Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?

06 Jan 2006 life is pain i know ill never kill myself straight out but i also know that id rather die then feel the pains of life. im anorexic... i cut myself... im drugfucked im an alcholic and im branded a slut... i dont care... i wake up somedays covered in bruises.... i dont know where they come from... all i know is that i deserve them... i constantly hurt myself purposely... i do stupid shit like hit myself over the head with cast iron saucepans and i overdose on panadol i have been to hospital 5 times this year for it and it makes me feel im getting what i deserve...also ive been this way since i was 13 i am now 16... i believe that if ur gonna live u have to be prepared for all the pain life brings upon us and to answer ur question... the best way to commit suicide is... slowly... feeling the pain and punishing yourself for it... the suicide that is...
06 Jan 2006 Ewan I can't believe how many people talk about the bible like it's a factual document. I mean fair enough, it's got some nice stories and those stories usually have a moral, but they are JUST stories written by people who needed to control the masses. If you think believing all that stuff makes you a better person then fine, but personally I am just a (reasonably) good person because I like it that way. I don't need some fake god preaching at me from across the centuries. Just play nice kids. Simple.
05 Jan 2006 Immortality lost Have you ever had one of those days. No... I suppose you haven't as you don't know what "those days" implies. The fact is, I can't explain it to you. You have to have one of "those days to have the vaugest idea what I'm on about. Sufice it to say that having one of "those days" is a very bad thing, and let's also say that a good portion of my days have been "those days". Now lets say that I'm going to kill myself. You notice I dont say want to kill myself, and in a bit you'll know why.

I have a good life. I have never seen any of my loved ones die, have never been raped, beaten too badly, or bullied. Yet I will kill myself. I will do this because my life will not get better. Oh yes, my surroundings might change, I'll meet new people, have moments of true happiness, and live a normal pathetic little life. But for what. No one will remember me when I'm gone. Any good I've done will be undone by more bad. I have no delusions of changing the world.

I see so much beaty everywhere, and I see a pattern to things. This world is a wonderful place to be, and I don't want to leave it. But I will. Because as much as I want to live, I know I wont. I will be alive, but I won't live. Everything good that will happen to me, I'll ruin. I'll just keep finding ways to make myself miserable, untill I won't see the beauty in anything anymore. I'm sorry that I have to die. But I DO have to. And that is it. And that is all.
05 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great Dear Mouchette,

It's a cold, cold 2006. I have been on this site for almost four years, can you believe it? I never realized that this website was a forum.

The history of me writing in this post website began in late December of 2001. There I was lamenting over a hopeless relationship of lost dreams. It was the year of drowning misery of guzzling Peppermint Schnapps in a cold, cold room on a dark hillside. It was so cold, you can talk in the room and a mist of warm air came out of your mouth. Now you wanted to know what it was like for a bum to live in a cardboard box. Think of it as a cardboard box bedroom. I was ready to end my life then. I lay awake on a cold, cold bed staring at a ceiling, bundled in a jacket, knit cap, and Nike shoes filled with thermal socks.

It felt like Heaven’s Gate at Hale Bopp for me, but Applegate already left the building.

