Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Dec 2005 Alex If you kill youself, you do know all your thoughts and feelings come with you, your are the same person just in a different there is no point. Tell yourself this everyday. "Iam a person, Iam somebody on this earth, no one iis like me, god made me different that all the other people, if i was to die, i would suffer twice as much.
15 Dec 2005 ton do heroin
15 Dec 2005 jenni either slit ur wrists, hang yourself, drown yourself, or shoot a bullet in to ur head or ur lungs if u want to suffer or slit ur throat- one of them has to work except for me the wrists and throat didnt work- i was helped when i was about a minute away from dying and of course my so called parents had to bring me to the hospital and save me the same thing happened when i tried to drown myself, and i dont have a gun in my possesion- i dont have a reason for living- my first bf was put in juvie for drug abuse and then hung himself and the second one od'd and shot himself in the lungs while he was od-ing-i currently have a bf who said he would help me if i wanted to go but i woulld have to help him kill himself at the same time-i love him and am crazy enough to do that for him- my stepdad hates me and i hate him- i love my dad and my brother and my bf most of the time i love my mom and my stepmom cant keep her fuckin mouth shut and drives me mad i just want to end it i dont want to go on in this life everynight i pray to god and the devil to kill me painfully during the night so no one can stop me and i could just not wake up in the morning- i ask god why he's punnishing me with life and a life that i dont deserve all my friends are pretty much gone or are going to be gone very soon to suicide but the ones who r left and have possesion of a gun wont let me use it i dont deserve such a horrible life if any life at all, the hatrid needs to spill over the side of my heart and make it drive me insane so i have no choice but to kill myself or let the pain and hatrid kill me- maybe i should starve myself- thats a good idea- w.e. if im still alive then u can email me at
15 Dec 2005 Lucie aucune, un enfant de moins de 13 ans n'a pas besoin de savoir comment se suicider
14 Dec 2005 Alex The Best, Esiest way, is to.....just shoot yourself......
14 Dec 2005 dieguita i've tried to kill myself many times and i will sound stupid but everything started when i met this guy hector and i fell in love so much that he was my whole world....after 5 years that we broke up im still crying for him, now in college i have lost my all classes my parents are getting divorce my brother wants to kill himself and im trying to tell him not to but it seems that noone cares about what i feel, my friends think im crazy cause im complaning all day about my fucking life. ijust cant be happy for one time, i really dont know what happienes is. I love so much this guy that he is the only thing that make me wake up in the mornings now..he went away 4 months ago to italy......and my life just went down to hell, i didnt wanna eat, sleep, talk, study, i was the most sad person in the world cause nobody can understand me !! why everybody says you dont have strees or real problems when you are your age!!! im 19 years old and i think i can get depress or i can have stress that makes me mad so much that i just want to die!!!!i dont have anything everybody looks so smart and i dont feel smart enough to be in college! and i lodt the love of my life! ......................................after these 4 months he is comming back just for vacations and the little light came back to my heart i dont care anything but him ..but i know in the back of my mind he is not gonna call me or look for me when he gets here, and i dont thing i will cause i tolf him so many things before and i did so many things for him that i dont have a backup plan now...............................
14 Dec 2005 K-rys well i just wanna say that im not actually 16..i know i have alot to live for and everything..but right now it seems like the only way out..i've been having problems with my best friend which is now my ex-best friend..the only way to resolve this is through cops..and on top of all boyfriend wont even come see me because he's chilling with his EX-GIRLFRIEND..pretty pethatic eh..i've had a pretty rough life..going through depression alone hurts..then finding someone who can actaully help..then they just disapear just as fast as they really sux..i've been thinking about suicide since i was 10..i've even attempted to a couple of times..but didn't succed yet..i seriously think i have nothing to live for..the thing thqat pisses me off the most is not being able to call someone and them being there at the exact time u need them..usually boyfriends are for that..but not mine..he says he's not in love with his ex anymore..but i thik he is..anywayz..all this to say that i'll be done what im suppose to do very soon..cuz im tired of all the shit..anywayz PEACE!
14 Dec 2005 tesla take as much different medications as you can,in the same 5 minutes...then drink heydro peroxid,till you can't breath.
14 Dec 2005 Allone in agony OK, im only 15, and yet iv tried to kill myself too many times to count, and with no availl. im tired of this world treating me the way it does, i was beaten and abused for 7 years by my own schoolmates, it got so bad that i changed schools and moved, ive also had serous depression since ii was about 8 years old. sometimes i cut myself to see just how much it bleeds, that pain helps to make me forget all my other problems. im tired of living, its really over rated, people only focus on the good things, and not on the bad thhings, which usually greatly outweigh the good. no one really relizes what true pain really is till they loose all that makes them happy, so that all they have to focus on is the bad. try never having anything good to block out the bad. the only thing that ever made me happe was my girlfriend, but we broke up. and now theres nothing, nothing to keep me sane. people dont ever really relize how they affect you with there hate, not till ur gone, and they have to think back on what they did to you, and how they affecte you, and visa-versa. ive become acostome to keeping my emotions all bottled up inside, and never letting them out till i finally just snap, which has happend on more than one occasion. no one ever really takes me serously, or understands my problems, not till they get slapped in the face by the real truth. the truth is never pretty, but in any case people deserve to know.
