Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Nov 2005 zia Look kid you don't want to kill yourself ok. My best friend did it when he was 13 and you should see his family at the moment. His Mum was all he had and now she's alone. I think about him everyday and wish i could of helped. I blame myself sometimes for moving away and leaving him alone, i sometimes feel like commited suicide just to be with him again but i know how my family will feel. If you have younger sisters or brothers don't do it because you care about them; maybe if you do it in 10 years time they will attemp it to. But if you really want to do it slit your jugular (throat, neck) or hang yourself but ask yourself 1st if you can bare putting your family at risk or bare the thought of them regreting not realising how sad you are for the rest of their lives.
14 Nov 2005 cat But if there be an hereafter, And that there is, conscience, uninfluenc'd And suffer'd to speak out, tells every man, Then must it be an awful thing to die; More horrid yet to die by one's own hand.
14 Nov 2005 a person with problems Well.... im back offering help once again :)..... iv offered help here before but for those of you who havnt read those and are curious ill bore you with my story

Im 14, and for a longtime, since i was about 10 all i knew was pain.... i had no real friends.... me and my parents.... we just didnt get along.... and i moved a little while back... thats when my depression peaked, i found this website trin to make sure drinking bleach would kill me (it wont lol) and some of the people here talked me into getting help..... it saved my fucking life...... so i kinda promised myself that i would try and help people through this website....

