell me that you think I should buck up my ideas, I'll stab you in the fucking heart. Hows that for an idea.

I'm trying. I am. I really am. I trying REAL HARD to be someone better. But I don't have one single person in the real world who wants to help. Don't we, each other, matter more than money, or media, or politics?!? Isn't honour what matters more than ruling the f***ing world? Do people have to get so greedy, and power hungry? It's just sick.

I think it would be better if instead of greed, and power, people spent their time on love, and compassion. How many millionaires do you know who have said: "right, I don't need $700million to live on, so I'll give $695million away tomorrow." Why can't they?? Huh? Greed? Oh yeah, thought so. Do they care about the millions of people who don't have jack to live on? No, didn't think so. Fuck Bill Gates, fuck Rupert Murdoch, screw them all. Glutony is a sin. It says it, not only in the bible, BUT IN THE 10 FUCKING COMMANDMENTS. How can they ignore it!? And these people go to church!? And the very same types of people tell us that we should be giving OUR money to charity! God save us.
28 Dec 2005 helper i have seen the doctor and i am much better now!
people talk to your doctor please it will help alot.
my doctor helped me alot.
28 Dec 2005 helper search your problems on the internet and find support groups to match your illness or problem and talk to the doctor and see where it goes from there.!
27 Dec 2005 Scors-b "Suicide is a permanent solution to a tempory problem..."
True, for some.
For me: "Suicide is a tempory solution, to a permanent problem."
The suicide put me in hospital temporarily, but my problems will never go away.
I really wish I was lying (or wrong), I really do.
Holy crap my life sucks. Like, oh my f***ing god I actually just realised how full of bad stuff it is. I can't pretend to myself forever.
Seriously, God, if you exist, can you just pull my plug right now. I mean now. I can't even bear to finish writing this post. No, I mean, I really can't stand it. I'm gonna go mad. It's not fair. I didn't deserve this. Not this bad. Not this bad...
27 Dec 2005 Brilliant: As posted on Dec 12th 2005:
"When I was 12 years old I tried all kinds of pills from my mother's medicine cabinet. Later, when I was older, I tried gas from the stove in the kitchen. I remember sitting by the oven inhaling the gas for a while but my boyfriend came home early and stopped me from finishing the deed. Today, I still think about killing myself. Everyday. The worst is when you have to put up a "face" for everyone. No one understand the pain and the agony in your heart. Everyday is the same. How stupid are they? Can't they look into my eyes and see the sadness in my heart? It is so ironic that people want to stop you from killing yourself but in reality the truth is that nobody gives a damn. Family or friends, they don't have time to spend with you, to give you a hug, or to tell you that they love you, but most important, to listen to you. Really listen. Then after you are dead they have the guts to say that they miss you. What a joke!"
27 Dec 2005 adriana am 19 years old, perfect age. like people say i have my whole life ahead of me, i would marry, have kids and the great house with the white fence right???? WRONG!!!! i cant keep a relatioship cuz am bi-polar, i do drugs and am soooo deppresed and soo to kill myself. i feel so pathetic to rely on a web site for help but this should tell you how desperate i am . please contact me if you can help
27 Dec 2005 refat im thinking always about ending my life. because i depressed for long time. i need the best way to end my life!i still not find the best way of doing it. can you help me in this matter!. i need painless way. the reason behind my desicion is that im not happy at all. i dont like the life. many bad things happen to me.. i feel that i dont have place in the life. i feel that passing away will be better for me.
27 Dec 2005 Cynthia Lebron The best way to kill yourself at 13 is to overdose on your daily pills and then drink as much alcholc as you possibly can.
27 Dec 2005 A.S.S. Hi .. Cool site .. I met my girlfriend here .. Thank you .. She's fuckin' great .. I never thought that would happen when I wrote her .. But everything worked out super .. She's here right now .. Flew all the way to Belgium for me .. Ain't that crazy ? .. Makes me feel super happy .. I came here looking through stuff wondering how I could kill myself .. 'cause that was a hudge problem to me .. And then I found her message .. So that's a good thing about this site .. Go e-mail eachother people .. Haha .. So you will meet someone for you .. :p Haha ..

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