14 Dec 2005 Mishy I'm not a suicidal person but I HAVE BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK...i was abused and ive got help when i was quote suicadal quote....i believe its a horrible state and if any of yous wanna talk im here because i know how it feels in a way
14 Dec 2005 laura this site is fucking sick and te person huw made it wants to follow the things on this site u pigs did u no lots of children all over the world each year kill them selfs coz of sites like this shut thus site down because it is siuck and no one like it.basrads.
14 Dec 2005 Jo I havent tried to. But i want to.
I just dont feel like i fit in. I'm completing different and i like it, but i have lots so many friends. I got bad ones, and they started me smoking.
I almost punched my mother through rage.
I just wanna die. and stop my heartache. But i dont wanna leave my only true friend. That i can tell everything. What am i meant to do?
14 Dec 2005 ashamed of u sicko do u know wot m8 u r fckin sick in da head!dis website is encouragin people nd children 2 kill themselves.iv recently lost a close friend to suicide and she read dis website before she died!u shud b fckin ashamed of yourself!i read it 2 c wot was on it cuz i thort it was a website 2 help people who r feelin suicidal nd 2 talk them out of it bt it tells them wayz 2 do it.its 2 l8 now i cant get her bck bt u shud know da pain you hav caused me nd her family nd b so ashamed!
14 Dec 2005 natz i feel as if i need to comit suicide i hate my life try hanging yourself thanks 4 reading
14 Dec 2005 gemz slit ur wrists take an over dose i wanna kill myself coz i get picked on at school and i get blamed 4 fuckin every thin i hate my life 1 morning am gonna wake up and only be dreaming im alive
14 Dec 2005 Some One Who No's OK!!!I have had enough. I have had enough of all the bull that is running around. Three years ago, my friend, William took his own life. In september of this year, my good good friend took her life, a week later, another one. Then about 3 weeks ago, my best friend tried it.She had been talkin aboutthis to me over the net.Naturally, i did not think that she would try it. for the basic reason of that myth, "if they talk about it they wont do it". All i could do was sit there and tell her that life isnt really that bad.She ended up cutting herself so bad.She ended up in hospital, while i recieved a call fromher mum. at 1.00 am, saying that she was following the ambulance to the hospital.My best firend was then admitted to a phsyche ward for the weekend.NOT A GOOD THING!
Now, dont get me wrong, i have attempted suicide, i know the pain ppl go thru, and what drives them,but in reality, i am just another coward, who cant bring myself to do it. I have been out of home since the age of 14. I turn 17 in 6 days.I have numerous scars on my legs, some deep,others not. My present boyfriend is the one who has made me realise that all is not bad.I am lucky to have found him.I know that others arent.But as i told my friend, and this is going to be the last piece i write, and i want you all to take notice, please
Guys, when things seem bad, stop and think, "there are alot of ppl put there like me, but what about the people who are worse off. They are toughing it out. Why Cant I???" C'mon guys. Think about it.
14 Dec 2005 benji listen carefully i wanted to kill myself many times because my father molested my bum. it is not worth it. no matter what happened. if you need someone who has already been thru some shit in life please email me at
i will talk with you and try to help you out in any way i can. if you dont have a place to stay i maybe can help you get a place to stay. whatever. just email me and i WILL HELP YOU.
14 Dec 2005 Kelly I hope anyone who comes onto this site will listen and listen hard. Suicide is not the way out. If that's hard for you to swallow, swallow this..Think about the people you will leave behind. I know it's hard at this time to think of anyone except yourself, but envision your children, your spouse, your friends all attending your funeral wondering why you did this. My father commited suicide just about a month ago. He was 58 and never had any depression untill the past year. He stepped out in front of a car and spent two weeks in the ICU. He died of complete brain failure. My heart is broken. I miss him, but not only that I watch my nephew, my mother, and my siblings mourn him on a daily basis. My father will not be there to walk me down the eisle in May for my wedding. He has left this family with so many responsibilites that it is unbarable. Please listen to me..get help..and if that's not enough go to someone you love. You will not just be hurting yourself if you go through this but the others you leave behind.
13 Dec 2005 jay-kay not waking up
13 Dec 2005 Linda Anyone under the age of 13 that is considering suicide should talk to a school teacher. If it during a vacation, they should talk to a fireman. Pick up a phone and dial 911. Tell them theres a fire. Yeah. Get help with sirens blowing.

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