Then Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak came to the rescue.
05 Jan 2006 Kathrine when i was 12 i was raped. this was my most horrifing day i was walking home from school when my best friend's boyfriend's car pulled over next to me.him and his brother offered me a ride home. and me being an idiot said sure. i got into the car and they started driving. then they pulled over at a vacant lot. then my friend's boyfriend's brother got out and opened my door and made me come out. then he told me to go into the abondaned buliding in the lot. i started to sense what was about to happpen so i started running away but he pulled out a gun and treatened to shoot me if i didn't stop. he came towards me and pulled me fromthe hair into the building. when we were inside he demanded for me to take my clothes off but i wouldn't do it. so he started beating me. i was close to passing out but i stayed strong and he started to take my cloths off then he started to kiss me and then started touching me you probably know what happened next. i was so disscusted i started to cry.after he stopped i layed there frozen for a while then he told me to put my clothes on and he threatend me that if i told anyone about what happened he would hurt me once more.he finally started taking me home he left me at the corner. that night i cut my wrists but my mom came in when she heard me scream.i was taken to the hospital immidiatly. weeks later i didn't feel well and started throwing up. i fainted and iwoke up in the hospital the next day. i found out i was pregnant. i still wish i could of killed my self!
05 Jan 2006 some wv chick crawl into a mining cave, write a letter then blow yourself up!
05 Jan 2006 Angel This probably isnt a good site in the way that it could possibly encourage suicide..but in another way it could help people to realise they are not alone...and seek some advice. Its all very well to say that people who come on here are just attention seeking, but those who say that have never been in that position...taking your own life is a terrible thought that is important to overcome...and maybe sometimes its nice to know someone is actually listening to you..rather than feeling as though you are continuosly screaming...yet no one can hear you..
05 Jan 2006 Ehbrard regarder TF1
05 Jan 2006 ELied The best way to kill yourself(no matter the age) is to do it with a gun - it's fast & painless..
just remember to aim right in the middle of the forehead.
Take care..
05 Jan 2006 mel easiest way for people under 13 i reckon would be getting your hands on some heroin if you cant get 3 grams or so of the stuff then hang yourself if you cant do that coz ur a chicken i could suggest you go to a very high building or bridge but has to e pretty high to kill. 12 or more floors iv heard is a 90 percent chance youll die or could just be left paralysed.
05 Jan 2006 LeaNder I am still pondering. How to just dissolve including the deletion of all the traces and memories you have left.

But then I am long past 13.
04 Jan 2006 read this for another life there's my e- mail:

people...please read this for me...just for a precious life that is about to get lost...I'm suicidal right now... and I see allucinations...all that's making me want to kill mey self is schoolit's stupid...but I don't know why I want to kill my self...I don't think I can pass grade 8 that's all...and I've tried to kill my self many many times...I have scars all over my left arm...I don't think htat helps now I'm trying to get a rope...but...I tried asking God to help me...but I cam't seek awnsers...I need help to get out of this depression and thoughts about suicide...I've tried hard...I know life is precious...devils are leading me to commit me...please...
04 Jan 2006 Lostsurferboy21 Wow i dont believe it, when i read mouchette's favorites and to know if u typed in how to die tat google would influence to search in results for how to kill yourself and how to commit suicide i mean how dare tey try to influence young minds like tat i mite just sew google for putting tose idea's in my head and to all of u dumbfucks leave mouchette alone i dont like to read so many pl sayin fuckoff mouchette and your a sick bastard it's pretty pathetic tt u would go out of your way to insult a lil 13 year old girl, you ppl r te sick ones suck it up and say sometin nice or dont say notin at all
04 Jan 2006 ben suficate ur self paper bag prob works best i think
04 Jan 2006 marco Hi i would just like to say im 26 ive been smoking heroin since the age of 16 my dad used to kick me so hard blood would poor from my mouth my uncle lived with us who would try and stick up for us but he was much younger than my dad so he got the same as us so ill start from the age of 10 had so many kickings my eyes could and still do not focas on things mum took me away from my dad at 11 turned in to a motocross theif took them home ringed them stamped them sold them some we kept one day we was racing and my friend had a accident where some wire on the pitch hit him he died instantly he was 23 he had 2 kids and one on the way kept getting locked up mum had no money and i had to provide christmas day we ate bean toasties by now im 13 we stole a car went joy riding police came up beind us we did one my friend lost it round a bend the car toppled over and over everyone in the car bar me died i felt id cheated them horrible feeling we were in it together so in total at 13 id lost 5 friends and didnt think i deserved to live got a girl at 14 who was unlike the rest she was 23 and i realy fell for her on my 15th birthday she got run over and killed on her way getting me a guitar from then i knew i had to die coz every one i had was dead but i kept on met new friends at 16 got offerd heroin i used to hate heroin addicts used to shout to them bag head smack head then the table turned i confided in my uncle who i mentioned earlier im 26 now still smoking heroin trying to kick the habbit but its hard last year my uncle who was there for me tryed to cut his wrists i went to see him in hospital give him the normal lecture tryed to talk sense in to him and told him i loved him for the first time in my life i said you have 4 brilliant kids come on try fight it a week later he did something what i wont say coz i dont wanna give anyone any ideas but he did something what gave him multiple injuries on the way to the hospital he was saying sorry to the ambulance men and at hospital saying sorry to the nurses for bothering them he diead 10 minutes later see he lost his mum and dad and couldnt handle the pain so he ended it but what the fuck about us now we are in pain even though you dont see these paople every day dont mean they dont care i still want to die but my mum is it far on her but then is it fare on me living in hell coz i dont wanna hurt her and the answer is yes no mother should have to bury there child everyone feeling suicidle dont let the shitty world win you control it dont let it control you you decide your own destiny and fuck all the shit what you get theres paople who need you all even people you havent met yet even auntie dorris who you never see but sends you a card at christmas theres people who are left beind who carnt carry on without you my uncle has caused so much hurt and pain i loved him to bits but what he did was wrong we was there but we didnt show it and thats something we have to live with for ever i only told him i loved him when he was in hospital well maybe he needed to know before that and not just off me of everyone who knew him people just get so wrapped up in there own lives they dont seem to give a shit about ours but when they lose you,youve killed them too please people wake up and live life is one big road with lots of signsso when you contomplate death focass on your life love to yoyu all jj
04 Jan 2006 Anonymous First take over the counter sleeping pills which are very easy to get, then take all of the pills (at least 15). Wait until it takes affect and put a plastic bag over your head and tape it up around your neck. Since you are so numb you shouldn't panic but just in case try and find some anxiety medication like Valium, pop some of those then use the bag. You should fall asleep and never wake up.
04 Jan 2006 Felicia The Great It seems that I have a fan.