so there it is... isnt that boring lol.... but i really do wanna help, so if your gonna do it just email me and wait for a reply..... i might say something to change your mind :)
14 Nov 2005 leanna once your sure your tired of life, write letters to friends family and other people, make your bed and wait, find bug spray killing cans and set off two or three, breath happily everyone
14 Nov 2005 Stacey get your mate to strap you to a train track, wait for the next train, and VOILA
14 Nov 2005 Yesenia Morales A tied row around your neck and your lover by your side.
13 Nov 2005 -1 The best way to kill yourself would be to smoke crack then sit quietly untill you hear your brain cells scream as they commit suicide.
13 Nov 2005 -1 I actually dont want to die...but god damn blood tastes so good when your lickin' it off the knife.
13 Nov 2005 laura the best way to kill yourself is to get real mad go to the junk draw find some stedy stong rope...put the rope in your book bag before school on the bus tie the rope to the seat,make a slip not put it aroud your neck run out the back of the bus on the freeway
13 Nov 2005   before you kill yourself take a moment to think. think about all the things you would miss and after you were dead where would you go. have you ever thought of that. i thought of killin myself a couple of times i shoul
13 Nov 2005 Kottonmouth King okay what hell, this is got to be the funniest site i have ever seen but hey someones got to do it right? well anywho it wasn't to long ago that i tryed to commit suicide. well thats not the reason i'm writting or what ever you call this. its okay if you feel the way you do, and want to hurt your self but what ever. the onlything i have to really say i just wrote all this to take up space but its that untill i read this fucked up site i was ready to kill my family and my self over an issue that im not going to get into but anyways this site really did make me feel better and mouchette you sick horny basterd good for you thats how them whores should be treated, like slaves or in the case of the that chick in your bathroom your "BITCH". man i wish i got chick like you but what ever the horny, sluty, drugy girls will have to do for now.
keep it real
ps. i was the one who created SARS
13 Nov 2005 person Personally..i think that all people experience suicidal thoughts some point during their lives, even the most confident and prettiest of people who appear to have perfect lives. The thing is..shit happens. It happens to everyone not just you. By killing yourself, your only hurting somebody else i.e your family and friends, making their lives shit also. If u feel this way, you should speak to somebody about it, suicide isnt the answer, keep on fighting and you could have a really good life. When your old enough, you could move away from the people or whatever is making you want to commit suicide and start a new life. Suicide is a selfish thing to enjoy your life, God gave you it, Hes the only one who should take it away
Much love xxxxx
13 Nov 2005 snow white WALK NAKED IN THE SNOW.
12 Nov 2005 BIGTIGGER"LOK"LA" I think ur Lost And Confused Ur Very Selfish and careless u only think of ur self on Monday it was my homiez B~day @ the age of 19 my lil Gangsterd Shot him self in the head and got rushed to the hospital after suffering there in the hospital for about 4 dayZ my Homie passed away ...he left behinf a POEM BY 2 Pac " tO My UnBorn Child But he changed the words ...the drugs and some bitchass homiez turned on him and so he took one in the head what out even thinking about it or about hes family or us... some of us moved on and some of us are frozen in time and shocked What ever he did he did it to him self i whish there was some one i can get back at or take it out on wan i herd about it i grabed my gun and ran out the door i was thinking it was the enemyS and the war on the streets but wan i found out he did it to him self i was shocked and sad i cry ed for dayz thats the only time i cry ed My Homie lost hes young life were all going to grow up have fun than get marred than have kids and the homie ant going to "before u do anything " '"think" of every one alse than also know that every ones going to move on and live there life but ur not , and also if ur mad at some one or some one did u wrong say Fuck them !!! y u going to take ur life out 4 them if u got to, take them out... R.I.P. 2 Da Homie Smile Ur Life Was Cut OF Short Dawg ... WE LOVed U But God LoVed U More... Write BAck if u want to talk i do anything to Save A LIfe If u Need i well Give u my Cell # okay HoLLEr BaCk
12 Nov 2005 death i nwant to knw the easy way of killing yaself plz
12 Nov 2005 A Guy I need help.ive been thinkin bout suicide to much latly and i need someone to talk to and not some stupid fuck who wants to talk me out of it.
12 Nov 2005 tom kids shouldnt be able to see any of this but to all grown up people who r old enough to make a decision on takin thier lives u want it to be painless and for me pleasureable thats why im going to gas myself in my car, ill be happy and fall asleep never to awake in this world
12 Nov 2005 Fuck you..(babygurl) Ok then... last night submitted something in the suicide kit... got ripped into about it... :( hey i thought you guys where actually wanting to know how to kill yourselves?? guess i am wrong..
if my answer last night sounded fucked up and or offensive i apoligise..
so to make you guys understand where im coming from wih my suggestions i will tell you a lil story..
At the ages of 5 and up was molestered... by 9 raped repeately...
i have borderline personality disorder and have tryed to take my life repeatly.. unfortunetly for me ppl have stopped me.. so i end up in hospital alot... i am on pills... now which do make me sorta okish but ill never feel alright memorys of all the rape and bashings from my ex have freaked me out so much... i do want to die... but some people need to live..
i dont know your situations fuck they could be worse thabn mine by a millon.. but i do kno that if it was your daughter/son bestfriend or evan some random person on your street and they ended up killing themselves you would miss them and get all messed up thwey they are gorn.. its part of human nature do you guys seriously think that dying will make everything better? death works in a weird way ive lost 5 of my bestest friends to suicide and my ex bf only last wk he hanged himself loverly... hey i do kno a niffty web site if you want to look at the actual pics of people who killed themselves... i saw it last night in my fucked up cutting state and have thought twice about the dirty deed... :( its your life though if you dont want it.. well i suppose that is your choice ... but try a dif approach.. first counceling..maybe anti depressants.. or both.. there are alot of ppl out there who want to try and help you.. me being one of them.. i couldnt help my friends cos they keep it all bottled inside but if you tell someone close or just someone you kno they might be able to help you.. fucking hate having to use the word help like we are all mental but thier is no other word for it.. kids helpline has a on line counciling service or you could just go call them if your word seems to be darkening and you cant make it better ..
listen if anybody wants to talk about thier prblems im here just add me
12 Nov 2005 Death is not the end, but the beginning hmmm, the best way to kill yaself, slit ya wrists, slitting all major artries, but i suggest be4 u kill yourself write your friends n family a big long letter saying why, n don't do it when your littlew bro or sister r at home coz ya jus dnt scar sum1 else 4 life, jus coz u wanted to take ur'z

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