I have a young man who wants to shower me with Tiffany diamonds, a house, and a Mercedes. I predict Lucy Cortina will get jealous about this.

I am afraid she will hate me if I plan to have plastic surgery for a double 38 B and cushy silicon breasts.

I see her fuming now. Oh.... I see her fuming now. Billy the Weeping freak beware. Be very aware.
04 Jan 2006 Paul killing yourself is never the answer, so many people get hurt, i went through sever depression a nwmber of years ago because i was bullies at work, i bough my own grave a was setting my affairs in order, life was so dark and empty as if i was all along even though i knew i had people who cared for me and loved me. I am a christian and tought why is my father in heaven alowing me to go through this? In the end i thought about the people i would leave behind, my wife and children, and others. I called that time the night of the dark soul even thought it was 3 years, i was also afraid i would end up in hell, although i dont know if i would have or not, (I do believe in Hell)and if that was the case my problems would have been like a party if i'd had done it and gone there. This is somthing to think very long and hard about, if you do take your own life you will go out of time and into eternity, but where will you be? In heaven with God or in total darkness, depressed for ever with no way out. Dont kid yourself Hell is real and there are many people who are there right now who wish the never toke there own lives and if they could talk to you right now for even 10 seconds they would tell you the same. Please take this as a warning and a help God loves you and will listen to your problems, help your needs and lift you out of this if you talk to him, he is there and will prove it if you ask him. Dont listne to people giving advice on how to kill yourselves they are cowards and liars, they are the ones who dont care.
04 Jan 2006 DeadManTalking Well, I just dont care about anything. I think i got somthin wrong with my head n shit.. Somthing happens i just dont care about any of it.. If some1 got shot in front of me.. the way i feel is.. Oh fucking well to bad it wasnt me...

Well my attempting to break my own neck, was pretty sad attempt all i did was hurt myself, not good. I tried the drinking the bleach.. fuckin hell is that stuff strong. But didnt work. Im about to steal a gun from a friends house..This will work, unless im that big of a loser it dosent kill me jus fucks me up even more..

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